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"hello. my name is carmen. of chores you all know me from twilight. well i have a story. an untold story. i did save the world once. and no one ever knew. this is my story.i am a vampire. i have long brown hair. but at the beginning of this story it's black.i am also an element holder(i will explan what they are latter). this is a story of me and my best friend chase. it all starts off when we where both.. human. on january 6th."i fineshed saying. i was visting the cullens. edward cought me thinking about my best friend chase. he asked about him. now i am telling my untold story to the family. 'why didn't you tell us your past carmen?" asked tanya. "because it never came up. it's a long story. i will warn you." i addmitted. "oh who cares go on.' alice said vary exited. i giggled. "i love storys!" rnesmee yelled and everyone laughed.i couldn't say no to that angel. chapter 1 whats was happening beep beep bepp! went my alarm. i slaped my hand on the sleep button. i rubbed my eyes with my fists. i sat up my hair was a compleate mess. "urg!" i complaned. i looked at the calender. "yay! first monday after the christmas break!' i mummbled. i pulled out a plan blue tee that said angle on it writen in sparkels. then i pulled out a pair of old blue jeans. i tugged the brush trough my notey hair. it always like this in the mornings... me and my best friend chase where out siders.. no-bodys. but we didn't care. we had each other. we had no other friends. i had a poptart for brealfast. i grabed the lunch money my mom left for me when she went for work. she worked in a foster home. my dad works at a construcktion site called perterson construcktions. he is really good with computers and such. i grabed my bag witch kinda looked like an oversized peruse.the place where the bus picks me up was right up my long drive way. i pulled out my brown winter cote and walked outside in the.. snow. "eww.. snow" i mutterd. winter was not my seson. don't get me wrong i love canada and where i live in alberta but i hate how it's in the.. north. i could see the bus coming for a disteince. "crap!" i mutter to myself. "chase!" i yelled no anser. "chase!!" i yelled again. darn it that boy is going to miss the bus... again. the bus pulled out beside me smoke bursting out the back. i reach into my pocket. i found i pen with red ink. i dropped it. "opps. silly me." i said i slowly looked for i in the snow. the bus driver dixen was getting fustrated. "oh here it is!" i said pulling it out of the snow. "come on miss.lave you no ol' berta dosen't wait for anyone!" dixen said. ol' berta was the bus... he called her that. i climbed on and got into the therd last seat as always... me and chase are saveing up for cars. we both really need one. the bus started to move then something clamped onto the door. "let me in!" someone mutterd. i would know that voise anywere. then bus came to a sudden stop. chase pryed the door open. "thank you." he said. i smiled and rolled my eyes. "jezz boy. didn't you other tell you not to jump onto moving buses?" asked dixen. "no sur don't beleave it ever came out." chase said and ran to take his seat beside me. he was so... big. i mean really big. he had big big wasn't the right word... huge was the right word. once i thought he was on sterodies... "the pen move.. nice." chase said. "thanks." i said back now in a happy mood. some people thought we where together but no.. it wasn't like that for me or him. "sorry i was late.. again. i tryed to hurry this time." he said. i rolled my eyes. "forgiven." then he did our awesome hand shake. "you know we both really need a car...or at least on of us." i said. he laughed. "ya one of us do. maybe it should be you because we would boh be late.. like everyday." he said with a smile. i let another laugh out. i felt.. happy around him. not lovey dovey happy but best friend glemy happy. he was my sun and my stars and my moon all put together. he is the most inportent person in my life. we went into almost every class together. we studdyed together alot to. and he only lives four houses from me on our long road of morassett drive. "alright lets ge to bioligey." he said. "ya lets go!" i only had one class with out him and that was caluas. i hate it. i am partners with someone named nathen he is nice enofe. we aren't friends... sometime we would say hi to each other... and of chores work together. i would say we where more like.. acwatences. the rest of the day went by fast and me and chase where heading home. "hi dork." kristen said. and her possie kayla and kailey. "ya i dork!" kayla repeated. "where you heading... chases house!" then she made kissy noses. "ya heading over there to... makeout." kayla said. kristen rolled her eyes. "no! you know it's not like that so get our of my face!" i yelled and pushed her put of the way. "did you just push me!" kristen said. "ya did you just push her!" kayla said. "SHUT UP KAYLA!" kristen and kailey said. "your going to regret that!' she slapped my in the face and pussed me into the cold snow. chase stepped infront of me and pushed her back. she went flying and kayla and kailey cought her. chase was shakeing. "chase! chase are you ok!" i put my frozen full of snow hand on his shoulder. 'no.. i i don't know." he said. "chase... you hot. like burning up. maybe you should get home." i said. "ya.. ya home is a good idea." and when he got home.. no calls no nothing! ------------------------------------------ THREE DAYS LATER. i had called chase 34 times and nothing. i wonder what was happeing. i see derek go over there all the time vistening him... i just don't get it and i am not aloud to vist? derek looked alot like chase big.buff you know the hole thing... i hope chase is ok. i am going over to his house.. now. ---------------------------------------------------------- hope you liked it..... should i wright more?? it will get better just wait.

