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After many pleas that I continue my Cassandra adventures, I finally have started the third book!  THis is now an official trilogy, people! :-)  Thank you to Makrasha for your awesome ideas, I will totally use them later in the story.

PS: COPYRIGHT ALERT! COPYRIGHT ALERT!  Not all of these characters are mine, but Cassandra and Jack are, and I would appreciate it if nobody steal them.  If anyone wants to create stories similar to mine, please ask me first so it is not mistaken for PLAGIARISM.  Thanks a bunch.



Everything was perfect. There wasn’t a flower petal out of place; Alice had really outdone herself.
“So, what do you think?” she asked excitedly.
“It’s awesome!” I laughed, staring at the scene in front of me with wide eyes. “I don’t know how you do it, Alice.”
“It’s a gift,” she replied smugly. “Now come on! The guests will be arriving soon, and I don’t want anyone to see you until you look absolutely fabulous!” She grabbed my wrist and began dragging me back towards the house.
“But what about Jack?” I whined, looking back at the setup longingly.
“Edward and Garrett are taking good care of him. You’ll just have to wait until he’s up at the altar.” Yes, Alice had insisted that we go by the human tradition of avoiding each other until it was time for the wedding. Well, she said she made Edward and Bella do it too, and if they could pull it off, I certainly could. Maybe.
“I look fine, Alice,” I said, struggling against her grasp to watch my beautiful wedding stage disappear into the trees.
“Yes, you do, but fine isn’t good enough. I still need to make a few finishing touches to your make-up. And watch out for the branches! I don’t want your dress to have any stains.” I sighed. Even vampire beauty wasn’t enough to keep Alice at bay; she still had to paint my face to perfection. I kind of agreed with the whole dress situation, though. We had spent hours looking for the perfect gown just before the Volturi had summoned us to Italy, and after all that, I wasn’t about to have it ruined.
“What was that smell?” I asked, my mind still set on what I had seen a moment before.
“It’s a mixture of orange blossoms, lilac, freesia, and roses,” she replied, shrugging. “I used it at Bella’s wedding, and since it was human-approved, I figured I should probably use it again.”
“Well I’m sure they’ll love it. Where did you get all the chairs? Surely they weren’t just lying around the house; there were hundreds of them!”
“That’s a Cullen Family secret.” She smiled and winked, and I rolled my eyes. She probably just stole them from some department store or something.
We wove our way around the trees for a few minutes before the house finally came into view. The Denali cottage was actually quite homey, and had a sort of camouflage-color that made it blend in with its surroundings. I was almost positive nobody knew it was there; at least, not until everyone from school was invited to my wedding. As embarrassing as it was to be engaged as a junior, I knew perfectly well that the inhuman bond between Jack and I was too strong to ignore. Besides, technically I was a freshman for life, so it wasn’t like I would ever be old enough to get married anyway.
We ran up into the bathroom as soon as we entered the house, and Alice immediately set to making me look ‘fabulous.’ Tanya came bounding up the stairs not long after, having heard the commotion.
“I’ll do her hair,” she offered. “I don’t think it should just be hanging down like that on her special day.” Alice smiled.
“I agree. Maybe you could braid it here and twist it around like this…” She wove her fingers around in my hair, showing Tanya how she thought it should look. Since I couldn’t sleep through it, I decided to daydream.
I thought about Jack, and that first time we’d met. He came as an outgoing stranger that every girl seemed to stare at from the very first day. Even some of the popular guys had asked him to hang out with them, but e turned down there offer. He was standing right next to me when it happened, and though he didn’t know me at all at the time, he still chose to hang around. I hadn’t realized how lucky I was in that moment, but I certainly appreciated it now. I thought about that first time seeing him after my transformation, how wretched I felt for lying to him about something as simple as my eye color, about how the car crash only caused ‘minor injuries’ instead of ‘it turned me into one of the undead.’ I thought about just a few weeks ago, when I had first come back from Italy. Jack had made me a wonderful picnic to celebrate my homecoming, and to explain that he had told my parents he was my fiancé. I had a nice time with him while it lasted, but it was a very awkward conversation when I finally got home. We had to go through all the topics like ‘are you sure you’re ready for this?’ and ‘don’t you think you’re too young for such a commitment?’ and ‘are you sure it isn’t because you’re pregnant?’ Wow.
“And… perfect! You are now officially done,” Alice chirped, patting my face one last time with whatever make-up utensil she was holding. I blinked in surprise.
“It’s time for the wedding?” I asked. I had really zoned out.
“Yes,” Tanya replied, rolling her eyes. “Thinking about Jack, I presume?”
“You presume correctly,” I retaliated smugly. “Come on, let’s go. Daydreaming is one thing, but I’m ready to see my real Jack, in the flesh.”
“Yeah, the stony, marble flesh,” Tanya laughed.
“Hey, don’t mock her!” Alice said. “It’s her wedding day. You’re right, Cassandra. Let’s go get you a husband!”

