The Twilight Saga


Preface: Poem by Remison Dragomire

Dark and cold like Winter's Moon

Power that will lead to her ultamate Doom

Broken pieces of the heart are found

Burried deep inside her compound


To the Fifth of years there are to come

She returns here in an epic blund

Inside herself she nothing but weeps

Calls to the one whose heart she keeps


Breath like frost that fills the air

And Mists around the enemies Lair

Doen't speak of those she takes

Inside her, she keeps the Death she makes


Born of two and becomes one

With heart and soul she hates none

And with her parting words she speaks

Spirit Wolf rises to her peak. . .


Chapter One:

Thunder pounded in the sky, rattling all things around me. It was dark and cold, I shivered in my bed and tugged the comforter up to my nose. Rain splattered the windows and drowned out the soft Classical music I had playing as background music. I glanced at my alarm clock and noticed with dissatisfaction that it was only 4:30 in the morning. Slowly, I sat up in my bed, already knowing that I wouldn't be able to get any sleep now that I've woken. With great reluctance, I slipped out of bed and shuffled off towards the bathroom to shower and use the toilet. Lucky me, I beat the rest of the kids to the bathroom and I had plenty of hot water. I knew that Nick was going to be the second to get the bathroom considering he was the one who always woke up around 5 O'clock in the morning.


I showered then made my way back out into the hallway wrapped in a light purple towel. My hair was damp and my skin was frosty, water dripped down my back and onto the floor as I walked back to my room. As I entered my now chilly room, I felt eyes watching my every movement. With quick reflexs, I drew the curtains shut and began to change into my unusual attire. I pulled on my fishnet stalkings and drew on my black ballet skirt over them. I covered my top half with a black cotton tight shirt and a black and red checkered vest then strapped on my double belt around my waist. I shook my hair dry then used my many hair products to puffen up my layers. After my hair was finished I began with my make-up, putting on a thick line of eyeliner and charcoal eyeshadow then finishing it off with a few whisps of mascara. As I walked out of my room I snagged my finger-less fishnet, elbow high gloves and slipped them over my hands.


Breakfast was the same as alway, nothing. I was truly able to freely admit of my anorexia. I didn't fear of people knowing, I just feared of what they would do. I was lucky to be placed in a house whose foster care didn't really mind of their orphans. Slowly, I made my way out the door and began walking down the sidewalk with my checkered back pack slung over my shoulder. My head phones were shoved into my ears and I blasted metal into my ears. Today was the first day of school, I had been transfered to Volterra, Itally not too long ago because my other foster parents hadn't had the resourses to care for me. I was only lucky to be fluent in Itallian. I've been speaking that language ever since I was little, what with me having a foster care system that mainly rotated around in the Itallian country. Volterra was truly the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The arcitecture was absolutely gorgous! I had always been one for the ancient styled buildings and for these to be the actual ones from back then amazed me. After a while I found the high school I would be attending. I looked up at the large, stone building with both wonder and disgust. School was one of the things I never liked, what with my odd out look people usually seemed to avoid me. . . That or bully me like there was no tomorrow. With large reluctance, I trotted up the stone steps and entered through the double doors. Hoping against hope that this day wouldn't be a total failure. . .


Thank you for reading and I promise more will come soon! Please Comment! And would anyone mind making me a banner???

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Thanks for reading! I just added you as my friend!
Thanks! I'll write more soon!
Wow, I am liking this story so far!
Totally mysterious charactors and all!
Please keep me updated!
Thanks a lot! I love it that you're all reading this! I'm so thankful to have my readers!
The next chapter will be posted tomorrow after I get home from school so everyone GET READY!
Yay! I'm so excited!
Sorry, my sister took the laptop so I wasn't able to do it. I'll be writing today though.
Thanks anyway, guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I promise I will very soon. My cat had kittens and they're a real handful! But they are sooooooo. . . . CUTE!
Oh, and Jessica Salvatore? He is EXTREMELY hot in my mind. Hehehe.
Lo farò, lo prometto. Grazie per la lettura!
Ho letto alcuni scritti di russetwolfluv e anch'io godere le sue storie. Io posto il prossimo capitolo della mia storia presto, lo prometto. E grazie ancora per la lettura.
NOTE TO ALL! The character Cayden in this story is actually supposed to be Caleb. I accidentally mixed up the two names in my stories. SORRY! I will delete the other entries with the name Cayden in it then repost them with the name change in it. THANK YOU FOR READING!
Chapter Two:
As I entered through the doors things were suddenly flung my way and laughter filled my ears.

"Hey guardate, ragazzi. Sembra che abbiamo una nuova ragazza americana sulle nostre mani,"(Hey look, boys. It seems we have a new American girl on our hands)A tall, jock looking boy said to his Italian friends.
He was lean and muscularly built with tan skin, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. Him and his friend(whom all looked similar) approached me with sickly sweet smiles.

