The Twilight Saga

      What am I gonna do? I didn’t asked for this, I didnt want anyine else to get hurt. It wasn’t fair. These were the words that raced through my mind, as I thought back to where it all began.

Chapter 1 The Beginning

Bella Pov


        It was at least 2 months ago and I just moved here to Alaska with my dad Charlie. My mom was with her husband on the road he’s a professional baseball player. Anyway when I got to Alaska awkward doesn’t cover what was between me and Charlie. It was utter silence I couldn’t take, back at home I could talk for hours to random strangers so why couldn’t I talk to my own dad.

       “So how have you been dad?” I wasn’t allowed to call him Charlie to his face.

       “I’m doing good Bells. I’m real glad you decided to come live out here with me. It means a lot.” he blushed he’s not used to showing emotion around me.

    “No problem.” I smiled. When we arrived at his house, it hadn’t changed it was the same. We took my very few bags to my room which hadn’t changed either. He hasn’t changed as I have and i havent changed in the good way.

     Something bad had happen to me last year, something that I couldn’t have even believed in until it happened to me I thought they were just fairytales. Until one night back in Oregon where I had once lived a vampire who’s name I found out to be Victoria, found me on my back porch reading and enjoying the beautiful forest around me. She simply appeared out of no where scared the living crap out of me. She was cunning, she was playing with me, why I’ve always guess she likes tormenting people. She must have been a terrible human being.

     “Why don’t you seem terrified like all the others that I’ve come across in my hunts?” she asked obviously confused.

      “I’m not sure, maybe because I know something good comes out of every dissension, even though its for the wrong reasons.” my response must have surprised her cuz it surprised me.

       “ I hope your right for your sake because for me your just dinner.” she said it like matter-of-factly tone plus with an evil grin I was starting to get scared.

     “Can we do this as clean as possible? I really don’t wanna get covered in blood if your gonna feed from me and possibly change me.” I didn’t know what came over because I knew it wasn’t courage.

       “A last request? Not normal but I can do that for you I planed on changing you anyway.” I didn’t know why she planed that at the time, but I didn’t resist I simply held out my wrist and she took it without hesitation. I blacked out for the next 3 days as the venom made its way to my heart.

        When I woke up she wasn’t there like I secretly hoped, I had no one to help me, but I didn’t help. For some reason I wasn’t “thirsty”, I didn’t crave human blood. I was surprised I thought that’s all I would be thinking about. I stood up slowly making sure my body was okay with my actions, I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was seeing for the first time it was amazing everything was crystal clear my vision was beyond perfect. I knew I had to feed but not humans I couldn’t do that to anyone no matter how much they deserved to die. That’s when I heard an animal passing and I was moving before I realized it and my mouth was full of blood before I could tell were I was going. As soon as the animal was dead I fell backwards and I was breathing hard. That was the most thrilling thing I had ever done.

     I went home and everything went back to normal I was fine around humans except my eyes I had to tell everyone that I needed contacts and they bought it.

       I could almost cry thinking back to all those months ago if only my body could create tears. I had to get over that I was starting a new school on Monday and I didn’t want to be the new school downer. So as soon as Charlie was asleep I went out to hunt I wasn’t attracted to human blood but I wanted to make sure I could control myself.

           I jumped out the window not making a sound (that was always my favorite part being so silent as I moved). When I got to the woods I swear I heard something but it never showed up again so I ignored it. Before I went home I played in the trees jumping from branch to branch the climbing itself. I hope that living with my dad would work out, being in Alaska in the wilderness was amazing.



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Love it!  Can't wait to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love it. Please keep going.
So sorry i havent writen in a while i just havent been up to it. but the next chapter should be up monday