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Awww thanks. :) Sorry it took so long for me to get this next chapter posted up, but again, I'm terribly busy this month... Anyway, here it is. I'll post the last chapter in about two days or so, because I know I'll actually have time to do it then (Yup, you heard me, LAST chapter). Due to where 'winging it' has gotten me in this story, there will be one last book, called 'Cassandra: a True Champion,' but I may not post it for a while. I would really like to write the first few chapters so I know what's going to happen before anyone else does... Plus, I'm going to start writing 'A Capture Gone Good' again and post that up soon, because I did in fact say that it would be up after I finished this story. I promise I'll tell you when I post the first chapter. :) Okay, enough of my blabbering. Enjoy the chapter! :D

We raced through the forest as fast as our legs could carry us, heading for the shoreline. We had been talking about battle strategies for the past 24 hours, much to my dismay, and Kianna had said that there was something on the islands that she thought we could use to our advantage. She wouldn’t tell us what it was, just that she knew where to find it, so we really had no choice but to follow her and hope she was right. This was not exactly what I was hoping to do on my honeymoon.
We reached the ocean just as the sun was setting and walked carefully out onto the beach, making sure there were no humans around to see us. We may not have had the same sparkly skin that we did in the rest of the world, but it would certainly look strange if three supposedly-normal humans were swimming out to the middle of nowhere. When we were sure the coast was clear, we plunged into the water, not even bothering to take one last breath of air. I couldn’t see why we were in such a hurry.
The scenery around us didn’t change for a good ten minutes, but finally, we saw the familiar, uneven shape of land. This island was much smaller than the other ones that I’d seen, and the tree line met right up with the water, making no room for a beach. I could see why something capable of defeating the Volturi would hide here; there was no way any human would want to vacation on a ‘beachless paradise.’ We got out of the water and made our way through the woods once again, avoiding any branches or leaves that could give away our position. I couldn’t help but wonder why we were being so quiet.
Suddenly, Tasha came to an abrupt halt and turned towards a small path, which looked worn from use. Kianna glanced at her companion for a moment before putting a finger to her lips and then creeping down the path. We followed her cautiously, slightly confused at all the secrecy, and looked around for any sign of this secret weapon she had mentioned. We found none. Well, not until we reached the field.
As we walked farther into the forest, we began to hear strange rustling sounds. They were very faint at first, but slowly became more prominent, until it was obvious that we weren’t the only creatures here. We heard an occasional snort now and then, along with the very faint thudding of footsteps, and I looked at Jack curiously. He just shrugged.
“There they are,” Kianna whispered, beckoning us closer with her hand. “You must forgive my obscurity, but it was necessary. I did not want you to disregard my idea before I even got a chance to explain it.” We looked out into the open space warily, wondering what on Earth she could be talking about. We didn’t have to wait long for the answer.
The creatures were enormous. With manes as white as snow and fur even brighter than that, these horses were anything but ordinary. There was an air of majesty about them that demanded attention, yet warned of imminent peril should you approach. The moonlight shone down on them in such a way that it made them sparkle with beauty, accentuating the long, narrow horns sprouting out of their foreheads. No, these were not just any horses.
These were unicorns.
“They’re beautiful,” I breathed, watching one of them reach their neck down to the grass. “Absolutely amazing.”
“I didn’t know they actually existed,” Jack said, his eyes widened slightly with shock. Kianna smiled.
