The Twilight Saga

17 year old Kate learns about a secret world of sorcerers and sorceress'. She finds that the
Cullens really do exist and learns the "real" legend of King Arthur: Merlin was only a boy when he had to start protecting prince Arthur.

But can she go back into the past? Does she have the strength to protect Merlin from the evil powers that are threatening him? And can she keep her heart out of the business?

This is a story where I've mixed the TV-series "Merlin" season 1 and "The Twilight Saga". The story loosely follows the story of the TV-series, since it happens long after "Breaking Dawn".

And before I forget it: Kate speaks British English. Just so you know, or else she wouldn't be able to go back to the time of the legend. ;P

(BTW this story completely ignores season 2 and 3. I got the idea in the shows early days and plotbunnies simply can't be modified once a new season starts! ;P)

Hope you'll like it! :D

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6 months ago I wouldn't have thought any of this possible. I wouldn't have thought that this could happen to anyone - especially me.

I've always felt insignificant and unimportant. But somehow, it seemed like I wasn't. God does exist after all.

At least I hope so...


Chapter 1.

A Good Day

I woke up to the sound of a guitar playing. Somehow I couldn't locate the sound but then I felt my mp3 lying on my pillow. I lifted my head to look at it.

Of course. My mp3 was on, and Jason Mraz's “I'm Yours” was playing. I took of my headphones and turned my mp3 off.

My head fell down on the pillow again. I didn't want to get up now but I had to. It was the absolute last day of school after my exams and I had to get there in time. I would see the seniors get their diplomas and next year it would be me.

I smiled at the thought and got out of bed. It was quite tough because my bed was about 6 feet above the ground. But I managed to get down, as I did every morning and made myself some breakfast. My mother and my brother had already left for work and school.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Shoot! We were out of milk.

Well life went on and I made myself some boiled eggs. It wasn't the best but it would have to do.

I sat down at the big table in our dining room and looked out the window in front of me. The sun was shining and there were no clouds at all.

It made my day. The sun would rarely shine but now the summer was finally here. And I was soon finished with school. The thought made my smile even wider.

When I finished my breakfast I put my dishes in the dishwasher. I couldn't wash the dishes myself. My skin somehow couldn't take the detergent. And I was too lazy to find my rubber gloves and do the dishes.

A stubborn teenager, I thought while silently giggling at myself. My mother used to call me that whenever I was being lazy.

took a shower, got dressed and cleaned my face. As I looked at myself in the mirror I noticed that my short light-brown hair had grown about 4 inches longer than shoulders length. It was looking like it always had – a side parting and it looked like a mess, since I had not slept with a ponytail that night.

Then my gaze moved towards my eyes. I thought they were the best part of me but also the worst. I loved my eyes because they were blue with a green edge but looked grey from afar. My eyes were gorgeous, beautiful.

But then there was the flaw. Eyes were said to be the doors to the soul. And I didn't want anyone to see my soul...

I stopped at that thought and went back to getting myself ready for my last day at school, as a junior.

As I went into my room I opened my closet but remembered that I had found my clothes yesterday. I normally never really thought about what I wore. But for today I had planned it exactly. I was wearing a turquoise dress decorated with roses, and I was wearing my white heals but then decided it would be better to wear flat shoes.

I tried to wear my wellington boots, but people would probably send me strange looks if I walked around with them on a sunny day. I laughed a little at that. Yes, sometimes I was strange in my way of dressing. It was always colourful but with a twist of rock. I think you could call my style a “Hippie Rock-chick”.

My thoughts suddenly floated back to the shoes and I found the perfect ones; my fake Converse shoes. They were old, beige and there were painted meadows on them. But I liked them. They would probably look strange and not very ladylike but I wanted people to think that I was a little childish. And my way of dressing probably showed it pretty well.

Then I took my purse, checked that everything I needed was in it and went to the front door to lock it.

When I walked over to the bus station I shot a quick glance at our flat. I smiled and thought about writing more of my stories when I got home. The thought made me smile even wider. (And I didn't smile that often. Only when I was with people I knew.)

The bus arrived and my last thought before I got on it, was that this day was one of my happiest days.

But I should have known better...


Good/bad? Should I continue? Is it too complicated?

