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This is basically a follow on from breaking dawn about Renesmee. Its set 18 years after Renesmee was born. Enjoy

Chapter 1


Jacob was twisting his fingers around my hair. His touch sending chills down my spine. Everything was perfect. "Jake… I love you."- My eyes flew open at the touch my mom’s cool skin.

“Time for school, Nessie.” she whispered.

I groaned. The thought of spending another day with a bunch of teenagers thinking I was some kind of recluse made me want to scream.
"Oh, mom!" I grumbled, "Can" I stay in bed?"
"Nice try. No." She grinned, "Esme is making you breakfast".
Despite Esme being my Grandma, she could easily pass for my sister. Mind you, if you saw my family, you would probably think that we were all siblings.
"Cant I just go hunting?" I moaned as I dragged myself reluctantly from my king sized bed. I could eat human food, but much preferred a diet of animal blood. I guess that was a good thing about being half-human half vampire, rather than being full-blown vamp like the rest of the family.
"Of course you may not go. Esme has cooked the food so you’re going to eat it".
"Fine Bella!" I stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed her beautiful soprano laugh and walked out of the room.

I walked over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. My long brown hair hung down my back in loose ringlets and my large brown eyes looked full of life, despite me being half-asleep. People say I have my mom’s eyes and mouth, my dad’s nose and granddad Charlie’s curly hair. I liked how I looked, most people would say I was beautiful, but I wish people would not stare so much.

I pulled on some clothes and ran from my mum and dad’s cottage to the main house, where everyone was gathered in the kitchen. Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmet, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma Esme, Mom, Dad and Jacob. As my eyes cast over Jacob, my heart skipped a beat, as it always did. Jacob and I have been destined to be together since the day I was born, the day he imprinted on me. He grinned at me and my heart melted. He was so gorgeous. I looked around and noticed everyone was grinning at me.

I turned on my heels "What?" I questioned, "Why all the staring?"
"It’s your birthday silly!" squealed Alice.
Huh? How had I forgotten my 18th birthday? Maybe the dread of it had made me block it out completely. Nobody in my family aged but me, except Jacob, kind of. This meant that my birthday was a massive deal, which I hated. I was so like my mom when it came to being the centre of attention. I had hardly managed to digest my thoughts when Aunt Alice thrust a present in front of me.
"Open mine first", she twittered in excitement.
Typical Alice. I carefully unwrapped the delicate pink paper and removed the solid silver box from inside. I carefully lifted the ornately decorated lid.
"Oh Alice!" I gasped.
Inside was a delicate silver chain, on which hung a beautiful "R" encrusted with sapphires, my favourite.
"It’s from me and Jasper", Alice said as I wrapped my arms around her.
"Mine and Rosalie’s are outside. We will give you it later", Emmet said in his booming voice. It would no doubt be a car that cost more than a small fortune. I smiled at them both. "Thanks" but I doubted that anything other than Jake’s present would really made this day any better… My father let out a small growl.
Esme and Carlisle got me two tickets for Australia, a break for Jake and me. The present from mom and dad was a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring, which belonged to dad’s human mom. I kissed them both and glanced at Jake.
"I will give you my present when I take you to school", he whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Well, we had better get going then," I smiled.
I thanked everyone and walked out to one of the many Cullen cars, Jake holding my hand. We got into his favourite, a sleek black Mercedes and he started the engine.
"So, where to then?" he looked me in the eye.
"My birthday present to you is to spend the day with me!" he grinned his gorgeous Jacoby grin.
I smiled at him then kissed him appreciatively. A few minutes later, Jacob pulled away. I sighed.
"Let’s go then."
"Where to?" I asked,
"You’ll see!" he grinned again and pulled away from the house.


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amazing chapter again haha ,, keep me posted :)
Always do...
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awseomesauce, as always
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I loveit. but Im not sure if its really all that you know..

Thank you so so much for staying with me through this..
That was like really sad but really good! lol I loved it!
Yes I know.. and Im sorry for those who dislike it but there is sad things in every story..

At least she's got Carlisle and Esme right?

Thanks for reading..
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I am sorry if its a long wait..
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i am a new reader and i love it. plez keep me posted keep up the good work :)


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