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Cassandra Llewellyn is just an ordinary freshman girl in Anchorage, Alaska. She was, at least, until the new kids, Tanya and Kate, showed up at school. She soon befriends these repelling, yet bewitching sisters, completely unaware that she has just intermixed with two very dangerous creatures, and gets closer and closer to them as the week passes. When a horrible accident endangers her life, her new friends are forced to tell her what they really are and save her in the only way they know how. But how can this newborn vampire survive when she refuses to harm a living creature? Meet the whole Cullen clan from a truly vegetarian vampire's point of view, and how she struggles to keep humans- and animals- from her deadly grasp.

Okay, so I have actually finished this story, but I've decided to only post the first chapter until I get some comments on it. After that, I'll add the rest of it. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and sorry, it's a bit long.

Anchorage, Alaska. A simple enough place to live, though I had to admit my life was anything but simple after starting high school here. I had lived here for my entire existence, but of course the place itself wasn’t what changed my life; it was the people who moved here. They were freshmen in high school, just like me. They came on the first day and basically kept to themselves as anybody else would have, but it was painstakingly obvious that everyone was avoiding them. This small, insignificant detail was what started all the chaos.
I walked over to our lunch table and sat down, looking around at the people I considered my friends. Veronica Stone, my only friend from elementary school, was sitting next to me and talking about a back-to-school party she had been invited to. Jack Derekson, sitting on my other side, was new to our middle school and had latched onto our group within a few days. Sandra Rodriguez, a foreign exchange student from Spain, was only here for the year and had eagerly accompanied me everywhere I went- mostly because I was nearly fluent in Spanish. And Clara Bonaparte, who simply hung out with us because we didn’t make fun of her name- she was in no way related to Napoleon.
I had to admit that most of our ties weren’t strong, which just seemed pathetic, but at least we didn’t just sit alone all the time. The only bond that seemed strong by any definition was the bond between Jack and me. We had never understood why Jack hadn’t been drawn in by the prep boys- he was certainly cute enough for that- and had started hanging out with us, but Veronica was convinced that it was because he had a crush on me. As much as I wanted to believe it- after all, I liked him, too- I just couldn’t bring myself to ask, so we just hung out like average friends.
So when I saw the two lonely, unfamiliar girls sitting at a corner table all by themselves, I didn’t feel guilty in the slightest to leave my group to talk to them.
“Who are they?” I asked Veronica as soon as I could get a word in. She paused to see where I was looking, then giggled.
“That’s Tanya and her sister, Kate. They just moved here from somewhere in the continental United States. They look like super models-to-be, but honestly, there’s just something creepy about them, don’t you think?”
I looked at them again, more closely this time, and I had to admit she had a point; there was an intimidating air about them that seemed naturally repellant. Of course, that wasn’t going to stop me from getting to know them, because they might be nice people and I would hate to be alone in a new school if I were in that position.
“I’m going to go talk to them,” I said firmly, getting up from my chair.
“Whatever.” Veronica waved it away, but Jack caught my wrist before I could take a step.
“Cassandra,” he said. My heart did little flips at the sound of my name on his lips, but I kept my face blank. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? There’s something weird about them, I can feel it. Maybe they’re dangerous…”
I rolled my eyes and gently pulled my hand away. “Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure. You can’t judge a book by its cover, you know.” I grinned at him, and he smiled slightly back, though it didn’t touch his eyes.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Still…” I touched his cheek with my hand, silencing him, and turned to the newest members of our student body.
“Hi,” I said nervously, walking up to them. They both looked at me in surprise. “I heard you’re new here?”
“Yes,” the one closest to me said. She had light blonde curls with a strawberry tint and a musical voice that could put any singer to shame.
I realized my mouth had dropped open, so I tried to hide it with another question.
“Where did you come from?”
“We came up from Washington over the summer. Our mother-” did she cringe, or was it my imagination? – “wanted to move here for personal reasons. We could not deny her.” There was a hint of sorrow in her beautiful voice, but she kept it hidden from her face.
“Yeah, I suppose it’s hard to adjust to a new school and everything, but I’m sure you’ll love it here when you get used to it.” I couldn’t completely empathize with them, considering I had never been in their situation before, but I could at least try to sympathize. Maybe.
“Oh, I’m sure we will,” the other girl said, flashing me a brilliant smile. I thought I heard the first one laugh, but she still had the same expression on her face, so I must have imagined it.
“Um.” I took a deep breath. Her smile was even more intimidating than the aura around them, but I couldn’t let that turn me away; they seemed nice enough to me, and not dangerous at all. “What are your names?”