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This is simply amazing. It was not rushed. Instead I found the chapter very good. Furthermore you described everything so well and clearly. As for Alice she was not at all OOC. Well that's her real self, always excited and jumping up and down in happiness. The chapter is really awesome. Love it and keep going :))
Aww thank you so much Selveena!
Your comment just made my entire day you know!! :D
I can't wait to hear what you think about the next one once it's posted :)

I tried to put myself into Alice head(even though I wasn't writing her POV) and I tried to catch on the "mood" of her character(if you get what I mean). I always try to keep the characters I'm writing as close to their original self as possible. (Hopefully the story will let me continue to do that xP)

More will hopefully be up later today :) (Meaning: +1:00 Greenwich Mean Time. Just to clear up the time difference again. I know, time difference sucks xP)
Thanks so much Deanna! :D I like "Seth's Girl" very much too! (It's one of my favorite fan fictions you know :D)

lol! xD I can't update right now, or else you would only get a half finished chapter (and I'm sure you wouldn't like that at all ;P) but I'm typing as fast as I can! (I may not have vampire speed, but I have the ability to write fast and not forget the sentence I was writing, while deleting some of it and correct it xP)

More will be up later today: +1:00 Greenwich Mean Time :D
You welcome! :D
Believe me, it can be annyoing as hell too ;P (Especially if I'm in the middle of writing a sentence, and then I suddenly find out that there's a better way of saying things xP)

And I updated the story! :D Hope you like chapter 5!
New reader!!! this story is brill, plus i am a big merlin fan, please update soon
(Yay! Finally someone I can share my Merlin craze with! xD)

I'm glad you like my story so far :) More is being typed as we speak ;) (well corrected from my original draft :P) so the update should be up soon I hope :D

I will add you as a friend to keep you updated :D
AN: This chapter is a little longer than the previous ones, thanks to me having a day off yesterday ;) I literally had tons of time to write in ;P
Excuse all grammar, spelling or other mistakes in the chapter if you find some! (English is NOT my first language)
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Caught In a Fairytale

Chapter 5.
A New Point of View

I didn't know for how long I was passed out. It felt like a whole night or five minutes, I didn't know. What I did know however, was that I had been moved. When I opened my eyes I was lying in a giant bed in the most magnificent room I had ever seen. The ceiling was made out of gold and the walls were the most crystal clear and brilliant red I had ever seen. In front of me was a table wooden table, full of items that were unfamiliar to me. The only things I could recognize was some apples and various other dishes placed on golden, silver and other precious plates. The room itself, reminded me of something from the time where knights and kings ruled. I couldn't help but gawk at the grandness of it.

”How are you sleepyhead? Had enough sleep for a whole month?” I heard a familiar ringing voice to my left saying.

I looked in direction of the voice and found a smiling Alice sitting in a chair by the bed.

”I had to drag you along you know. You were lucky that only Carlisle and Esme were there,” her eyes showed her amusement.

I just blushed and looked at the blanket. Normally I wasn't delicate but this had really shocked me. I guess I wasn't made for living in the ”wild”. I grimaced.

”I would have fainted too, you know, the first time I saw the tree-thing,” she said soothingly ”But I'm a vampire. What can I say?” I couldn't help myself from laughing at it. Alice knew how to get someone in a better mood. She even knew how in the book.

I knew I had to ask her about it sooner or later but I decided that this was not the time. I suddenly noticed that I wasn't wearing my dress anymore, but something more like a fancy pajamas outfit. I blushed. If this was Alice doing, I would have to find a way to get my revenge against her. I was not a dress-up-barbie.

”How long have I've been out?” I asked, trying to conceal my annoyance at my newfound information. I tried to get out of the bed too, and suddenly felt what all that sleep had done to me. I could barely stand straight, so I lay down again.

”For one maybe two hours. Everyone's here, except Emmett and Rosalie. They're still protecting your family.” She looked at me with worried eyes, but there was still some gentleness in them. It made me quickly forgive her - perhaps too quickly - for having changed my outfit. But then her words finally sunk into my brain. I, Kate, was going to meet the Cullen's. Every girl fan of the Twilight-saga would want to be me right now, I knew that. It suddenly felt like my whole body was going rigid.

”Well, I guess I have had enough sleep for today,” I couldn't resist smiling at the fact that I was going to meet the actual Cullens.

”Great! I'll tell the others right away!” Alice jumped out of her seat.

”No, Alice wait!” but she was already gone. She moved even faster than I had anticipated. Now I understood why Bella had been so startled by Edwards quick movements. It was confusing how quickly she could move. My eyes never even registered her movement. I sighed.

