The Twilight Saga

Bella is anything but normal, though she tries very hard to be. She's athletic and all-around smart and beautiful. She's the most popular girl in school and she's the head cheerleader, class president, tutors and volunteers at the hospital. She's the ideal daughter and everyone looks up to her but no one can imagine what happened to her when she was little. She has a horrible past and prefers to keep it there, the only person who truly knows her past is  her best friend, Jasper. He was there when it all happened, a witness to everything. What everyone doesnt know is that they are secret spies, they go on missions during school. Three new students arrived at school, trying hard to fit in. They seem to take interest in Jasper and Bella, but will they trust them not to kill them? Will they find out that Jas and Bella are spies? And what about love?

Chapter 1:


I clenched my teeth to keep from screaming the images replaying in my head, vividly as I was re-living it. It happened 7 years ago but I remembered it like it was yesterday. The same nightmare that has been keeping me up since it happened. I usually got 3 or 4 hours of sleep if I was lucky, if not I took naps during my lunch and open classes. The latter usually happened. I mostly stayed awake during the night, catching up on my schoolwork and training with Jasper. He understood me. He stayed awake during most of the nights I did too. When he came over in the night we went to a clearing in the woods not too far from here, where we could train peacefully, not worrying about anyone seeing us. He was there when it happened, watching everything. He felt helpless at the time when they were restraining him. He couldn’t handle not doing anything. He felt guilty for not trying hard enough even though he was only 10 at the time. I immediately told him that he couldn’t have done anything more than he already had. Since that day, we have been inseparable. We have been each other’s support system throughout everything. When two guys came to our school and told us what we had to begin to do, we immediately backed each other up, not doing anything without the other. He is my best friend. Some people thought we were going out when we first entered high school, but now that it’s our junior year the rumors have calmed down somewhat. I have a feeling they’re waiting to see if we fall in love but we won’t I know we won’t. That is exactly why I couldn’t tell him the nightmares had been coming back more frequently. I had been doing so good for the past 3 months, getting 2 hours of sleep every night but it came back tonight. I wish I had him here next to me. I thought of him and my mom, how much they loved me. My friends at school that cared about me, though they didn’t know what happened to me.

The images slowly faded from my mind and I took a deep breath. It was over. For now. I sighed and looked at the clock. It was 5:47am. I closed my eyes and groaned. I had only gotten 40 minutes of sleep. School was going to be unbearable today, as it was always. I looked at the ceiling knowing I couldn’t go back to sleep after the nightmare. I pushed off my purple comforter and rolled out of my queen sized bed. My room was a master bedroom with its own bathroom attached to it and a walk-in closet. The balcony was to my right, showing off the tree I always escaped to, to look at the stars and moon when I couldn’t sleep. My room was white and purple. My desk where I did homework was on my left against the wall, it was a dark chestnut color with a lamp and a comfortable chair. There was a flat screen TV directly in front of my bed hanging from the wall. Under it was a shelf of all my trophies and awards. I played a few sports every year it changed. I played soccer, volleyball, swam, softball, and now I was a cheerleader. No, I’m not stuck up like all the other cheerleaders which is a stereotype but it was mostly true. Our school was really nice all around. The jocks and cheerleaders were nice to everyone, including everyone who wanted to be our friends. How could I be a cheerleader when something terrible happened to me when I was smaller? Aren’t I supposed to be traumatized for life, going to a shrink daily and being depressed? I couldn’t afford to be depressed. My dad wouldn’t have wanted that, he told me so himself so I respected his wish and made the most of my life.  But aren’t cheerleaders supposed to be cheery and preppy all the time? Most of them are supposed to but I manage to have a happy smile occasionally. Cheerleading takes my mind off of things. I was head cheerleader, class president and in the running for valedictorian. I’m in the yearbook committee, tutor children, volunteer at the hospital and play the piano. This all looks good on college applications, which is one of the reasons why I do it, except I left out the training part, that was a secret. The other reason is this helped me have somewhat of a normal life.

But then again how normal could I really be after what I experienced? I winced at the thought that I could never forget. My room was full of pictures of mostly me and Jasper and my other friends, Anelise, Juliet, Lexi, and Jacob. Those are my closest friends but none come close to Jasper. I sighed as I looked at the pictures, wishing that moment could’ve been frozen in time and I would have stayed in there forever. I trudged to the bathroom, grabbing my towel from my closet. I brushed my teeth and took a nice, relaxing shower. I glanced at the clock which read 6:50am. I had plenty of time until Jas got here, that was the good thing about not sleeping. I looked in my closet deciding what to wear. It was surprisingly cold outside, so I decided on a red cashmere sweater with dark blue skinny jeans and ballet flats. I looked my special heart locket that my dad had given me when I was little. It was silver mixed with gold. The outline of it was covered in small diamonds and his picture was inside the locket. That picture was my favorite. It was simple but meaningful. It was a family portrait but without the formality of it. We weren’t dressed up but in casual clothes and looked genuinely happy. I closed the locket and got dressed. I got a comb and untangled my hair. I finished and the air was already drying my hair. I looked at myself in the full length mirror in my closet. I had a nice, curvy body but I didn’t flaunt it. I was 5’6 and had long, straight light brown hair that almost reached my butt. My eyes were the strangest part. They were a mixture of gray, green, and blue but outlined with a slight tint of gold around the edges. I looked at the clock again seeing it was 7:23 and grabbed my school bag to walk down the stairs. I lived with my mom in a huge house in Forks, Washington. We have lived in this house since I was born. It was only the two of us in this huge house, my dad died when I was small. The house was 5 floors and had its own elevator. The first floor was where the kitchen, living room, dining room, the den and it also had a guest room. The second floor was where my mom’s bedroom was and mine along with two more guest rooms. We each had our own bathroom. The third floor was where the game room, arcade room, tv room and piano room was. The fourth floor was the mini shopping mall was located. My mom lived for clothes and instead of continuously going shopping every day, she had a mini mall installed. The fifth floor was used for storage but had a couple other things as well. My mom was a doctor, a pediatric surgeon, which is what I wanted to be as well. I loved kids and wanted to help save them.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Good morning mom” I said giving my mom a kiss on the cheek before getting my cereal from the cabinet and the milk from the fridge. “Good morning sweetie,” my mom said giving me a smile as she reached for her coffee.