“Of course! How rude of me,” the strawberry-blonde said. “I am Tanya Cullen, and this is my sister Kate.” Kate gave me another unsettling smile, looking as if she was enjoying some kind of joke.
“I’m Cassandra Llewellyn,” I stuttered. “It’s nice to meet you.” Tanya smiled this time, and her grin was much more inviting than Kate’s.
“It is a pleasure to meet you, too,” she said. Then she turned to her sister. “See, Kate! The first day of freshman year, and already we’re making friends.” They both laughed and looked at me.
“We should probably get to class,” Kate said. “It’d be a pity if we were late on our first day.” Tanya nodded and got up from the table waving a friendly good-bye as they walked away. I waved back, smiling weakly, before going to sit next to Jack and Veronica again.
“So, how’d it go?” Jack asked, touching my shoulder. “Did you make some new friends, or some new enemies?”
“I have no idea!” I groaned. He looked at me for a moment and shrugged.
“You can think about it later. Let’s get to class.” I smiled as he helped me up and walked with him to dump his tray before we went our separate ways.
My next class was gym. I was neutral when it came to sports and physical activity, but no other girls in school ever seemed to enjoy it, so I was stuck sitting on the gym floor with a bunch of whiney teenagers while we waited for the bell to ring. I leaned back onto my book bag to wait out the class just as two more girls slipped through the door. They both looked like they would rather have skipped, just like the rest of the class.
Tanya and Kate smiled when they caught my eye and went to sit at the edge of the mob, where everyone was most spread out. Everyone within spitting distance shuffled away from them subconsciously, and I just watched in disbelief. How could anyone be so unlikeable on their first day of school?! I rolled my eyes and crawled over to sit in front of them.
“Hi again,” I said tentatively, leaning back on my bag a second time.
“Hello, Cassandra,” Tanya greeted warmly.
“Hey, Cassy!” Kate said. Her sister gave her a sharp look. “Um, you don’t mind if I call you that, do you?” she added quickly.
“Not at all,” I replied. “A lot of people call me that.” I grinned. Only my close friends (or Jack) ever bothered to give me a nickname.
“So, are any of your other friends in this class?” Tanya asked casually. “I’d love to meet them.”
She had said any of your other friends! I gained hope from that statement.
“Not really,” I admitted. “My closest friend is a guy, and my three other friends aren’t taking PE this semester.” I laughed. “Probably afraid they’ll break a nail.”
“Really?” Tanya asked, looking surprised.
“You have to have more friends than that!” Kate said in disbelief. I just shook my head. “Unbelievable.”
“You were brave enough to talk to us,” Tanya said. “And very friendly.”
“Thank you,” I whispered, “but I’m actually pretty shy. I just know I wouldn’t want to be alone on my first day in a new place, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else, wither. So, I talked to you so you wouldn’t feel lonely, since apparently no one else had the courtesy.” I gave the chattering teenage girls behind me a disapproving look.
“That is very kind of you,” Tanya said, “but you do not need to give up anything for our benefit; we will not be lonely.”
I smiled ruefully. “Trust me, I’m not giving anything up. I’m happy to get to know you.”
“Okay,” Tanya said, smiling back. “It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Cassandra Llewellyn.”

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Wow, amazing. I love it. First story i've read about Tanya and Kate, and i'm hooked. Hope you do post more, i'm going to add you now, email me if you do update, please (:
Thanks! I'm flattered. I don't think anyone else has even read this yet, honestly. Oh well. I'm glad you like it. I'll give you the next chapter (this is when it gets more actiony), and then I'll post the rest. :-)
thanks! and by the way, scratch that last comment. Maybe other people have been reading this. What do I know? A little bird told me that only about 1% of readers actually comment. :-) I'm glad you like my story. Here's the next chapter.

I spent the next week getting to know my new friends, talking about this and that and asking questions about their habits.
“Aren’t you hungry?” I asked, looking at the empty table in front of them.
“No, we’re not,” Kate said, looking amused. “What about you? The only thing on that plate is lettuce!”
“There’s other vegetables, too,” I argued, looking up into her golden eyes. “I just don’t feel comfortable eating meat. I’m a vegetarian.” I smiled proudly, and they exchanged glances.
“Why?” Tanya asked, raising her eyebrows.
“The animals didn’t do anything to me!” I replied, exasperated. “I don’t want to eat some innocent creature! I’ll do anything, or eat anything if it keeps me from hurting them.” I looked down again, picking at my salad.
“Interesting,” said Tanya. “Does it bother you that everyone else in this room eats meat?”
“Do you eat meat?”
