The Twilight Saga

A/N: So just my twist on a crossover with a bit of fun imprinting thrown in!


I don’t have very distinct memories from my early childhood. Mostly, I remember pictures I’ve seen or stories I’ve been told. I guess that would explain why I don’t remember much about my mom or sister, really. My parents are divorced, have been since I was two years old. My twin sister and I were separated then. My mom didn’t want to separate us, but what can I say? I’m a daddy’s girl! So I chose my dad while my sister clung to my mother for dear life. Yes, my sister is that kind of girl. She tries to pretend that she’s mature and mom “needs” her, but actually it’s the other way around. Living with Dad is quiet and chill, the way I like it. Actually, I haven’t spent an entire school year with him since I started going to a special school when I was six.

I guess it’s time to clear a few things up. My name is Bianca Denise Swan. My parents are Charlie Swan and Rene Dwyer (as of a few months ago). My twin sister is Isabella Marie Swan, but she prefers Bella. When we were younger, my mom thought it would be cute if we were both “BB”. So I ended up Bumblebee and my sister ended up Bellabear. Even though we’re twins, and I love my sister, I never hesitate in saying she’s a clingy, boring muggle. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing. I’m a witch. My dad is a wizard and my mom is a muggle which is why their marriage didn’t exactly work out. Mom didn’t take the news well and she walked out, intending to take both of us with her. Bella didn’t inherit enough magic to be trained and become a full witch, but she did inherit a few traits. Still, it worked out that she ended up with mom, who got freaked out at the mere mention of magic. She still loved me, as did my sister. But it was always love from a distance. I’ve been attending Salem Institute for Witches since I was six years old. I went to muggle public school for kindergarten, Forks Elementary to be specific. During the breaks and summers, I continue living with my dad in Forks, Washington. My sister used to come visit for summers, but after that first summer when I came home from Salem…


“Bianca! Bells is here!” my dad called from downstairs. I dropped my book on the floor and ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time in my excitement to see my sister. It’d been a whole year since she last visited for summer. My mom was standing in the doorway, looking unwilling to step inside when I got down. Bella was holding her mother’s hand with one hand and her suitcase in the other.


“Remember Charlie, I want her to be ready for me to pick her up at exactly 9am in three weeks. Okay Bellabear,” Renee sighed and gave Bella a kiss on the head. “Bumblebee,” she smiled toward me, opening her arms.


“I missed you Mommy!” I ran into her arms happily.  


“I know baby, we missed you too. Bella, sweetie, go give your dad a hug,” Mom released Bella’s hand and Bella dutifully walked over to Daddy before giving him an awkward hug.


“Love you Bells,” he smiled as he gave her a kiss on the head. She smiled and then blushed vibrantly.


“Bellabear, you’re silly,” I giggled, taking her hand and sitting at our small tea table in the living room with her. “You’re never going to guess what I did this year!” I squealed. I heard Dad cough suddenly and I looked over. His eyes were wide and full of worry, but I shrugged it off. He got weird sometimes about little things.


“What did you do, Bee?” Mom smiled, not noticing Daddy at all.


“I went to a special school for witches!” I clapped my hands and Dad groaned. Mom froze and her face got really pink without saying anything. Bella cocked her head and blinked a few times.


“But Bianca, witches aren’t real. And even if they were… they’re ugly green old women with big noses and warts. Why would you want to go to school to become ugly?” she crinkled her nose and I felt my cheeks burn up with rage.


“Of course we’re real! Do I look ugly to you?” I shouted angrily, tears starting to leak from my brown eyes.


“Bianca Denise Swan! Stop yelling at your sister and making up stories,” my mom ordered in a loud voice. I looked at her, my heart breaking in two.




“No, Charlie. I told you I didn’t want my daughter’s anywhere near any of that stuff. Bianca, you’re coming home with me and you will stop all that nonsense about magic and witches,” she said sternly, taking Bella’s hand and grabbing her suitcase.


“NO. Stop lying to her, Mommy!” I cried.


“Renee, you will not do this to Bianca,” Charlie said, showing an assertive side he rarely displayed to his ex-wife, who he still loved.


“Charlie Swan! You cannot warp my daughter,” she replied, flustered.


“She’s our daughter, Renee. And she has magic that needs to be trained. I understand that it makes you uncomfortable, but don’t ruin her life because I guarantee she will never forgive you,” he said calmly, holding his hands up as my mom’s eyes darted back and forth between me and Daddy.


