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Copyright alert: not all these characters are mine, but Jack, Kianna, Marcello, and (of course) Cassy are.  If you want to use them in one of your stories, please consult me first, and please don't copy my ideas; that's called Plagarism, and it's not very nice... If you want to make a story with a similar plotline to mine, with a different ending, that's fine, but again, please talk to me before you do something like that. :)


Okay, this is now officially a saga!!! :D  If you haven't already, read about Cassandra's other adventures so you know what's going on.  This one will have a lot more action in it, though it may be a bit shorter than the others, and it is going to be the last one.  It does have war involved (obviously), so consider yourself warned if you don't like violence (like me).  I'm not used to writing stuff quite like this, so I hope you enjoy it.  Without further ado, I give you Cassandra's most exciting adventure yet. :)


Chapter 1

       “Okay, here’s what we need to do,” I said, brushing my hand over the drawing of Volterra in front of me.  “Somebody will need to go down into their lair and gain their trust.  This may take a few days, but if it’s someone Aro really wants on his side, he’d be too happy getting his way to be suspicious.  To help that along, that person’s going to give him some ‘information’ leading his best guards down to the Bermuda triangle.  We’ll need to try to get at least Jane and Alec down there, and Demetri as well, no doubt.  Hopefully even Felix if we’re lucky.  Anyway, they go down to the islands to find an ambush waiting for them…”

          “Their talents will be useless,” Kianna chimed in.  “I have seen it before.  The one called Demetri has tracked me to the triangle in the past, but never to the correct island.  This interference will no doubt affect the twins as well, so it should be easy to take them down.”  Jack nodded.

          “Meanwhile, in Italy,” he continued, “the pack, the herd, and everyone else who isn’t on the islands will be hiding in the background, waiting for the perfect time to strike.  We’ll all need to sneak in little bits at a time.  We can’t have the whole group going at once; it’d be too conspicuous.  Cassy will probably have to use her talent to help us travel around.  It works out well that she was part of the Volturi for a week, so she knows everything about the palace.”  Kianna looked at me in alarm, not knowing this particular piece of information about me.

          “It was really more against my will than anything,” I told her, shaking my head irritatedly.  “They took me away from Jack.  I would never want that to happen.  Back to the topic at hand, I DO know of a good room for everyone to hide out in while we wait.  Before that pretty little feeding room that everyone’s grown used to, they had a different one, dank, slimy, and in a very desolate place on the bottom floor.  They had problems getting humans down there, so they built a different room with more ambiance.  Nobody ever goes to that other place anymore; in fact, they hardly even go on that floor anymore, so it should be easy to sneak in.  After we get everybody inside, we’ll need to wait for a signal from whoever swears their loyalty to Aro.  Then, we attack.” 

          I looked around at the crowd in front of me.  It had only been a day since we got back from our honeymoon, and already everyone we needed was right here in front of us.  The wolves, the unicorns, the Cullens, the Denalis, everyone.  Naturally, the group was too large to fit into our humble little house, so we were having our meeting in the clearing where my wedding had taken place less than a week before.  This place was going to have a lot of memories by the time our lives settled down.

          “We figured the wolves would roam all around the building sniffing out loners while the rest of us went to face Aro,” Jack said.  “The, uh, unicorns will be just outside the room getting rid of anyone who tries to stop us.  We may want one or two of them inside with us, of course, in case we need some extra help, but if all goes well, they won’t have to do much.”  Everyone looked around at each other, grinning and whispering excitedly. We might actually pull this off.

          “But who will be the one to interact with Aro?” Carlisle asked.  “They’re the one who sets everything in motion.”  At this I glanced at Edward before looking back down at the picture in front of me.

          “Well, at first I had suggested that I be the one to do it,” I said cautiously, “but I wouldn’t be able to lie to Aro; he would know everything that’s going on with one touch of his hand.  There’s really only one person who would be able to pull off such a lie…”  I looked slowly up at Edward to see his reaction.  He had stiffened as soon as he read my thoughts, and I could tell that he wanted to say no with every cell in his body, but he knew just as well as I that Bella was the only one who could pull this off.

