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What if Edward could hear Bella's thoughts, but here's a catch its because Bella is mute. She cant talk not one word since she was six after her mother died in a car crash. But when she moves to Forks 11 years later, and she when finds out that Edward can hear her events happen.


If u like this idea tell me cause i dont wanna waste my time on something no 1 will read

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Sounds pretty interesting...I would def read it
wow it sounds good .. I would read it totally ...
yeh it sound really good you should write it
Ditto. You should write it.
post please and keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!! sounds good!
ok do it write it right now...

this sounds good, update me when u write the first chapter =)



(hey just so u know Bella is going to smell the same to Edward as all other humans, and also Edward can hear her thought more clearly than any 1 else's that's why he get's confused)

Chapter 1- Bella's POV

I sat in my seat as I listened to my ipod. I had rythm of love by the plain white tee's playing as I looked out the window as we came closer to Washington.

"Bella, we are about to land time to put your head phones away" my father Charlie said. I nodded to him and put my ipod into my bag. "Now Bella I know your

not happy about moving here away from your friends, but there's no work for me back in Phoniex and Forks just had an opening as police chief so I had to take


I bit my lip and signed to my dad "Yeah dad I understand. But of all places? Forks? There's no disabled school for miles. Everyone is going to think I'm a

freak." Thats right i have to use sign language to communicate. But I'm not deaf, even though it''s how regualr people treat me. Well ll of them except my

dad. I'm mute. I cant speak. I havent been able to since I saw my mom die in fromt of me in a car crash since I was six. The docters say my vocal cords are

ust fine. They say its psyicological. That it's all in my head. But it still means I cant speak.

"I know Bella, but it will only be until you graduate and then you can go anywhere you want. Just bear with this place until then alright?" Charlie begged


"Fine" I signed to him

We soon landed and we got our bags an exited the airport and when we did we say two guys. One was in a wheel hair holding a sign that said Swan's on it, and

another guy who looked about my age standing next to him.

"Hey Billy" Charlie said said to man in the wheel chair

"Charlie long time. Nice to have you back in Forks. This is my son Jacob" Billy said introducing the other man

"Woah Jake you got big!" Charlie said shocked. "Last time I saw you, you could barely walk"

Jacob laughed "Well a lot can happen in seventeen years"

"Yeah, oh this is my daughter Bella"

I waved at him and mouthed the word "Hi"

"You shy, it's ok I dont bite" he laughed and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Jacob, she cant talk remember" Billy whispered harshly to him

"Oh yeah" he whispered back as if I couldnt hear him. "Nice to meet you!" he yelled

I looked at him disgusted. "He's such an ass!" I signed to Charlie

"Bella he doesnt understand" he said trying to reasure me.

"Well lets get in the car" Billy said opening the door for me. I nodded to him as a sign of thanks

"What, what did she say?" Jacob asked stupidly all I had for him was the bird. The only sign he would understand. He ust looked at me shocked.

I put my Ipod in my ears and didnt pay attention to anything except my music and the green tree's that were blowing past us. It was an only a very long hour

later that we arrived in front of a medium size house.

"What do you think?" Charlie asked me

"I like it, it's cute" I signed to Charlie

"Good, I'm glad. Thanks for the drive here guys i'll call you when we get settled" Charlie said saying goodbye to Sam and Jacob.

"Ok see you around Charlie nice too meet you Bella" Billy said leaving

"Nice to meet you too Billy" I signed to him

"She said it was nice to meet you too" Charlie told him

"Bye Bella!" Jacob screamed at me agian. I ust rolled my eyes and walked into the house.

The house was fully furnished all of our stuff was sent here weeks ago. I dropped my bag on the kitchen table and went upstairs to find my room. I quickly

found since there was only two rooms, and great only one bathroom.

As I looked around my small room where all my stuff had been placed. I began to look for my photo album. I soon found it and started to look through it. It

was filled of pictures of me and my friends from my old school. Where none of them could talk also. Most of them were deaf, and only a few of the were mute

like me. But thats the way they were born. But they got it, not like the way the kids at this school will. They'll think i'm a freak or sped or something.