It was time to get up from the bed again, I decided, but it didn't go too well since I had to grab the chair where Alice had been sitting, to not fall down on the floor. My legs were still too weak from not being used in so long. I mentally cursed at myself for being so weak.

Then I sighed. I hated to be clumsy.

”Do you need any help, miss?” a male voice with a British accent asked.

I quickly turned to my right and saw a tall, slim and dark-haired guy stand by a door to the right of the bed. I felt how my grip on the chair began to loosen.

In a blur the dark-haired guy was beside me, grabbing me by the waist.

Is he a vampire too or what? I thought, and felt the heat rise to my cheeks.

”Are you alright, miss?” he sounded concerned, as if I was the most breakable thing ever to walk the earth. That however, annoyed me a bit. I was absolutely not weak or breakable.

”I'm okay,” I said, my voice sounding very weak and out of breath. I cleared my throat.

He lifted me up, slowly, and let go of my waist when I could stand by myself. I noticed that he was a little more than one head taller than me.

”I'm not normally like this,” I said, while I placed a lock of my hair behind my right ear.

”I believe that,” the guy said smiling. His eyes almost sparkled and I noticed that they were brown but with a hint of green in them. Green, I thought, and I wanted to make a face. They reminded me of my mothers eyes – they had almost the exact same color. His were only a bit darker, not hazel like my mothers.

”So, you are the legend-saver Kate?” he asked smiling a crooked smile.

I couldn't help myself from blushing again. He actually has a very lovely smile, I thought, and was immediately shocked with myself. ”I haven't saved anything yet,” I mumbled in embarrassment and my eyes moved down to the floor.

He laughed and I couldn't resist to look up at him again.

”My name is Jason,” he said and we shook hands. His hand was as warm as mine, so he couldn't be a vampire. But how had he then been able to get over here so fast?

”I'm sorry Jason,” it felt like my tongue tickled as I said his name. ”But how did you get over here so fast?” My curiosity once again won against my better judgment.

”A simple charm that allows you to move from one place to another in a second,” he smiled again. He made it sound like an everyday thing.

”Magic?” I couldn't help myself from being skeptical. Even though I had been talking to vampires from a novel, magic was even less possible than that. Strangely enough.

Jason smiled and began speaking in a strange language. He then put his right hand to his mouth and blew like he was blowing a kiss to me, only I couldn't feel him blowing. And in his hand suddenly was a red and black glass rose. I couldn't help myself from starring at it in amazement. It was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen.

”Do you believe in it now?” he asked, holding the rose in his right hand. I still couldn't take my eyes off it, so I just nodded. ”Do you like it?” Jason asked. Amusement clear in his voice.

”It's beautiful. How did you make it?” Did I just sound dazzled?

”I didn't. I summoned it,” he sounded serious. Was this a simple spell too? He handed me the rose and I took it. It felt glassy and light, and yet it still felt heavy like a real rose. I looked up at Jason again.

”Thank you,” I sincerely told him. He just smiled at me.

I didn't hear when the door opened again. It was first when I heard Alice voice that I could look away from Jason's face.

”Kate I think it's time for you to ask your questions now." She looked at us in some kind of strange way, while she crossed her arms over her chest. It was almost like she was being strict or something.

”You don't mean for her to do it in here do you Alice?” Jason didn't turn around to tell her that. He was still looking at me.

”Of course not you silly bean! We're going into the library,” she shook her head at his assumption and her arms were still crossed, though her expression had softened. She then turned her head to me, ”By the way, your things are in your new room. I just don't know for how long you're going to need it. The future is... foggy...” she sounded as if she was unsure about the word.

I sighed. ”As long as I get some answers it's fine with me.”

The library was a most magnificent room too. It had shelves that reached the ceiling and were as thick as a giant tree. I was sure there was at least a half dozen books in every shelf too. If I only had the time to examine them! I sighed internally. My love for books was showing itself, but I would have to suppress it. This was not the time to read any books. Yet.

At the end of the room was a fireplace build in stone, where several red and golden armchairs were standing. This too looked like it had been cut out of a movie about kings, knights and magic. It was almost Narnia-like. It reminded me a great deal of Mr. Tumnus' fireplace.

Jason was leading the way and he suddenly stopped by the second last shelve. ”You carry on until the fireplace. I need to find something,” he said to me and Alice before he moved in between the rows of shelves and books. I found myself envying him just a little.

