The Twilight Saga


Sofia and her family go to Italy on a vacation,she was never happy and bullieduntil then.But when she and her family are choosen to be the Volturi's Dinner. What will she do? How she will save her family? What will her new destiny be?.. Depress about her life she meets Alec Volturi maybeher soul mate,but when she goes on her mission to destroy the Cullens.. she finds Seth Clearwater. What will happen next?





I saw nothing, everything was blurry... I didn't care. I knew it. My life will get and got worst... Why did I let myse;f get so close to him, Why?... Why?! - I scremed in my head- but  right now, I'm silent, frozen, only tears in my eyes... Tears in my eyes, you on my mind, love in my heart, oceans in - between... I love you.... and ... you were gone.







chapter 1 -


chapter 2 -


chapter 3-


chapter 4-


chapter 5and 6-


chapter 7-


chapter 8 and 9 part 1-


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chapter 9 part 2-



chapter 10-


chapter 11-


Chapter 12-


Chapter 13- Cullens and wolf pack here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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cool please keep mupdated
sounds cool post more
Please post more!!! It's really good
keep it going. im curius now
That is realy awesome!:)
Go on and don't stop :)
sounds really good!
plz continue
this sounds gr8. u have 2 rite this
This sounds like a great story, I would like to see more
I love it please keep me updated :-)
love it! Post more soon!
Haha, my mom told me that when everyone was freaking out over the world ending in 2000, my aunt was putting dozens of water bottles under the sink. lol.

interesting...update soon (:


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