“Isabella, we’re leaving,” Mom finally said after a long, tense pause. Bella, instead of sticking up for me like I would for her, just nodded, stood up and left silently with my mom.


“Bellabear!” I shouted out the door as they got back into the taxi and drove away. Tears were streaming down my face full force and I felt my Dad’s hand on my shoulder, rubbing it soothingly.


“Bumblebee…” he started.


“Don’t call me that,” I whispered fiercely. “Never again.”


And that’s basically how my sister and I grew so far apart. In time, I grew to forgive my mother and understand how she couldn’t accept magic to be real. She was always edgy around it and I guess if you don’t have magic, it’s scary. It’s like small countries that don’t have nuclear bombs waiting to be used… wait never mind. I still refused to use the nickname Bumblebee, though. That name remained only for my mother and sister to use. They remained separate from the rest of my life. I loved them, but they faded into oblivion as magic and the magic world began to monopolize my life.


Magic at Salem was not the only kind I was exposed to. There was a strong, tribal magic presence on the La Push Reservation, which I learned from a very early age. Billy Black, my dad’s best friend, was the Chief of the tribe and he knew that the legends of shape-shifters and spirit warriors and imprints were absolutely true. There were none while I was growing up because of the lack of “Cold Ones”, but that changed my sophomore year when a coven of animal-feeding vampires moved into Forks. I wanted to go after them with a quick “Incendio” but Billy explained that they were the animal-feeders from the legend… that had an ongoing pact with the tribe. So I wasn’t allowed to practice that charm. Billy’s son Jacob and I got along pretty well, but in an effort to keep Jacob protected and friendly to the Cullens, Billy hid all knowledge of magic and the tribal legends being true from him. However, when the Cullens moved into town, three boys from the Reservation phased. Samuel Uley, Jared Cameron, and Paul Lahote. Jared was sixteen like me. Paul was seventeen and Sam was already nineteen. I met them by chance one day when I was hanging around First Beach while my dad and Billy went fishing. Long story short… Paul imprinted on me. That was how I ended up in a relationship with the hot-headed animegus named Paul. I fell out of friendship with Jacob because he and his friends (all younger than me by two years) thought that Sam had started a steroid-ingesting cult that acted like junior cops.


Anyway, after I found out Paul had imprinted on me I told him I was a witch. It went… better than expected.


“So yeah,” Paul rubbed the back of his neck nervously as we walked along the shore of the beach, water occasionally licking our feet.


“Is there any reason you asked me to come out here, Paul? Or can I go back to the fire… where it’s warm and there’s food?” I whined in a teasing tone. He didn’t laugh… not even a chuckle. It was weird. Paul was always joking around and reacting some way (usually with a laugh, though sometimes he got weirdly offended by stuff). “Is something wrong?” I frowned momentarily, my sixteen year old brain wracking itself to see why he would be breaking up with me on the bonfire of all nights.


“ No! Well yes, but not like you’re thinking… knucklehead,” his eyes widened as he realized what I was implying and he finally cracked a smile.


“Then just spit it out,” I gave him a light shove.


“The legends are real and I’m a werewolf,” he said, trying to be casual and I shrugged and smiled.


“Well, duh,” I watched his shocked expression.


“Did you not get what I said, Bianca? I explode into a giant, vampire-killing wolf,” he said slowly, holding my shoulders so I had to look into his eyes.


“I heard what you said, but you were inaccurate. The correct term would be Spirit Warrior, shape-shifter or animegus… any of the above,” I rolled my eyes.




“Paul, did you really think I didn’t know about you guys?” I raised my eyebrows at him and he scratched his head with confusion.


“I won’t question you’re weird ways of knowing stuff you shouldn’t… but there’s something else. I imprinted on you,” he said casually, being more relaxed. I paused, pursing my lips for a minute.


“Hmm well that’s new information. Forever soul mates with you? Wow, Paul, I don’t know if I can accept that,” I shrugged and stroked my chin thoughtfully.


“Come on Bee, I’m serious!” he whined, like a puppy.


“So am I! I’m sixteen, Paul. You’re just barely seventeen. I don’t want to think about imprints and soul mates. Can’t we just continue being whatever it is we are?” I sighed.


“Oh sure… I just wanted there to be complete honesty from the start. I wanted you to know what it was from the beginning,” he said, frowning and shoving his hands in his pockets awkwardly.