“Ah, they may look beautiful now, but they are one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. Their strength is ten times that of a vampire, perhaps more. Their horns are sharper than a razor’s edge, and tougher than diamond. They could even penetrate our own skin, if they so wished. Now if only I could get close enough to their leader to explain our predicament…” Her voice trailed off in my mind as she continued to plan out strategies, and I took an involuntary step forward. They were so beautiful, so hypnotizing. They may have been the most dangerous animals in the world, but I knew they wouldn’t hurt me. I meant them no harm.
As I walked through the clearing, the strange horses lifted their heads to gaze at me curiously. None approached, but none backed away either. They just continued to stare as I ever so slowly made my way to the middle of the herd, where the largest of them was currently standing. Her ears perked up at the sound of my footsteps.
“Hello,” I murmured, raising my hand toward her tentatively. “Are you the herd leader?” She bobbed her head once. “We are in need of your assistance. You see, there is a large coven of vampires living in Europe that has been ruling over the land for thousands of years. They have even claimed these islands here, though you may not realize it. They are corrupted, selfish fools who have abused their power for far too long, and we plan to dismiss them from their rule. But we cannot do it alone; we have a very large coven indeed, when united, and we even have shape shifters to aid us in times of need, but even this is not enough to defeat the Volturi. We would be honored if you would help us rid the world of these parasites and give everyone the freedom they deserve.” She eyed me intently, watching for any sign of deceit on my face. She found none.
“I cannot understand your language,” I continued, staring back at her evenly, “but I have a friend you can collaborate with. She will answer all of your questions, if need be, and can aid you as translator in exchange for your assistance. I’m sure she would be more than happy to oblige.” The creature bobbed her head once more and began walking over towards the forest, where I had emerged just a moment before, and where my friends were still hiding in the shadows. I could see their surprised faces from where I stood fifty yards away and giggled. It wasn’t as complicated as they thought to get a unicorn on our side.
“Cassandra, do you have any idea how dangerous that was?!” Jack hissed, reaching his hand out towards me defensively as I got closer. I allowed him to pull me into his arms.
“It wasn’t dangerous,” I replied coolly. “She wasn’t going to hurt me. I told her exactly what we needed and she agreed to help us.” Kianna looked at me in surprise.
“You can understand her?” she asked. I shook my head.
“I don’t actually speak fluent horse, if that’s what you’re asking, but I understood enough to know that she’s going to help us. You’re going to have to translate for her if she has any conditions though. I can only comprehend her answers to yes and no questions.” She stared at me for a moment in disbelief.
“You are a true mystery, young Cassandra,” she finally said, turning slowly to face the horse. And then she began to explain our plan.
WOW!!!! I cannot believe that!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! <3
WOW that was amazing who knew unicorns still exsisted :)........ argh now im hanging to find out what happens with the unicorns they sound amazing.. please keep writing you are amazing as soon as u publish a book i will totally be trying to get it the first day
wow this is awsome remeber wen u publish im right here
awww, thanks. :) At least I know some people will read my story when it first comes out on shelves. I really do need to keep working on it, but I keep getting distracted... the writer's block doesn't help at all. Plus, I have homework and the talent show and the upcoming holidays to prepare for... ugh, I feel like I'm stalling or something. But I really do love my book! I just need to get the story OUT OF MY HEAD and onto the page. In the meantime, here's the last chapter. I promise I'll tell you when I post the fourth story, and 'A Capture Gone Good.' :D