Chapter 6 I cant Take it

As I got ready for school, with Alice like she insisted I was having a very hard time controlling my thoughts they were all about Edward. And I knew he was listening to my thoughts I could feel him smiling to himself as he listened. I begged Alice to keep it simple but knowing her it didn’t do much good. I was in a bright pink blouse, black skinny jeans, and white high heels. My hair was in complete curls, and thank god she didn’t put any make up on me. I know I’m a vampire but that doesn’t mean I have great balance in heels. She gave me a pleading look so I wore them for her.
Edward’s thoughts when he seen me were “wow you look beautiful.” I smiled. “thank you, you look very handsome.” he just smiled my favorite crooked smile. As our privet conversation was finished we all went to the cars to go to school. I didn’t really like riding in a car going to school I needed to run. The car started to go in insane speed for humans I gave Edward a strange look. “your not the only one who needs to run before school.” I giggled. We arrived at school a early the place was totally deserted. I was out immediately my eyes were full of excitement, Alice and Rose just looked at me weird. I smiled
“I’m going running, and maybe gonna clime some trees.” she smiled at me,
“Well have fun, don’t get dirty. Give me your shoes.” I took them off without realizing why. Than it hit there white duhh. Edward just laughed at me.
“Hey don’t laugh at me, I’m allowed my Bella moments.” I smiled at him.
“Sorry love but you make it so easy.”
“1...2...3...Go.” and I was off giggling uncontrollably Edward was even having a hard time keeping up. “come on slow poke” I thought. Than I stopped and jumped up on the tree in front of me climbing up to the very top, Edward was right behind me and than without warning I jumped to a different tree and climbed down. I didn’t expect Edward to be so close so when he pinned me up against the tree I was surprised.
“Now Edward what are you doing?” I asked all proper like. He smiled “ Getting you to stay still, so I kiss you and tell you, you are way to hyper its like another Alice.” I took great offence to that I love her and everything but how dare he compare me to that crazy pixie. Edward laughed at me.

“I’m sorry my love.” I smiled
“Beat you to school.” he scoffed
“In your dreams little girl.” and with that I was off, and he was right behind me. When we got back Alice looked amused. “Looks like she had a good time!” , I smiled at her.

“Yes I had a very good time. Kicking Edwards butt in racing.” Emmett gave me a high-five
“Go Bella.” I smirked very proud of myself.
“Alright time to go to class” the warning bell went off.
“How do you do that?” Jasper asked
“Oh I have my ways.” I said as slyly as possible. But he just laughed at me.
All my classes were fine nothing went wrong I even had Fun at lunch (snowball fight ;) Than came 4th hour and I had to sit next to Mike Newton. He walked into class so confident. His thoughts were like today’s the day she will say yes. I barely contained my laugh I looked over at Edward who had the same face as me. Mike seen me and his face glowed. Wow I feel kinda bad, he’s got it bad for me. This is not gonna end well. When he came to sit next to me, he tripped on some girls stuff. I had to laugh now, I couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“Are you okay?” I asked still laughing.
“Yea I’m perfect.” Mike had no sarcasm in his voice at all. We talked very little during class seeing as I didn’t not like him at all, but he seemed oblivious to this. Class was about to end and the teacher had already dismissed us.
“Hey Bella can I ask you something?”
“Umm sure, what do you need?” I asked already knowing what was about to come out of his mouth.
“I was wondering if you would go out with me. I’m sorry for acting like a jerk when you first got here, but that’s only cause I liked you a lot.”
“Sorry Mike but I don’t like you, which you obviously don’t get, and I already have someone.” I turned to walk away but he grabbed my hand.
“You did not just say no to me, your going out with me weather you like it or not.” I turned back to look at him, my eyes turning deadly. I grabbed his hand and twisted it. He screamed in pain.
“I will not go out with you, you selfish little boy. I will not and nor will I ever be interested in you. So please for the sake of you health get that threw you head. Because next time you’ll have to deal with Edward Cullen my boyfriend, and he does not take kindly to insignificant little boys harassing me.” I let go of his arm. “Now if you’ll excuses me I have to go to class.” he just watched me leave is thoughts were I’ll get her one day, she will be mine. That Edward Cullen thinks he’s s hot. I was completely done with human males, disgusting little things. I walked up to Edward.
“Do I have to have a talk with Mike Newton?” he asked. Him having herd the entire conversation.
“Yes please, I don’t want to have to kill him for something so small as his ego.” he laughed at me, but than got serious.
“Don’t let him get to you, he’s not important. All that matters is you and me.” I smiled knowing he was right.

The day was pretty normal after the Mike Newton incident. I went home, Charlie was at work, typical. I didn’t really care my mind was on Edward, god I love him so much. I made Charlie some dinner and wrapped it, and left it out on the counter. I finished my homework, and than went over to Edwards house. That’s how my first week here went, ordinary right.

Edward’s pov
I talked to Mike Newton, he was so scared of me I haven’t seen him in school all week. Maybe he got the point of Bella not like him, or my death threat against him. 

    Me and Bella have been almost inseparable, only being apart for a couple of hours. Well right now is one of the few times were not together, and we got a letter in the mail...from Italy.

