The Twilight Saga

What if Edward could hear Bella's thoughts, but here's a catch its because Bella is mute. She cant talk not one word since she was six after her mother died in a car crash. But when she moves to Forks 11 years later, and she when finds out that Edward can hear her events happen.


If u like this idea tell me cause i dont wanna waste my time on something no 1 will read

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Love it! Plz update soon!
hey guys i dont want any 1 to hav a panic attack caus ejasper wasnt memtioned he will come into the story later :)
Awesome work.  Can't wait for more!  :)

wow i really loved it

Love it...keep me updated plz!!!!
post more soon love it!!!!!! keep me updated please!!!!

this is so good 

please update soon.


aww 5this seems like such as story cos shes a mute awww amazing please update me:D
seems really cool, keep me updated?
update update update i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love it...please update again soon.

please keep me posted



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