The Twilight Saga

      What am I gonna do? I didn’t asked for this, I didnt want anyine else to get hurt. It wasn’t fair. These were the words that raced through my mind, as I thought back to where it all began.

Chapter 1 The Beginning

Bella Pov


        It was at least 2 months ago and I just moved here to Alaska with my dad Charlie. My mom was with her husband on the road he’s a professional baseball player. Anyway when I got to Alaska awkward doesn’t cover what was between me and Charlie. It was utter silence I couldn’t take, back at home I could talk for hours to random strangers so why couldn’t I talk to my own dad.

       “So how have you been dad?” I wasn’t allowed to call him Charlie to his face.

       “I’m doing good Bells. I’m real glad you decided to come live out here with me. It means a lot.” he blushed he’s not used to showing emotion around me.

    “No problem.” I smiled. When we arrived at his house, it hadn’t changed it was the same. We took my very few bags to my room which hadn’t changed either. He hasn’t changed as I have and i havent changed in the good way.

     Something bad had happen to me last year, something that I couldn’t have even believed in until it happened to me I thought they were just fairytales. Until one night back in Oregon where I had once lived a vampire who’s name I found out to be Victoria, found me on my back porch reading and enjoying the beautiful forest around me. She simply appeared out of no where scared the living crap out of me. She was cunning, she was playing with me, why I’ve always guess she likes tormenting people. She must have been a terrible human being.

     “Why don’t you seem terrified like all the others that I’ve come across in my hunts?” she asked obviously confused.

      “I’m not sure, maybe because I know something good comes out of every dissension, even though its for the wrong reasons.” my response must have surprised her cuz it surprised me.

       “ I hope your right for your sake because for me your just dinner.” she said it like matter-of-factly tone plus with an evil grin I was starting to get scared.

     “Can we do this as clean as possible? I really don’t wanna get covered in blood if your gonna feed from me and possibly change me.” I didn’t know what came over because I knew it wasn’t courage.

       “A last request? Not normal but I can do that for you I planed on changing you anyway.” I didn’t know why she planed that at the time, but I didn’t resist I simply held out my wrist and she took it without hesitation. I blacked out for the next 3 days as the venom made its way to my heart.

        When I woke up she wasn’t there like I secretly hoped, I had no one to help me, but I didn’t help. For some reason I wasn’t “thirsty”, I didn’t crave human blood. I was surprised I thought that’s all I would be thinking about. I stood up slowly making sure my body was okay with my actions, I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was seeing for the first time it was amazing everything was crystal clear my vision was beyond perfect. I knew I had to feed but not humans I couldn’t do that to anyone no matter how much they deserved to die. That’s when I heard an animal passing and I was moving before I realized it and my mouth was full of blood before I could tell were I was going. As soon as the animal was dead I fell backwards and I was breathing hard. That was the most thrilling thing I had ever done.

     I went home and everything went back to normal I was fine around humans except my eyes I had to tell everyone that I needed contacts and they bought it.

       I could almost cry thinking back to all those months ago if only my body could create tears. I had to get over that I was starting a new school on Monday and I didn’t want to be the new school downer. So as soon as Charlie was asleep I went out to hunt I wasn’t attracted to human blood but I wanted to make sure I could control myself.

           I jumped out the window not making a sound (that was always my favorite part being so silent as I moved). When I got to the woods I swear I heard something but it never showed up again so I ignored it. Before I went home I played in the trees jumping from branch to branch the climbing itself. I hope that living with my dad would work out, being in Alaska in the wilderness was amazing.



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Sounds very interesting, please continue :)
Sounds awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!
thank you and the next chapter is gonna be up very soon

Chapter 2 First Day of School


       Just before sun up on Monday I went home and did the sleeping bit. Charlie left early so I just stayed in bed until the last possible moment. I was wearing black ballet shoes, black skinny jeans and a hot pink shirt it looks cute. I grabbed my backpack and went to school, school was only a mile away and right next to the woods so I took the chance and ran to school I needed to run before I would sit all day in a classroom and learn.

