The Twilight Saga

Call of war;




Patrick Dunnery was ready to put his past behind him and try out for the 24. The best group of hand picked soldiers on the planet. Jenn, but most know her by her nickname Demon will stop at nothing to make sure her little group stays the way it is. Until Patrick comes along. He’s known as Slice there, and tries out and being one of he best soldiers to EVER try out for the exclusive task force.

The beautiful demon temps him, she reminds him of his ex-lover. All he wants is her, but she is haunted by her own past in love.

The Captain asines Demon to Slice to help him become the best he can be… and she hates him.


What will happen?






The rain fell around her face, and all I wanted was her. But she was forbidden, and would always be. Her past still haunted her and it was something I could never kiss away.

She held the gun tightly to her waist, and looked out into the grey clouds, streaks of sun painted across the sky.

I knew what she was thinking. It was nothing she could hide. She walked off into the battle field, ready for the fight. It was her distraction. It helped her hide it. She became stronger, in every battle.

Me, and the team followed after her. Captain Price looked at me and like I could see through her, he could see through me.


I was here for the same reason. The call of war was our distraction.







With head held high, I entered the base. If you have ever seen a military base, it’s pretty cool with all the guns and junk… but this was amazing.

Not only, did it looked like the best house in history, with the expensive couches and the flat screen T.V, but there was a paint ball arena, the best training facilities I’ve ever seen in my life, and it was all right here, for a few people who are in the 24.


My name is Patrick Dunnery. Here they have code-names and what not, so I made up the nickname Slice. I am 34 years old and have been in the army for as long as I can remember. I am a Captain, but if I can make it into the 24 I get dropped all the way down to private again. Fun right?

I was going through this crazy course made by the leaders of the group, Captain Sto, the big guy who was really at the level of a general. He made the group himself. Or, that’s what the stories say anyway. Then, there is Sergeant Done. He was the Captain’s best friend, and said to be the smartest dude in the 24. Then, there was Demon. Apparently, one year younger than me, and is the one who made this impossible course and is one of the most amazing fighters in the world.

I was walking, looking amazed. My brown eyes looked to every area. Then, I was face to face with a man. He was a little shorter than me, and he was dressed in cameo. “Hey, new guy right?” he said, and I nodded a little confused. The guy smiled, and pulled off his goggles. “Names Roach. Well, code name is. Real names Tim, but I go with Roach.” He said and I nodded. “Yeah, hey. I’m... Slice.”

Roach smiled. “Sweet name dude. C’mon. I should take you the training center. Demon, Captain and Dunn are all watching.” He said beckoning me to follow him. And I did one step at a time. My stomach did I nerves flip. Butterflies, huh so that’s what they fell like.

I was never scared. Ever. I guess I was just super nervous about this.


“The big three.” I said and he nodded. I tried to picture them. Three beefy men probley. Getting a better look at roach, was he even apart of the 24? He had oil black hair, and chocolate brown skin. He lead me into the big room, and in there was a group of people. One came up to me, and was he ever tall. I almost mistake him for some kind of basket ball player. “Hello Patrick. Or slice. I am Done. Sergeant Done. Real names Cody but i-“

“Go with Done.” I finished and he nodded with a smile. “I see you have met roach, our best knife thrower in the entire 24.” He said smiling. Roach laughed. “I am pretty amazing.” Huh, so he was apart of it. Surprised me just a little. “This is skelie.” He said, pointing to a man hanging in the back, with a mask. It a picture of a skeleton, with eye holes cut out. “Doesn’t talk much. Best sniper we got.” He said. Skelie nodded to me. “This is Ram. He’s the youngest of our pack, only 19. kid’s great at spying. He gets as all our info. He’s also out hacker. Then you got our Captain. Captain Sto. Doesn’t really have a nickname, his last name is Sto.” He said, and the captain walked up to me. He was all muscle and was about my height with light brown hair, and a moustache. “Hello.” He greeted.

“Demon should be here soon… always late.” He said with a sigh, and I nodded. “Well, in Patrick Dunnery. I guess if I ever by some miracle make it in then I’m going by slice. Hand me a shotgun, and al your worries of enemies are no more.” I said with a tight smile. Everyone laughed. “I like this one.” Roach said, and I grinned to him.

