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This is basically a follow on from breaking dawn about Renesmee. Its set 18 years after Renesmee was born. Enjoy

Chapter 1


Jacob was twisting his fingers around my hair. His touch sending chills down my spine. Everything was perfect. "Jake… I love you."- My eyes flew open at the touch my mom’s cool skin.

“Time for school, Nessie.” she whispered.

I groaned. The thought of spending another day with a bunch of teenagers thinking I was some kind of recluse made me want to scream.
"Oh, mom!" I grumbled, "Can" I stay in bed?"
"Nice try. No." She grinned, "Esme is making you breakfast".
Despite Esme being my Grandma, she could easily pass for my sister. Mind you, if you saw my family, you would probably think that we were all siblings.
"Cant I just go hunting?" I moaned as I dragged myself reluctantly from my king sized bed. I could eat human food, but much preferred a diet of animal blood. I guess that was a good thing about being half-human half vampire, rather than being full-blown vamp like the rest of the family.
"Of course you may not go. Esme has cooked the food so you’re going to eat it".
"Fine Bella!" I stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed her beautiful soprano laugh and walked out of the room.

I walked over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. My long brown hair hung down my back in loose ringlets and my large brown eyes looked full of life, despite me being half-asleep. People say I have my mom’s eyes and mouth, my dad’s nose and granddad Charlie’s curly hair. I liked how I looked, most people would say I was beautiful, but I wish people would not stare so much.

I pulled on some clothes and ran from my mum and dad’s cottage to the main house, where everyone was gathered in the kitchen. Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmet, Grandpa Carlisle, Grandma Esme, Mom, Dad and Jacob. As my eyes cast over Jacob, my heart skipped a beat, as it always did. Jacob and I have been destined to be together since the day I was born, the day he imprinted on me. He grinned at me and my heart melted. He was so gorgeous. I looked around and noticed everyone was grinning at me.

I turned on my heels "What?" I questioned, "Why all the staring?"
"It’s your birthday silly!" squealed Alice.
Huh? How had I forgotten my 18th birthday? Maybe the dread of it had made me block it out completely. Nobody in my family aged but me, except Jacob, kind of. This meant that my birthday was a massive deal, which I hated. I was so like my mom when it came to being the centre of attention. I had hardly managed to digest my thoughts when Aunt Alice thrust a present in front of me.
"Open mine first", she twittered in excitement.
Typical Alice. I carefully unwrapped the delicate pink paper and removed the solid silver box from inside. I carefully lifted the ornately decorated lid.
"Oh Alice!" I gasped.
Inside was a delicate silver chain, on which hung a beautiful "R" encrusted with sapphires, my favourite.
"It’s from me and Jasper", Alice said as I wrapped my arms around her.
"Mine and Rosalie’s are outside. We will give you it later", Emmet said in his booming voice. It would no doubt be a car that cost more than a small fortune. I smiled at them both. "Thanks" but I doubted that anything other than Jake’s present would really made this day any better… My father let out a small growl.
Esme and Carlisle got me two tickets for Australia, a break for Jake and me. The present from mom and dad was a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring, which belonged to dad’s human mom. I kissed them both and glanced at Jake.
"I will give you my present when I take you to school", he whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Well, we had better get going then," I smiled.
I thanked everyone and walked out to one of the many Cullen cars, Jake holding my hand. We got into his favourite, a sleek black Mercedes and he started the engine.
"So, where to then?" he looked me in the eye.
"My birthday present to you is to spend the day with me!" he grinned his gorgeous Jacoby grin.
I smiled at him then kissed him appreciatively. A few minutes later, Jacob pulled away. I sighed.
"Let’s go then."
"Where to?" I asked,
"You’ll see!" he grinned again and pulled away from the house.


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I really like this:)
I really like this story please write more :)
I am so so very sorry for the VERY long wait.. but I hope its worth it..

