The Twilight Saga

Isabella is a nerd since elementary school. Everybody hates and makes fun of her. Now, Bella is in high school. But what happens when Bella's parents died in a car crash and her grandfather, Charle Swan looks after her? What happens if Charle is a trillionaire? What happens when Bella suddenly turns from a nerd into a beauty, the most perfect person in the world? What happens if Bella becomes famous by entering the celebrity world? Would Edward Cullen, the school's #1 player and Bella's biggest crush ask her out? Would Edward even be interested in her? Would he give up if Bella said "no"? Would she say "yes"? Would Edward Cullen love her for her or for her perfectness?

This is my second fanfic. So, again, I hope you enjoy it. Please comment if you want me to write this fanfic. If I at least get 10 comments, I will start to write the first chapter. Please enjoy! ^_^ 

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more!!!!!! plz keep me updated!!! =">

mArY aL!cE cUlLeN
same and plz keep me updated
please update.. now. haha.

waiting.. waiting.. waiting...



well, u have to update now!
i'm getting impatient (and u dont want to make me really, really,really impatient)

write more soon and keep me updated
I can't find chapter 5 help me.
I love it!! i hope more is posted soon! Please update me =]
Your story is good but it needs work like spell check n u forgot words u r very good story writer u just need to edit n you kno ur 1st chapter isn't on there at al maybe you should go to the other site that way you can have you story on one page or pages and your comments ppl give on another
I love your story.It's amazing.But do you know that you are missing some chapters.I know you are missing the 1st chapter.You are missing a lot of chapters.It's so confusing when I didn't know what happened in the previous chapter.Please keep me updated.I really like the story.
Can u keep me updated.
omg when r u gonna write more
ome ome i luvd this!!!! more more more more!!!
wow write now!!! it got me interested!! :)


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