       I took off giggling I was always happiest when I was running. I got to school in a matter of minutes, went to the office got my schedule and memorized it in a matter of seconds. I went outside and sat on the bench and took out a book minutes later the other students started to arrive. By the time the warning bell rang I could feel at least 5 sets of eyes on me. I looked up and these 3 boys and 2 girls were staring at me with hateful eyes I just looked each one of them in the eye and smiled they knew what I was and I knew what they were I hope we would get along. The last vampire I meet we had some issues I had to burn her.

I got up and walked away with a smile on my face. When I walked into the classroom I had to have the teacher sign my schedule. She had me sit next to one of the kids that where staring at me I gave my best smile as I went to sit next to her. Her hair was short and spiky she seemed very hyper. When I walked up she was fidgeting around but she was smiling. That was a good sign right? When I sat down her eyes were jumping with excitement.

     “Hi Bella.” I hadn’t even said anything she must see the future.

“Yes I can.” she was literal beaming.

   “ Hi Alice” she looked confused. “I can read minds please slow down its so fast its a blur in there.” she looked down embarrass but got quickly over it.

    “That makes more sense. Anyway me and my family would like you to join us for lunch, Emmett would be more than happy to take you to lunch you have 2ed period with him. Heads up he can get a little competitive?” as she warned I realized I had gym next period. I love gym this was gonna be fun.

    “I’m sure I can handle him.” I grinned devilishly. Her eyes were glazed over I expected her to be having a vision. When she came out of it she was acting like she couldn’t breath she was laugh so hard but we don’t need to breath. I looked at her puzzled.

    “ You’ll find out next period I don’t wanna spoil the surprise or have you expect anything.”

    “ Okay but now I know something’s gonna happen.”

    “ Right but you have no idea what just forget I said anything and before you go in to my mind you wont be able to find it.” Once again confused but she was right its like the thoughts never entered her mind. Before I could talk to her again the bell rang and she was gone so gracefully.

    Okay now I was worried what was gonna happen between me and her brother Emmett? As soon as I got to the gym I felt a familiar pare of eyes, I looked for him. He was alone as I guessed he was smiling at me I walked over to him.

    “ So I herd your name was Bella nice.”

  “Alice told you?”

    “Yea you have any idea why she was grinning up to her ears?”

  “Umm well she had a vision in class that something was gonna happen between us like competition wise.” I raised my eyebrows

   “ Ohh yea were playing soccer today.” I almost jumped with excitement he must have noticed.

   “ You like soccer?”

   “ Lets just say I’ve been playing since I was 6 and every year my team won state champs in our division.” I was bragging just a little.

        “Oh really” his eyebrows danced

     “ Yea do you think the teacher will let me play today?” I asked

    “I don’t think you will have a choice he’s pretty stricked

on everyone playing even new kids.” I grinned with delight

   “ Yay !!!!!!!!” I almost screamed it was not loud but loud enough for people to look over. I looked down embarrassed.

    “ Don’t worry about it I’m pretty loud too.” we both laughed

                               “ GO AND GET DRESSED CLASS.”

       “You better bring those soccer skills out here.” he said as we walked to the locker room.

   “Ohh you know it.” I said before I entered the locker room. I got dressed in the terminal were there were no other girls I didn’t want hatful looks from them for obvious reasons. When I walked out we got separated into teams me and Emmett were on different teams. This was gonna be good.

     I was a forward in the line up as soon as I got the ball I went all out pulling every trick that I could. I wasn’t a ball hog though, I made sure all of my team was able to kick the ball if they were good or bad.

         It was tie game we had 2 minutes before we went to go get dressed and me and Emmett were battling it out for the ball going human speed of course and that’s when it happened. As I went to go for the ball and I tripped him and not only did he fly he slid and laded on his face. We maybe indestructible but that looked like it hurt. I passed it to my teammate who scored but I ran over to make sure he was okay by now he limping over to the bleachers and the rest of the class was dying.

     “Dude Emmett I’m so sorry are you okay?” I asked acting out of breath cuz I was laughing really hard. 

      “Dude that great no wonder Alice couldn’t keep a strait face around.” he was smiling. So I pushed him and was like

     “Yea she was the same when I was talking to her.”