“Right, well TOTAL honesty is difficult to achieve, you know? I mean there has got to be something about you I don’t know,” I joked nervously.


“Well you already know that I have a history as a man-whore… which is only partially true. I have a younger sister that a lot of people assume is my daughter, but she seriously is my younger sister. I have a temper that is only worsened by the fact that I explode into a giant wolf. I know that vampires exist. And I have imprinted on the greatest girl in the world. I am going to be a Senior at La Push high school. I really am 17. I have never skipped a grade… what else is important? No criminal record except for a minor speeding ticket last year,” he grimaced a little and my heartbeat sped up significantly. “Whoa, whoa, relax! It was like a $50 ticket at most. I’m not a dangerous criminal,” he touched my chin gently and I bit my lip, looking up to avoid his eyes.


“No, that’s not it. It’s just that I really don’t think I can be fully honest with you,” I sighed.


“What dirty skeletons could you possibly have in your tiny closet?” Paul responded with a big laugh and a ruffle of my hair.


“Watch it! 5ft. 4in. is an average height! Just because your 6ft. 2in. does not make me short,” I defended, not attempting to ruffle his hair in return because I couldn’t reach it.


“Alright, alright. What could you possibly have hanging in your average closet?” he snickered and I smacked myself on the forehead.


“You’re impossible. You’re not going to stop until you ask the wrong question and get hurt one day,” I groaned, plopping down on the sand. It took him a minute before he sat down beside me, sighing and placing his hands on his bent knees.


“Honesty, Bianca. I’m asking for you to let me in. I want to be there for you in good times and in awful times. You need to know that I’ll always be here, even if you murder someone!” he ranted. “But you didn’t murder someone… did you?”


“God no! Paul! My dad is the chief of police,” I slapped his arm, of course causing myself more pain than it was worth. He laughed and then took my hand, rubbing it gently. He took it as an excuse to not let go. “Real smooth,” I teased him.


“You’re getting off topic…”


“You want to know so bad?!” I jumped up, utterly frustrated with his stubborn curiosity.


“Of course!” he jumped up, towering over me.


“You have ancient magic running through your blood… You have a spirit warrior. You’re people believe that the wolf inside you is tied to your soul, right? Well where I come from… we don’t have souls. We have magic cores,” I tried to explain it without making it seem incredibly stereotypical because I didn’t want him to jump to conclusions.


“So… you explode into a bunny rabbit or something?” he choked back a laugh. I slapped my forehead again and shook my head with a groan.


“No. I have a different kind of magic. My dad has it too. But my mom and sister don’t,” I tried to explain further.


“So it’s like the wolf gene where it’s hereditary, but not definite?” he scrunched his eyebrows in concentration.


“Yes,” I confirmed. “The school I go to is a special school for other people like me. It’s an all girl’s school…”


“Okay so what tribe do you come from?” Paul smiled, completely ignorant of what I was trying to tell him.


“No, Paul. I’m not Native American… my ancestors came from Italy. I go to Salem Institute for Witches! I’m a witch; my dad is a wizard! Is it that hard to understand?” I exclaimed. He blinked for a moment before he burst into uncontrollable laughter.


“Wait, so you expect me to believe that you wave a wand, say spells, make potions and have a spirit animal? Do you curse people too?” he managed to choke out the words while he laughed.


“Wand? Yes. Spells? Yes. Potions? Yes. Spirit animal? Archibald is just my pet owl… though I guess he kind of chose me. Curse people? I know curses, but we try not to use them because a lot of them are evil at the core and harmful,” I answered with complete seriousness, watching Paul sober up and look at my incredulously.


“You’re serious,” he whispered… something I’d never seen him do.


“Dead serious, Paul. I’m not bad. Most of us aren’t bad. But we are different. Can you accept that?” I asked solemnly, not really sure I wanted to know his answer.


“You’re asking me if I can accept you being different? On the night that I told you I morph into a GIANT wolf?” he laughed out loud once and slipped his arm around me.


“This doesn’t change the way I feel about soulmates,” I reminded him with a raised eyebrow.


“Maybe not, but I know something that will,” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. I gagged.


“You’re a disgusting pig,” I told him as I stood up and headed back to the campfire. “Race you!”


We managed to keep my secret until the end of the summer, when he finally cracked and told Jared… who thought about it when he was on patrol with Sam. It wasn’t a big deal having them know. It actually made things with Billy easier. We all still agreed to keep it from the non-shifting muggles, so Jacob and his crew would have to stay in the dark. 

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