“Are you excited about your first day of school? It’s your junior year. Only one more year until you graduate and then you’ll be off to college” my mom said looking sad.

“Mom” I said rolling my eyes, “we still have time to be together and I won’t be far from here.”

“I know but time goes by so fast and I don’t know how I’ll survive without you” she said, dabbing her eyes.

“How will you ever survive without my cooking?” I said, laughing at the thought of my mom cooking and burning down the kitchen.

Jas strolled into the kitchen at that moment, his hair wet from his shower which I bet he took 3 minutes ago. His eyes dropping slightly, I laughed knowing I was right.

“Hey Bee. Good morning Amy ”, he said dropping his bag on the floor and pouring himself some coffee before grabbing a donut from the table.

“Morning” we both replied. Jas looked at me, a smile on his lips before he really looked at me. I saw a flash of worry before his smile returned but this time it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Sleep good, Bee?” he asked, it was loaded question I knew.

“Yep, just fine” I replied, slipping on my blank mask as I looked him straight in the eye. I didn’t want him to know that the nightmares had returned but I couldn’t lie to him for long. He knew me too well.

“It was better than fine because you were dreaming of me shirtless. If you want I can make your dreams come true,” he said winking, making me and my mom laugh. I had seen him shirtless plenty of times.

“Please that would be a nightmare, not a dream” I said, still laughing. His eyes narrowed slightly, such a subtle movement that I wouldn’t have caught it if I wasn’t trained to see such small moves. I knew that he would question me one we got in the car. I sighed inwardly, thinking of an excuse to explain the slightly dark circles under my eyes I knew he would notice because he always did, no matter how hard I tried to hide it.

“You know you want this,” he said turning around slowly for me to watch and gesturing to his well defined chest, while smirking. We laughed again and I rolled my eyes.

“Breakfast sure is entertaining with you two around” my mom said grabbing her empty cup and putting it into the dishwasher. She walked over to give me a kiss on the cheek and did the same to Jas.

“That’s our deal, I make you laugh and you feed me, right?” Jas said, smiling. My mom nodded and laughed.

“Bye, love you. See you later. Have a good first day of school today. Oh and Bee?” my mom said.

“Yes?” I asked, wondering what she wanted.

 “Don’t get too frustrated with the uncoordinated who think they can make the squad and scar them for life” my mom said laughing, while I scowled. I knew what she said was true. I had endless patience but that wasn’t enough for tryouts.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind. Goodbye Mom!” I yelled at her as she walked through the door. Jas was still chuckling, his light brown hair falling into his eyes. I stuck my tongue out at him and turned around to put the bowl in the dishwasher.

“So how did you really sleep?” Jas asked quietly, his gray eyes serious. I winced inwardly, knowing that lying to him was impossible but I had to try. I didn’t like him worrying about me. I turned around and rolled my eyes, my face carefully blank of any sadness and guilt.

“I slept just fine, dreaming of you of course” I said, smiling. He looked at me with knowing eyes and I sighed, looking into his eyes. I dropped the mask, he was the only person I trusted well enough to do that.

“Jas..” I started but he cut me off.

“Bee, you should have called” he said quietly. “I didn’t want to worry you” I responded.

“How long?” he asked, knowing exactly that he was asking how much time I had slept.

“40 minutes, but I wasn’t even tired because I had coffee last night and-“ I was going to continue but he cut me off.

“I know you, your mask might block everyone from seeing how tired you really are, but I was trained to do the same thing. I can see through it easily and you know that so why bother trying to lie to me?” he asked.

“It doesn’t hurt to try” I said, whispering.

“Bee, you know that I’m sorry” he said crossing to me and wrapping his arms around me. I closed my eyes, willing the images from last night to go away before I started to cry.

“They won’t go away” I whispered my voice breaking in the middle. His lips were on the base of my neck, near my collarbone, soothing me instantly. He had first done that when we were smaller and he saw my crying one night after the incident. It calmed me down and now every time I was panicking or stressed he did that. It wasn’t sexual in any way and we both knew it. I matched my breathing with his and the images started to fade. I pulled away and smiled gratefully at him. He nodded at my silent thanks and stepped away.

“Don’t get any ideas. I have many ladies waiting for me at school and I can’t disappoint them by saying I’m taken now, can I?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. I smacked his arm, but he didn’t even flinch.