      “You looked worried like you actually could hurt me.” he’s so full of himself

    “Well technically I’m still newborn and could kick your butt.” I swear he took a double take.

       “No way you cant be a new born how are you around all of these humans?”

     “I’ll tell you at lunch because I’m pretty sure that’s a question that everyone else will want answered.” I got up and went to go get dressed. Next was lunch… fun. I was not looking forward to this.

     As me and Emmett walked to lunch we had buy human food to look normal. To us it just tasted like dirt Ewww but as we came up to the table I look at Alice who had the biggest grin on her face that I have ever seen.

      “Alice wasn’t that the most funniest thing you’ve ever seen?” I asked, talking about Emmett’s flight in gym.

        “Yes OMG did you get to see his face as he was airborne priceless.” she was giggling uncontrollably now.

       “Man I knew I missed the good part.” as I finished one of the other boys started to laugh.

    “Oh I forgot the rest of you were here Bella this is Edward” he smiled at me, he was tall with messy honey brown hair. “Jasper” he was a little shorter that Edward with messy blond hair he gave a light smile. “And Rosalie” she however didn’t even look at me. “great” I thought yet another vamp that doesn’t like me. Edward laughed again I looked at him puzzled.

     “I’m sorry I’ve been reading yours and Alice’s thoughts to learn what you guys have been talking about. Didn’t mean to intrude.” he apologized he looked embarrassed. This time without talking I looked at him.

      “I read minds to so I know how you feel about the intrusion of other peoples minds.” I not speaking yet smiled and shrugged. The surprise that struck across his face made me burst out laughing. The others just looked at me like I was crazy.

       “She reads minds too i guess.” Edward said still surprised. At that moment I was jumped with Rosalie sending me her thoughts.

“Really than you would know what’s my favorite song.” Rose now looking at me thought that.

“Well you dont really like music from this time but you like Better than revenge by Taylor Swift.” I smiled at her. She looked at me dumbfounded. Next I looked at Jasper he simply raised his hands he belived me.

      “okay anymore test?” they all shook there heads. Edward was looking and Emmett. I looked down getting ready for the him to ask the question. I looked back up he was starring at me and right on cue he talked.

       “You’re a new born?” confusion and horror struck his face as well with everyone else. Jasper thought went into action getting ready to stop me from attaching the humans. I sighed this was to be expected.

     “Yes I am a new born but I’ve never been attracted to humans blood I prefer animals. I was just changed last year by a woman name Victoria.” I said simply as day. Jasper eased up thankfully and there expressions went calm and I waited for a response. I herd Edwards thought first

        "Just last year really? Did you travel with Victoria?” there was anger as he said her name. “How did you do it by yourself?” there was sadness in his eyes. The others knew we were having a privet conversation in our heads and that they would get there answers later, so they looked away.

       “ Yea it was on my 17th birthday I was outside reading Romeo and Juliet. She appeared out of nowhere, and no she left me to change after I gave her my wrist.” he stopped me in the middle of my thoughts.

      “You willingly changed?”

     “No but I knew that there was no escaping her and that somehow thing would be okay in the end. And to answer your other question I’m not sure how I did it the not being attracted to human blood did help but I always felt alone in this last year because I knew that I couldn’t tell anyone and every time I came close to telling anybody I had this gut feeling that if I did something bad would happen, pulse people would think I was I was crazy and I would be sent to the loony bin.” he smiled at that last part and than he responded

      “Well your not alone anymore you can come over to our house anytime you like.” he looked into my eyes and smiled a beautiful smile. I blushed realizing he’s still reading my thoughts. He laughed. Alice must have been listing to or “seeing” our conversation.

      “Yes anytime you like in fact why don’t you come over today after school.” She was beaming with excitement.

“Sure thing I just gotta run home and tell my dad Charlie.” I smiled reading her thought's. ohh no. I seen her whole plan for the night it was Bella the Barbie and she cant decide on weather or not to take me shopping and before she made that decision I had to step in.

