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Copyright alert: not all these characters are mine, but Jack, Kianna, Marcello, and (of course) Cassy are.  If you want to use them in one of your stories, please consult me first, and please don't copy my ideas; that's called Plagarism, and it's not very nice... If you want to make a story with a similar plotline to mine, with a different ending, that's fine, but again, please talk to me before you do something like that. :)


Okay, this is now officially a saga!!! :D  If you haven't already, read about Cassandra's other adventures so you know what's going on.  This one will have a lot more action in it, though it may be a bit shorter than the others, and it is going to be the last one.  It does have war involved (obviously), so consider yourself warned if you don't like violence (like me).  I'm not used to writing stuff quite like this, so I hope you enjoy it.  Without further ado, I give you Cassandra's most exciting adventure yet. :)


Chapter 1

       “Okay, here’s what we need to do,” I said, brushing my hand over the drawing of Volterra in front of me.  “Somebody will need to go down into their lair and gain their trust.  This may take a few days, but if it’s someone Aro really wants on his side, he’d be too happy getting his way to be suspicious.  To help that along, that person’s going to give him some ‘information’ leading his best guards down to the Bermuda triangle.  We’ll need to try to get at least Jane and Alec down there, and Demetri as well, no doubt.  Hopefully even Felix if we’re lucky.  Anyway, they go down to the islands to find an ambush waiting for them…”

          “Their talents will be useless,” Kianna chimed in.  “I have seen it before.  The one called Demetri has tracked me to the triangle in the past, but never to the correct island.  This interference will no doubt affect the twins as well, so it should be easy to take them down.”  Jack nodded.

          “Meanwhile, in Italy,” he continued, “the pack, the herd, and everyone else who isn’t on the islands will be hiding in the background, waiting for the perfect time to strike.  We’ll all need to sneak in little bits at a time.  We can’t have the whole group going at once; it’d be too conspicuous.  Cassy will probably have to use her talent to help us travel around.  It works out well that she was part of the Volturi for a week, so she knows everything about the palace.”  Kianna looked at me in alarm, not knowing this particular piece of information about me.

          “It was really more against my will than anything,” I told her, shaking my head irritatedly.  “They took me away from Jack.  I would never want that to happen.  Back to the topic at hand, I DO know of a good room for everyone to hide out in while we wait.  Before that pretty little feeding room that everyone’s grown used to, they had a different one, dank, slimy, and in a very desolate place on the bottom floor.  They had problems getting humans down there, so they built a different room with more ambiance.  Nobody ever goes to that other place anymore; in fact, they hardly even go on that floor anymore, so it should be easy to sneak in.  After we get everybody inside, we’ll need to wait for a signal from whoever swears their loyalty to Aro.  Then, we attack.” 

          I looked around at the crowd in front of me.  It had only been a day since we got back from our honeymoon, and already everyone we needed was right here in front of us.  The wolves, the unicorns, the Cullens, the Denalis, everyone.  Naturally, the group was too large to fit into our humble little house, so we were having our meeting in the clearing where my wedding had taken place less than a week before.  This place was going to have a lot of memories by the time our lives settled down.

          “We figured the wolves would roam all around the building sniffing out loners while the rest of us went to face Aro,” Jack said.  “The, uh, unicorns will be just outside the room getting rid of anyone who tries to stop us.  We may want one or two of them inside with us, of course, in case we need some extra help, but if all goes well, they won’t have to do much.”  Everyone looked around at each other, grinning and whispering excitedly. We might actually pull this off.

          “But who will be the one to interact with Aro?” Carlisle asked.  “They’re the one who sets everything in motion.”  At this I glanced at Edward before looking back down at the picture in front of me.

          “Well, at first I had suggested that I be the one to do it,” I said cautiously, “but I wouldn’t be able to lie to Aro; he would know everything that’s going on with one touch of his hand.  There’s really only one person who would be able to pull off such a lie…”  I looked slowly up at Edward to see his reaction.  He had stiffened as soon as he read my thoughts, and I could tell that he wanted to say no with every cell in his body, but he knew just as well as I that Bella was the only one who could pull this off.

          “She won’t actually be in any danger at first, Edward,” I said quietly, turning my gaze to her.  She had caught on to what I was hinting immediately.