“Whatever. Let’s go we’re gonna be late” I said rolling my eyes. He smirked at me and grabbed my bag and his and walked to my car which was a black Audi 2012. I had gotten it for my birthday a couple months ago. I grabbed two water bottles and granola bars from the cabinet and sprinted towards the car which he was already in the driver’s seat. He sped away from the house as soon as I closed the door.

“If it’s my car shouldn’t I be the one driving?” I muttered, scowling. He laughed and glanced at me.

“Maybe” he replied.

“You don’t see me driving your car, do you?” I asked.

“Actually yes I do” he said smirking. I sighed. “Besides we have this discussion every day. How are you not used to it?” he asked.

“Shut up” I mumbled and looked out the window. He chuckled.

“I forgot to ask when we left home. Did you bring your equipment?” I asked Jas. He was captain of the Varsity football team and today was tryouts. He nodded.

“It’s all at school and your uniform?” he replied, keeping his eyes on the road.

“Yep mine too” I said and started to unbuckle my seatbelt as we drove into the lot of the school.

Forks High School might be a public school, but majority of kids had wealthy parents which had given them nice cars. Jas headed towards our usual spot at the very front. I climbed out and he followed in suit. Our friends immediately surrounded us, mostly jocks and cheerleaders asking how our summer was and while we explained what we did together leaving out a couple things, they looked intrigued asking that they wanted to spend next summer vacation with us and we chuckled and nodded, agreeing. While everyone was talking about their summer, I glanced at Jas. He nodded discretely and I casually scanned the parking lot area while Jas did the same for anything out of the ordinary. He shook his head and I did as well, he shoulders relaxed the tiniest bit and I smiled. I passed him his granola bar and water and he smiled. The jocks and cheerleaders parted at the front doors, going off to their own lockers and heading to homeroom as the bell was about to ring in a couple minutes. I walked down with Anelise and Lexi. A few people greeted us and we smiled warmly greeting them by name and asking how their summers were. We got to our lockers which were right next to each other. I put in my new notebooks and stuff inside above where my cheer uniform was hanging. I closed my locker and waited for Analise and Lex to finish so we could walk to homeroom together. They closed their lockers and looked at me expectantly. I was confused momentarily, before realization hit.

“Ugh. Not this again. Every year it’s the same thing. I would think that you had gotten over asking me” I said, rolling my eyes.

“That didn’t answer the question, Bella” Lex pointed out. I glared at my two friends who were looking at me eagerly.

“No he hasn’t asked me out and he never will. We are best friends and nothing more and that’s all we’ll ever be” I said. Every year they asked me if Jas has asked me out yet. They are so sure he likes me but I know that it isn’t true. We have a different kind of love. We met in 7th grade so I had heard this question 5 times, excluding the looks they give me which imply the same thing.

“Whatever. He will soon” they said. I laughed at that thought.

“Let’s just walk. We’ll be late to homeroom” I said as we linked arms and walked towards our class. We sat down together in the middle and Lex was talking to Anelise about some guy she was dating. I put my head down, the sleepless night catching up to me quickly. My iPhone buzzed and I took it out of my bag. I looked at the screen.

You can close your eyes, I’ll look around the text read. I knew it was from Jas. I nodded not looking up, knowing he was looking at me. I thanked him in my mind before resting my head again. We still had about a minute before the teacher came in. My eyes were drooping closed before a movement to my left caught my eye. My eyes quickly adjusted following the movement as the door opened. I wasn’t sleepy anymore. My gaze flicked to Jas and he was glancing at the door as well, being discrete. We were doing the same thing. Trying to figure out a plan if we were attacked. My thoughts were interrupted by three teenagers walking in through the door with the teacher in suit. They were chatting innocently and my eyes quickly raked over their bodies, assessing for any weapons before looking at Jas. I relaxed slightly knowing we weren’t in immediate danger.

“Who is that hottie?” Anelise whispered to me and Lex. I frowned wondering who she was talking about before remembering that there were new students here. I looked at the girls first. One was tall and blonde, beautiful. Her long hair reached her waist and her eyes were an almond brown. She had curves in all the right places which were slightly accented by the nice fitting blue and white blouse she had on and skinny jeans with heels. The guys were looking, no more like drooling over her. I looked at the petite girl next. Her hair was spiked at the top, which seemed to fit her just right. Her eyes were an eccentric blue and although she was small, she had a nice body and looked like she jogged daily. Her curves weren’t as prominent as the blonde’s but she was beautiful as well. I liked her sense in fashion, she was wearing a long-sleeved v-neck blue shirt that seemed to accent her eyes and black jeans with heels as well. The guy caught my eye, as I’m sure the rest of the girls thought as well. He was lean but had a fair amount of muscle. He had on a black shirt that was fitted and stretched when his muscles did. I could tell he worked out a lot and had well-defined legs. That much I could tell through his jeans. His hair was a bronze, copper color combined, a little disheveled but it looked good on him. His emerald green eyes snapped up at that moment, his phone forgotten which he was checking, and met my gaze. He smirked at me, raising an eyebrow. He knew I was staring at him. I looked away quickly and waited long enough until I felt his gaze off of me and glanced back. He was nodding at something the petite girl said, but didn’t look quite focused. He was frowning. It seemed like something was up and I planned out how to retaliate in case they attacked us. His gaze snapped up to mine that same moment.  


