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Okay, if you don't know what Fruits Basket is, it's an anime about the Sohma family who have a family curse, everytime they are hugged by the opposite sex they transform intothe animals of the Chinese zodiac.

A young girl named Tohru Honda accidentally found out about the secret when Shigure and Yuki Sohma took her in when they had found her living in a tent in the forest. Yuki's cousin Kyo was there and Tohru slipped on a piece of wood and fell into Kyo. He turned into a cat- yes I know the cat isn't apart of the zodiac, but he has the curse of the cat. Shigure is the dog, and Yuki is the rat. ((I'll say the rest of the forms later on in the story))


Anyway, this is a few months after Tohru has moved into Shigure's house, a young girl arrives, her name is Akemi. She is a shy girl and isn't the best at making friends. Tohru wants to be her friend, so she invites her over to Shigure's home to sleepover. Akemi meets Yuki and Kyo, she starts to really like Kyo, even though he has a major temper.

Akemi has no idea about the curse that they have and hugs Kyo without warning. Even though he turned into a cat in front of her, she didn't care. She wants to be Kyo for a long time, but does he want to be with her?



Chapter 1:


Akemi's POV


I walked into room 1-D, feeling extremely nervous. As I walked in, everyone stared at me. I felt like an alien. I looked different from everyone else, and I felt different too. I was new to the school, and didn't know anybody.


Oops, forgot to introduce myself to you readers, my name is Akemi. I am new here, my father got offered a promotion here, and took it. We ended up moving and this is m first day at school. My hair colour is orange, and yes, it's natural. My eye colour was strangly a purple colour, my parents never really knew why, it just happened over the years. I was 5'5 and pale.


I saw the teacher at her desk, reading a magezine. I walked up to and cleared my throat. "Um, excuse me?"


"What?" she snapped. She looked up from the magezine. "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you." she paused. "Who are you exactly?"


She didn't know who I was? Seriously. "Um, I'm you're new student, Akemi Fumiko."


She had to think about it for a minute. "Oh, yes, yes, yes. The principle told me about you yesterday." she smiled. "Um," she looked around the classroom for a place for me to sit. "Go sit next to Tohru, um, Tohru!"


I saw a girl with brown hair with a bow on each side of her head. She skipped up to the teacher and I.


"Tohru, can you please be Ak-Akem-"


"Akemi," I corrected her.


"Yes, Akemi, um, Tohru, will you be her guide today please?"


The girl called Tohru smiled. "I'd be happy too!" she said with so much enthusiasum.



Tohru's POV


I smiled at Akemi. I hoped we could be good friends, and I couldn't wait to introduce her to my friends too.


I took her wrist and pulled her to my desk, where my friends were.


"Guys, this is Akemi Fumiko." I introduced her.


Yuki had smiled at her with kindness. "Hello there Miss. Fumiko."


She smiled back and said shyly. "Hello."


"This is Kyo."


He didn't really say anything to her, he just looked at her. Yuki elbowed Kyo in the rib.


"Say hello you stupid cat," he whispered. Kyo glared at Yuki, looking like he was going to start another fight, like this morning. But, surprisingly, he toned down and looked back at Akemi.


"Hi," he said, he looked as if he didn't care that she was there.


"And this is my two best friends ever, Hanajima and Arisa."


" 'Sup." Arisa said, leaning again the desk.


Hanajima looked at Akemi. "Hello," she paused and closed her eyes.


"Oh no," Kyo complained. "She's doing that creepy wave thing again."


Akemi raised an eyebrow. "Wave thing?"


"It's no big deal, really." Arisa asured.


"She just mainly sense good waves, strange waves, bad waves, coming from people." I finished.


Akemi nodded, still a little bit confused.


"I can't pick a pair of waves, they're all mixed together. I can tell you are a nice person, but I can also tell that you can probably break Kyo's arm like a twig." Hanajima annouced.


"What!?" Kyo screeched. Yuki started to chuckle. "What are you laughing about you damn rat!"


Arisa laughed. "Wow, way to go carrot top, you can't even beat a girl!"


"Don't call me carrot top!" Kyo shouted.


"Make me!" Arisa stayed where she was, trying to keep calm.



Kyo's POV


I glared at Arisa. She really ticked me off sometimes, sometimes even more than that damn rat. And why am I being called carrot top? Shouldn't she be calling the new girl that too?


I looked at the new girl and I saw her eyes filled with horror. I could tell she was scared, good. Well, was it good? I took a deep breath and emptied out my anger. I walked out of the classroom.


I needed to be by myself again. I walked up to the roof of the school, I did that at home too.


Yuki's POV


"D-does he always do that?" Akemi asked quietly. All of us looked at her.


"Yes, yes he does." I answered her. "He has a bad temper, and I apologize for him, Miss. Fimiko." I smiled at her. 


She smiled back, poor girl. She was so shy. And terrified. She didn't know anyone here, she must've felt like a small mouse, with scientists surrounding her.


The bell rang loudly, telling all of us to get into our seats.




When school was over, Tohru walked up to me. Like she did everyday.


"Hey Yuki, do you think Shigure would be okay if Akemi came over today?" she asked me, with a hint of begging in her voice. "I want her to atleast feel welcomed here."


I thought about it for awhile. Of course Shigure would be okay with it, he loves highschool girls. "Yes, I think so. Where is Akemi?"


Tohru looked around and spotted her from across the room talking to Hanajima. When they had said their goodbyes Akemi skipped over to where Tohru and I were. She seemed so different from that morning.


"Oh, Akemi," Tohru smiled. "Would you like to come over today?"


Akemi looked down and shuffled her feet, suddenly shy again. "Um, if it's okay with you,"


"Yes, we want you to come over." I said smiling at her. Akemi smiled back.


"Thank you," she bowed.


"Come on, let's go!" Tohru grabed Akemi's wrist and started to run out the door. She really wanted to bring Akemi over.


I wondered how this would turn out.






Please let me know what you guys think, yes it's a little boring at first,  but the chapters will get more interesting.

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