          “I can do it,” she said.  “he won’t have any idea what’s really going on.”

          “I have no doubt in my mind that you can do this, love,” Edward murmured, looking into her eyes.  “I simply don’t want you to cross paths with someone as dangerous as Aro.  You know what he’s capable of.”

          “I’ll be fine,” she assured, touching his cheek.  “He can’t get into my mind.  As long as I know what to say to him, he’ll be forced to believe me.  And then we can deal with him together when the fight begins.”  I shifted my weight awkwardly.

          “Yeah, about that…” I said, glancing at Jack and Kianna.  “We kinda planned that out too.  The only way we could think of that would convince Aro to send his best fighters anywhere was if-”

          “I were the reason they needed to leave,” Edward finished for me, reading my thoughts again.  His gaze seemed tortured.  “He knows Bella and I are inseparable.  If she tells him she’ll only stay if I join as well, he would immediately send somebody out to get me.  And if she makes it perfectly clear that I would never give in without a fight, he would be forced to send some of his better minions, including Jane.”

          “But how would we get Alec there?” Bella asked.  “This plan won’t work unless he’s gone.”

          “We’ve thought of that too,” I replied, looking at Jack.

          “Naturally, Alice would have seen Bella’s betrayal,” he said, “so she went to the islands as well to warn Edward, with a few extra allies to fight off the hunting party.  Alec would be forced to help get rid of them.  As much as Aro wants Edward, he wants Alice probably twice as much, and he would never skip an opportunity as rich as this one.”

          “He also believes that I am still on the islands,” Kianna added.  “Trust me, he will not be able to resist such a tempting crowd, despite the magic of the area.”

          “Who will be part of the ambush party, other than Alice and Edward?” asked Esme.  I watched the crowd as they discussed amongst themselves.

          “Rose and I’ll go,” Emmett practically yelled, grinning broadly.  “I’ve gotta give Demetri a piece of my mind.”

          “I’ve always been dying to give Jane a taste of her own medicine,” Kate said thoughtfully.  “I may not actually be able to do that, but I’m certainly not giving anyone else the privilege of ripping her to shreds.”  I tried to hide my disgusted expression; even though the Volturi were dirty rotten parasites, I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the thought of killing them off, one by one.  From what I understood, Carlisle felt the same way, but at least he had more experience with this kind of thing.  There was no way I would actually be able to rip somebody apart, no matter how much pain they caused me.

          “Well then of course I’m going too,” Garrett said, wrapping his arms around her waist.  She smiled up at him slyly.

          “I’ll go with my dad,” Renesmee piped up, looking at Edward.  “I won’t be much help with Momma.”  He nodded slightly.

          “Marcello and I could go,” Tanya offered, glancing at her new mate shyly.  He smiled.

          “Sorry Tanya,” I said.  “Marcello’s talent would be quite useful up in Italy.  We could use another translator like Kianna, or another one of me, dare I say it.  You can still go to the islands with Kate if you want, or you can go to Italy with us.  It’s your choice.”  She frowned and nodded.

          “They’ll need me more on the islands,” she sighed.  “I’ll go with Kate.” 

          “Esme and I can go,” Carlisle said, “for safety purposes. It’s unlikely that they’ll send any more than eight people, but it would be good for us to have a majority advantage.”  I turned to watch Jasper, who was sitting quietly next to Alice.  He was really the only person who hadn’t offered to be part of the ambush, which surprised me.

          “Aren’t you going to want to go with Alice?” I asked him hesitantly.

          “Of course I want to go with Alice,” he said, “but you’ll need me more up in Italy.  Caius could use an attitude adjustment.”  He chuckled humorlessly.  I just shrugged.

          “Okay, so all of those going to the islands will leave at dawn tomorrow,” Jack announced.  “The rest of us will leave at noon.  Good luck, and down with the Volturi!”

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Chapter 13

          “Are you alright?” Kita asked, her voice still trembling slightly.  She had walked over to Kianna and I when she was finally done turning Aro to rubble.  I pulled away when I heard the question to look up at the young horse and nod.  She was still noticeably shaken, but a shroud of authority that had not been there before surrounded her now, keeping her wits about her.