This is the first chapter of Its Never Easy? I hope its good. Leave comments please! They would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I should continue with it. Thanks :) Sorry this chapter was long, I wasn't sure where to end it.


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great start, please continue!

thanks! i will!

yes u should continue with this story

thanks for reading it!

I really liked it so for and I like your writing style. I can't wait for more, can you please write more? I was also wondering if you could add me so I can follow the story? If so, here is my link:

Thank you again! (:


Ch. 2

 I closed my eyes, as a bolt of pain went up my arm. The teacher called us to attention.

“Good morning class. My name is Mr. Halter and we have new students here today so please be nice to them and show them around. This is Rosalie, Alice and Edward Cullen”, Mr. Halter said pointing to the blonde girl, petite girl and then the good-looking boy. They smiled at us politely.

“Now I will give you your schedules after I take attendance. Rosalie, Alice and Edward feel free to sit wherever you want” Mr. Halter said. Everyone cleared the seats next to them, hoping that they would like to sit next to them. I chuckled quietly. They decided to sit right in front of me, Anelise and Lex. They looked like they were about to faint. Mr. Halter was giving out our schedules and as soon as he gave me mine, Lex snatched it out of my hand, then Anelise took it, then Jacob took it, then Matt, then Beth, then Cristina and then Meredith. I was actually convinced that everyone in the room saw it before Jas waved his hand at me, my schedule on his desk. I walked over to his seat.

“We have AP European history, AP Literature, AP Calc, Lunch, Study hall, AP Spanish, Chemistry Honors, PE and Economics  together” he said as soon as I sat on his desk.

“Can I see my schedule for myself?” I asked. He laughed and handed it over. He was right, we had 9 classes together. The other one was Music Honors.

“Bella, what period do you have Lunch?” Anelise yelled across the room. Jas laughed and I smiled.

“Fourth” I yelled back. I heard several people say yes. I rarely ever went to lunch but when I did, there were so many people at our table and all talked to me at the same time at such a fast speed that I could hardly keep up.

“Do you know anything on those new people?” I asked under my breath so no one would overhear.

“They are the Cullens. Dr. Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen are their parents. They just moved here from Alaska. Rosalie was adopted when she was two years old. Her parents died in a fire and she prefers when people call her Rose. They don’t have any criminal offenses and they aren’t what we are. They seem normal” Jas said. 

“You learned all that since they walked in?” I asked, incredulous.

He nodded. “I work fast”, he said smirking. The bell rang. We stood up and started walking to the door.

“He seems fit enough to be a football player” Jas nodded towards Edward, who was currently surrounded by girls but was clearly uncomfortable.

“Yeah and his sisters look like they would be good cheerleaders” I replied and he looked over to them, they were surrounded by boys. He chuckled.

“Should we save them?” he asked, still chuckling.

“Yeah, I just hope we don’t get eaten alive” I said, smiling and started walking over to where they were currently trapped in the doorway. People started parting for me and Jas as soon as we started walking, making a small path.

“Gotta love the perks of being popular. We get direct access to the new kids” Jas said, raising an eyebrow. I knew he was right, new kids were always hard to get to unless you were VIP.

“Guys, stop harassing them. They have classes to get to as well and they can’t really do that if you’re blocking the way out. Give them some room to breathe and go gossip to everyone else about the hot kids. You can talk to them at lunch” Jas said to everyone, using his charming smile. The three of them laughed and looked relieved. Some people groaned at the thought of waiting for so long, but started shuffling to class.

“Thank you so much. I was beginning to think that we were gonna be stuck there all day” Rosalie said, smiling showing her white teeth. We laughed.

“No problem. It was our pleasure but I don’t think we’ll be able to help you during lunch” Jas said, smiling at the three of them but his head was slightly inclined to where Alice stood.

“We haven’t been formally introduced. My name’s Isabella Bailey but people call me Bella and this is my best friend Jasper Conner” I said. I noticed Edward looking at me, but I pretended not to notice. I felt a little tingly under his gaze and gave him a small smile.

“Oh so you guys are the ones who run the school, well nice to finally meet you. We’ve heard so many things about you. My name’s Alice, this is my brother Edward and my sister Rosalie, but she goes by Rose” Alice said, smiling, her blue eyes wide when she looked at Jas. Seems like Alice is interested in Jas, can’t wait to bug him about it, I thought smugly.

“Yeah kinda. So what class do you guys have next?” Jas asked laughing. They looked at their schedules.

“AP Euro” Alice and Edward said, while Rose said “AP Calc.”

“I can walk Alice and Edward to history. You walk Rose to math and I’ll save you a seat next to me” Jas said to me.

“Sounds like a plan” I said, nodding. I linked my arms with Rose, ready to walk to math.

“Don’t miss me too much. I know you can’t survive one minute without seeing my beautiful face” Jas said mocking me and winking.

“I’ll try not to, but I just might die” I said, putting my hand over my heart. They laughed, but I caught that Alice’s and Edward’s sounded forced. Jas’ eyebrow went up just a little, signaling he heard it too.