    “Alice you are not and I repeat not taking me shopping the only way that will happen is if you drag me and I assure you I will be kicking and screaming the whole way there!” I was serious and everyone was laughing at me and Alice. She gave me the puppy dog look. “No. no way that doesn’t work with me your not getting your way this time.”

      “ okay.” she said in a little kid whinny voice. “but you owe me big time not just anybody can get out of my little shopping trips.” Little doesn’t even cover the horror that was running through all of the boys minds , Rose just smiled.

       By the time we had decided that I was stay over at the Cullen’s house lunch was already over. Me and Edward had the same class so we walked there together. After I had the teacher sign my slip I had to sit next to a boy named Mike Newton. It was horrible he was staring at me with human googgling eyes and all of his thoughts were of how hot I was and was trying to be smooth with me. Edward looked back with a look of sympathy and a thought of I’m so sorry. I thought back that I could get through class.

    “So umm you’re the new girl what’s ur name?” he was thinking of asking me out ohh great I didn’t need this right now

          “My name is Bella but you wont be using it often.” Human males were starting to get on my nerves. I thought as I rubbed my temples pretending to get a headache so Mike wouldn’t talk to me anymore, but he wouldn’t give up.

        “Feisty I like that my name is Mike.” he was persistent I’ll give him that. I was gonna try and be nice.

      “Its nice to meet you.” I said with no smile at all. He must have taken what I said the wrong way because a sudden courage come over him.

         “Since your new here how would you like the pleasure of me showing you around.”

         “Thanks for offer but I think I can manage to get to my last class without you.” I was starting to get rude again

        “Than maybe we can hang out after school like at the movies?” my first day here and I’m already asked out by some creep. I herd Edward muffle a laugh, great he’s been listing to this whole conversation.

        “No.” I said blankly

    “Come on. We both know that your not gonna get asked out by any better than me the most popular guy in school.” he was getting way out of line. There was 5 minutes left of class and the teacher let us talk so we were talking normal. And when I talked anger hissed its way out.

        “Okay I thought being rude to you was gonna give you the hit that I’m not interested but seeing that your brain is underdeveloped I’m going to just have to tell you. I don’t like you I never ever will like some who is as full of themselves as you are and not to mention you’re a complete jerk. I tried to be nice and polite seeing as I didn’t want to make enemies on my first day but I’ll make an exception for you.” he was speechless and just has he had something to say Edward was by my side so I stood up and I sent him a message asking for "help." He put is arm around my waist and we made our way to the door just as the bell rung. We were trying so hard not to laugh but as soon as we got out of the classroom we couldn’t hold it in any longer his thoughts were just to much to handle.

        “she did not just say that to me, she wont get away with that, whys Cullen over here, did I just ask out his girlfriend, I’m dead if she tells him, I’m screwed.” and they might still be going but we were to busy laughing to even care.

        “Thank you so much for that Edward if you didnt do that I don’t think he would have ever left me alone.” I smiled gratefully

          “No problem he’s a jerk, and I think its about time a girl stood up to him he harasses all the girls here because they’re not good enough for him, and that look on his face was priceless.” He smiled back at me and clapped his hands. I laughed and bowed

          “thank you thank you I be here all week.” we were laughing again.

        “So see you after class.” he was smiling at me again.

      “Yea see you after class.” and just like that I blocked his mind from seeing mine. I smiled at him and entered my next class.


Edward Pov.

      “Yea see you after class.” and than her mind went blank, before I could ask she smiled her beautiful smile and walked into her next class. What was it that she didn’t want me to see in her mind. For some reason this bothered me. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since I seen her this morning in the parking lot. And when I put my arm around her waist to help her with Mike Newton it felt right, natural even. What were these feelings that I had when ever she smiled or looked down embarrassed. Did I like her? Maybe, but did she like me back?

I really like this story. PLEASE keep me updated :) :)
thanks :)
I really like thist story. It is funny... Emmett flying through the air... Mike after Bella yelled at him... LOVE IT!
thank you soo much
absolutely love it please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

thanks writing it as we speak

Nice.  I like it and can't wait to read more!  :)
ohh i love this! keep  me updated!


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