                    Dear Cullens'

We are aware of your new member Isabella Swan. You may have herd from Victoria that we had Ms. Swan created this is true. We wanted her to join us because I believe that my god daughter has special talents, that she is not aware of yet and we are all hoping that all of you would come for a visit in a few days. Not only do I miss my god daughter I would like to know if she would like to join us.

-Aro Volturi

The letter fell out of my hands. Bella's God Father was Aro himself. Does she know this? Carlisle picked up the letter and a concerned look came over his face.

         "Go ask her." I was out the door and in my car before he could finish the 3 words.

Bella's Pov

I herd Edward's car outside and went to go open the door. He had on a confused look and his mind was blocked from mine. 

     "Do you know who your god father is?"he was serious.

""Umm yea an old friend to my parents Aro V something. Why? What's going on?" I was so confused

       "Your god father is Aro Volturi royalty of the vampire world, and he wished to meet with you he wants to know if you want to join him, and his coven." I was taking in a lot of information. Is it possible for uncle Aro to be a vampire, last time I had seen him was when I was 14 right after Maria's death. He was helping me through my problems. Jasper had told me the Volturi were horrible vampires and they were cruel. 

"Where is he, and when are we going to see him." I knew that Uncle Aro would want us to go to him.

         "He's in Italy, were all going in 3 days." I was a little shocked I thought he lived in Oregon near my mom. I tried to play it off like I wasn't worried.

"Cool I always wanted to see Italy." he seen through it but gave me a weak smile. Will my life ever be normal? 



thanks (= 

this is really good !!!!!!! :) i like how Edward talked to Mike. poor Mike , but he deserved it :) 