“Sort of.” Her vague answer confused me, but it was obvious she wasn’t going to say any more, so I let it go.
“It doesn’t really bother me, because I’m so used to seeing it, but I would definitely appreciate it if people would stop eating it,” I hinted, smiling wryly.
“I’m afraid that’s an impossibility,” Tanya replied, rolling her eyes. “Sorry.” I shrugged, hiding my mild disappointment.
“A girl can dream.” We all laughed and continued on to less important conversations.
Thursday morning came to reveal a rare bright, sunny day. I smiled in expectation, eager to share it with my old and new friends, but my excitement dampened when Tanya and Kate failed to show up for lunch.
“Where are the two new girls?” Jack asked when I sat down next to him.
“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “Maybe they both got sick, or maybe they’re ditching to enjoy the sunshine. They wouldn’t be the only ones.” He made a face.
“Well, I’m glad you’re back, at least for today,” he said. I blushed.
“You could easily join me at the table with Tanya and Kate, you know.”
“Maybe.” He paused as he looked over at the currently-empty table. “I don’t know. I still think there’s something weird about them. Their eyes freak me out; did you notice they change color?”
“Yeah, I did think I saw that once,” I said, “but it was probably just the lighting or something.”
“Maybe,” he replied, unsure. “I guess I could try sitting with you. I mean, it’s not like they bite or anything.” We laughed, glad that the tension in the air was lifted, and finished our lunch before running off to our next classes.
Gym brought with it the same result as lunch: no Cullen sisters. They had to have been skipping school; what were the odds that both of them were sick on the same day? I wondered where they could have gone all day, in my classes, at my locker, even when I was walking home. Maybe they went to visit family and just forgot to mention it? I was so distracted that I didn’t realize I had made a wrong turn until I nearly ran into the wall blocking my way.
I stumbled back toward the main road, feeling stupid for missing my street. I had walked this path at least a thousand times for crying out loud! The sky darkened as the last bit of sunlight was obscured by the clouds, and I pulled on my jacket.
Suddenly, something rushed by me, making me trip against a wall. I looked around wildly, but the alley was empty except for a few overflowing trash cans. I stepped toward the light again carefully, watching every object around me in my peripheral vision. Something slammed into my side, forcing me against the wall again and nearly knocking the breath out of me in the process. I gasped as two cold hands pinned my arms to my sides and two dangerously close, golden eyes burned into me.
I closed my own and prepared to die.
Ahhhhh, keep going. This is so god damn good :D
Thanks, both of you! I'll post another chapter now, but it's too long for me to post all at once. :-) This one has less of a cliff-hangy ending, but I can't say the same for the next one, which is why I'm only posting chapter three right now. I'll keep posting tomorrow, promise! But right now I have to go.

“Garrett!” a familiar voice said sternly. My captor groaned quietly. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Kate!” I breathed in relief, relaxing as the man let go reluctantly.
“Sorry, Katie,” he said in a surprisingly smooth voice. “I couldn’t help myself. I still don’t understand the necessity of your diet. I’m dying for something more appetizing.”
“This isn’t just about our diet this time, honey,” she said, right next to us now. “That’s my friend!” His eyes widened, appalled.
“Oh! Um, I’m sorry. I’ll just… go.” He kissed her on the cheek and… disappeared. She smiled dizzily before turning to me.
“You okay, Cassy?” she asked slowly, looking me over. I nodded dumbly.
“What just happened?” I choked. “I was walking home, and then he was there, and then you were there, and now he’s gone, and I’m totally confused!”
“Yeah, I’m sorry about that,” she apologized. “You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s been dying for some human blood, but I’ve managed to keep him clean so far.” Something behind her hissed, making me jump, but she just rolled her eyes. “She has a right to know,” Kate said to the shadows. “How could we let her go through that without an explanation?”
Tanya stepped into the vague light and sighed. “I suppose she’ll have to know now.” She turned to me hesitantly, still talking to her sister. “Perhaps you should go ensure Garrett is running straight home, without detours.” Kate nodded and ran off. There was a long silence.
“So, what’s the story?” I finally asked, a bit impatient.
“We are not like you, Cassandra,” she replied, stepping forward. “Have you ever wondered why we don’t eat, why we dislike gym, why we weren’t here today?” I nodded. “We can’t be seen in the sun without rousing suspicions. We are much faster and much more coordinated than any human, so your silly PE games bore us. We don’t eat normal, human food because we aren’t human.”
“Then what are you?” I asked weakly.
“Vampires,” she answered, tensing for my reaction.
I just stared at her blankly as the single word sank in. I should have been terrified, if what she was saying was true, but all I felt was awe. Who else in the world could say they had befriended mythical creatures?