          “She won’t actually be in any danger at first, Edward,” I said quietly, turning my gaze to her.  She had caught on to what I was hinting immediately.

          “I can do it,” she said.  “he won’t have any idea what’s really going on.”

          “I have no doubt in my mind that you can do this, love,” Edward murmured, looking into her eyes.  “I simply don’t want you to cross paths with someone as dangerous as Aro.  You know what he’s capable of.”

          “I’ll be fine,” she assured, touching his cheek.  “He can’t get into my mind.  As long as I know what to say to him, he’ll be forced to believe me.  And then we can deal with him together when the fight begins.”  I shifted my weight awkwardly.

          “Yeah, about that…” I said, glancing at Jack and Kianna.  “We kinda planned that out too.  The only way we could think of that would convince Aro to send his best fighters anywhere was if-”

          “I were the reason they needed to leave,” Edward finished for me, reading my thoughts again.  His gaze seemed tortured.  “He knows Bella and I are inseparable.  If she tells him she’ll only stay if I join as well, he would immediately send somebody out to get me.  And if she makes it perfectly clear that I would never give in without a fight, he would be forced to send some of his better minions, including Jane.”

          “But how would we get Alec there?” Bella asked.  “This plan won’t work unless he’s gone.”

          “We’ve thought of that too,” I replied, looking at Jack.

          “Naturally, Alice would have seen Bella’s betrayal,” he said, “so she went to the islands as well to warn Edward, with a few extra allies to fight off the hunting party.  Alec would be forced to help get rid of them.  As much as Aro wants Edward, he wants Alice probably twice as much, and he would never skip an opportunity as rich as this one.”

          “He also believes that I am still on the islands,” Kianna added.  “Trust me, he will not be able to resist such a tempting crowd, despite the magic of the area.”

          “Who will be part of the ambush party, other than Alice and Edward?” asked Esme.  I watched the crowd as they discussed amongst themselves.

          “Rose and I’ll go,” Emmett practically yelled, grinning broadly.  “I’ve gotta give Demetri a piece of my mind.”

          “I’ve always been dying to give Jane a taste of her own medicine,” Kate said thoughtfully.  “I may not actually be able to do that, but I’m certainly not giving anyone else the privilege of ripping her to shreds.”  I tried to hide my disgusted expression; even though the Volturi were dirty rotten parasites, I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the thought of killing them off, one by one.  From what I understood, Carlisle felt the same way, but at least he had more experience with this kind of thing.  There was no way I would actually be able to rip somebody apart, no matter how much pain they caused me.

          “Well then of course I’m going too,” Garrett said, wrapping his arms around her waist.  She smiled up at him slyly.

          “I’ll go with my dad,” Renesmee piped up, looking at Edward.  “I won’t be much help with Momma.”  He nodded slightly.

          “Marcello and I could go,” Tanya offered, glancing at her new mate shyly.  He smiled.

          “Sorry Tanya,” I said.  “Marcello’s talent would be quite useful up in Italy.  We could use another translator like Kianna, or another one of me, dare I say it.  You can still go to the islands with Kate if you want, or you can go to Italy with us.  It’s your choice.”  She frowned and nodded.

          “They’ll need me more on the islands,” she sighed.  “I’ll go with Kate.” 

          “Esme and I can go,” Carlisle said, “for safety purposes. It’s unlikely that they’ll send any more than eight people, but it would be good for us to have a majority advantage.”  I turned to watch Jasper, who was sitting quietly next to Alice.  He was really the only person who hadn’t offered to be part of the ambush, which surprised me.

          “Aren’t you going to want to go with Alice?” I asked him hesitantly.

          “Of course I want to go with Alice,” he said, “but you’ll need me more up in Italy.  Caius could use an attitude adjustment.”  He chuckled humorlessly.  I just shrugged.

