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We both lay on his queen sized bed, our lips moving together; my fingers entertwined in his silky bronze gold hair. I felt perfectly at ease when Edward was kissing me. Edward normally wasn't this "in" to our physical relationship. Normally he was very cautious; not this time. He threw himself into the kiss; his cold fingers running through my hair, stroking my face.

His kiss was urgent, like he was going to die if we ever stopped. He had only kissed me like that twice before. Once before we departed to kill James, and twice before he left me so long ago. . .

Then it happened. He jerked away from me so fast, there was literally a gust of wind; his facial expression frightened, scared to death. Seeing him so scared, terrified me. I wanted to cry, and hide forever. "What?" I whispered into his neck.

He did not move, he simply stared at the door, mesmerized; still from the horror.


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I think your mean to tease with such a short clip!! WHAT HAPPENS!! I can't wait to read more.
i need more i love it so far...
keep going! its great.
Tease!!!! What does he see?????? Please write more!
and then what??
You have me in the edge of my seat... What's wrong?
I will write more.
I had to restart my computer & I lost the chapter.
Will write more tonight/tomoo.
aaaahhhhh! i need to know what happens!
Very good, it commands attention straight away. My only criticism (positive of course) whos queen bed is it? You say his but Edward doesn't have a bed in his room until he gets a king sized bed for Bella later that she refuses to sleep on (Eclipse I think)
Its after Eclipse.
He kept it. :)
"Bella, we have to go. We have to get away soon. Alice will tell the others, if she doesn't I'll call them on the way. Come on. Let's go, now," Edward whispered frantically. I nodded, still confused about what was so awful, and what had scared Edward so.

He grabbed his phone off of his dresser, and immediatly put it on silent. "Hop on," he whispered again, in an even lower voice this time, motioning towards his back. I tip-toed over to him, and threw my arms around the back of his neck. I pulled myself up with his help, and clung to him, as if my life depended on it - which it did. He ran over to the window, I saw nothing go past us, only what was before us. He delicately jumped out of the window, sending my hair flying straight up, and swiping my face. The wind was harsh, the speed was outrageous.

Even though I'd done this before, every time Edward ran like this, I was scared. Not like a horrified-terror-movie-scream-bloody-murder scare, but like a butterflies-in-your-stomach-light-headed-shock kind of scare. It was an amazing feeling; wonderful. I was not familiar of our surroundings, the blur that I could see. I was trying terribly hard to identify where we were, just as Edward halted to a complete stop.

He pulled out his black Chocolate2, and dialed a very familiar number. I'd called this number several times last fall, trying to get in touch with my best friend. I'd hated this number, and I'd loved this number; I had talked on this very phone, and talked to people on this phone. I hadn't dialed it for a long time. I missed it. I missed him, more than anything in this world.....
waiting for more.....


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