          “What’ll happen to Kianna now?” I asked, half afraid of the answer.  I knew she needed no translator to understand me; I had learned as much while still in the triangle, when I first talked with Aleka…  Kianna put her hand back on my forehead so I could hear her response.

          “I will fix her,” Kita replied calmly, stepping closer to the damaged vampire.  “Unicorns may be able to destroy vampires with ease- it is what we were built for- but we can also heal them.”  She bowed down her head to look closely at the wound, and I saw a single blue tear roll down her cheek and fall onto the place just under it, on Kianna’s stomach.  She did this again and again, all around the hole, and I watched in fascination as it very slowly refilled with the stony flesh.  No sooner had the gap closed than Kianna gasped, the air rushing down into her newly formed lungs.  When she was sure she was okay, she smiled sadly at the horse and pulled her hand away from my face.

          “Thank you friend,” she said, stretching out her arm to brush through Kita’s mane.  “Your mother would be proud.”  At mention of her mother, Kita sniffled, but smiled weakly at the compliment.

          Just then, the sound of stone grinding against stone sounded in the cave and I jumped up with a start.  With all the commotion with the unicorns, I had completely forgotten about the rest of the fight.  Had we won?  Or was all hope lost?  Did the footsteps echoing down the passage belong to my family, or what was left of the Volturi guard coming to seek revenge?

          “Cassy?”  It was Jack’s voice.  I exhaled in a rush.  Jack was okay.  We were both okay.

          “Jack?”  My voice cracked, and my eyes pricked in that all-too familiar way.  They were mostly happy sobs, but the loss of Aleka had affected all who witnessed it.

          “Are you okay?” he asked, rushing over to my side as soon as he entered the cavern.  “What did he do to you?  At first I thought you were just invisible in the other room, but after a while I couldn’t feel you helping me anymore, or see you helping anyone else.  Jasper saved my neck quite a few times, actually.”  I threw Jasper a grateful look.

          “He didn’t do anything to me,” I whispered, throwing my arms around him in grief.  I didn’t have the heart to say what he did out loud just yet.  I changed the topic to his side of the fight, trying to stall the news.  I didn’t want to admit that she was really gone.  “How many casualties did we have?”  I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer, but I needed to.

          “None that I know of,” he said, shocked by my strange actions.  His arms wove around me comfortingly.  “Everything turned out fine where I was.  Edward came in at the very end when we were all done to say that his party would help the wolves find any loners.  We agreed to meet back in the throne room in about five minutes.  Cassy, what’s wrong?”  I inhaled deeply, my breath shaky.

          “He was her father Jack,” I whispered, pulling out the more surprising- and less painful- event of the fight.  “Aro was Kianna’s father.”  He stared at me blankly for a long moment as my words slowly clicked into his brain.  His jaw hung slack as he tried to comprehend this impossible circumstance.

          “Why didn’t you tell us?” he said, whipping his head around to Kianna.  She was still stroking Kita, murmuring condolences in her ear.  She didn’t need to look up to know what he was talking about.

          “I am ashamed of my birthright,” she said, sighing.  “I did not want you to turn me away for something I am not.  I may be Aro’s daughter, but I am not the tyrant he was.  I will not make the same mistakes that he did.”

          “She IS technically next in line for the throne,” I murmured before he could reply.  “I don’t really think we would want to rule an entire secret race anyway.  Too much work.”  Jack frowned and looked at Kianna doubtfully, but nodded.

          “She still could have told us,” he muttered.

          “You can trust me,” she said.  “I will not overuse my power as they did.  I have learned from their mistakes.”

          “That’s good,” Tanya said, walking over to us.  “I’d hate to have to overthrow a friend.”  She smiled warmly, completely unfazed.  When we all looked at her questioningly, she raised an eyebrow.  “Oh, come on!  Was I the only one who noticed the resemblance when we first walked in?  Their faces were quite similar.”  Kianna grimaced.

          “Regardless, our personalities are much different.  You can trust that I will not take your freedom.”  We all nodded.

          “Come on, let’s go back out to the throne room,” Jack said, helping me to my feet.  He glanced over at the still body in the middle of the floor, and I saw his eyes widen a little bit, but he didn’t say anything.

