The Twilight Saga

Takes place a few years after Breaking Dawn.

Bella and Edward are happily together and married with a family. Can this really last forever though? What happens when promises for being loved forever goes wrong?

Sneek peek-
The promise of being able to love you everyday of forever is true to a vampire. What if that promise gets broken? What do you do?
"Mommy, why are we at Grandpa Charlies house?" Renesmee asked.
"I'll tell you later Renesmee...go back to sleep." I said.
I walked up the walk way to charlies house with Renesmee and I's things. I didn't think I would ever have to do this but, I knocked in the door. It was 9 o'clock at night and Charlie answered.
"Dad..." I said dazed "Can we stay here...tonight?" I asked.

Should I write this???

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yeah i am interested
omg cant wait for more

love it so far
Write more asap
I want to know what hapens.

Life as a vampire, as we speak, is sometimes perfect, sometimes they aren't. Today was one of those momments where they were perfect. The Volturi has left our family alone for now. It's only been 3 months since they left. That's how the family thought everything was perfect well, going to be perfect. This was something that no one saw coming, not even Alice. Every new century there is something where vampires turn into humans for 2 months. In these few short months a lot can happen.

Chapter 1

It was a normal day in the Cullen household. Jacob was there, Edward, Renesmee and I were there and the rest if the Cullens. Jasper and Emmett were playing some new video game, Rose was reading a fashion magazine and Alice was reading a newer fashion magazine. Edward and I were by the piano while Jacob and Renesmee were playing. This was a regular, normal day for us. Except for news that could change that.
"Everyone," Carlisle said "We all need to talk in the dinning"
We all filed into the dining room and sat on the seats. Renesmee was sitting on Jacobs lap laughing. I smiled. She was so happy around him. Just like I used to be.
"What do you want to talk about Carlisle?" Rosalie asked.
"There is something rare and strange that will be happenig tomorrow that I should warn you all about." Carlisle sighed "For two months, as of tomorrow, you will be a human."
"What?!" We all said in unsion.
"Carlisle how is this possible?" Jasper asked.
"I don't know." Carlisle said. "This is one thing I can't explain. I won't be able to explain it. The good part is that Renesmee, Edward, Bella, Jasper and Alice will all still have thier powers. Those will not be harmed. Everything else will be though. Each and everyone of us will have to sleep and eat. All for two months."
"How will us wolves be harmed by this?" Jacob asked.
"Yous shouldn't get harmed by this Jacob." Carlisle answered "Please warn the others about this though."
"Okay, I will tell the' now." Jacob said leaving. "I'll be back later."
"We all said bye and Carlisle looked at us. "I want you to all enjoy this oppurtunity to be human while you can though. Also, enjoy your last night of immortally for 2 months."
Wow didn't see that coming...hmm...human, I wonder how they'll fair out with that. And does Jasper get affected when he turns because he has control over emotions? Just asking, no pressure though. Waiting patiently for more.
Thank for catchig that about Jasper!! I didn't catch that. I fixed the story. He does get to keep his power.
OMG that was a great catch. Loved it! Write more soon.
write more
wow didnt see that coming
but love it like always
Wow, your imagination is wild....never saw that coming either. I luv it. Can't wait to read the rest.


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