“Yeah, I hope your good.” Said Ram. I smiled. Then, I heard the huge gate doors open.


“Sorry I’m late boys.” Said a voice like bells. I turned, and saw a beautiful… girl.

“Demon, I am sick and tired of you being late.” The Captain said.

“Well, sorry I have to wake up in the middle of a nap just to see another soldier fail!”

“Demon, you could at least make it look like you care.”

“Whatever.” She said, tying up her dirty blonde hair. The Captain and she looked crazy alike. Same hair, same coal black eyes same lashes, same mostly everything.

“This is the guy.” Roach cut in, and pointed to me.

“Hey. Now let’s get on with it.” she said, and I looked at her. “This is the infamous demon?” I questioned, and Roach shot me a warning look.


“Surprised?” she asked. “Typical.” She mumbled.

“You!?” I asked again. “The one who created the great 24 course. You the one who saved us from the bombing of 2012?” I questioned and she nodded.

“Of course it’s me flee bag. And I’m better than you will ever be.” She hissed.

“I don’t believe you.” I muttered, and she glared. “Don’t start with me boy or I’ll-“

“Demon. That’s enough.” The Captain said. She growled. “Whatever bro.” She said. The Captain shot a quick glare at me. “Don’t; get on the wrong foot with my sister. She won’t forget it.” he said. And it all made scene. Of course they were siblings, with how much they look alike.

Done cleared his throat. “Alright let’s do this. Slice, stand over there.” He said.

“When we say go, you’re to climb that ladder, pick a gun from the table then slid down the pole. There are target dummies down there that will shot paint balls. Get them all in one of our record times and race down that set of stairs. Listen to orders from there.” He said and I nodded, I hand my hand outstretched to the ladder.


Demon held a timer in her hand. “And go!” she signaled and I spiraled up the ladder. I quickly, reached for the double barrel shotgun. I cocked it and sped down the pole in an instant. The dummies, seemed so real except for the targets painted on there heads, chests and hips. Those were the ideal places to kill someone. I went for head shots. I jumped through the little window, no seeking cover, and blowed off most dummies heads. THEY SEEMED SO REAL I TELL YOU! I barreled down the stairs. “Through a flash bang through the door!” Roach instructed and I nodded. Tossing one in, and backing up the gas couldn’t hit me. I walked in and shot the dummies.


“One more thing. See that little hole. Toss a grenade through there, and it will enter the other room of dummies.” Done said, and I nodded. With great aim. I did it.






I held the timer to me, with amazement. How was he passing my course… perfectly and at a quick paste?

John, my brother witch most knew him as Captain Sto, had his hang on his chin.

He was impressed! “John, you aren’t actually considering letting him in.” I said and he shrugged.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

I couldn’t let this happen… the 24 was fine the way it was. My family was complete. I don’t need him here. I didn’t like him either. He was very disrespectful.


“Captain this is crazy. We can’t let him-“

“Shh! Did you see him do that? He’s going to pass Ghost’s score…”

“No way.” I mumbled looking at the timer. 3:32 minutes… he was beating one of our scores!

He finished and smiled. “How’d I do?” I glared at my brother. “Don’t do this-“

“Welcome to the 24 Slice. That was truly amazing.” Captain Sto said, and I growled

Slice smiled. “Oh my god… seriously?”


“Who’s score did I beat? The girl’s right?” I asked and there were several gasps.

I glared at him, willing everything I had in me to make him scared. I pulled out a knife, and tossed it right towards his arm, he couldn’t see in coming, and it hooked on his shirt, and then onto the wall pinning him there.


I walked up to him, and no one dared to hold me back.

“You watch yourself… Slice.” I hissed, and pulled the knife away. He rolled his eyes, and I took out my pistol and fired at his foot he winced and grunted.

“Demon!” John yelled, and I put the gun away.

“He’s here John, and he’s under my rule also. He’s going to have to learn the hard way.” I snapped, and walked out.


I could here Roach congratulating him I grunted. I ran to our helicopter driver, and my best friend Nico.

He would be there for me. He would help.






“Dude that was sick. You beat Ghost’s score!” he said with a smile, and Ghost nodded to me. He wasn’t even mad. “Thanks.” I said with a smile, but it faded as I felt another wave of pain hit my foot. “We should take her to Tracy.” Done said, and I smiled. “Who’s that?”