"So you like your room?" Charlie asked bringing up my luggage. I turned to him and gave him a small smile an signed "yes". Then Charlie looked to see what I

was doing and saw my photo album with all my friends. "Oh Bella dont be sad. You could make friends here"

I sighed "Dad there's going to be no one who can understand me" I signed to him

"Well maybe this could help" he said handing me a cell phone "I was thinking ur could just text them out"

I smiled at him "Thanks dad this could make things a little easier" I signed to him and gave him and hug.

NEXT DAY- First day of school

I drove in my truck that my dad bought me as a moving prestent. It was a good thing i didnt need to talk to be able to drive or I would be screwed. I pulled

into the parking lot before any other soul was there, and walked int the builing that said office in big blue letters

I walked into the buidling getting ready to pull out my phone to talk to the front desk lady but she was already prepared.

"OH Hi" she yelled as I walked in "You must be Bella Swan the new girl! Well I have everything for right here. Here's your schedaul, and a map of the school,

and your locker number and combination! Now hurry up and get out of here before the school get too crowded" she siad rushing me out before I could even find

a way to say thankyou. Well the longer no one know's that i cant speak the longer people wont think I'm a freak.

I walked quickly ran around to find all my classes, and soon enough people started to enter the bulinding. People soon noticed i was new cause well there was

only 3000 people in the town soo about only 350 of them were kids my age. Boys asked if I needed help find my way but I mouthed no thank you. Hoping boys

would just think i was shy.

Every class I went to I just gave my teacher my note and with no questions asked (thank god) they gave me my books and I sat in the back of the class where

no one bothered me. It was all going fine right until lunch. I just got something out of the vending machine to avoid the fact that I wouldnt be able to

order my food, and went to find a lone table to sit at.

"Bella!" One of the girls in my trig class called out to me "Sit here"

I smiled at her but shook my head no, and found a table not too far away from them all by my self to sit at. They only want me to with them cause I'm a new

peice of meat. If they knew, they wouldnt have even looked in my direction.

I sat down at the table and started to munch on my bag of chetto's and drink my diet pepsi. It wasnt long before JEssica started to whisper to her friends.

"God she thinks she's so much better than us cause she's from the big city! I mean she probably didnt even live in Arizona, I mean look how pale she is"

Jessica snerred

God people are such snobs. I really miss my old friends. And that's when I saw them. They were all beautiful. Perfect. Flawless. They were pale. Paler than

me. There were 4 of them. There was a stunning blonde with a handsom and muscular brunette man who looked like he could life up a car were holding hands.

They had to be a couple. Then another girl and boy came in. The girl was small and petit with short pixy like hair and beautiful. Then there he was he was

tall, and slighlty built but not buff. His hair was a strange bronze color. He was beautiful. I looked to see where his hands were at, and they were not

interlinked with the pixy like girl. But there was no use even getting my hopes up. He was a god, and I was.......defected.

"Oh corse she is staring at the Cullens" Jessica sneered. Wow she must be watching me like a hawk. I smiled to myself. Am I that a big of a deal? This school

is soooo boring if 1 girl can rally every one up
"You know she's gonna follow Edward like a lost puppy like every 1 else does" jessica whispered not so silelty to her friends

Ha fat hance of that. Hmmmm Edward Cullen. I like that name. You never hear Edward anymore its soo old fashion. I like that.

The bell finally rang and I made my way to my next class. Biology. Hopefully this class will be uneventful like all the others. I'm good at biology so I

shouldnt draw attention to myself by getting confused and asking questions.

As I found my way to my class to what I thought to be quickly but when I arrived the class was pretty much full. I gave my slip to my teacher, and he gave me

my books. "Go take the empty seat by Mr. Cullen." I looked up to see him. He was even more magnificent close up. Chill Bella.

I took my seat next to him, and he didnt even look up. Great the one time i didnt want to be ignored. I sat in my seat and took out my books and started to

read. The one time I actually wanted to talk to someone of corse I couldnt. But What would I even say. Hi my name is Bella Swan your super hott.

"Um thank you, I'm Edward" The boy next to me said. I turned my head to look at him swiftly with a bewildered look on my face. I was freaked out. I know I

didnt say anything I couldnt! How did he hear me?

"What?" he asked looking at me like a freak. Oh so much for Biology being uneventful.

that was awesome...want to see wut happens next


thanx ill be wrking on it soon
Keep writting please!! I lovee it!!


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