“See you guys at Lunch” Rose said to her siblings, waving goodbye, we walked down to math. On the way to class, I learned that she and Alice were cheerleaders and planning to tryout and Edward was a football player. We kept talking about school, not bringing up anything personal which I was grateful for. I didn’t think I could handle any questions without Jas here. I dropped her off at class and she thanked me for it. I nodded, smiled and ran to class. The teacher’s back was to the class so I could easily slip into the seat next to Jas. Alice and Edward sat in the seats behind us. Since it was the first day of school, we didn’t learn anything except for the class rules. That happened in our first three classes. We ended up talking to Edward and Alice about sports and their family when we could, strangely they kept their responses vague when they talked about their family. Jas and I exchanged a subtle look.

 I felt Edward’s gaze on me and I raised my eyes to meet his. He smiled a dazzling smile and I smiled back, a little guarded. I can’t like him, not at all. I’m all messed up emotionally and my job would put him in danger. Many people are after me and I can’t risk his life. He can’t like me, it’s obvious he’s just trying to be nice to me because his sister likes me. He has plenty of other girls after him, so he could go after one of them. Maybe Anelise or Lexi. Yeah that could work out. I sighed inwardly, knowing no matter how hard I try, I can never have a normal life. I was snapped out of my depressing thoughts by the bell ringing. I was happy, lunch was here which meant I could take a nap and talk freely to Jas about the new kids. And maybe if we were lucky, we wouldn’t get called in.

“Is the lunch here good?” Edward asked me. We were walking behind Jas and Alice.

“Hmm, yeah most of the time. Sometimes they give us mysterious goop that I can’t stand to look at” I said, shuddering.

Edward laughed and I smiled inwardly loving his smile. I shook my head to clear the thought. This has to stop now.

“So how long have you been living here?” Edward asked, making small talk.

“Since I was born” I answered, smiling.

“Do you have any siblings?” he asked.

“Nope. Sometimes I wish I did, but Jas is entertaining enough for me” I replied, laughing.

“How long have you guys been together?” Edward asked, a little too casually. I smirked, hearing just a hint of jealousy. I was about to respond to him but Jas interrupted.

“Come on Bee. We should get going” Jas said, walking over to me. He had left Alice with Rose and they were currently surrounded by basically everyone.

“You guys aren’t coming to lunch?” Edward asked, looking confused. We shook our heads. “Why not?” he asked. I hated this question, I didn’t like lying but it was necessary.

“We have to present a couple of ideas for our coaches today, so we need to think in peace and quiet and especially with you guys here we’ll never get any type of quiet. No offense” Jas lied, but grinned.

Edward grimaced and pointed at the crowd looking over at us. They were waiting until me and Jas left so they could attack. They knew that we didn’t like making the new kids uncomfortable, but their curiosity got the best of them. The crowd was noticeably smaller though. I chuckled.

“Sorry, we told you we couldn’t help you when lunch came around. They go crazy when new kids come to town” Jas said, laughing out loud.

“Fine, leave me to face my doom. Thanks for everything though. Maybe I’ll make the football team so we can hang out more and Bella, I know my sisters would love to try out for the cheerleading squad too” Edward smiled showing all his teeth, but then sighed. We laughed once more and wished him good luck before walking down the hall, Jas taking my bag from me. We started towards my locker, dropping our stuff off.

“I didn’t pick anything up about them. Did you?” Jas asked, spinning in the combination to my locker.

“No, but something in their family is going on. I can tell. They’re hiding something. I think it has to do with the mom” I replied, closing the locker. We walked down a couple steps and stopped at a plain wooden door. This is our little secret hideout. The principal gave it to us our freshman year after telling us we had to start training and had it stocked with everything we would need. If there was anything else we needed, we had to only ask him. Jas slid his ID card into the little slot that was hidden at the top of the door.

“We’ll ask Marisol and Derek when we see them, which I’m pretty sure will be soon” Jas said. I plopped down onto the couch, burying my face in the pillow. I heard Jas take off his shoes and jump on top of me. He was squishing me. I groaned under his weight.

“Jas! Get off of me! You’re so freaking huge” I mumbled. Jas’ laughed rung out and he rolled but his arms were around my waist so I followed in suit. I heard his body hit the floor and I hit his body, my hair in my face. Jas was vibrating and I realized he was chuckling. I struggled to get out of his grasp, but he just tightened his grip so much to the point that my stomach was starting to hurt so I stopped fighting.

“Give up yet? You know I’m stronger than you” Jas said, I could hear the grin in his voice but I couldn’t turn around.

“You wish” I muttered and hit a couple pressure points in his wrist that made his arm go numb for several seconds. I got up quickly taking advantage of the escape route and prepared for him to fight back.

“Why do you always do this! I’m getting tired of your stupid pressure points” Jas grumbled getting up, shaking the feeling off. I grinned, knowing that bothered him. We trained for a little while, not holding back. I threw in a couple good punches and uppercuts to his chin. He managed to land a brutal blow in a few times in a row but I quickly found his pressure point below his ear and he stopped. It felt good to be training again. It relieved some of my stress and although I was getting sore already because I hadn’t trained in a while, I loved the feeling. I sat down on the carpeted floor, closing my eyes. The adrenaline was starting to wear off and I was getting tired due to the lack of sleep I had gotten. I closed my eyes slowly and I heard Jas next to me with a bottle of lemonade and a bag of chips. I smiled and opened my eyes.