“Our doctor.” Roach answered. “And Done’s wife.” Ram added, nudging done. He smiled. “Alright, anyways we should get him to her. Skelie you should go and calm Demon down.” He said. Skelie nodded, and walked off. “How can he calm her down if he can’t-“

“He can talk. Just picks not to. He only talks to Demon and the Captain really.” He said and I nodded.


I was here. And I was… well welcomed by most.

I was officially apart of the 24.


I would of never excepted Done’s wife to look like this.

A crazy beautiful blonde with strikingly blue eyes. “Oh hello.” She had greeted, voice charming and flowing like a river. I swear I almost melted on the spot. So, she wasn’t a fighter but they kind of included her I the 24 for all the work she does. “Oh, what happened to his foot?” she asked. Done walked over to her. “He made it in and…”

“Pissed Demon off?” she finished. Done nodded. “Oh honey. Demon has a short temper, and disrespect is one thing that sets her off.” She said coming towards me. I forgot what I had to say then found the words again. “She didn’t have to shoot me.”

“The thing she hates the most is when you think boys can do more than girls.” Roach cut in.

“That’s what you were saying.”

“Well… aren’t we?”

“You see that kind of talk will keep you in this hospital for your whole career Private.” Tracy said.

Done nodded. “Demon is a better fighter than me.” He said.

I looked at his in disbelief. “Better than me.” Added Roach.

“Better than Skelie Ram and Nico.”

“Not better than her brother though.” I said and everyone smiled. “No one is better than him.”

Then I remembered… who was Nico? They had another person on the team. “Who is Nico?”

“He is our pilot.” Tracy said. “And he’s my little brother. When they go on missions, it’s his job to get them there, track them and make sure they get home fine. I come along just incase someone is hurt.” Tracy explained. “And our little brother Ram sometimes stays, or goes with them and sneaks around. Sometimes it’s just us three on missions for info.” Tracy finished. Done smiled. “Well, can I meet him?” I asked.


Roach “Yeah, sure you can. Nico’s the nicest of us all.” Tracy started looking at my foot. “Okay, Babe would you mind handing me my kit?” she asked Done and he nodded walking off for it. “It will be fine. You are going to have to put up with it because your first mission is tomorrow.” Tracy said.

“Tomorrow!” I yelled outradged.






“So, you don’t like him huh?” Nico asked fixing some of the gears in his heli. His hands were painted in oil and his red curls were also painted with oil. He was the only one out of the three siblings to mysteriously have red hair.

“No.” I answered and he shrugged. “I’m sure he’s not that bad. He just needs to get to know how awesome you are.” He said with a smile and I laughed. Nico was the best, best friend in the world.

“Maybe.” I said and he smiled. “You should go get some rest Demon. You have purple bags under your eyes. Tomorrows mission might change the odds of this war so… you should be ready.” He said and I sighed. “I was sleeping, but I had to go watch that slice dude. Anyways, I’ve been assigned to him. “I growled. “Damn girl seems as if the world is against you today.” He said with a smirk. I playfully whacked him the back of the head.

He chuckled. “Well if you’re not going to sleep you might as well help me.” He said and I smiled playfully. “Alright. Hand me a screw driver.” I said and he smiled and whipped his forhead. The oil on his hand whipped his face. I giggled. “What’s so funny Sto?” he asked me and I just rolled my eyes.


“Just keep working Grease monkey.” I said and he laughed. Spending time with Nico was always nice. He just always knew what to say. Then as if to make my day harder I head some chatter, and people coming towards us. I looked up away from the greasy controls and hissed under my breath.

Roach and Slice were right there. “Hey Nico… Demon.” Roach said smirking. “Hey man.” I greeted. “What you up to?” he asked. Nico shrugged “Just cleaning up some stuff.” He answered. “Slice over here made it in.”
Roach said to Nico. Nico nodded. “Yeah, I heard. Congrads man. Takes a lot to get in this thing.”