I suppose her other expectation was laughter; her story was so insane, how could it possibly be true? Yet I believed her, believed her with every cell in my body, because it made sense. It explained so much!
“Okay,” I said slowly, crossing my arms. “But if you’re vampires, why haven’t you drunken my blood?”
“Easy; we only drink the blood of animals.” I flinched. “That’s why we cannot be ‘vegetarian,’ by human definition; only by ours.”
I nodded, and the interrogation began. I asked her every question about vampires I could think of, ranging from if the burned in the sun to how you become a vampire yourself. She explained the whole three-day transformation process in gruesome detail, strengthening the idea that I would never want to become one myself.
“What was your reaction to me that first day,” I asked, “when some stupid, unsuspecting human walked up to say hi?”
“We were quite surprised by your courage, that you would go against your instinct like that. That’s why nobody comes near us, by the way; your instincts tell you we’re dangerous, even if you don’t consciously realize it.” I nodded as I thought back to that conversation with Jack before meeting the new kids and laughed.
“Well, maybe most people don’t realize it consciously.”
“What do you mean?” Tanya asked, raising her eyebrows.
“It’s no big deal,” I assured her. “Just something Jack mentioned before I decided to talk to you. The fact that I haven’t died yet probably diminished any suspicions.”
“What did he say? Cassandra, we need to know this; we cannot let anybody know what we are. This knowledge has put you in great danger, and we don’t want it to hurt anyone else if we can help it.” I thought for a moment.
“I think his words were ‘are you sure that’s a good idea? There’s something weird about them, maybe they’re dangerous’ or something like that,” I replied. Her eyebrows furrowed.
“Did he mention anything else about us?”
I paused, remembering our conversation at lunch. He was right; their eyes did change color. But could he really jump to a conclusion as insane as the truth?
She read the hesitation in my eyes.
“Tell me,” she urged. “You wouldn’t want your friend Jack to be in danger, would you?” I sighed and shook my head.
“He just mentioned the color of your eyes,” I said. “He didn’t think much of it. Personally, I think he’s making excuses for me to hang out with him more instead of you.” I smiled weakly, and she smiled back.
“We will need you to keep track of his theories,” said Tanya, touching my shoulder. “It is of the utmost importance that our secret remains a secret, and it would be most helpful if you would know what people think of us.” Her smile turned wistful. “If only Edward were here.” I laughed. Yes, Tanya had shared everything about her ‘extended family’ in Washington, including her little crush on the newly-married mind reader. I had to admit, I couldn’t argue with her statement; it would be much easier to keep a secret if you read minds like he did.
“I’ll try my best,” I promised.
Okay, here's my next chapter. :-)

“I forgot to mention something yesterday.” We sat down at our usual table and my two vampire friends looked at me expectantly.
“Well, Jack might be sitting with us today, if he has the guts. Is that okay?”
“That’s fine,” Kate replied. “It’ll be easier to see his reactions when he’s up close and personal.” She smiled the slightly menacing smile that used to make me uncomfortable.
Of course, Tanya had filled Kate in on the story as soon as I was safely home, so now she knew everything about our conversation. She seemed amused that Jack was considered a threat, though with her talent I supposed it would seem silly.
“Here he comes,” Tanya giggled, watching as Jack stood at his table, staring at me wearily. I smiled encouragingly and beckoned him over. He walked hesitantly forward until he was at our table, then stopped.
“Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked timidly, looking at the new kids. Tanya smiled her non-frightening smile.
“Of course! We’d love to have one of Cassandra’s friends join us.” He grinned a little in return and sat across from them, next to me. We sat in silence for a moment, some of us eating, some of us watching.
“Kate, don’t you have a date with Garrett next week?” Tanya asked, breaking the silence. Kate looked at her in confusion, then jerked forward like someone had kicked her. Tanya glanced at Jack meaningfully, who was currently staring at me.
“Yeah, I do!” Kate said, catching on to whatever her sister wanted. What were they up to? “But I’m a little nervous. It’s our first date, and I don’t know if I want to be alone with him yet.” I didn’t believe that for a minute; I saw the way she looked when he kissed her, heard the way she talked to him, and it was obvious they had been together for much longer than she claimed. I raised an eyebrow.
“How about you double-date?” Tanya asked, glancing at me and away so quickly I wasn’t sure I hadn’t imagined it.
“I don’t know anyone who would go with me,” Kate sniffled. Her face was so pathetic, I wanted to go over and hug her, to comfort her. Even Jack seemed to notice her shift in moods.