          “Okay, so all of those going to the islands will leave at dawn tomorrow,” Jack announced.  “The rest of us will leave at noon.  Good luck, and down with the Volturi!”

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W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is such a brilliant battle plan!!!!!!! I admit it, you're a genius!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!! <3
More & soon...I have been waiting for sometime....The Battle Begins !!!!
sorry, I've been working on a banner for it all week... (I finally got decent software to help with that, yay!) :D  I'm working on the actual story right now though... I really would like to have a few more comments from people, but it seems that everyone else is busy at present.  I've posted a few blogs for publicity, but it's not working.  Any help would be welcome and appreciated. :)

:) okay, I finished the next chapter.  I'll need to work on the banner some other time though... Hopefully I'll have it done soon.  Please tell your friends about my story, I could really use the readers right now...


Chapter 2

          I watched everyone chattering excitedly and sighed.  They were all so happy to finally be going up against the Volturi.  Why couldn’t I be one of them?  After everything that had happened because of Aro, why couldn’t I be glad to get rid of him?

          Jack was talking with Kianna about battle strategies, about what he would do if he got his hands on the Volturi’s leader.  He was certainly in the spirit of things.  I almost decided to join them- after all, I had a few ideas of my own on how we could win- but I just couldn’t bring myself to become part of such a violent conversation.  It wasn’t in my nature to talk about killing a living, breathing creature (well, I guess technically we weren’t living, but I still didn’t like the idea).  So I silently faded into the background and stepped into the woods, unnoticed.

          I was wandering aimlessly through the trees at an unusually slow speed when I heard the sound of leaves crunching behind me.

          “Cassandra?” my follower asked, “are you there?”  It was Carlisle.

          “Yeah, I’m here,” I sighed, allowing my form to reappear so he could see me.  I sounded depressed, even to my ears.

          “Edward heard your thoughts as you left the clearing,” he explained.  “Perhaps I can help?”  I smiled slightly and shook my head.  I knew Carlisle was compassionate, and hated hurting people about as much as I did, but I couldn’t see how he could help.

          “Have you heard about our encounter with the newborn army four years ago?” he asked, inviting me to come closer so we could talk.

          “Yes,” I said, stepping towards him tentatively.  I knew he hated the idea of killing the vampires who were created to kill his family, but he did it anyway, which was more than I could say for myself.  If I were somehow trapped in a room with Aro, I knew I would be far too chicken to kill him.

          “So you understand my point of view?”  I nodded.  “They didn’t deserve to die; they didn’t know any better.  That’s why it was so hard for me to hurt them.  I even tried to spare one of them, if you recall that particular section of the story.”  I grimaced; I knew all about Bree and how Jane had brutally murdered her.  “As much as I hate to admit it, Cassandra, the Volturi isn’t the fair ruling class that it used to be.  Even if they may not deserve to die, they don’t deserve to rule any longer either.  You don’t have to kill anyone if you don’t want to; simply help us overthrow them.”  I looked up at him with a weak smile.  I knew how hard it would be for him to go up against his former friends.  If he could do it, then certainly I could help.  Like he said, I didn’t have to actually kill anyone.

          “Okay,” I said softly.  “Thanks Carlisle.”

          “You’re welcome,” he replied, returning the grin sorrowfully.  “We should get back to the clearing.  The others may wonder where we’ve gone.”  I nodded and turned back the way we had come, keeping in step with the doctor all the way back to the crowd.

          “Hey Cass,” Jack said cheerfully, “where’d you go?  One second you were standing right behind me, edging everyone on, the next you’re nowhere to be found.”  He paused a moment to look at my face more closely.  “Cassy, what’s wrong?”

          “It’s nothing,” I mumbled.  “I guess I’m just not as excited about the fight as everyone else.”  His smile faded as he thought about this.

          “I’m sorry Cass,” he said, wrapping his arms around me.  “I forgot you were kind of a pacifist.  It’ll be over in a few days, a week at most.  But we have to do this; Aro has threatened every one of us for far too long.”  I sighed again and looked down at the grass.

