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sequel to Cassandra: a True Vegetarian



          “Jack, what did you do?!”  I stared in disbelief as my fiancé walked hesitantly into the living room, his eyes bright red in color.  It had been over a year since he last killed a human.  I thought he was more or less unaffected by their aroma now.  Apparently I was wrong.

          “I’m sorry, Cassy,” he groaned.  “I couldn’t help it!  I was in the middle of hunting, and there was only deer around, but then those stupid hikers had to move upwind and-”

          “Jack, please don’t blame the humans,” I murmured, stroking his forehead.  “You know they didn’t think they were in danger.  They would have been more careful if they did.”  He sighed.

          “I know.  I should have been more cautious.  Maybe it’s not such a good idea to let me hunt alone yet.”  We both laughed humorlessly.

          “Were there any witnesses?” I asked quietly.  After all, there were consequences on both sides if one of us slipped up.

          “No,” he said, shrinking into the couch.  “I caught both of them.”  I suppressed a shudder.  Humans may smell appetizing, but I couldn’t imagine actually drinking their blood; it just seemed cruel.  Well, not everyone had self control like Carlisle.  Bella and I were the two exceptions.

          “It’s okay Jack,” I crooned.  “It won’t happen again.  You’ll just have to have a hunting partner for a little while longer, that’s all.”  He frowned.

          “I wish you would be my hunting partner,” he hinted.  “I’d hate to annoy Tanya and Kate.”  I shivered involuntarily.

          Sorry Jack.  I will not be a part of any hunting trip.  Blood isn’t very appealing to me anymore.”

          “Come on!  The world isn’t going to fall apart if you hurt one animal…”  The look on my face had him quickly backtracking.  “Okay, well you don’t actually have to hunt.  Just keep an eye on me and make sure I don’t do something stupid.”  I smiled slightly.

          “I don’t want to watch an animal die, either.  It’s almost as bad as killing them myself.”  He huffed.

          I sat on his lap and touched his cheek, enjoying the mixture of emotions that lit his face.  The more dominant one was desire.

          “I already am your partner in one way,” I reminded him, flexing the fingers on my left hand and making the ring sparkle in the moonlight.  It was a small golden band with little diamond flowers lining the top- something only a vampire could create- and a speckle of rubies to enhance the beauty.  He had given it to me less than a week ago.

          “Now if only everyone else knew that,” he joked, kissing my neck lightly.  Yes, I had managed to keep it a secret so far; not even Tanya or Kate knew yet.  I figured Alice had seen the proposal, and I was glad that she hadn’t called to tell my sisters, but it was unavoidable that she would visit sometime soon.  It was easier to keep my parents in the dark.

They would have strongly disapproved of my decision- after all, I was only a junior in high school- and I would be grounded for life, if I ever told them.  I figured I’d wait a few years before telling them and actually having the wedding.  Their sanity was just as important as mine.  I only wore the ring to make Jack feel better; I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but it did make the secret more difficult to keep.

          He kissed up to my jaw and made his way to my mouth.  I kissed him back for a moment, then pulled away when I heard footsteps prancing towards the room.

          Alice burst through the door.

          “Congratulations!” she squealed, looking and Jack and me.  I rolled my eyes, unphased, while Jack nearly fell off the couch.  “And thank you, Cassy, thank you thank you!”  He gave me a questioning look, but I just shook my head.  I had already decided I wanted Alice to do the wedding, since she was, apparently, an expert, but I wasn’t about to explain this now, where a bunch of eavesdropping vampires lived.  Alice had other ideas.

          “I’m designing your wedding,” she said to him.  Then, seeing my expression, added, “Everyone’s out hunting now.  You two are the only ones who know I’m here.”  I sighed in relief.   “I don’t understand why you have to wait so long, though!  I mean, who wants a wedding in college?  Bella got married right out of high school, and she survived.”  I laughed.  Bella wasn’t exactly cooperative at the time, from what I’d heard.  “Okay, okay, bad example.  The point is, her parents should have been furious, even worse than yours might be, but they weren’t.  And I can’t see how yours will react because you’re so set on keeping it a secret.”

“I can’t take the chance of changing my mind.”

“You’ll never know how they’ll respond.”

“Does that mean I won’t slip up?”  She shut her mouth and narrowed her eyes.  She knew perfectly well that if she answered that, she would never get her way.  Of course, her silence was all the answer I needed; no, I won’t slip up.  I grinned.

“Fine,” she groaned,” I’ll wait, but we’re going to look for dresses tomorrow.”

Just then I heard three pairs of footsteps enter the house.  I jumped up and headed for the door.