          When we got back out to the throne room, everyone was there.  Not just our party, but the wolves and the unicorns, the ambush we had sent to the Bermuda Triangle, even Carmen and Eleazer with Tasha, who we had decided should stay away from the battle where it was safe.  The young dog ran over to her owner eagerly when we stepped out of the passage.

          “… was completely unexpected,” Edward was saying, a huge smile on his face.  “We knew that their talents would be affected, but we had never anticipated that they would backfire!  You should have seen the look on Jane’s face when she tried to use her talent against us and it forced her to her knees!  Or when Alec tried to envelope us in his mist and then walked around blindly because his own senses were cut off!”  He chuckled.  “That was even easier than the newborns.”  Bella smiled blissfully and wound her arms around his neck in a deadlock hold.

          “I’m glad you’re okay,” she said, kissing his cheek.  “I was so worried about you.”  He laughed breathlessly and kissed her back for a moment.

          “How many times do I have to tell you not to worry about me?  I’m fine.  You’re the one you need to worry about.  Do you have any idea how anxious I was down in the triangle?  Knowing that you were practically alone with Aro for a week?  We are never doing that again.  I will not let you go into that scenario without me.”  She looked at him slyly and traced her finger along his collarbone.

          “I think I could get used to that,” she said.  I looked away to give them a moment of privacy and whistled as loudly as I could to get everyone’s attention.

          “Okay, listen up,” I said, looking around at all the faces in the room.  “We need the results from the fights.  Carlisle, did anybody from the Volturi survive?”

          “Not that I know of,” he replied.  “I believe we trapped everybody.”  I grimaced.

          “Any fatalities on our side?”
          “None at all.”  Well, that was a relief.

          “How about the wolves?  Did you get everyone?”

          “We can’t tell for sure,” Jacob said, already back in his human form.  “We don’t know if some of the vampires are still in town or if there are any rooms we missed.  But we got most of them, I think.”  I nodded.

          “Kita and I will take care of anybody they missed,” Kianna assured.

          “What about fatalities?” I asked.

          “Everyone’s intact,” he said smugly.  I sighed in relief.  Our side was unharmed.  Well, almost.

          One of the unicorns in the herd whinnied softly to Kita, and I heard her sniffle and paw the ground.  The horses all bowed their heads sadly.

          “What’s up with them?” Emmett asked, glancing at the horses.  I sighed and glanced at Kianna, who was still comforting Kita.

          “Aleka’s gone,” I said finally, my voice full of grief.  “She pushed Kianna out of the way when Aro attacked, and…”  I sighed.  The room was deathly silent.

          “We will hold a ceremony in her honor,” Kianna decided.  “She was very brave.  She deserves nothing less.”  We all nodded in agreement.  Emmett didn’t even make a sarcastic comment, which I was grateful for.

          We all went back into the secret cavern where Aleka’s body lay.
I love it!!!! Finially! there gone!!!!!!!!!!


i just caught up on the series

this is AMAZING ur such a talented writer, it would be soo cool if they added this to the actual twilight series but hey im still happy reading it on here :D

cant believe there is only one more chapter left :(

:) yup.  Just one more chapter!!

:) I'm glad you like my stories, and I'm flattered that you think my stories are good enough to add to Twilight, but I've looked through the stories and I've noticed that my writing abilities have changed dramatically since last summer.  I didn't put many details in my earlier writings and some of the things I put down are almost direct quotes from other books that I've read.  Maybe 'A True Champion' would work okay as a book, because I've written it with more experience, but I'd have to completely rewrite the first one to make sure it sounded okay... Thank you for the compliment though. :)

:) thanks.  Yeah, I thought it would be funny if that happened.  The Bermuda triangle is a very magical/confusing place, so anything can happen. ;)  Here's the next chapter:


Chapter 14

          The ceremony was rather short.  We cremated her body there in the cavern, had a moment of silence, and then it was over.  There was no need for anything fancy.  Aleka would have wanted a peaceful good-bye, after the drama she went through in her last moments.  So we let her rest in peace.

          “So… what happens now?” Jack asked as we all walked out of the cave.  I looked behind us as Kianna shut the door and shrugged.

          “We should probably go home,” I replied.  “Kianna’s got it under control here.”