"Non credo che lei capisca italiano, ci divertiremo con lei," (I don't think she understands Italian, we will have fun with her)Said the same Italian boy.

"Sarete divertirsi con nessuno, se non voi stessi. Ora mi scusi, ho una classe da raggiungere. Si può andare avanti e si masturbano tra loro per 'divertimento'," I growled at them, smirking at their shocked faces.

As I strut passed them and down the hall, I heard in English words.

"Nice one, new girl"

It was a boy, he had somewhat long blonde hair that hung down past his soft, sky blue eyes and pale-ish/tan skin.

"Excuse me?," I squeaked.

He was talking to me, and not insulting me. In fact, I was pretty sure he had actually given me a compliment.
He had been leaning up against the wall with his black and white striped backpack at his feet, now he stood straight and came to stand in front of my.

"My name's Emyle, Emyle Hendrick," He said, crossing his arms over his chest and giving me a weird stare.

"Ember, Ember Danice," I said, copying his stance and giving him the evil eye.

We just stood there for a moment, sizing each other up and taking note of the other's attire.
He wore dark wash skinny jeans, a black A.F.I. tee shirt, and a silver spiked belt around his waist. Aroung his neck hung a black cored with an odd gothic pendent hanging upon it.

"Nice necklace," I muttered.

"Nice fishnets," He replied.

The bell rang shortly after that and Emyle walked away, leaving me stranded in the middle of the hallway. I sighed then continued on in trying to find homeroom. I found it after a few minutes, making me late to first period. Lucky me the teacher didn't give me detention considering I was new and he was oh-so kind.

The day carried on in a drag, students treated me as the others had back at my last school and teachers showed their immediate dislike towards me. When the day finally came to an end, I all but ran out of that h*ll hole.
I began to walk towards home but soon realized how much I didn't want to face the other kids that lived with me and went onto a different path. Night fall was soon approaching but it didn't scare me much but with people quickly closing up shop and calling their kids inside like something was to come at dark sort of put me on edge. What were these people so afraid of? What was there to fear in a beautiful place like this? I sighed, passing it off as stupid superstitions and paranoia. Soon I arrived to the Palazzo dei Priori, a tall, beautiful clock tower with ancient architecture and glorious carvings engraved in the century old stone. Slowly, I walked up - more like stumbled - the steps and placed my hand upon the giant wooden door. My fingers traced the intricate carvings, feeling the smooth dark oak beneath my palm.

"You know there are no tours at this hour," A voice suddenly rung from close behind me.

Gasping, I snapped around, stumbling a bit, and faced a man of great height. His features were shadowed by the darkness of the night but since my sight had I adjusted I was able to make out some of his major features. Like his papery pale white skin, his blood red eyes that seemed to bore into mine, his pitch black hair that flopped lazily in front of his face and cascaded a little past his ears, and his strong, muscular build.

"I - I - uh," I stuttered, not knowing what to say.

He was breathtaking and beautiful, he looked like an angel sent down from above.

"You should leave. Now."

His words confused me. My brain was all fuzzy and I was feeling little light headed, I guessed it was from his godliness that made my heart pound in my chest like a freight train. Truth was, this man scared me and yet at the same time I felt complete safety. I didn't understand my emotions at this point, they were all just messed up.

"Wh-why?," I asked, pressing my back up against the door.

"You need to leave. Go. Now. And never return."

He demanded harshly, this made me somewhat mad. How dare he think he can boss me around like I ws some juvenile! I am sixteen not two!

"No," and I stomped my foot.
Now I really am acting like a child.

His perfectly molded, pink lips formed a small smile on his face and it made butterflies loose in my stomach.

"Did you just stomp your foot?," He asked with a bit of amusement in his tone.

"Maybe," I muttered, looking down at my feet.

Two cold fingers slipped under my chin and pulled my face up. I realized how close he was now, there was barely any space between our bodies.

"Leave. Now," He ordered lightly.

My head was spinning as his sweet breath ran over my face and left me light headed and partly disoriented. Without knowing what I was doing, I nodded my head and stepped forward. Our bodies pressed together and it took a moment for me to pull away. The man suddenly hissed at our closeness and he turned his back on me in retreat.

"Wait!," I called, thrusting my hand out towards him in an effort to grab his cloak.

I tugged hard on his cloak and pulled him to a stop.

"I didn't get your name," I said breathlessly.

"Caleb," then he tugged loose from my grasp and slipped into the shadows.

As I made my way back to my foster care home I thought about the man. He'd looked around eighteen or nineteen with splendid features. I couldn't keep my mind off of his beautiful face. Already knowing that I couldn't stay away I planned to make yet another trip to the Palazzo dei Priori.


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