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       This is my first Fan Fic so don't be mean. I just thought of this idea and wanted to know if i should continue with it.

      Ok so Bella is half Vampire and half Werewolf. No one know who her parents are or what she is, not even her. Bella was put up for adoption after her mom died in child birth (or that's the official story.) Sue and Harry Clearwater adopted her and shes lived there her whole life. Her dad gave her up and she doesn't even know who he is. She grows normally and no one thinks anythings different about her. She's right in between the ages of Leah and Seth. Everyone starts phasing and she doesn't know whats happening. Then one day she gets really angry at Sue and storms off into the woods. She phases and doesn't know whats wrong with her, she thinks shes crazy.

      So what do you thing? Should i write it? Oh and Embry and Bella Imprint on each other later on.

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Thank you. I must not be terrible if people actually want me to write it. Thanks again. :D

you should continue!  sounds really interesting! 

Thanks. I can see if i can post the first chapter sometime. I was home sick today so i'm going to have makeup work tomorrow but i'll see what i can do. Thank you so much for reading it!

Sorry that i couldn't have the 1st chapter up today. i literally just finished my make up school work. I'll try to have the chapter up tomorrow if i dont have a lot of homework. I know where this story is going but i might need some help with somethings. so sorry again. :(

1st chapter should be up soon. i'm typing it out now so check back soon.

Chapter 1

NOTE: Bella doesn't crave blood until after she phases for the first time. And Sam and Leah never dated. But everything is mostly the same. Starts when she phases for the first time. (and i'm not the best speller so don't be mean. Spell Check doesn't see every mistake)

Bella POV

My life's not going too good right about now. I just found out I'm some giant wolf and I'm supposed to be some great protector of the people. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's go back to this morning.

*Flashback to this morning*

Great, now even Leah is avoiding Seth and I. It all started a week or two ago, when this family, the Cullen's, moved into Forks. Then BAM! I lose my best friends, Embry, Jacob, Quil, and now even my sister Leah. They're all hanging out with Sam and his 'gang'. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with my friends having other stuff to do and lives outside of hanging with me, but now it seems all they do is miss school and hang around with Sam, Paul, and Jared. I mean, what's gotten into them? They used to hate Sam and them! Something wierds going on and i'm going to find out what. I should go ask mom what she knows...

*Later on around noon*

Ga! Mom just makes me so mad sometimes! She obviously knows whats going on, why Leah's going to all the time, why she's never home, and why the guys are avoiding me. But she won't tell me a thing! After my failed attempt to get the information I need, I have to get away. I storm out of the house, shaking in anger. I see mom's face flash from worry, to  concern, then finally to curiosity. But i don't care at the moment, I'll ask later cuz right now I feel like I'm going to explode with anger. I run deep into the woods then stop suddenly as pain shoots up my back. I arch my back in an unnatural position and let out a pain filled yelp. I fall to the ground and can hear my bones snapping and rearranging, taking on a new shape. 'What the heck's happening!' I scream in my head because my voice doesn't seem to be working. Suddenly, the pain stops. I wince, waiting for it to start up again. 'Thank god it didn't start again' I think in a whisper.

Then, just when i think everythings ok and back to normal, I hear voices in my head.

'Is she ok? A female voice said

'Where is she? A male voice

'How is she a wolf? Another male voice. This one sounding kind of like my best friends voice. 

'Am I going crazy or did that voice just say wolf?' I think/yell to myself. That voice made me wonder... Am I a wolf? or Am I truly going crazy and hearing random voices? I look at myself to see what happened to me. What I see shocks me. I'm a wolf with massive paws with a white and chocolate brown coat.

'How the heck did this happen?!?' I think to the voices.

*Sorry this is  only half the chapter but my sisters bugging me and I have to stop writng for now. I'll add the other half later if I can. So to my readers (if your still there and haven't given up on me) Here is the first half of the 1st chapter. Sorry for the shortness. I will try to post later if i can. It looks really small and I'm sorry but i will try to write longer chapters later.

It's sounds like an awesome story.can't wait for your next update

nice start!  please write more again soon!

to everyone that has started reading this: sorry for not writing more. i've been caught up with stuff at home and this summer i will have tons of stuff to do. if you guys still want more of this i will be happy to write more and update when i can. thanks for reading and the nice comments. I'll try to have something up soon.

:D thanks again- Mikayla

Keep writing this is just so amazing
Write the other half soon
I love it

Looking forward to reading this story
I'm not sure if I'll continue this on this site or not. I may move it to as I like that site better. If anyone wants me to continue on here than I will but I will still be posting on if anyone is interested my name is loverofthenight13.


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