“Wait,” Alice whispered.  “Can we at least tell them?  They won’t tell your parents.”  I sighed and nodded, then went into the other room.

“Hey,” I said, “guess who decided to visit.”  She came in right behind me, and Tanya and Kate were immediately at her side.


“What are you doing here?”

“How long have you been here?”

“How is Edward doing?”

“Please, Tanya, stay on topic!”  I laughed and went over to stand by Jack and Garrett.

“My brother is fine,” Alice said, trying to hide a smile, “and I’ve only been here for a few minutes.  I actually came here to congratulate Cassandra, and to tell you why, since she obviously wasn’t going to.”  If I could have blushed, I would have.

“What do you mean?” Tanya asked, eyeing me carefully.

“Jack proposed!”

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That sounds quite interesting. I hope I'll have time to read it through all my homework... :-) Here's the last chapter!

We were greeted by the entire Cullen clan when we reached Alaska. Alice was quite excited to hear about my new power, and to tell us that Marcello and company were at the house awaiting our return. She gave Tanya a very sly look.
She also said that we wouldn’t get any trouble from the Volturi for a while; they had a lot of planning to do if they were going to catch something they couldn’t see. Besides, they knew we were untouchable, what with the ‘shapeshifters’ and all.
We said our good-byes rather quickly as well, anxious to get home. Kate and Garrett seemed particularly impatient… Not exactly something I wanted to think about. Well, Tanya was eager to meet Marcello again and Jack said he had a surprise for me, so I couldn’t argue with their haste.
Carmen and Eleazer were overjoyed to see us, and Marcello picked Tanya right up off the ground to kiss her- he had recently acquired Edward’s gift. Jack laughed and led me out through the woods, until we reached a small cliff. There was a large blanket spread out across the grass ad a picnic basket set off to the side. Candles lit up the scene, though tey were unnecessary with my eyesight.
“Welcome home,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist.
“Where did this come from?” I asked, grinning as his lips brushed my bare shoulder.
“I just about went crazy with worry when you didn’t come back on time. I had picked this spot out to show you when you got home, but you never did. Alice set this up as soon as she could see we were safe.” He led me over to the little setup and watched me as I sucked the fruit dry. It was silent for a long time.
“She set up a few other things too,” he went on hesitantly, “while you were gone.” I wasn’t sure I liked the tone of his voice.
“Like what?” I questioned.
“Well, um, how would you feel about having the wedding next week, instead of next year?” My eyes widened.
“What?! No! I mean, don’t get me wrong Jack, I love you, but I need to prepare! What will the theme be? What flowers will I use? Where will we set it up? And, oh, my parents!...”
“Cassy, calm down,” he soothed, stroking my arm. “Alice has seen everything. She’ll take care of it. And don’t worry about your parents; I sort of already told them.” I felt my mouth drop open. “Don’t get mad,” he added quickly. “Like I said, I nearly went crazy while you were gone. You are going to have a few questions when you get home, but they promised not to yell.” I gulped.
“How did they take it?” I whispered, tracing the back of his hand with my finger.
“It could have been worse,” he said, shrugging. “Your mom’s in denial until you tell her yourself. Your dad got pretty mad. He yelled. And banned me from your house. And threw a plastic vase at my head on the way out. You may have to talk to him about that. I know I’d want my spouse allowed in my home, but that’s just me.” I smiled weakly.
“Poor Jackie,” I teased. “Did the plastic hurt you?” He rolled his eyes.
“I wouldn’t even have noticed if it weren’t for the funny sound it made when it shattered.” I laughed. I was going to make another sarcastic comment, but I lost all train of thought when his lips pressed against my wrist, making their way up my arm to my shoulder, then my neck. I shivered with overwhelming desire. Most of the night went on like that, making up for lost time. I knew I was going to be in big trouble when I got home, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care under the circumstances.
I was safe with the man I love, and that was all that mattered now. All that mattered ever.
Sorry I haven't been reading it lately, but I promise I'll find time before the weekend's over. I love this story SOOO much!!! Are you going to make another book to this series??? ((Please please PLEASE???))
Perhaps, but you'll have to wait a few months, and I don't really have any idea what I would put in it... I'm open to suggestions :-)
Ok, I'd be glad to help in any way! XD
I just finished reading it all, and I can't wait for more!!!!! :(

I love this series SOOOOOO much! My favourite fanfic of all time!!!!!
FINALLY!!!!!! :D After many pleas that I continue writing about Cassandra and her adventures, I have finally started a third story, called Cassandra: a True Mystery!!!!!! I've only typed the first two chapters so far, and only the first one is posted, but I'll update as often as possible, promise! (well, assuming I get a few comments every now and then)... please read! :-)


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