Chapter 2

After about 10 minutes Jake pulled up and announced we‘d arrived. I raised my eyebrows at him. 'What?! We're not all loaded!' He laughed, 'Come on,' he laughed.
'Right, I need to morph, otherwise we will be walking for hours.' I grinned at him as he started to take his clothes off. 'Look away!' He shouted in mock horror. I laughed.
'It's nothing I haven't seen before Jake,' I giggled as I turned away. I winced as I heard him morphed, it always made me uneasy. When he was in wolf form, I jumped on his back, taking in his wonderful musky smell. He began running through the towering trees. I loved the feeling of the air rushing through my hair; it made me feel free.

We came to a stop and Jake carefully put be back on my feet. We were in a tiny, but beautiful, clearing of grass, surrounded by thick trees and blue bells. The sun filtered through the trees, creating a spotlight on the small patch of smooth grass in the centre. I gasped at my sudden realisation. 'Jake, this is the place my mom and dad came, all those years ago'. I had been so absorbed by the beauty of the place that I hadn't noticed him morph back and put his clothes back on.
'I know, they still come here often.' he took my hand, 'It's beautiful isn't it?'.
'Gorgeous,' I whispered, still in awe of it. He pulled my hand and led me to the small patch of grass, where we both lay next to each other, much like my mom and dad.
'Renesmee, you know I love you, don't you?'
'Do you even need to ask?!' was my amused reply. He took my hand and gently kissed it. My heart skipped a few beats.
'Marry me Nessie,' he whispered as his big brown eyes gazed into mine. I looked at him, his face full of anticipation, then a grin spread across my face.
'Of course! Yes!' I nearly screamed in excitement. Jake gave me a relieved smile and began to kiss me. We carried on for a while and things were just progressing when Jake suddenly pulled away.

'What's wrong?' I asked as I pulled myself into a sitting position.
'Vampire,' he said, a hint of fear in his voice. My body stiffened as an unfamiliar scent drifted through the air.
'Get behind me Renesmee,' he ordered as he sprang to his feet. He morphed right there, the pieces of his clothes falling around us. He let out a low growl as the scent grew stronger. I sensed the vampire was only a few moments away, and sure enough, moments later he arrived. He had the normal pale skin, a beautiful face and cropped, straight black hair. His eyes were piercing. I was hidden behind Jake, but as soon as the vampire smelt my blood, he sprang at me. The vampire managed to dodge Jacob and knock me to the ground, hitting my head hard on a rock. I saw Jake shove him away, before it all went black.
This is good. can`t wait to read the next chapter!
What!!! Renesme attacked and Jake doesn't get the upper hand? Yeah , I need the next installment of this can't leave me hanging!!!!!! SOON
You'll see soon enough.. jus give me a min or two..
Chapter 2 Part 2

The new born shifted through the small space between Renesmee and myself. He caught her strange scent quickly and tried to take her, the hit was very powerful and knocked her unconscious. That was when I decided it was time to end this. It had gotten personal. I jumped at him and bit his neck. He was too powerful for me alone. Nor was he alone. I saw a white-silver haired woman peering at her newborn with glee. When I tried for her I heard a loud growl and the other Cullen’s had appeared. “Listen Carefully Jacob. You shall do nothing. Say nothing. You shall pretend you never saw me here. Be very careful now so that Edward sees me not. Or your precious Renemsmée shall be simply… gone.” I nodded. Her hands grabbed for my neck. She knocked me out and I was left with nothing but pain and fear. Fear of the loss of my Baby. Fear that she was gone. There was only one thing I could think of right now.
“Edward if she is gone, kill me. I beg of you, Kill me. I cannot live with out her.” Was the last thing I thought. I saw his pained face but a nodded. Everything faded to black.

Chapter 3 getting the finishing touches.. Hope Im not making you wait too much =)
Why would you tease me like this?....................................LOL I'll wait patiently
Your wait has been rewarded...