          “It’s not just because of the fight,” I admitted, refusing to meet his gaze.  I felt terribly embarrassed to point this out, but I wanted him to know exactly what I was feeling.

          He waited for me to continue, but I just kept looking down at the grass.  How could I explain my emotions?  It was so petty to be thinking about something so insignificant when there was a war about to take place.

          “Cass.”   His hand ran up my arm and moved my chin until he could see my eyes.  I trembled at the motion.

          “You said our honeymoon would last two weeks,” I muttered, “maybe more.  It only lasted three days, Jack, all because of this stupid fight.  And what’s worse…” I stopped, biting my lip; I was being absurd.  How could I even think something so silly?  But the doubt still clouded my mind.

          “Yes?”  His tone was gentle, his eyes probing and completely hypnotizing.  I could tell he wished he had Edward’s talent right now.

          “You seemed perfectly fine with leaving early,” I whispered.  “You preferred the fight over me.  Ever since Kianna mentioned the Volturi, all you’ve been able to talk about is how to destroy them.  At the islands, on the plane, even here…” He cut me off with a single kiss, making my mind go blank.  I looked up into his eyes longingly.

          “Never say that Cass,” he said softly.  “Of course I didn’t want to leave early.  Why on Earth would I choose Aro over you?”  Well, putting it like that made my theory sound even more stupid.  “The only reason I agreed to leave is because I know he has to be stopped.  He’s after the Cullens, the wolves, Kianna, YOU.  Probably even the unicorns, if he knows they exist.  I can’t just sit back and relax when I know you could be in danger, even if it’s our honeymoon.”  I continued to look up into his eyes, a small smile forming on my lips.  “When this is all over, we can go on a different honeymoon, in a completely different place if you want.  We can go to the Bahamas, or Jamaica, or Los Angeles.  Or if you really liked the triangle, we could go there again and not have to worry about our skin showing.  We can go wherever you want, just as soon as the Volturi is put in its place.”  I nodded and stood up on my toes to kiss him again, wrapping my arms around his neck.  He was very persuasive.

          “I don’t think anyone wants to see this,” I murmured into his ear, sneaking a glance at the crowd from the corner of my eye.  Many of our guests were either turning away from us awkwardly, or giving us funny looks occasionally while they talked.  “Maybe we should go back to the house?”  Jack gave me a mischievous grin.

          “Of course,” he said, sweeping me off my feet.  “Anything for you.”  I giggled as he carried me away from our friends, from the clearing, from my sorrows, and into the world where nothing mattered except the two of us.  I knew this was a glimpse of the world we would create in the fall of the Volturi.

I LOVE THIS STORY SOOOO MUCH!!!! GREAT CHAPTER!!!!!!!! Of course I'll advertise for you!!!!! Brilliant banner!!!!!
:) thanks
Please post longer chapters !!!! Its getting interesting and exciting. Post soon !!!!

:( sorry, I'm awful with the long chapters...  I'm working on that, but these stories aren't really that long in the first place.  I'm working on the third chapter right now, I'll try to post it soon!

I love your work, Calody!!! It doesn't matter how long the chapters are, just as long as you keep posting them!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Please ma'am, may I have some more? x)

:) yes, you may.  I've been a bit slow typing these chapters, but my career is trying to take off and it's leaving me behind, so I need to catch up on my real life work before I can zone out into my fantasy world... Oh well, here's the next chapter.


Chapter 3

          We came back to the clearing a few hours later, just as the sun was setting.  Everyone had cleared the chairs and the tables out of the way and were now preparing to learn more fighting techniques from Jasper, who was currently talking with Bella.  A few of the wolves had transformed to make fighting easier, while a few of the others lounged around lazily on the grass.  It was, ironically, a pretty peaceful scene at the moment.