Slice smiled ‘Yeah, thanks.” He said tone grateful. “Demon should show you were you are staying.” Roach said and Nico nodded. I grumbled. “No.” I answered and Roach rolled his eyes. “C’mon Demon. You were assigned to him…”

“Yes, to keep him safe and teach him the basic’s not to show him where he lives and what to wear… blah, blah, blah.”

“Well actually you have to get him into the right uniform so you do have to tell him what to wear..."

“Just shut up Roach.” Nico said. “She said she doesn’t want to do it.”

“Are you guys like a thing or something?” Slice asked. I glared. “No. in fact we are best friends. Now how about you stop poking around in my business.” I growled. “Awe c’mon Demon. Be nice he just wanted to know if you were available.” Nico said with a nudge and a laugh. “No, no it’s not like that…”

“Yeah, yeah sure dude.” Nico laughed. I threw my elbow into his ribs.

“Well, Demon is kind of beautiful and-"

“Roach that’s enough.” I growled and he smiled. “Okay I guess I am showing him where he is staying. I hope you like it Slice.” He said, and walked off with him. I growled to myself.

Nico looked to me. “It’ll be fine.” He assured me. “Now… you really need to sleep. I got this, it’ll be up and running tomorrow.” I smiled. Such a great guy. “Thanks Nico.” I said, and he hugged me tight. “No problem Sto. Now get outta here.” He said, a smirk spreading on his face.

It made me smile, so I skipped off to my cabin.


As I opened the door to the dark room, I flicked on the lights. Skelie… was sitting there. I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Skelie?” I questioned smiling. I could almost see him smirk from behind that ghostly mask of his. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Checking on you.” He answered, voice low. Almost a whisper. I smiled. “Well… no need. I’m fine.” I assured him. He sighed. “You going to be able to train him? Train him… RIGHT I am mean without teaching him the bad stuff… to make him look bad.”

I looked at him. “No, I’d never teach him… bad stuff. I will do my job.. just make it unpleasant for him is all.” I pointed out.

Skelie nodded. “Alright.” He whispered. “We’re leaving early tomorrow… so sleep. You need it.”

“Trust me… I know.” I answered, and hugged him before he left.


My family already was complete!

Slice would just mess up everything I’ve worked for!

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I was so not in the mood to train anyone that morning. Okay, so the sleep helped my attitude a little but still. I was waiting at the training course for Slice. When he arrived I straightened up and grabbed my gun. He nearly flinched but kept walking towards me. “Demon,” he began “I know we got off on a rough start, but I want to apologize.”

Oh please tell me he’s not playing good guy. When I stayed silent, he kept going. “I seriously do respect you. I really do, but you know it hurts my pride to see a girl doing better than me.” He said and cracked a smile. Wow, he sure knew what to say. Of course, he was still not off my hater list, but I tried to hide my smile.

I failed.

“Fine, apology half-way accepted.”

“Half-way?” he asked jokingly, “Definition please?”

“You will be off my hater list once you prove yourself.” She said and tossed him a gun. I caught it cleanly in his hands. “And how would I do that?” he asked me, putting on a charming smile. My heart skipped a beat... wait… no it didn’t! I take that back, scratch it all out.

“You would do that by respecting me and my team, and not dying.” I said, putting on my own winning smile. His smiled stay. “I’ll try my best.” He promised, and Skelie grabbed my shoulders from behind trying to scare me. “Didn’t get me this time, Skelie!” I joked and turned around and laughed. He smiled back. He motioned his head to the side to tell us to come. I looked over to Slice. “Guess we don’t get any training time.” I said and shrugged, Slice looked like this worried. “Why?” he asked, and I looked back at him. “Duty calls.” I said, like it answered all his questioned. Skelie and I started walking and he trailed on behind us.


“The objective, get inside and grab the plans. It’s locked away in a crate at the bottom floor of the boat. There may or may not be tight defenses the numbers keep changing. But we’re going tonight, and we’re ending this. We need those plans to the bomb.” Jonathan Price said, and everyone nodded. I brushed some hair behind my ear. Slice was mentally shaking in his boots, but he put on a tough face. His soft features became a little sharper, his dark chocolate brown eyes set on what he wanted.

