The Twilight Saga

This is my own story of what happened after new moon. The circumstances that happened in Bella's mind after Edward had left her and the time when Jacob Black was the only person who regained her strength back. Will she still love Edward when all of her memories about him vanished and Jacob's memories were the only thing left on her? Can Edward gain those memories back? Maybe this time Jake was the one meant for Bella,but will Edward do nothing about it?

A month had passed since the day I went to the Volturi to save Edward,the reason for my existence.Nothing can break the happiness in this heart of mine,having Edward back in my arms again and knowing that all nightmares were already over.

All the nightmares were replaced by happy dreams, dreams that I would want every detail of it to come true, but this one is entirely different, I was in Edward's arms,we are very happy living together knowing that we really belong to each other and every part of us fits together like pieces of puzzle made to fit exactly for one another.I was amazed when the dream was suddenly fading and it was slowly becoming dim.All I can see was specks of dust covering the entire image. Suddenly,a wind blew over those dust bringing back the image into my mind. When the picture was brought back to me,I was confused of the first two persons i saw, a girl with her arms wrapped tightly on a big guy.They seemed to be a perfect couple like Edward and I. As the picture came closer and is slowly becoming vivid, I recognized them. No! Maybe I'm just mistaken, it was Jake and I, holding one another,looking so happy and perfect. Why would I have this kind of dream? Why didn't I consider it as a nightmare? The hardest part to accept was,why was I happy in somebody's arms,in my bestfriend's arms and looking very unconscious that Edward was the one I love the most? I've heard a phone rang,glad that it interrupted my nightmare. It was a message from edward, "Love, I'll just go out to hunt. I'll be back very soon. I don't want you to wait for so long." Holding this phone, I remember that I kept waiting for Jacob's call because he'd never talked to me since the day that the Cullens have returned to Forks. I knew that I have caused him pain after all the things he did for me when....when Edward had left me. I don't want to remember this remember the pain. Polymerizing my thoughts,the nightmare I just had this morning crept back to my mind once again. Should I stop pursuing my friendship with Jake not because I know that vampires and werewolves cannot be that close to each other but because I don't want my nightmare this morning to come true? "Pathetic",I whispered to myself. How can such nightmare come true, when I really knew that Edward was all I wanted. Yes, Edward is mine forever and nothing can change that mere fact.

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here is the continuation of chapter four...

Her face was moving closer to mine, pressing our lips together. Whenever she kisses me, I feel like I am dreaming and I never wanted to wake up anymore. Our kiss became more intense and I am feeling her right hand locked on my hair. I let the tip of my tongue press against her smooth lips.
After a minute or two, she moved away and said with a smile on her face,”I think we should now fix the groceries before Charlie arrives.”
“Err... sure Bells,” also smiling at her.
Charlie arrived and I told him about my plan of marrying her daughter without officially telling it to Bella. Charlie said that he had his thumbs up for me to be his son-in-law. He also told me that we should ask Renee first and I make it sure to him that I will first propose to Bella before we turn to ask the blessing of her mother. Before 10 p.m., I left their house and told Bella that I can’t stay in her bedroom tonight because I’m going to do something.
When I arrived home Billy was still wide awake. He handed me a small red box with a blue ribbon on its top. It seemed to be old-fashioned due to its style but looked like it was newly built. My father is really a great keeper. I opened it and saw a silver ring with a glass-colour lustrous diamond on its centre, covered by small precious blue jewels which cause it to shimmer brilliantly.
With all the astonishment I have at this very moment, that’s the only thing I can say about this ring.
“I wanted you to use that as your wedding ring, that was the ring I gave to your mom,” Billy said.
“How did-?”
“Charlie just called up and told me just about everything,” he quickly answered breaking my question to a midsentence.
“Thanks Dad,” I said with a visible appreciation in my eyes.
“Are you sure with Bella?”
“I’m just wondering why didn’t imprint on her.”
“Cause’ that imprinting thing is not pertinent for everybody, I love Bella more than who I am and nothing can take her away from me.”
“I hope you still remember why she loves you only for now.”
“Her memories won’t come back, it will never return.”
“Think of the worst possibility, son. You never know what will happen, what if she remembers everything and just leave you broken again?”
“I know that she’ll still love me and she will never ever leave me. I’m positive on that,” I said as I was heading for my room with depression in my eyes.
love it more plzz
the ring does sound beautiful...
aww ....jake <3
write write write like the wind
i love it u need to write more pls...


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