“Bon appétit” he said, opening his bag of Doritos and coke. I drunk some of my lemonade and then poured some Coca-cola into my bottle and shook it and did the same with his Coca-cola, pouring some lemonade in it.

“Merci beaucoup monsieur” I replied thanking him, in fluent French. Due to our job, we had to be fluent in at least 20 languages. It was a pain but it came in handy when we went on missions in other countries and in Spanish.

“I really hope that this year we don’t have as many missions” Jas said quietly.

“I know, me too. I don’t like missing classes, not that we miss much because we know this already but we deserve a normal life and we haven’t had an ounce of a normal life since we were little” I said, slowly.

“I wish we could be 5 again playing in the sandbox and swings until we fell asleep on the slide with ice cream all over our faces. We didn’t worry about anything except when we would get ice cream again” Jas laughed. I smiled at the memory, he was right. We didn’t have a care in the world at that age.

“Yeah I wish but hey we had to grow up” I said, drinking some of his bottle and stealing some chips. He nodded, then smirked. I narrowed my eyes.

“So how do you like the new kids, Bee?” he asked, nonchalantly.

“I thought we had this conversation already” I said, confused.

“Let me rephrase that. How do you like Edward? He seems to have an eye on you” Jas said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. I smiled sweetly. Two could play this game.

“And how’s Alice? I saw her making googly eyes at you the whole time. Looking lovingly into your eyes, hanging onto your every word and she was jealous that you winked at me. What will the thousand of ladies you have following you around say when they find out you’ve been taken by the new girl?” I said, oh so sweetly. He growled and I stood up grabbed my cell and ran just as the bell rung. I glanced at the clock in a classroom, before sprinting down, hearing Jas get closer. It was time for Spanish. I knew I would be safe in Spanish, at least for the next 30 minutes.

“Bee! You are so dead when I get you!” Jas said, on my heels.

“In your dreams” I replied, laughing. Our class was still a few classrooms away. I picked up the pace a little.

“Oh no you don’t!” Jas said, and lunged for me. I sidestepped but a little too late. His arms encircled me and we tumbled toward the floor. He spun just as we hit the floor, so he landed under me breaking my fall. I was laughing and so was he. I hadn’t realized we had gathered a crowd until I heard someone clear their throat. We looked up and saw our Spanish teacher there. And she wasn’t too happy with us. Oh boy.




will do! thanks for reading! :)

Hahaha, that's great. I love their banter with each other, it actually has me smiling and laughing. Poor Edward and Alice, jumping to conclusions. The last part made me actually laugh out loud, not excessively though, haha. Well, overall it was a good chapter and I really liked it. I can't wait for more! (: Also, thank you so much for sending me the link! (:


I try my best. Thanks for continuing to read my story. I really appreciate it :)


Bella's POV


“Care to explain why you’re late to my class?” our Spanish teacher, Mrs. Peña, said to us, raising an eyebrow.

“Late? The final bell hasn’t rung yet. We’re not late” I said and then quickly bit my lip to keep from talking back to the teacher. Jas looked at me in surprise and smirked. I heard small gasp and looked towards the direction of it. I saw Edward and Alice looking at us, wide-eyed. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the position Jas and I were in or because of my backtalk. I met Alice’s gaze and saw hurt before I looked back at Mrs. Peña when she cleared her throat.

“Señorita Bailey y Señor Conner por favor levántense y esperen aqui mientras yo  doy un pasage a los otros alumnos. Necesito hablar con ustedes dos” Mrs. Peña said to us in Spanish.

“Claro Señora Peña” we responded in unison. We untangled ourselves from each other and Jas helped me up.

“Everyone get into the room. There’s nothing to see here” Mrs. Peña said to everyone who was around us. I looked at Edward who was giving us a suspicious look. He looked upset and hurt but tried to not show it. I was confused. Why was he and Alice be hurt? I tucked the thought away for later. I was going to talk to Jas about it when we got home. Everyone cleared into the classroom, leaving me and Jas in the hallway, awaiting further instructions.

“What was that about?” Jas asked me.

“I don’t know what came over me. I just couldn’t stop it from coming out of my mouth” I replied.

“No. I’m talking about the look on Edward and Alice. They seemed hurt” Jas said, looking utterly confused. I nodded my head.

“Yeah I know. I don’t understand. Unless-” I said, trailing off. Jas’ eyes widened, already shaking his head.

“No they can’t. It’s not possible. Please tell me that it’s not true. It’s too dangerous for them. They could be a liability” Jas whispered, looking slightly afraid.

“It’s not true. They were probably just looking over us to see if we were hurt and we misread them. They don’t like us, Jas. Relax, it’s not going to happen. We aren’t going to put them in danger” I replied, looking into his eyes. I put my hand on his face and stroked his cheek gently. It calmed him down when he was stressing out. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently. Mrs. Peña came out of the classroom looking disappointed, but calm. I heard footsteps scrambling against the door. I didn’t need to turn to see we were being watched.

“Ustedes son mis mejores alumnos, por favor no esten jugando afuera de mi clase. Yo los aprecio mucho y yo se que ustedes ya saben el material pero necesito que se miren como si estan aprendiendo. Estamos claro?” Mrs. Peña said, in a low voice.

We nodded. “Si claro, nosotros entedemos. No va pasar otra vez, Señora Peña. Tiene nuestra palabra” Jas said to her in Spanish.