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i know it's a little short... well i had to clean my house so i had to wrap it up:)
Chapter 2
chases prov
i was shakeing hard now. i was freaking out.
kristen was going to pay! i hope carmen is ok. she seemed fine on the bus. but she didn't talk.... i gess she new i need time.
but omg kristen was getting on my nerves! if she ever toughed carmen again... i started to shake more. then i heard a rip my clothes where bits infront of me. i was freaking out i started to run around the room. everything wasso... small. i wanted my dads help... what was happening to me?
"dad!" i tryed to calll but all the came out was a howl i smashed my mirror. opps. i was still paniking.
i looked into the peases of shatterd mirror and there in my place stood a big sandy and whight wolf. ok now i was paniking more.
then i heard a voise in my head. "chase!" i told me.
"my name is derek. calm down. i am a werewolf.. like you. it runns in your jeans. please just calm down and talk to me. all you have to do is think it."
this was scary. i was freaking out.
"it's ok to be scared. i was to. but i was alone for this. amagen that. just calm down. you will be able to turn back... calm." he told me. i tryed.
i tryed to think of my dad... his face. i didn't want to lose it and hurt him.
or carmen... what if i got mad and got to close to her? i tryed to calm. thinking of hurting varmen if a staryed like this mad me consentrate.
"it's not working!" i thought.
"keep trying chase. i am your alpha. you must do as a comand. try.." he said. i felt weight on my shoulders.. having to do the alhapas bidding.
i tyed again.
"thats it chase..." he thought. i closed my eyes... and there i was. lieing on the floor. smashed bits of glass was everywere... i picked up one and looked my my refection.
i was me again. i smiled. i did it. wait.. what the hell just happend anyway?
then derek came through my door. "hello chase. good job. you may be confused as to what just happend..." he sarted to say.
"well hell ya!' i yelled. "would like to explan what just happend to me!" i screamed i started to shake. "wow! chase calm down unless you would like to be a wolf again!" derek yelled. then i calmed down. i didn't want that again. "ok. chase... let me start from the begining. your father clint beairsto was a werewolf. that means you have werewolf blood in your jeans. you are a werewolf." he said in a calm conferting voise.
'wait.. so i am a werewolf? like i turn into a wolf every full moon? i can be killed by a silver bullet?" i asked. confused. i knew this was a dream. i just knew.
"no. chase thats hollywoods vertion. you turn into a werewolf when ever you lose your temper. but.. if you learn to control it... you can change when ever you want." derek told me.
"but... how will i go to school? how will i vistet carmen? " i asked.
