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This is my very first FF and I decided to write it about Jake and Nessie as I have written a few little stories about them in the past... This one is how Nessie realises the love between her and Jake but there are many implications for her and her family but told from Jake's POV...



Chapter 1

"Ness, Im so gonna beat you at this you little menace!" I boomed as I tried to distract her from the video game we were playing.

"Oh no, Jake. This game is mine! You will never beat me," and with that she crashed my car in the game and it was game over for me. "Ha! Told you. A little werewolf like you could never beat a half vampire like me. That would just be shame-" she broke off with a half scream, half giggle as i pounced on her, knocking the controller from her hand and pinning her the cushions that we had been sat on on the floor. "Jake, let me up you furry mutt!"

"Are you ashamed of being pinned by a furry mutt, Ness?" I said mockingly, but inside my chest, my heart was racing at my proximity to her tiny and beautiful little body.

      It was five years since Nessie had been born, but with the vampire blood racing through her veins, she aged at an alarming rate and already looked fifteen. I had not aged since that beautiful day when I laid eyes on Nessie... the beautiful and angelic reason for my existance.

Of course, she didnt know about my freaky werewolf imprinting thing as Emmett referred to it, but I knew there would come a day when she finally realised how much I loved her and in a way different to the brotherly love she had always felt from me.

"Jacob, seriously, let me get up before I kick your butt!" Her sweet, birdsong like voice broke through my thoughts and I realised that I still had her pinned to the floor.

"Yes Jacob, let her up now or I will make you let her up," Edward's voice said from the kitchen doorway.

      I jumped to my feet, pulling Nessie with me even though I knew she wouldnt need the help.

"Oh, er, hi Edward! We were just playing a game and Nessie beat me so I kinda pinned her in revenge," I quickly said, racing through my words before he had a chance to take anything out of context. 'Edward, Im sorry,' I added in my mind so that he would be able to hear it but Nessie wouldnt have a clue. 'You know I would never push her. Its all in her own time. I just like being close to her. Please dont be angry.'

"Ness, darling, if this mutt ever pins you again, break his arms. They will heal soon enough, trust me," Edward said with a smile but I heard the threat in the undertones of his voice - if he ever caught me pinning her again, he would break my arms.

"Oh Daddy, dont be silly! We were just playing." She snuggled in under my arm, pulling it over her shoulder ad holding my suspended hand. I was elated at having her so close but tried to reign in my thoughts so that Edward didnt have another reason to hate me. "I would never hurt Jake and he would never hurt me. You know that.

"Yes, well, Im just saying that if you do feel the need to break his arms, that its okay and he will be back to normal after a few days so that you can do it again" was Edwards reply, before he shot me a warning glance and left the room.

"Talk about over protective," Nessie laughed, the sound making my heart ache with joy. "My dad really needs to chill out. Its not like some furry little puppy like you is going to do me any harm," she added with a smirk.

"Oh shut up, and lets play another game," I said pushing her away, towards the controller that had been knocked out of he rhand earlier. "This time you wont beat me."

      We had only got halfway through he first level when the front door burst open and Seth came flying into the house, drawing all the cullens down to the entrance hall.

"Jake, we gotta go now!" he gasped, trying to catch his breath. "We have to get to Sam and the other pack."

"Seth, calm down. Whats happened?" I went over to try and calm him, while Esme appeared with a glass of milk for him - he hated water.

"There was some big fight between Colin and Sam. Him and Brady tried to turf Sam from Alpha position. Sam seriously needs the help right now. Leah has already left and shes got Embry and Quil with her," he panted as he named the other members of our pack. "We have to go, Jake. It doesnt matter what happened in the past, Sam needs us."

"Ok. Catch your breath and then we have to get going. Leah cant be left in charge hile the situation is this volatile. Its my job to lead the pack so we're going." I turned to the Cullen's. "I will let you know the situation of when we will be back. Carlisle, can you be on standby incase we have any casualties?"

"Of course, Jacob. Let me know if you need anything at all.," he replied, his voice sincere.

"Thank you." I turned to Nessie. "I will be back as soon as I can be and then I will beat you at that game." I pulled her into a hug, kissed the top of her head and passed her to Bella.

"Be careful Jake," Bella said, as she grabbed my hand. "Dont get hurt."

"I'll be fine, Bells. Look after her," I said in reference to Nessie and with a quick hug to Bella, Seth and I were out of the door.


Let me know what you think of this and if you like it, I will post more :)

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