          “Okay, we only have about 14 hours before we leave,” Jasper spoke up, “so let’s get started.  I trust most of you remember the tips I gave you about fighting the newborns?”  Quite a few nods from the group.  “Well they aren’t going to work here.”  It didn’t look like anyone had been prepared for that.  “The Volturi are an ancient coven of vampires that have seen every form of attack I know from the wars in the South.  We’re fighting on their land, so they have the home-town advantage, and they know all about the shapeshifters.  We’re going to need to be even more unpredictable, even more united, and have every element of surprise we can get.  Thankfully, it seems that we have that last part covered.”  He looked at the unicorns appreciatively.  “The other two… We might need to work on.”  He stepped out into the middle of the field and motioned for Emmett to join him.  His brother gave him a big, devilish grin.

          “It’s your funeral, little brother,” he snarled eagerly, crouching down.  Jasper’s lips curved up at the edges ever so slightly as he watched his sibling get ready.  Once Emmett was settled into a good position, he lunged for his brother with every ounce of strength that he had.  But before he could reach him, he slowed down, his eyes drooping the tiniest bit.  His target moved out of the way and smiled as he slammed into a tree, then slumped to the ground.  We all watched in amazement.

          “Use your talents to your advantage,” Jasper said, his eyes still on Emmett as he lifted out of the haze.  “Aro does that often, but without Jane or Alec there, he won’t have the privilege.  He has a lot of bodyguards though; don’t underestimate them.  They know how to fight, they know what they’re doing, and they will kill you in less than a second if you give them the chance.  Use your talents, overuse them if possible.  Don’t let them get near you if you can help it, and if you can’t help it, be as unpredictable as possible.  Don’t let them get the better position.”  At this he motioned for Jack to come over, ignoring Emmett as he grumbled under his breath and walked away.

          “I’m not a very experienced fighter,” Jack warned, stepping up to our friend.

          “I know,” he replied.  “This is a good time for you to learn.  Don’t worry, I’ll use normal battle tactics on you.” Yeah, that was comforting.

          Jack crouched down uncertainly and eyed Jasper for a moment before attacking.  He lunged for his neck, but Jasper moved before he could reach him.  He tried again, and again he missed.  After a few more tries of this, Jack realized this wasn’t going to work, so he tried something else.  Stalking up to him slowly, Jack watched for any sign of movement; Jasper was utterly still.  He lunged for his neck again, but then jolted to a stop and pinned him to the ground instead.  Jasper grinned and nodded.  Jack stood up victoriously and walked back over to me.

          “See what you have to do?” Jasper asked, getting back on his feet.  “But you’ll have to be better than that, unfortunately.  I didn’t even attempt to fight him; Aro and his guards will be much different.  You need to be on your toes and make those decisions quickly, before they have time to react to them.  Otherwise, you’ll be dead pretty quickly.”  A glance at everyone in the clearing.  “We don’t want to lose anyone in this battle.  Take precautions, keep yourself safe.  Don’t let Aro get the upper hand.”  This time he motioned for one of the wolves to come forward.  I watched as Jacob stepped to the clearing, a big wolfy grin on his face.  Though he couldn’t actually speak English in his animal form, I could tell he was pretty confident without his sarcastic comments.

          Jake didn’t waste any time.  As soon as he had stepped away from the crowd, he lunged for Jasper, aiming for his throat as Jack had.  This time my distant brother stood to fight, though, instead of using his talent to his advantage.  He just wanted to give us a taste of what Aro’s guards might do without Jane and Alec there.

They actually fought pretty well, neither one holding back, neither one making a fatal mistake.  Just when I thought one was down, he sprung back up again and pinned the other.  Or just as one got his arms around the other’s neck, he was shaken off and thrown to the ground.  I knew that if Jacob and the other wolves could just catch the vampires by surprise, it would be easy to kill them off.  If we were truly this evenly matched, I could see where the element of surprise would come in handy.

“Good,” Jasper said, almost sounding tired.  “You might just be able to survive this.”  Jacob grinned and loped back to where Renesmee and Her parents were standing.  Then Jasper turned his eyes on me.