We sat down in the lobby chairs to wait for our plane. I still couldn’t believe we were leaving our honeymoon a week and a half early to go fight in a war. It didn’t exactly fill me with joy.
“Come on Cass, cheer up,” Jack pleaded, lifting my chin so he could look into my eyes. “Once this whole thing is over, we can go on another honeymoon. We’ll go to the Bahamas; nothing magical enough to start a fight, but enough to where I’m sure you’d love it.”
“But it’s not the same as a first honeymoon,” I grumbled, trying to look down. He didn’t let me move an inch.
“Cass.” He waited patiently for me to lift my gaze. I sighed and looked up. “Everything will be fine. As long as we’re together, does it really matter which honeymoon it is?” He didn’t give me time to answer; his lips brushed against mine and all train of thought ran off the tracks. He wasn’t playing fair.
“I guess not,” I admitted hesitantly, trying to hide my smile. It didn’t work.
“It shouldn’t we can stay there for a whole month if you want, I promise. But we have to do this. Do you really want the Volturi to get away with everything they’ve done? They made you forget your life, forget ME. Can you imagine what it felt like to be without you for a whole week?” I shuddered and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I guess I see your point,” I mumbled, scooting closer. “They need to be stopped before they abuse their power any more than they already have.” He nodded.
“We must hurry,” Kianna said, looking down at her dog. “All these humans are making Tasha… uncomfortable.” I looked down at the shepherd as well.
“I’ll bet Aleka is getting rather impatient as well,” I replied. “What with her entire herd not fifty yards away from human civilization.” Aleka was the herd’s leader, as we soon found out, and they’d been hidden in that glade for millions of years, ever since life was first created. They knew humans were dangerous the moment they came in contact with them, and hid away to keep from being tainted by their ways. They knew vampires were dangerous as well, of course, but our auras were kind, benevolent. She knew we wouldn’t hurt them. Plus, she’d heard of the Volturi and wanted to give Aro a piece of her mind.
“Attention all passengers. Flight 7562 will be leaving momentarily. Will group A please board the plane.”
“That’s us,” Jack said, standing up. “Come on, let’s go get our seats. We’ll need to signal Aleka as soon as possible.” Yeah, we’d figured that out too. Since the unicorns would have no idea which plane was ours, we decided to use Tasha as a ‘verbal signal’ as we were boarding. According to Kianna, unicorns had very sensitive hearing and would be able to tell which direction it was coming from within seconds. I had absolutely no idea how they were supposed to follow us after that, but Aleka said she would take care of it, so I tried not to worry about it too much.
We managed to get on board with only a few complaints about the barking. Nobody bothered to tell us to leave, since everyone was too scared to approach, and we made it to our seats pretty quickly as well. It would take a while for the plane to get completely loaded up, so I decided to ask Kianna a few questions while we were waiting.
“How exactly is Aleka going to get her entire herd to Alaska? There’s a bit of a barrier between here and there, and by that I mean an ENTIRE OCEAN.” Trying not to worry wasn’t working very well.
“Relax, Cassandra,” she soothed, looking up at me. “They know what they are doing. Aleka is a very… special type of unicorn, so travelling is not an issue for her.”
“How ‘special?’”
“Well…” She frowned, trying to think of a way to explain it. “Without further complicating things, I believe Pegasus was her great, great grandfather. She is related to each horse in her herd somehow, so they all have the gift as well.” My eyes widened. “There are many other herds that only have the horns, but that is why I led you to that particular island. I have seen them fly before.” I smiled slightly.
“Aro is going down,” I said under my breath.
The flight took about 12 hours overall, and I was extremely glad once again that we didn’t need sleep. It wouldn’t be good to suffer from serious jetlag just days before you took down the rulers of the vampire world. Besides, before we could concentrate on that, we had to make sure the Cullens and the La push pack would help. Hopefully Alice had seen this coming and told them to meet us at the house.
“…I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner!” I heard Alice’s voice grumble from inside our house. “That stupid shield, or whatever it is, around the Bermuda triangle completely blocked up my vision. It’s a good thing the airport was so far away from the islands; otherwise I never would have seen them coming!” Jack and I stepped through the doorway to greet our family. Kianna was searching the skies for Aleka.
“Cassandra, what’s going on?” Tanya asked, looking at us in shock. “Alice just got here a few minutes ago saying that you need our help. Why aren’t you still on your honeymoon?”
“I should be,” I mumbled. Then, louder, “Something came up while we were on the islands. We made a few new friends, but they have a bit of an issue with something.” My friends looked at me in confusion. “The Volturi are after them, and it’s amazing that they’ve managed to stay alive for this long. Apparently that shield blocks more than just Alice’s talent. But we couldn’t just sit there while the Volturi were after our friends. Not to mention that they still have a grudge against us for escaping their layer, and the fact that the Cullens are growing more and more powerful each day because of us. It’s time to end their reign of terror.” As if on cue, Kianna entered our little cottage, along with Tasha and Aleka. Everyone gasped in unison. “It’s time to fight back.”
aww that was that really the last chapter???? i cant wait to find out what happens with the unicorns and the fight :)
O-M-G!!!!!! I'm sooooooo pumped!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I'll be waiting!!!!!! XD
This is absolutely brilliant !!!!! WOW......I mean awesome !! great !! superb !!! When are you planning to put up the next post..???!!! you ought to hurry.....many of us are waiting to see what happens next and definitely eager to see the downfall of the arrogant Volturi.....eagerly awaiting more. Once again, superb imagination you have.
:) thanks.  I'm working on another story right now up here, called "A Capture Gone Good."  Plus, I'm trying to finish an actual novel to get published.  As soon as I'm at least a little farther in both of them I'll start working on the next book, promise! :)
Best wishes with your book...Do let us know when its published. I am sure you shall have many many fans waiting in line to make a grab for your book. So, what's your inspiration when it comes to writing? I have taken a pen & paper many a time and sat down to write a story that's just developing in my mind but unfortunately my flow of writing is disturbed due to an unavoidable eventuality/circumstance. Have you ever faced such a situation? If so, how do you handle it? Somehow, I am then unable to start where I left off until im not in the right mood.....I would be happy if you could help out :)