Alice and I then continued to the fireplace and I sat down in one of the chairs. They were really comfortable, it was like sitting on a bed. Or perhaps it felt like lying in one, only you were sitting down.

Alice sat down too but in the chair in front of me. It somehow I felt like I was in a fairytale. How was it possible that I was talking to characters from a novel? How had I even become a part of this? My life had been normal up until now. Why had I been chosen for this legend-saving thing?

”I guess you have a lot of questions on your mind?” Alice asked me, her head moving a bit to the side.

”At least a quadrillion.”

She laughed. ”Shoot.”

I thought a little before throwing out the first and best question I had on my mind. ”How come you actually exist? I thought you were characters in a book?” There I asked it! My heart suddenly felt lighter again, like some kind of burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

Alice laughed again. ”That's the easiest one!” I waited until she was done with laughing. ”Well Bella and Edward stumbled across Stephenie a couple of years ago, when Bella was still human. Stephenie was pretty observant and found out pretty quickly what Edward was. Bella was thrilled with the thought about having someone to talk to and suddenly Stephenie got the idea. She would ask Bella and Edward about a thousand things. She asked all of us many things. When she was done with 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' she asked us if we would come back to tell her more of our story. She wasn't planning to publish them anyway.

"And then when we met her again, she didn't look to well.” Alice looked down on the floor. ”Stephenie said to us that one of her friends had read the first book and loved it. They wanted her to publish it but she knew what it would mean to us if she did. We all felt pity for her and decided – after many discussions and arguments – that she could publish it under one condition. That she changed every humans name and surname. Even Bella's classmates had to get new names – even looks. And Bella too had to get her name changed.”

I was shocked. Bella's name wasn't Isabella Swan?

”What's her real name then?” I asked, and I was sure Alice heard the frightened edge in my voice.

”Her name isn't really Isabella. It's only Bella but it was better to make it her nickname. It confuses many minds you see. And her last name isn't Swan. Which, by the way, was the first animal Bella always thought of when she had to think of any animal. But her real last name is––”

”Don't say it Alice,” I interrupted her. ”Just get on with the story. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag when I'm done with all this.” And I definitely didn't want to know anymore spoilers from their real life. The book "Twilight" should continue to be just the book "Twilight". I would just have to try and forget this information. Soon.

”Okay...” she paused for a second, probably to find out where she had left off. ”Well, as I said we gave her permission. And then she asked about other things. What had happened since we had talked last and such. Bella was already a vampire by then and Nessie was about 1 year old. Steph then began to write ”Eclipse” but we had to move on after that, since ”Twilight” was really selling and there were paparazzies everywhere. We only had the opportunity to visit her one week at a time without getting noticed. We even had to escape the Volturi a couple of times since then.

”She finished ”Breaking Dawn” and then published it too, like the other ones. The Volturi haven't been after us since then. But we had to drop out of school and live in places with no humans. Except when we had the opportunity to go somewhere without anyone recognizing us. Then we met Jason again and the rest of the story you already know.”

I couldn't believe my own ears. All this time I wanted the story so badly to be true and then it was only half of the truth. At least the love story part is, I thought, while trying desperately to grasp this new information.

And then something suddenly hit me, and I had no idea why it even occurred to me. ”Wait, didn't you say that Carlisle met Jason many years before Edward met Bella? How is that possible?” Jason didn't look like anyone over 18 or 20 years!

”I was just kidding there,” Alice reassured me. ”We met Jason's father. He introduced us to this world. He made it possible for us to go to school again because of one simple charm.” she smiled and I did too.

”Where is his father now?” I couldn't help asking. I really wanted to meet the person who had helped the Cullens so much since their exposure. I suddenly found myself wondering about what the traditional vampires did when they found out that their intended prey knew what they were even before they drank their blood. I almost shuddered.

Alice just pointed to the ceiling and said, ”Somewhere up there floating with the other souls.”

”I'm sorry,” Why did I always have to make the mood worse than it already was? That was so typical me. Sigh.

”Don't be. He's in a better place now,” Jason was by my side now. ”He is casting spells from above to protect us. I can feel it.”

I felt the hint of a smile forming in the corners of my mouth. How could he make it all better just like that? No one had ever been able to to that to me before, not even my brother.

”Do you have anymore questions?” Alice asked me, bringing me back to the room and our current conversation.

”You have no idea,” I humorlessly said.

Alice sighed. ”Well maybe everyone should be here now. They should have they're share in answering your questions.” just after she said that six figures appeared by her side.