“You could be a very good weapon against the Volturi Cassandra,” he pointed out.  “They can’t fight what they can’t see.  Even if you don’t kill them, we could use your help fighting them off.  Maybe you could even catch anyone who tries to get away.”  I shuddered involuntarily, but nodded.  He could sense my emotions on the subject no doubt, so he knew just how hard it would be for me to fight, but he did have a point; anything I did would be immensely helpful, even simply keeping everyone in the room until we were done with them.

Instead of asking me to come forward, however, my friend turned to Jack and beckoned to him again.  I felt my eyebrows furrow, trying to figure out what he was up to.

“I think we should try this with a team scenario this time,” Jasper announced, glancing at me slyly before looking around at the group again.  “Emmett, Jacob, Rosalie, you’ll fight with me.  Bella, Renesmee, Cassandra, you’ll stand with Jack.”  These teams seemed pretty unfair to me; he picked all the new, inexperienced vampires to stand by Jack.  I stepped towards them carefully.  It almost seemed like a game of dodgeball, only much more deadly.  The other girls walked over as well, looking just as confused as I was.

I noticed Edward had stepped closer as well, but not in a protective way; more like, an observative way.  He was looking at me.

“Get ready,” Jasper growled.  Emmett and Jacob smiled and leaned into a hunting crouch.  And then they were off, lunging at us from every direction.  Jack was actually pretty good at first, fighting with Jasper and keeping him away from us.  But then he looked like he was starting to get tired, and I noticed Jasper smile.

“Bella, use your shield!” I said quickly, turning to my friend.  She looked at me and nodded before going back to Emmett.  I glanced at Jack just long enough to make sure had been restored, then searched out Rosalie.  Renesmee was distracting Jacob, Bella was entertaining Emmett, and Jack was wrestling Jasper, so I knew Rosalie and I were the only ones left without someone to fight.  I saw her flash by and run up a tree, teaming up with Emmett against Bella.  Well, I wasn’t having that.

I lunged for the spot just above Bella’s head, the place where I knew Rosalie would be in just a few seconds, and blended into the background simultaneously.  I hit my target full force and pinned my distant sister to the ground.

“What the-” she spluttered, looking up at my face, though obviously seeing nothing.  “That’s not fair!”  I grinned and let her see my face for just a fraction of a second, then jumped off the ground and headed for Bella.  Emmett and she had somehow managed to get into an arm-wrestling fight, which I knew would never happen in Italy, but he still held a grudge for all those times she’d beaten him as a newborn.

“You’re going down, little sis!” Emmett growled, smiling wickedly.  Bella just rolled her eyes.

“I might not,” she replied calmly.  “Maybe I’ll beat you again, like I did every day for an entire year.”  He growled again and set his elbow on a nearby rock.  She took his hand and pushed with all her might.  I could tell Emmett was going to win- Bella’s arm was sinking backwards every few seconds- so I figured I’d have a little fun while nobody could see me.

I gently touched Bella’s shoulder to let her know I was there, then put my hand on top of hers and pushed.  I saw her smile as we both sent his hand crashing into the boulder.  He looked appalled.

“What? How did you…?”  Bella smiled and I reappeared to pat his shoulder sympathetically.  He stared up at me for a moment and burst into laughter.

At this point our fight wasn’t really a fight anymore.  Rosalie was grumbling over by Emmett, who was making fun of Bella for cheating, and Renesmee and Jacob were pretty much in their own world lying in the grass.  Only Jasper and Jack were truly fighting, and I could see it was almost over.

“Gotcha!” Jasper huffed, pinning Jack to the ground.  My mate was flustered.  I turned invisible one more time and ran over to the boys, shoving Jasper onto the grass and pulling Jack to his feet.  Jasper smiled as he stood up himself, knowing what happened, and looked in my general direction.

“Very good,” he said.  “We might just be able to pull this off.”

EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


Post more soon, please!!!!!!!! XD XD XD


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