Thanks. :)  When it comes to writing, I guess I just have an overactive imagination... I read (a lot) and I get a lot of inspiration from those books.  Movies actually kinda help too, believe it or not.  For instance, the one I want to publish right now is inspired by Twilight, though the only similarity really is that there's vampires in it (that's all I'm telling you). ;)  Another thing that tends to 'help' my stories along is actual events in my life.  I have another really good idea for a story that I'm waiting on writing until I finish the one I just mentioned... Anyway, it was inspired by my first break-up which I had in October.  And, naturally, my life is a story book in itself, so everything has a happy ending eventually.  :)

When it comes to writing, I've noticed that it's better to plan out pretty much your whole story in your head before you actually start writing it down (you don't need to pay too much attention to details at first, you'll get to that later).  It takes me forever to write a story that really only just popped into my head, because I usually only know one or two events that are going to happen in it.  You'd be amazed how much I wing it in the stories I've put up here due to stuff like that.  When you plan it all out beforehand, you don't have as much chance facing that 'unavoidable circumstance.'

I'm usually in the mood to write, and if I'm not feeling the same feelings as the main character at that particular moment, I just read back a couple pages to remind myself of what just happened and tend to grasp onto the emotion pretty quickly... I'm kind of like Jasper that way; I latch onto the emotions of others and others tend to feel the same emotions I do when I'm around. It comes in handy when writing a book.


Changing subjects slightly, I've started working on Cassandra: a True Champion. :D  I've only written the basic outline so far, but when it comes to battles, you really can't afford to miscalculate.  (outlines help the writing process sometimes, too, by the way).  I'm going to post another chapter of 'A Capture Gone Good' in just a moment, and if I don't get at least 5 comments by the end of the week, I'm taking it off the website.  I simply have too much to do to be writing three stories at once on the sidelines.


Sorry the reply was so long, but that's how I tend to answer questions... hope the info helped! :)




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