I saw Edward and Bella standing hand in hand – Bella being even more beautiful than I imagined. Next to them stood Carlisle and Esme, also hand in hand. Carlisle really reminded me of a father figure, despite how young he looked while Esme reminded me of a mother. Her eyes were the most gentle and caring I had ever come across.

In a seat next to Alice sat Jasper, carefully eying me. I had almost forgotten that he was the one having difficulties with adjusting to their ”vegetarian” lifestyle. My blood might be appealing to him. But instead of shying away, I smiled at him. He had to know that I appreciated how he tried so hard. Jasper was one of my favorite characters in the book, and I was sure he would be one of my favorite real-life vampires if I got to know him.

The last figure was standing on the other side of Alice. She looked like someone in the middle of her teens. Her hair was reddish-brown and curly, her eyes had the most peculiar brown color. It was deep and not flat, like most brown eyed people's eyes. I knew that this girl was Renesmee.

Everyone looked at me. Carlisle and Esme both looked concerned, while Alice looked excited, Jasper just looked vary, Edward looked frustrated about something and Bella looked friendly and understanding. And last, but not least, was Renesmee. She looked at me curiously as if I were the first human she had ever seen.

There was a long time with silence only. I didn't know what to say, even though I had somehow waited for this moment all of my life. Or at least since I had read 'Twilight'.

”Didn't you have anymore questions for us, dear?” Esme asked in a more gentile voice than I had ever heard anyone speak before. I seriously had the urge to hug her, despite the fact that she was a vampire.

”Um... yes...” I was dazzled by the way her voice could be so gentile.

There was silence after that too, and I thought about what I could possibly still ask about. Then it suddenly hit me that I wasn't here because of the Cullen's. I was here because I had to save a legend. But why? Why me? And how was I even going to save it?

I was about to open my mouth and ask about it, when the doors in the other end of the room suddenly opened and a male voice called, ”Hey! Did I miss somethin'?”

I heard something like a stone hitting the wall pretty hard, whereupon the voice from before said, ”Ouch! Rose what was that for?”

I turned around to see Emmett walk into the room with a hand held to the back of his head. Rosalie followed him and I was sure I heard her say, ”Idiot,” for some reason I didn't know.

I would have laughed at the situation but I was too deeply concerned by why I was here in the first place. I heard Edward laugh and then say, ”You should have waited you know.”

”Hey! I wanted to be where the fun is,” Emmett then turned to smile at me. ”Did I miss something?” he then asked Alice, who could only smile at him.

”Not really. Only the part about us,” and suddenly her face looked like she was in deep concentration. After that there was silence in the room once again.

I looked at the others and saw how Edward both looked frustrated and amazed, Bella looked at Edward, Renesmee was starring at me, Esme and Carlisle still looked concerned, Alice was probably looking for the future, since she looked very concentrated, and Jasper was still a little vary.

”Um... why am I actually here? Alice told me I was going to save some kind of legend,” I finally managed to say after building up the courage to speak.

It looked like they all sighed as one, before Alice snapped out of her trance and spoke again. ”Yes, I told you that. But you have to know that I have no idea when you're ready to leave and save it. I can only see the future, not the past.”

Why did she have to speak in riddles? Or, wait...did she just say past? ”What do you mean ”past”, Alice?” I had a very strange feeling in my stomach and fingertips.

”You're going to save a legend from the past, not the future,” she quickly eyed my reaction. I just felt how my mouth began to hang open and the color drained from my face. ”I think you know the legend – or at least knew about it, like the rest of the world, until yesterday when you tripped.”

I could only frown in confusion at that. What was she telling me? It was completely ridiculous. ”A legend I knew about until I tripped?” I asked sceptically. ”It just flew out of my mind as my head hit the ground? As some of my braincells died?!”

”Take it easy, Kate! We're only trying to explain what happened. It's just more complicated than it seems.” Jasper told me and I felt a flood of calm come through me. Ah, he was using his gift on me.

”Thank you,” I managed to mumble in embarrassment. ”I didn't mean to act like that. I'm just trying to understand.” I nervously intertwined my fingers. Why did my worst qualities have to shine through right now?

”We know, sweetheart,” Esme's kind voice reassured me.

”Alice, what did you mean when you said I knew about it, until I tripped?” it was better to get as many questions answered as possible. It would be much better than me getting frustrated over the answers I was getting.