“I can help,” he said, tearing his eyes from me. “I know lots of couples here.”
“Oh, would you?” she asked hopefully, her eyes almost pleading.
“Uh, sure,” he said, blinking. “I guess I could ask Veronica…”
“Um, Jack, we don’t really know anyone at this school yet,” Tanya cut in, “and I’m sure Kate would feel more comfortable if she knew the couple herself.”
“Oh,” he said lamely, looking down.
“I know!” Kate said happily. “You and Cassy could come!” I froze and the fork dropped out of my hand. Of all the things I could have seen coming, this was definitely not one of them. What if he said no? Or worse, what if he said yes? What would I wear? Would he go because of her, or because of me? Did he even like me that much? I had so many questions!
“S-sure,” he stuttered. “I mean, if you’re okay with it, Cassandra.” I realized my mouth had dropped open, and I closed it quickly before he saw. Everyone was watching me now, waiting for my answer. I just nodded.
“Great!” Kate said, smiling in a surprisingly non-frightening way. “We’re meeting at my house at eight on Wednesday.” She scribbled her address down on a piece of paper and gave it to him before turning to me. “I’ll pick you up, if you want.” I nodded again, my thoughts too incoherent to form any other answer.
“I… guess I’ll see you then,” he said, looking at me one last time. Then he stood up and strode across the cafeteria to dump his tray.
“What was that?” I hissed as soon as he was gone.
“Oh, please! I see the way he looks at you, Cassandra, and trust me, I was doing you both a favor.”
“I never asked for you to help me with my love life!”
“You didn’t need to; it was obvious it needed help without you saying so.”
“So? What if he had said no? What if I didn’t want to go?” She snorted.
“Cassandra,” Tanya said, looking at me. “Can you honestly say that you’re not excited to have a date with Jack on Wednesday?” I looked down to hide my blush.
“Still,” I muttered. “You could have warned me.”
“It was a spur-of-the-moment decision,” she replied. “Even I was not warned.” I laughed and looked at Kate.
“Does Garrett know he has a date on Wednesday?” She shrugged.
“We were planning on testing his self-control soon, anyhow. Now we just have a set date for it.” I sighed; it was impossible to stay mad at these two, especially when I was secretly thankful for what they’d done. Of course I would never actually tell them that.
The rest of the day went by slowly. We all talked about possible things to do for the double-date, though I had little experience with things like that. Of course, going out to dinner was out of the question, considering only one couple was going to eat anything. We ended up deciding on just going to a movie. Classic.
My last class of the day drug on, seeming to taunt me as the hands on the clock slowly, ever so slowly, ticked toward the dismissal time. I thought my head was going to explode from my impatience, but I was eager to get home and tell my parents- or maybe just my mom- the news. She knew how much I liked Jack, so this was bound to excite her. Of course, then I would get this hour-long lecture about ‘being careful, this is your first date ever, don’t do anything rash or stupid’ types of things. This thought made time move all too quickly, and soon the bell was ringing and I was on my way home.
I was thinking about Jack, the date, my mom’s reaction, when the truck came around. It came out of nowhere; one moment it was an empty street, the next there was a 10,000 pound truck swerving around the corner. I looked up in alarm, frozen to the spot. It took about two seconds for me to realize the vehicle was out of control, and that it was on a collision course with me. I didn’t have time to run, or jump, or even move, as I stared my impending doom in the face.
I could only close my eyes.

i wanna know, i wanna know, i wanna know. someone is bound to save her. someone saves her, right? o.O

sort of... She is a bit repetitive on the near-death experiences, but this is the last one. :-)
Ahhhhh, i love this story.. i'm totallt hooked. It's so good. x
Thank you! Here's the next chapter. :-)

The next thing I was conscious of was voices calling my name. Two desperate, familiar voices.
“Cassandra!” Tanya shouted from somewhere farther down the street.
“Cassy!” Kate’s voice was closer, and filled with panic. “Cassy, can you hear me?”
I groaned. I could feel every broken bone, feel them with excruciating clarity, but I forced my eyes open anyhow, for my friends’ sakes.
“Cassy,” she breathed, sighing in relief. Then she turned to her sister. “We don’t have much time. She’s not going to make it if we don’t change her soon.”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Tanya asked, right next to us now. “You know how she feels about animals. Our diet could be tough for her. Maybe we shouldn’t…” Kate hissed.
“She’s our friend! We can’t just let her die!”
Tanya paused for what seemed like an endless moment.
“We’ll let her decide,” she finally decided. “She will have a decision, however futile.”