“Disculpe por que le hable asi, no era mi intencion” I said, apologizing to her. She smiled.

“Yo se. Esta bien. No te preocupes, Bella” she said, turning to go back into the classroom. I heard scraping of metal against the floor as people ran back to their seats. I smiled a little. I unhooked my pinky from Jas’ and gave him a smile. He smiled back and bent down so his mouth was at my ear.

“Don’t think I forgot I still have to get you for that little comment. This isn’t over, Bee. Remember I know where you live” Jas said quietly, smirking. He brought back his face. I laughed at his last comment.

“Of course you know where I live, you basically live with me” I said throwing my hands up in the air in exasaperation.

“And about the rest, bring it on” I said, smiling sweetly. We walked into class right after Mrs. Peña and everyone turned to look at us. We smiled and bowed. Laughter rung throughout the class and we took our seats. We were basically learning about nothing, reviewing the things we learned last year, the past tense and future. We had Mrs. Peña last year for Spanish 3H. There was a double knock on the door, the second one louder than the first. That knock…was familiar. Too familiar. I groaned quietly and looked at Jas as he was sighing.

“Grand. Just grand. And here I thought we were actually going to go one day without being summoned. One day. Is that too much to ask for?” Jas muttered under his breath.

“Apparently. I’m actually surprised that they waited so long. I mean six periods, that’s a lot for them. ” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Ms. Bailey and Mr. Conner, please come with me. The principal is asking for you” Mr. Amart, the security guard said to us.

“Wants to welcome us back to school I’m assuming. You guys just can’t seem to have enough of us can you?” I muttered, irritated. I heard Jas snicker behind me.

“No we can’t. We enjoy seeing your pretty little faces every day, every year” Mr. Amart replied, smiling. He was nice I liked him. He was a spy as well and helped train us. He closed the door behind us. He was the right hand man of Mark, our principal. Danny (Mr. Amart) retired from being a spy a couple years back, but he was just as good as he was before.

“Hit or miss?” Jas asked. That was the question if we had a mission to complete it was ‘hit’ or if it was just a meeting and a little training, it was ‘miss’.

“Hit” he replied simply.

“Are we going straight out or summary?” I asked, curious to see if we were going to see Mark. We entered through the secret door downstairs only the four of us knew about. It was an underground tunnel to outside.

“He said to give you the summary. So here it is: Esme Cullen was kidnapped by Sean. Yeah the same Sean who has been human trafficking in the past. She has been missing for two weeks now. It wasn’t our mission but since they moved here, it became our mission. What you need to do is find out any information of her whereabouts and if you can bring her back. Make sure to use chloroform if you do bring her back. We’ll erase her memory here, but she needs to be knocked out for us to do that. Got it?” he said, speaking fast since we were reaching the end. A million thoughts ran into my head, but I pushed them away for later. I was in spy mode right now and I couldn’t afford to let my emotions cloud anything. I quickly changed into a black long-sleeve shirt that was extremely warm, my black jeggings and into my comfortable shoes. They allowed me better access and more agility and Jas did too. We had a small closet where we had several of these outfits. They were comfortable to wear and fashionable. We were required to wear all black. I put my hair into a messy ponytail. We were in the van at this point. Mr. Amart was quickly explaining the meeting room, locations and giving us earpieces in case we needed to communicate with each other. We had watches that were bombs. I put on my laser ring and in my hair I put a pin to pick locks. I put on the final touch. They required us to wear sunglasses. Why? Heck if I know, apparently some rule or something. We hopped out of the van into the passage.

“No wonder, they were vague about their family. They must be devastated about their mother” I said quietly to Jas. He nodded, his glasses sliding off slightly before he pushed them back up.

“Must be hard not knowing where she was for so long” Jas said, his voice dropping. I didn’t respond instead focusing on the task ahead of us. The place was huge with red carpeted floors. Our footsteps were completely silent as we walked through the top floor. I heard faint, muffled voices. Jas slowed down, hearing them as well. We stopped at a corner as we checked to see if people were in the hall. We started checking the doors, Jas on the right, me on the left. I came to this small, but very fancy wooden door. I pressed my ears against it. My trained ears trying to pick up any sound of life through the thick door. I held my breath to listen better. I saw Jas in front of me in an instant, mirroring my actions.

“Please. Stop. It hurts stop. No! Don’t. I’m begging you please don’t. I don’t want-“ the female voice was shaking, but was cut off with a hard smack. I assumed it was on the cheek. I heard thumping and cringed. We had to get in there fast. Memories flooded my head with the sound of clothes ripping and thumping. I closed my eyes tight and took a deep breath. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from the memories from flooding me. Jas’ lips were on my neck instantly, he was breathing slowly, instantly making my breath match with his. I pulled back and offered a small smile, not meeting his eyes. I knew this was hurting him as well, but we could break down later when we were in my room. Not now, when someone’s mom was about to be raped behind this door. Especially when it was Edward’s mom. I wouldn’t let that happen.