          “I spoke with Kita, and she said she would be honored to help me set up our new monarchy,” my friend assured.  “You should be on your way.  You have a wonderful life in Alaska awaiting you.”  I smiled and nodded, then opened my arms in invitation.  We embraced for a short moment.

          “We’ll visit as often as you’ll have us,” I promised.

          “My allies are always welcome.”  She smiled.  “You may want to tell your friends that Aro has been overthrown.  They need to hide in fear no longer.”  I nodded again, smiling back at her.

          “My dear Kianna,” Eleazer said, stepping up to her.  “We would be honored if we could join you to rebuild this government.  I have a few ideas you may be interested in, and Carmen could help you recruit more allies, if you wish.”

          “That would be most welcome,” Kianna replied.  “To be honest, I do not know how to rule an entire race.  And I do not know the modern ways enough to rule properly.  I will take any suggestions you may have.”  Eleazer smiled and led her away to where his wife was standing, talking about oligarchies versus monarchies and how big an army they might want.  I watched after them for a moment before going out the door with the rest of my family.  She was in good hands.

          We stepped out into the crisp dawn air a few minutes later, and everybody sighed in relief.  The battle was finally over, and we were finally free.  We didn’t have to worry about the Volturi’s wrath any longer.

          We took the side streets of Volterra all the way to the airport, nobody in any particular hurry, but needing to stay out of the light nonetheless.  It seemed like so long ago that we could really breathe, really relax, and we weren’t about to waste a moment of it.

          We got to the airport about 30 minutes later, just before the sun came up.  Luckily, Alice had planned ahead and brought everyone a hat and gloves, as well as plane tickets back to Anchorage.  She probably would’ve brought an entire wardrobe if we hadn’t been in battle 24 hours ago.

          “Well, now that that’s finally over,” Jack said casually as we got aboard the plane, “we can start planning our second honeymoon.”  I smiled in anticipation.

          “We can go to the Bahamas,” I said, letting my hands wander over his cheekbones.  “Or we can go to the Bermuda triangle again.  I wouldn’t mind not having to worry about our skin showing.”  He smiled and traced up and down my arms.

          “Whatever you want,” he said, kissing my jaw all the way down to my lips.  I could really enjoy my time with him now, now that we weren’t in the face of war.

          The flight took about 14 hours in total.  We took up the entire first class section, but I guess that was a good thing, considering all the humans were terrified of us.  Besides, they all slept for most of the flight, and I would hate for all the vampires to wake them up by turning on a light or simply scaring them out of their wits.  The werewolves slept too, of course, but we didn’t scare them.

This flight wasn’t like the last one.  His kisses weren’t urgent like when he needed to distract me; they were calm, happy.  His embrace wasn’t meant to be soothing as it had been before; it was loving as it had been on our honeymoon.  My responses weren’t desperate like when our future was unclear; they were relaxed and natural, like they were supposed to be.  The one similarity between flights: he was still distracting me.  The biggest difference: he didn’t need to anymore.

“The plane will be landing soon,” Alice whispered from behind us.  “You might want to start getting your things together and prepare for good-byes.”  I looked at her quizzically.  “We miss Forks,” she explained.  “We’re going to leave pretty soon after we get off the plane.  Now that the danger’s gone, I assume there’s no need for us to stick around.”  She raised an eyebrow.  “Unless there’s some big conspiracy you’ve managed to keep from me?”  I laughed.

“I could never keep anything from you,” I said.  “Even if I wanted to.”  Then I turned around in my seat to give her a big one-armed hug.  “Just promise you’ll visit us soon,” I murmured.  “We haven’t really had any time to actually hang out, with all the Volturi madness going on.”  She chuckled and nodded.

“I won’t be gone long,” she said.  “Something tells me I’ll be preparing another wedding here soon.”  A quick glance at Tanya and Marcello.  “Plus, you’re going to need my fashion expertise.  Your wardrobe is totally out of style!”  She scrunched up her nose playfully, as if there was a rotten stink in the air- other than the werewolves- and I swatted her shoulder.

“My fashion sense isn’t that bad,” I teased.  “It’s not as bad as Bella’s.”

“I heard that,” Bella mumbled.  Emmett burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry little sis,” he chimed in.  “I think clothes will be the last thing on your mind when you get home.”