I looked away, and we all set off to grab our armor. It was kept in a cabin, I slipped on a camo tank top after my small bullet proof vest, and green heavy pants and they flowed nicely around my slender figure. I looked kinda gangsta. I pulled on a jacket and headed out. I grabbed my gun, the SCAR-H. I slipped it into my belt, along with two grenades, a flash band and two spare pistols. Oh, and my trusty knife given to me from my brother. I glanced at Slice, who looked a little worried. “Don’t worry rookie.” I said to him, and hit him on the shoulder. “You got us.” I said, before stepping on the helicopter. Nico fired it up, and Tracy stood behind, she backed up as the helicopter started to take off, and she waved to us. I waved to my best friend, as we lifted high into the air. “This is gonna be fun.” Ram said, chuckling. “You bet it is little dude.” Roach added.



I was nervous, but who wouldn’t be? This was an important mission, I had to steal bomb plans from a major terrorist, and his gang. The leader was named Zacki, and his wife is Jenny. She’s got an American name, but loves the Russian terrorist so she turned against everything she knew and joined him. And the others, the two lackeys Sheap and Macorov.


The helicopter whirled in the rain. Lightning flashed down, and the night was a navy blue. The boat was now seen, rocking back and fourth at a crazy paste. It was sitting there, everyone was probley sleeping and leaving the boat anchored. The pain pored and it blurred my vision slightly. Soon as I knew it, we were right by the boat now. Captain Price tossed down a rope, and tied the other end to a hook in the Heli. “Meet you guys on the other side.” He said, and soluted to us and grabbed the rope and slid down. I smiled, like the course. I could do this. Demon dove down next, and ghost and Roach after her. Dunn went, and helped Ram, who insisted he didn’t need any help. He clearly hated being like a child, being 19. I smiled and jumped and slid down the rope at a quick pace. I hit the ground and looked around at my companions. Demon put a finger to her lip, as the helicopter whooshed away out of sight. How did that not set off the alarms? We must have been pretty god damn stealthy. Price waved us forward and I followed pulling out the good old AK-47. I Stepped stealthy like the others swinging my gun around the corner to check for people. Demon waved Skelie forward. “Get ‘em.” She whispered.




I pulled out my sniper… it’s killing time. A smirk spread wildly across my mouth but no one could see that because of the skeleton mask that hid it. It was the way I liked it anyways, I didn’t enjoy my face that much. Ugly, scarred, carrying memories I have no wish to remember.

I lined my gun on a crate, and closed one eye putting the other to the scope. I held my breath, finding it easier to aim that way. The scope moved a little, but I saw the guys on the balcony. I shoot. One. I thought, the shoot echoed. Two. I thought again, lining up over and over.

Three, four, five, six

I took a deep breath, someone saw me. They lined up to shoot me, seven. I got him first. Then at the last moment I saw another sniper in the window, he aimed right at me, a clear shot. Without thinking I snapped over, and shoot right into his scope. Bet he got a good look of me there. His lifeless body tumbled to the ground a huge bullet hole in his eyes. Eight. I counted and chuckled to myself. I nodded to the others, to let them know the job had been easily done.




I smiled and waved the rest forward. I looked to Ram. “Ram, I need you to sneak in, and disable their security camera’s and-“