Kate turned back to me, resigned. “Cassy,” she said again, hardly above a whisper. “Are you ready to die?” I stared up in alarm, pain and fear plain in my features. I couldn’t speak- something was wrong with my neck- but my expression was answer enough.
“You know what the alternative is,” she murmured. “Are you willing to deal with the consequences?”
I knew what she was implying. If I didn’t want to die now, I had to become one of them, a vampire. There were plenty of advantages, but with one outstanding exception.
But I didn’t care. I just wanted to escape this pain, and I would do anything to get away from it. Surely transformation wasn’t as bad as they said it was! So I closed my eyes and acquiesced.
“Okay,” Kate said, relief filling her voice, “but we can’t do this here; it’s too open. We don’t want anyone to see…” She trailed off and I felt the sidewalk disappear from beneath me. My eyes fluttered open in surprise as I suppressed another moan.
Tanya had scraped me off the road and was now running at an impossible speed with me in her arms, Kate running close behind. The pain was worse now that I was moving and the edges of my sight began to blur. My breath came out as a low gasp.
“She’s getting worse,” Tanya said. “We have to hurry. Hang in there, Cassy.” I felt a change in atmosphere, and I realized that we had moved inside. She laid me on something soft- a couch?- and tried to make me more comfortable with no apparent success.
“It’s going to be okay,” Kate said, stroking my forehead. I just closed my eyes again. Her fingers left my face as Tanya’s moved my hair away from my neck and pushed it gently to the side. Her breath tickled my jaw.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered. And then she bit into my flesh.
I felt her teeth ripping through my skin, but it was hardly painful compared to all the broken bones. But as she bit into my wrists, my ankles, my elbows, another sensation demanded my attention. At first it was just a slight tingling, but as it seeped into my body, it began to get hotter. It grew more pronounced, like someone was lighting my veins on fire. The other pains dulled away, but I was too absorbed by the fire to notice. It filled every thought I had, overpowered every other feeling. I wanted to scream.
But, of course, my body was still irreparably battered, rendering my vocal cords useless. I tried to remind myself that this was what I had chosen, that my only other option was death. Death suddenly sounded like a beautiful word.
I tried to force the thought out of my mind. Of course I didn’t want to die! I should be grateful to Tanya and Kate for saving my life, if that was what they were doing, but the burning had expelled every rational thought in my head. All I wanted was death; at least that would bring relief from the scorching flame in my body.
It took all the strength I could muster not to scream, though I could never quite control the occasional whimper that escaped my lips. Both of my friends apologized profusely every time I made a sound, patting my feverish forehead and arms in an attempt to comfort me. All my broken bones were healed after a while- I could tell- so I had complete control of my body, but I held very still to keep Tanya and Kate from feeling too guilty. The only noticeable movement I had made since the transformation started was clenching my fists and gritting my teeth, which also earned an overwhelming amount of sorries.
Time seemed meaningless. I could have lay there for seconds or hours; the only proof that time was still moving forward were the small changes in my body-like the snap of healing bones- that occurred in the midst of the fire. Slowly, though, ever so slowly, I began to think around the pain. Not that the pain was dulling- no, it was just as strong as before- but more that I had a new capacity for it. I could concentrate on other sensations, other sounds, other thoughts.
First, I realized that there was only one person sitting next to me, though I could tell there were still two people in the room. I heard Tanya’s voice at the opposite end of the little space, like she was talking to someone; she was on the phone. I let my hearing range outward, wondering who she could be talking to.
“… may need him up here,” she said into the speaker. There was a short pause.
“Well, something happened… I’ll give you the details later. Long story short, we’ll be having another sister soon, and we may need Jasper’s help. You know how wild newborns can be.” Another pause. “Of course you should come too, Carlisle. I think she’s going to be more… difficult than others. She was a vegetarian before this mess, for ethical reasons. Who knows how she’ll react when it’s time to hunt? You may be interested in this. I know how eager you are to learn new things; this will be the perfect opportunity!” The pause was shorter this time. “Excellent! We’ll see you tomorrow.” She hung up.
I was hurt. How could she think I would act like every other newborn? I was different when it came to humans; wouldn’t the same thing happen as a vampire? Of course, her other theory was that I would behave worse than other newborns because of my human background. I decided then and there that I would prove her wrong, on both accounts.
A long while later, I heard the *click* of a door opening and closing as two other people walked into the room.
“This is her?” a male voice asked calmly. I felt a new set of equally-cold hands on my forehead, my hair. I wanted to pull away from this unknown vampire, but I knew any movement would undermine my self-control. I whimpered.
“Yes, that is her,” Tanya said as the hands pulled away. “I don’t know how much longer it will be. Kate is positive that she can hear us now, so it shouldn’t be too long now.”