“Watch it Emmett,” Edward warned, kissing Bella’s forehead.  “Don’t be a hypocrite.”  Emmett grunted and turned his head to look out the window.  Rosalie just smiled.

We got off the plane about ten minutes later, plenty of time for Jack and me to ‘get ready.’  We were the first ones off, much to the relief of the humans behind us, and pretty soon we were out of the terminal saying our good-byes.

“You must come visit us soon,” Tanya said to Edward, giving him a hug.  I noticed that, for the first time, her voice wasn’t syrupy sweet like it had been when I first saw them together.  He was just a friend to her now with Marcello in her life.  I could see the masked relief on Edward’s face as he pulled away.

“Definitely,” he agreed.  “But I think for now, we’ll just want to settle down into our everyday lives again.  Let’s enjoy it before some other catastrophe happens.”  Why’d he glance in my direction when he said that?

“That is probably for the best,” she replied.  We all hugged and wished each other luck, and then the Cullens were gone.

“We should probably get home,” I murmured to Jack.  “Our parents might be worried.”

“How long have we been gone exactly?” he asked, looking around for some sign of a date.  I paused for a moment, considering the question.  How long HAD we been gone?  Let’s see, three days on the honeymoon, a day to get to Italy, ten days there, one more day back… I looked at my phone.  Fifteen days.  Exactly how long we thought the honeymoon would last.

“Our parents won’t be worried,” I said, sounding shocked.  “We’re just now supposed to be getting back from our honeymoon.”  When I said this out loud, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.  Yes, our three day honeymoon was actually supposed to end today.  I pushed the thought aside.  We would try again soon, and we wouldn’t have the Volturi to get in the way this time.  Our parents weren’t going to be worried, and that was enough for me.  Well, right now it was.

“Well then let’s not keep them waiting,” he said, taking my hand.  We started to run.  “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want them giving me crap about my honeymoon supposedly going over two weeks.”  I rolled my eyes.

“That may be true, but they’ll probably ‘give you crap’ anyway when they find out we’re planning another one.”  He frowned, his forehead creasing.

“Then we won’t tell them.”  He waggled his eyebrows slyly.  “We’ll just tell them we’re taking a trip with Tanya and her family.”  I smiled and leaned over for a moment to kiss his cheek.

“Sounds good to me,” I agreed.

We parted ways after about 30 minutes to go to our separate houses and face our parents.  I reached my front door a few minutes later, and hesitantly knocked.

“It’s open!” my dad yelled over the TV.  I chuckled.  Everything was so normal here.  Funny how so much had changed in the vampire world, and nothing back home seemed to have changed at all.  I opened the door and walked in.

“So, you’re back right on time I see,” Dad said, raising an eyebrow.

“How was your honeymoon?” Mom asked, walking in from the kitchen with a plate and towel in her hands.  They both stared at me expectantly.  I smiled.

“Life changing,” I said.



I love it!! Perfect ending!!
:) thanks.  What I think is funny is that I'll hardly be a few chapters into my story before I know how it's going to end.  I'll have no idea how to get to that ending, but I'll know how I want it to end. ;)  I've done that with Borne Again too.  I don't know anything about the second half of the story! except for the last paragraph or so. ;)
:) me too. I thought Tanya deserved to find someone special.

love it

cant believe that is the end though :(

cant wait to start reading Borne Again soon :)

     I love it. I cannot describe just how perfectly everything's worked out. As your #1 fan, I couldn't have been more impressed. It was great to watch how your writing abilities developed through the series. Such a marvelous ending to a fantastic series!!!

     Once again, I am hooked on your writing. Borne Again is even better than the Cassandra Chronicles!!! In my personal opinion, you write the best Fan Fictions on this site!!! Please keep them coming! Your planning and foreshadowing is truly inspiring. Though I admit, I am quite the same. I tend to know the ending before I even know the beginning, haha! :P


     Amazing job, Calody! I'll be looking for your name on the shelves soon, I'm sure!!

:) thank you.  I doubt I'm the best writer on the site, but I'm glad you like my stories. :)  I do have more of an idea of what I'm putting into 'Borne Again,' so hopefully I won't get too much writer's block in the future. ;)


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