Chapter 3

It was sometime the next day when I woke up. I opened my eyes to see mom, dad and Esme sat by my side.
'Nessie, sweetie, can you hear me? Are you feeling ok?' my mom asked as soon as she saw I was awake.
'Yes mom I'm fine. Where's Jake?'
'He's next door. You had a pretty bad knock to your head Nessie. You should probably stay in bed,' my dad warned.
'No, I want to see Jake.'
'He's in a pretty bad way Ness', mom said as she stroked my hair.
'I don't care!' I began to climb out of bed, 'I want to see him!'
I walked onto the lading and into the large room next door. My first feeling was horror. Jacob was laying unconscious on the bed, his body covered in cuts and bruises. A bandage was wrapped around his torso. My second feeling was anger. How could anyone do this to my Jake? I ran to him and knelt by his side.
'Jake. Jake please wake up!' a tear rolled down my cheek.
'Carlisle, will he make it?' I managed to ask Carlisle, who was stood in the corner of the room.
'He took a bad beating Nessie, but he will pull through. He's a wolf remember,' he smiled at me.
I turned back to Jake. 'I love you Jacob Black. I love you! Please don't leave me!'. As the tears that rolled down my face dropped onto his arm, his eye twitched.
'Jake? Jacob!' I cried. He slowly opened his eyes. 'Oh god. Jacob!' I flung my arms around his neck.
'Aw Nessie. That kinda hurts,' he mumbled.
'I'm sorry,' I smiled at him, relieved that he was awake.
'So, what happened?' he asked the question to which I wanted to know the answer.
'You were attacked,' explained Carlisle, 'by a new born. He knocked Nessie then attacked you Jake. Alice saw what was happening and so we all ran to find you. The pack had already finished the vampire of but you were both in a bit of a state.'
'Well, thank you,' said Jacob, 'It means a lot.'
'I' sorry Jake, this is all my fault!' I began to cry again.
'Nessie! If its anyone's fault, its mine. I should have protected you!'
'Look Jake, all I know is that I never want you to go, no matter what happens. I couldn't cope without you.'
'Renesmee, I would die without you,' he whispered softly.
Just then everyone came in, including Billy and Grandpa Charlie. Everyone fussed over us, but me and Jake just lay together, enjoying the fact that we were still just that; together.


It took only a couple of days for Jake to recover, he was back to his old self in no time at all. Through all the drama, Jake and I had forgotten to tell everyone about our engagement. It was four days after the attack when we finally got round to telling them.
'Can we have you attention please, Renesmee and I have something to announce,' Jake boomed. Everyone smiled and I guess Alice had already told everyone.
'Congratulations!' she squeaked. 'I can't wait to get started on the preparations!' Everyone one laughed at my eccentric Aunts predictable reaction.
'After the attack, we think that it is more important than ever to be together, so we want to get married as soon as possible,' I explained, smiling at Jake.
'Well congratulations honey.' Mom said and she and dad came to hug me.
'Don't make it too soon, 'Alice started, 'I need time to make preparations.'
'Nessie love, maybe you and Jake should go back to our cottage. I can imagine a little alone time is just what you need right now!' laughed dad.
'Well, we will see you later than!' I called to everyone. We were approached by each of my family members to congratulate us and then walked to the door. On the step outside, Jake turned to me and kissed me.
'I can't wait for you to become Mrs Black,' he laughed.
'Cullen-Black,' I corrected him.
'Ok, fair enough.'
'Hey, do you realise it's the school holidays now?' I asked.
'I most certainly do!'. He smiled at me and then began to kiss me again. I could tell tonight would be a good night.

I hope you like it and remember to tell your friends about it.. or ill start posting by comments.. no comments no more post... *MuahaHAhaHAhaHAhaHA*
lol yeah im first one jummping up and down on in my chair
Im glad I can keep you all on your toes.. more in a little hile..



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