We devised a plan quickly. Judging by the breathing and footsteps, we calculated 4 people in the room in total. Two behind the door, waiting for their turn and guarding and two preparing. I cringed inwardly. One was probably holding her down, if she wasn’t already drugged. We busted down the door and quickly took down the two guys at the door. I applied pressure points that immobilized them for the next hour or so. The other two guys were surprised to see us there but quickly got into motion. The girl was on the bed restrained, but I had to take my eyes off of her to focus on my attacker. I assessed them quickly. Both guys were burly and strong. Both had blond hair and looked like they worked out, one had a knife and the other had a knife and a gun. This wasn’t going to be easy. I delivered a couple blows and stomach to his head and applied a pressure point to his neck at the same time he swooped the knife down on my stomach, slicing it open. I barely felt it because of the adrenaline. The knife fell down on the floor and I threw it into the other blond guy’s back, just as he was about to shoot Jas. He fell down to his feet and dropped his gun. Jas had a little bit of blood on the side of his head and a gash down his arm but he wiped it with his sleeve.

“Are you hurt?” Jas asked me, looking at me then narrowing his eyes on my stomach. I was pretty sure I had a lot of blood on me.

“Nah. I’m fine” I responded, refusing to meet his eyes. “Let’s get Esme and get out of here before people start noticing.” He nodded and looked away while I covered her with her clothes quickly. Judging by the bruises on her arms they had raped her already. We were too late. My teeth grounded together. I refused to let myself think about it as Jas picked her up and walked out with her. I checked the halls before we crossed and got to the van. We quickly explained the situation to Danny and he asked if we were ok. We nodded but stayed silent. He looked confused but didn’t ask any further questions. I looked out the window the whole way back to school, trying hard not to think about what I had just seen. I peeked over to Jas and saw he had his eyes squeezed tightly together and his hands were clenched into fists. He was thinking, more like trying not to think, about it either. We arrived at school and walked through the woods into the underground tunnel. We got to the small cozy room that was kind of like our headquarters and it also provided a direct way to Mark’s office. He was waiting for us when we got there. Esme and Danny had gone to the special hospital set up for situations like this. Mark had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was well built and tall and looked kind but was dangerous when needed.

“My children! How wonderful to see you two again, I am glad to see that you guys have completed the mission and brought her back, thank you. You truly are the best spies I’ve ever had. Did you need someone to look over those wounds of yours?” Mark said, smiling and hugging both of us. I smiled and shook my head, Jas could clean it and stitch it up. Mark was extremely nice and was like my father. He has been training us since we were 10 and has been there for us whenever we needed him.

“We’re fine, thanks Mark. How’s it been? How was your summer?” Jas asked taking his clothes off until he was only in his boxers. He was not ashamed of his body. I started cleaning the blood from his head and stitching up his wound.

“Great, we went on many vacations this summer but I wish I could have seen you guys more often. You’re like my children” Mark said, sincerely.

“And you’re like our father. How’s Linda and the baby?” I asked, looking up at him.

“No trouble so far. The pregnancy is going good. She’s due next month” Mark said, his eyes glowing with pride. He was going to have a baby boy and was extremely happy. I smiled as I listened to him talking with Jas about the room and everything. I undressed down to my bra and underwear as Jas cleaned my cuts. We got dressed and caught up with Mark for a while until he said he had to get back upstairs. I looked at the clock and groaned. It was 2:00 and that meant school had finished and we had tryouts to deal with. I was in no mood to be preppy or cheery but I had no choice.

“You ok?” Jas asked me grabbing my hand, looking into my eyes to make sure I didn’t lie to him. I didn’t have the energy to lie to him this time.

“Not exactly, but we have tryouts and can’t skip that. I’ll be fine. Are you?” I said, closing my eyes momentarily and took a deep breath.

“No, but we’ll deal with it later, ok?” Jas said, putting his forehead to mine. I nodded once. He hooked his pinky with mine and we trudged up the stairs, discussing what we were going to tell everybody as to why we were called down on the first day. We walked out of the door after checking that no one was around and walked to the gym. The mats for tryouts had already been put out.

“Don’t work them too hard. I need girls to still hang around us” Jas said, laughing as we parted to the locker rooms.

“I’ll try my best” I yelled walking in the locker room. There were so many girls, it was hard to move around to get to my locker.

“Bella, we missed you in class. Why did you and Jasper get called down to the office?” Alice asked me, finding me just as I was finished changing into short-shorts and a tank top that I had under. I winced as the fresh stitches stretched as I took off my shirt. I put on my cheer sneakers. Rose was just behind her.

“The principal wanted to talk to us about sports and stuff. Apparently some scouts are coming to the first football game looking for students and we have to make sure our routine is down pact” I lied smoothly.

“Really? That’s cool. I hope we get on the team. We love cheerleading” Rose said, smiling.

“I’ll see what I can do. It’s the basics and a couple of cheers we’ll have you do” I replied.

“Bell, you ready to cut some people?” Meredith yelled. She was part of the top cheerleaders. There were four of us and we were the best, not to sound cocky. It was me, Meredith (Mere), Anelise and Lex.

I laughed and nodded as she approached me, dragging me out of the locker room.

“Good luck at tryouts everyone!” I yelled, before leaving the locker room. We went to the only table in the small gym and sat down in the four chairs set up for us already. I whistled with my mouth, signaling every girl to come out of the locker room. They started filing out and I stared in shock. There were approximately 76 girls. I groaned out loud. This wasn’t going to be easy.


I feel so bad about Esme:(...If i had a cut like that i would be in a lot of pain :(

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