Chapter 7

      My head was spinning a million miles an hour. My uncle Aro was the cruel Aro Volturi, the one I had herd so many horror stories about. How could this be? He was always so nice to me AND he told me that he lived in Oregon, but he really lives in Italy. What about Uncle Marcus and Uncle Causis? Are they vampires too? Edward was going through my head.
Edward "Yes they are. They help rule the Vampire world." I know he's trying to help but it’s getting annoying "Sorry Bella." he truly looked sorry, he still wouldn't let me in his head but he was still sorry. I sighed
Me "It's okay. I'm just confused. My uncle doesn't sound like the man you all say he is. He was always gentle, caring, and loving. He even came out to my house for a mouth after Maria died to help be because he knew how close we were." I closed my eyes and shook my head. "I'm just so confused." he came close to me and wrapped his arms around me.
  Edward "Shh its okay. It will all make sense when we see him tomorrow." he held me tighter. He's afraid that I'm gonna stay there with them.
   Me "Are you crazy? I'm not going anywhere without you. And I'm not leaving my new family." I looked into his beautiful golden brown eyes "I love you and I'm not going anywhere. Or without my new family.” He kissed me with so much passion and wanting. I reacted with the same feelings. I’ve never felt this before, I would have remembered. He slammed me into his bedroom wall. Thank-god no one else was in the house. We pulled back at the same time.
    Me “I’m sorry Edward, I’m just not ready.” He sighed in relief. It came to my attention that he might not be ready either.
    Edward “Oh thank god.” I gave him a funny look. “No. It’s not that I don’t want to, its just that I want to wait until we are married. I want mine and your first time to be special like on our honey moon.” He winked and smirked.
       Me “Edward Cullen are you asking me to marry you?” he saw the playfulness in my eyes.
  Edward “No.” my face fell a little. “Not yet.” I felt a blush come across my face, and he laughed at me.
       Me “What nobody has ever told me they wanted to marry me.” I defended
  Edward “We do have a lot of idiots around here.” He stated “You are the most beautiful girl in the world. Your smart, funny, and just perfect. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you.”
      Me “90 years and 60 days?” he smiled
  Edward “Not quite but close.”
We spent the evening in his room talking about random things. Sometimes we didn’t even talk, we just laid there. Around 9 I had to go home, offered to come but I had homework to do and that would be really boring to him. I told him that he could come over later. He stayed home but he didn’t like it.
When I was running home something huge was running next to me.
    Voice 1 “Guys I found a leech, she’s on her way into town.”
 Voice 2 “Okay be there in a minute.”
    Voice 1 “She smells like a Cullen though.”
 Voice 2 “Doesn’t matter a leech is a leech.” I heard a growl from behind me, I was scared.
      Me “Please I don’t know what you are but I know you can understand me.” I stopped running but the growling didn’t. “Please I’m like the Cullens I only drink the blood of animals. Please.”
     Voice 1 “Do you think we can trust her?”
 Voice 2 “I don’t think a nomad would be begging like this but we have to be sure.” I heard more growling.
        Me “I became a Cullen a couple of weeks ago. You can even ask them, Edward is my mate.” I fell to my knees and started crying. “Please I don’t wanna die, not again.” Someone touched my shoulder I looked up and there was a huge buff dude standing next to me. He was about 16 or 17 with short dark hair. He wrinkled his nose at me, I did the same he smelled. He stepped back “I’m not gonna eat you. I don’t bit human slash wolfies.” He chuckled
      Him “I’m Jacob Black.” He squatted down beside me. ”I’m Alpha of the wolf pack.” Than something hit me.
  Me “Little Jakey Black. No way.” He looked at me stunned
     Jake “Bella. Bella Swan?”
  Me “The one and only.” His face went from surprised to concern.
     Jake “How long you been back in town?” He wanted to know when I turned.
  Me “I turned last year, and I’ve never tasted human blood. I moved back about 2 weeks ago.” He loosened up. “I would have gone to visit but y’know the treaty.” I shrugged
       Jake “how do you know about the treaty?” I looked at him dumbfounded.
  Me “I heard the same legends as you did when we were kids. Come on Jake we grew up together.”
      Jake “The Cullens they didn’t turn you did they?”
  Me “No, I was turned back in Oregon, when I was living with my mom by a woman named Victoria.” I didn’t want him to know it was my birth mother who had done it. I felt Edward ease into my mine. (Conversation is in there head)
     Edward “Why aren’t you home yet?”
  Me “I ran into an old friend.”
     Edward “Who?”
  Me “Jacob Black.”
    Edward “Stay there I’m coming.” I turned my head to talk to Jake
  Me “Your proof is coming.” He looked confused “Edward Cullen is on his way.” He growled at his name. The wolf that seen me first came up beside Jake. “Who’s he?” I asked polity
     ? “I’m Seth Clearwater” his thoughts came to my head.
  Me “No way! The last time I seen you, you were just a toddler. How old are you?” he growled and Edward’s hand appeared around my waist.
       Seth “I just turned 16.”
   Me “Well happy late birthday.” I said while patting his head.
        Seth “Thanks.” Jake interrupted me and Seth.
  Jake “So you’re a Cullen?”
      Me “Well not legally, my last name is still Swan. But I’m still part of their convent.” He nodded not liking the word that came out of my mouth..
     Edward “Bella you should really go home.” He said to me but he never took his eyes off of Jake. “Don’t forget to tell your Dad about your weekend with Alice and Rose.”
        Me “Oh right I would have forgotten.” I turned to Jake “Really nice to see you again Jakey. We should catch up sometime. He nodded and added a small smile.
    Edward “Go straight home.” Did he just command me like a dog. I turned around to look at him but he was already gone.
      Jake “Are you okay?” he asked from a few feet away. 
  Me “Yea he just has his panties in a bunch.” He chuckled
     Jake “Yea he’s always like that. So do you want to hang-out tomorrow?” I felt really bad because back than me and       Jake were best friends.
      Me “Sorry Jakey I gotta go see my uncle in Italy.”
  Jake “So he’s a lea-vampire too?”
     Me “Try thee head honcho vampire.
  Jake “Aro?” I was surprised that he knew.
     Me “Yea how did you know?”
  Jake “Carlisle told us everything back while Sam Uley was Alpha.” Oh I remember Sam, he was creepy back than too.
      Me “Give me your phone.” He did as I told. I put my number in “Call me in a few days so we can catch up.” He was super excited about this
    Jake “Okay…Yea sure.” I hugged him.
  Me “I gotta go see you later Jakey.” He laughs as I turn.
      Jake “It’s just Jake now.”
  Me “Yea sure whatever Jakey.” and I run off giggling.
When I got home my dad was on the couch watching the game.
     Dad “Hey sweetie.”
  Me “Hey dad.” I took my coat off and sat on the couch next to him.
     Dad “How was your time at the Cullens?”
   Me “Great! Alice and Rose invited me back for a weekend slumber party.” Dad smiled.
       Dad “Yes you can go. I’m just glad you’re making friends.”


I'm so sorry I haven't update in soooo long but I hope it helps 

great update!  please post more again soon!

Love the chapter...

Can't wait for more!!

New reader (: Love it cant wait for more

I'll try and post again soon. Thanks for the comments (:


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