“I know she hears us,” Kate said from next to me. “Her facial expressions change minutely when we talk.” They do? I hadn’t noticed. “See? Now she’s confused because I said that.” This almost made me smile, if it weren’t for the incessant burning still raging inside of me.
“Interesting,” the male voice said. “Most vampires are in too much pain to show any emotion.” Really, so I was already different from the others? I felt my lips tug up at the corners, then cringed and whimpered. Everyone was silent.
“She… smiled?” Kate asked incredulously.
“Perhaps you were right, Tanya,” the man said. “This certainly is going to be a new experience.”
for the record, there is more to the story. There's still a long way to go.

I don’t know how long we sat there, or how long I burned, but eventually, something changed. On the bright side, the flames in my fingertips began to dull. On the down side, the fire in my heart got hotter. The pain slowly left my hands and feet, retreating to my chest as the relief spread. I whimpered.
“It’s okay, Cassy, it’s almost over,” Tanya soothed.
“Tanya, listen,” Kate said. “Her heart beat is picking up.” It was true; I could feel my heart nearly pounding out of my chest as the flame grew unbearably hot. A spasm rocked through my body and a small squeak escaped my trembling lips. But for once, nobody tried to comfort me; there were no soothing hands on my arms, no calming fingers on my forehead. Everyone was silent, probably watching, as the last part of the transformation took place.
Most of my body was cool and pain-free, but my heart was burning with an unbearable force. Just when I thought it would never end, my heart stuttered and thudded to a stop. The fire was gone.
“Cassandra?” Tanya asked. “Are you okay?” I opened my eyes, looking up straight into hers.
“Yeah,” I said, my voice surprising me. “A lot better than before.” I jumped onto my feet with impossible speed and looked at everyone in the room.
Tanya and Kate looked mostly the same, but the clarity of their faces now, compared to before, was astonishing. Next to them stood two males, one much younger than the other and covered in scars, though the other was still no older than thirty. I tensed, uncomfortable next to the strangers, and the young one smiled wryly.
“Hello, Cassandra,” the eldest greeted. “I am Carlisle. You were very lucky that these two came around when they did.” He gestured to Tanya and Kate. “Although, they did mention you were different from other humans, and said you might be different from our kind as well.”
“Yeah, I heard about that,” I grumbled. They thought I was going to be more difficult than the average newborns. Well, I would be different alright, but not in the way they were expecting.
“Carlisle, let’s talk about this later,” Tanya suggested warily. “I’m sure her thirst is very uncomfortable.”
“Yes, yes, of course!” Carlisle agreed. “My apologies.” I felt the hollow burn in my throat, a shadow of the pain I had just experienced, and my eyes widened. I was going to have to kill some poor, innocent creature in order to survive! I saw the other man’s head snap up and look at me in confusion as a ripple of fear shot down my spine, and I realized that this must be Jasper, the mood-feeler. It was probably uncommon for a newborn to dread eating, or rather, drinking.
“Come on, Cassy!” Kate said eagerly. “Let’s go hunt!”
“No!” I choked, backing up against the wall. Now everyone was staring at me, shock on their faces. “I’m not going to kill an innocent creature for my benefit.”
“Amazing,” Carlisle murmured. “She’s just as controlled as Bella, if not more so. Child, you have to hunt if you want to survive.” I opened my mouth to speak, then decided against it and said something else instead.
“Fine. I’ll go if the girls come too, but I’m not promising anything.” He nodded to Tanya and Kate, who led me outside into the woods, and then we were running. The sensation was amazing- it was unlike anything I’d ever felt before- but we came to a stop all too soon.
We all crouched in the bushes, and I noticed a small herd of deer drinking water from a creek in the clearing. I breathed in cautiously; I could smell their blood, see the pulse in their necks, but I ignored that. I was more absorbed in the water’s aroma. It wasn’t as unappealing as I would have thought, and it actually smelled better than the deer’s’ blood. Surely that wasn’t natural.
It took me a moment to realize that Tanya and Kate were no longer with me. I swallowed and tried not to think about what they were doing, walking over to the water’s edge instead. I kneeled down hesitantly, scooping up a handful to my lips; it didn’t taste good, but it didn’t taste bad either. Even more surprising, it relieved some of the fire in my throat.
“What are you doing?” Kate demanded, standing right next to me.
“This smelled more appealing than the animals,” I said truthfully. “Is that natural?” The sisters looked at each other with pure shock on their faces.
“Come with us,” Tanya said suddenly. “We’re going to see Carlisle.”
“Why?” I asked, running next to her.