"already taken care of. your father has phoned the school telling them you have mono. it's a good excuse. and carmen... you can't go near her. it's to dangerous. you could hert her. plus we need to keep our secret." he said. wait hold the phone... i can't see carmen. "wait.. no! i need to see carmen. she is going to be misarible! and she is going to come and vist sometime..." i started to say
"no chase. your father will make sure she stays away." derek told me. "ya that might bee.. but you don't know carmen like i do.. she will not give up.. i will tell u that right now!" i yelled. and it was true. carmen was stubbern. when she was aftter something.. she was not stopping or resting untell she gets it.
"we have our ways. if we have to we will move farther away. you see chase we have a job.and our job is to keep our people away from the ememeys... blood drinkers.cold ones.. vampires." he said coldly. i bursted out into laughes. "ya... vampires.. right!" he gave me a cold and serios look.
"wait.. your serios!!! well.. i did just turn into a huge dog today..." i admeted.
"but chase.. i meen it no carmen." derek said strongly. "ya right.. like thats going to happen."
he shoke his head. "there are so many things you need to learn. you will not go near carmen." he comanded. when i was about to refuse i felt a heavey wheight on my shoulders. i fell to the ground by his feet on my stomic.
"meet me in the old torn down soccer feild. i will teach you control and tell you more." derek said. then he leaped out my two story window out side and before my eyes he turned into a dark brown colored wolf.
learing more about being a werewolf was... cool. but madning.
i wantedto see my one and only true friend carmen, i felt so bad for her.
just leaveing her there.. alone. it was all my falt.
in our tiny town in alberta we where saposed to guard it from.. vampires. but why would any of them hunt here?
i meen there are not many people here anyway.
i have been trying to work my way around derek to get to carmen.. but it's just not happening. his orders... are followed. i was pulled out of school.
now home school.
when i was running my patrol... just in case of vamps i heard an unfermillyer voise in my head.
"ahhhhhhhhh." it had shreaked. it was a woman. i thought i new the voise.
then i heard dereks "hello cassie. i am derek and this is chase. you are a werewolf. please try to calm." he said. oh it was cassie from our school. she sat two tables away from me and carmen.
"what do i do! i am scared!" she paniked.
"cassie calm! think of something happy. you will turn back into a human. your mother and father know about you." he told her.
"just calm down cassie. this happend to me to abouth three days ago. just be calm." i told her. she was thinking of her boyfriend mason.
and there times together. and them.. kissing.
"ok ok cassie! control your thoughts we can here each one!" i yelled in my mind. she was completely emmbasressed.
"opps sorry." then we lost here.
we tryed to follow her sent. cassie was on of the most popular girls in our school ECCS. wow i wonder what people will say when she drops out of school.
"i wonder to." derek thought. and there she was naked. i wised and looked away. derek was a real ladies man.. trust me.
'derek stop looking at her dude!" i barked. then she jumped and nnotested us. she ran into her closet and changed.
she came out and then me and derek changed back into humans.with my shorts still my mo mouth i slipped them on.
" i am derek. your leader. this is chase... i gess you could say the beta. you will be the last in our pack. you will need to drop out of school untell you learn control. and you are not alowed to seen mason anymore. you are a danger to him." derek explaned. like he did with me.
"what no! i love mason! i am not staying away from him!" she defended. "cassie i had to do it to." i blurted.
cassie cocked her head in confustion.
" i am not alowed to see my only friend carmen." i said derek gave me a hard look.
"i meen my only human friend!" i defended. he laughed and i couldn'thelp but join. cassie just smiled.
"ok ok. fine. just let me see him one more time derek please... i ... i love him. more than you would know." she addminted sheepeshly.
derek nodded. she skipped off.
"i am going after her. just to watch. go home chase. and stay there... don't get any ideas becasue your alone." he said to me comonding. i had to oday. i nodded.
i headed home. i layed in bed hopeing to get some sleep. i couldn't sleep much. i always felt.. unhappy without carmen.
and then when i was on the tip of sleep someone knocked on the door.
"urg!" i grumbled. i got up and zombied myself to the door lifelessly.
"chase!" said someone as a opend the door.
wrighting chappie three right now...
sorry i havn'tposted in a while. i am so busy...
but i will get to it al least this week! :)


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