“Got it.” He said right away and dove off out of sight. I rolled my eyes. That kid was full of potential. We walked forward looking back and fourth. “INTRUDERS!” I heard someone scream, and groaned. Demon reached down and grabbed her gun right away and aimed to fire. I pulled out my ACR and started firing like crazy. It was all out hell now, I scent Ram off for nothing. We blew our cover. Skelie was trying to find a place to line up his sniper to shoot, and Roach ran right into the battle field, cutting and killing with those blades of death. Slice was lined up behind a crate shooting, and I leaped up on top of a crate. I skipped from them, making leaps from all of them. Shooting from the top, it took them a while to realize I was there. Demon shot me an impressed smile, she liked my plan. She leaped up too, and shook a few guys off me. We ran together, running and firing. I heard something thump, and I turned around to face a guy trying to get me from behind. I landed a punch right to his nose; he recoiled and swooped his leg under me. I fell to my knees, and he hit me in the back hard with his elbow so I fell. The air out of my lungs was just taken out of me, but I swooped to my belt and brought out my knife, jabbing it into his leg. He gave a terrifying shriek of pain, and I felt bullets being pelted around me. Demon screamed a cry of war, and jumped off the crate and too the ground shooting bloody murder. Her knees wobbled, I could tell the blow from the far jump hurt her, but I couldn’t think of that now.  I tried to stand up but failed my vision blurring. The rained pored and as the man shrieked I kicked him off the crate. He hit the ground with a deathly crack. I smiled. I slowly got up, and climbed my way down the crate. Slice, Roach and Demon fighting full on in the battle field, Roach now had one of Demons pistols, and Slice ran out of bullets, and tossed away his gun weaponless. He started throwing punches and kicks. I was a little dizzy from the hit, but I pounced in. I grabbed someone’s head, and twisted it quickly hearing the crack of the neck and the man dropped to the ground. “Jinn, do you have a weapon?” I asked her painting. “Yep, but it’s not gonna last. And don’t call me that.” Said Demon. She hated it when I used her real name, but she used mine a lot. “Whatever sis.” I chuckled, and she handed me a lowly filled pistol. I didn’t waist a single bullet. After a long fight, Skelie ran out of bullets and as did the rest of us. We were surrounded. We exchanged glances, and Roach and Slice almost raised their hands in surrender but suddenly. Men were dropping dead. I looked around crazily… it wasn’t Skelie firing. Than who? To my surprise, I looked up and saw Ram on the balcony shooting them down. Once they were all gone, we cheered happily. We raced up the steps and hugged and ruffled ram’s hair. Me and the others walked threw the narrow hallways, until we found our destination. “In here.” Ram said, leading us around a corner in to a large room. “Which crate?” I asked. “C6.” Ram answered and I raced threw the corridors as did Demon, Roach, Skelie and Slice behind me. I tried to pull it open, but it was heavy. Demon pitched in some help and we got it open a little. The boys decided to pitch in and we opened it. Inside the large crate, was a table, two chairs and on the table papers. “Demon, grab our folder.” I said, and Demon ran to the table and looked threw the things.


Suddenly everything lurched. It turned, and I was tossed to my side. I heard Demon cry out, she was tossed into the table corner, shoulder blade first. “Demon!” I cried, as we all scrambled off the floor. “What was that?!” Roach screamed, even threw the sunglasses I could tell Ghost looked worried, and he knew the answer. “The boat is sinking! They must of knee we were on board and decided to sink us… rather than get the plans.” Skelie suggested, and it made sense.




I couldn’t bear to hear her scream. Demon, that of the girl who looked like the woman I loved. I helped her up, and looked to her shoulder, and the look of it made me wince. “I Know eh?” she said toughly, making an effort to shoot a winning smile. She failed. I hated to see her hurt… Kate was so fragile. But thought Demon looked like her, she was nothing like my ex-lover. She was strong, and brave and tough. Kate was soft and sweet and as I said… fragile. Demon pulled from my touch and she coughed up a little blood. “Let’s get out of here.” She muttered, and Captain nodded leading us along. Ram, Skelie, Roach and I followed, I offered Demon my help but she decided it saying, “I’m fine.” I could see the lie in her eyes.


We walked along the narrow corridor once again, trying to find the way out. The boat lurched again, water spitted threw the windows and glass shattered. The pipes made an unbearable screeching sound.

Those made us hurry our asses up.

We ran quickly diving this way and that until we reached the surface. Dunn was waiting for us there, he had called for Nico. Dunn was injured, shoot in the leg so he had to sit out for a while. “He’s coming.” He groaned, and we all tugged along. The helicopter came into full few, and Price carried his best friend on. Skelie and Roach walked on next and ram walked to. I looked around for Demon, who was trailing behind. Nico was already taking off, unaware that we were not on. I swept back and scooped her up and tossed her on the closing platform of the helicopter. She huffed and rolled to safely. Captain was screaming to Nico to go back for me, but he couldn’t hear him over the storm. “JUMP!” Screamed Roach, my closest friend here. I made the death defying leap. My arms hit the sides, they tried to hold up my weight but I was slipping and… someone’s hand grabbed mine. “C’mon rookie.” Demon grunted, as she pulled me into the heli. The both of us sat their, huffing and puffing. The others had a look of relief on their faces.

Than we all broke into laughs.

I love it!!! Keep going!! It reminds me of a movie but idk which one


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