“It’s not natural. I’m hoping he’ll be able to make sense of you, of your senses.”
“If water was more appealing than blood, don’t you think we would drink that instead?” Kate cut in. I just shrugged.
Tanya went into the house ahead of us to explain my predicament to Carlisle while Kate and I lagged behind. We walked through the door just in time to hear his reaction.
“Are you sure? She may be making this up to keep from killing the animals.”
“I’m not!” I protested. “That thought actually hadn’t occurred to me until you mentioned it.” He looked at me curiously.
“Interesting,” he said. “Kate, get some water; I want to test this strange diet of hers.” Kate nodded and disappeared while Carlisle fidgeted through his bag. “Hold your breath,” he warned, pulling something out of the pack. I did as he said, waiting patiently until Kate returned with the water and he had his substance in an open container.
“Now, which container would you rather drink from?”
“The water,” I answered without inhaling.
“I see.” He smiled. “Which one smells more… appetizing?” I looked at the cups doubtfully and took a cautious breath. The smell in the room made my throat burst into flames, and it took all the strength in my body not to lunge at the foreign liquid in Carlisle’s hand.
“The blood smells better,” I admitted, guessing what it was, “but I’d still rather have the water.”
“Understandable,” he said. I watched him as he cautiously stepped forward with both cups and held them out to me. I looked at the one with the red syrupy liquid and scrunched up my nose- I was holding my breath again- before taking the water and sipping it delicately. Everyone watched in disbelief.
“Amazing,” Carlisle said.
“Unbelievable,” Kate breathed.
“I wonder what your limitations to human food are?” Tanya wondered.
“I guess we’ll find out,” Kate said. “After all, we have school tomorrow.” She glanced at Jasper. “I mean, if you think she’s up to it.”
Jasper pursed his lips. “We should escort her to the school,” he finally decided, “and see if the smell is too much for her. You will have to buy contacts for her, though.” He chuckled. “Before Bella, I would never have allowed this, but she is acting just as well-behaved as her.”
His warning for contacts reminded me of something. “What do I look like?” I wondered. “Tanya said our complexion changes along with… everything else.” Kate jumped in front of me, looking excited.
“Of course! You haven’t seen your reflection yet, have you? We can’t have that; Jack’s going to have goo-goo eyes for you tomorrow, and I’m sure you’ll want to know why!” My stomach did interesting little flips at the sound of Jack’s name. Apparently my feelings for him had strengthened along with my senses. I saw Jasper raise an eyebrow as Kate towed me into the other room.
“Hey, Garrett!” she cooed, gliding over to the vampire lounging on the couch. “Look who’s here!” I guess he hadn’t been in the room I was in while I was burning.
He smiled at me warmly, then shock crossed his face as he realized who I was.
“Oh! This is that friend of yours…” his smile turned sheepish. “I’m sorry about the other night; I’m just not quite used to this diet yet.” I shrugged.
“That’s fine,” I replied. “I’m sure you’ll find my eating habits to be even more unappealing.” Kate laughed and Garrett gave her a puzzled look before turning back to the TV.
“This way,” she said, dragging me over to the far wall. There, embroidered in gold, was a full-length Elizabethan-style mirror. I stepped tentatively up to it and peeked at my reflection.
My face actually looked quite similar, which surprised me. The only difference was that all my blemishes were gone and my cheekbones were more pronounced. My eyes were a startling ruby-red, and I took comfort that they wouldn’t always be that way, though I had no idea what color they would be instead- my diet was going to be different, so my eye color surely would be, too. My stomach was flatter, and I realized that I had been changed into an unfamiliar dress. I turned to Kate, touching the fabric questioningly.
“Your other clothes were in tatters,” she explained. “Surely you wouldn’t want any of the boys to see that.” If I could have blushed, I would have. “What do you think?” she asked, changing the subject. “Do you think you look much different?”
“Actually… no,” I admitted. “I didn’t realize I would still recognize myself after all that.” I shuddered. “Actually, I rather thought I would resemble a charred piece of bacon.” We both laughed at my assumption.
“Yes, I remember when I felt that way, too,” she said, grimacing. “This is quite an improvement, don’t you think?” I grinned and nodded.
“Well, I guess the life of a vampire won’t be so bad after all.”
I didn't even know you had updated this until this morning.

It's amazing, i'm glad she's a vampire. I really want to know about this new found diet that she's on. Her feelings for Jack have grown, that's amazing. What will Jack think when he see's her, and will they end up together. I hope he ends up as a vampire too, that would be soo cool. So many questions.

This is soooo goood. Keep going :D



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