”You didn't trip on purpose. Those who are after you, changed the past – the legend – and that made you trip. You forgot this legend, just like the rest of the world. But a part of you still remembers it, since you're the protector of the legend. You've been it before,” I could only stare at Alice as she told me this. I, Kate, was and had been the protector of a legend?

”So you are saying that I've been reborn? I've saved this legend before?” Okay, this seriously sounded like some kind of Hindu or Buddhist religion-thing.(AN: No offense to Hinduism or Buddhism!)

Alice nodded. ”It's very complicated, since the protector of this legend normally is born a witch––” she quickly looked up to my side, where Jason was standing, looking disapproving at her. ”Sorry Jason, ” she apologized, ”she was born as a sorceress.” there was something about the word that made her frown. But not long after she continued again. ”But after a revolution in the world of magic in 1890, every mind that knew about magic, but wasn't part of it, had to be erased. That didn't keep the magicians from marrying normal people, even though it was forbidden. They gave up their bloodline to just be with their love.” She held a quick pause, to look at me and probably check if I understood what she was telling me.

”Please go on, Alice,” the story was exciting, despite it being a bit absurd, but I didn't want her to stop.

She quickly looked at Jason, before she continued. ”It's told that the protector is of a direct bloodline to the most powerful wizard of all times––”

”It's called sorcerer, Alice. Sorcerer,” Jason's beautiful British accent interrupted her.

”What do I know?” she stuck out her tongue at him. ”It's called wizard in America.”

I couldn't make myself look at Jason's reaction to Alice words. She continued, ”Well, as I just said, the protector is said to be of a direct bloodline of the most powerful 'sorcerer'. Jason's people believe that she who protected him as the first, swore an oath to protect him in the future, disguised as a young girl. She somehow knew that there wouldn't stop being attacks against him. The evil powers would come back to the past, stronger than before, and try to get past her to kill him. And all this for keeping the prince from becoming king.

”They eventually succeeded. They managed to kill her as she was still a little girl, but she knew the future, and swore an oath that one of her younger sisters would carry her bloodline until the time was right to protect him. And as she was killed, the legend died.” Alice looked at Jason again, as if to get her words confirmed.

I frowned. ”But how can you know of the legend when it died?” the past had been erased, and sill they talked of it. Either they were delusional or they were lying to me.

”To non-magical people it has,” Jason walked into the middle and took the word. ”But the bloodline still lived. The younger sister of the protector knew the whole story, even though her powers would never get as strong as her sister's. She knew her family had to protect the sorcerer, or else the whole world would never be what it is today.

”But she knew she couldn't use her powers in public, the king had forbidden sorcery even before she was born. So she swore an oath, to let every girl child born in her bloodline protect the sorcerer – even from the future.

”And so she has been trying to stay in the background for all of her life. But the evil sources knew where to find her future family, and so they slaughtered every girl child born. Luckily there was always one girl child that managed to escape. The oldest. She then taught her daughters everything, until the evil came to kill her family.

”That is why her family has survived until this day. But after the revolution in 1890, the descendant of the family married a normal person – and thereby weakening the bloodline. For a while the evil spirits thought the bloodline had disappeared for all times, and decided to strike against the sorcerer once and for all. But he was protected by a girl in her mid-teenage years. They saw the image before it had even happened.

”And this girl very much looked like the first woman who had been protecting this sorcerer. Only her features were a little different, and they knew she had to be one of the newest descendants of the protectors bloodline. So they set a search for her, and found her. But her parents weren't magical, so she had to have inherited it from a great-grandparent of hers. But they couldn't find either of them, since they hadn't seen them before in one of their images.”

After a couple of minutes, I noticed that he was done with his story.

”But how do you know all this, if it's just a legend? I tripped yesterday, and all that happened since then?” it suddenly made me remember that my parents were in danger. ”What about my parents?! You said they were in danger Alice!”

”Don't worry. Jason found out that they weren't going to do anything a couple of hours ago. We called Emmett and Rosalie as soon as he told us,” this time Carlisle assured me. His voice made me trust his answer. A doctor's trait probably, but combined with a velvet vampire voice, one couldn't help but to trust whatever he said.

”And so there is only one thing left now,” Jason then said. ”To make you remember the legend. You still know it inside of your heart – every sorcerer or sorceress is connected to it in their blood. The Great Dragon made this connection before the legend even existed. That is why the evil powers can only erase it from the non-magical people's minds. And since your blood is part non-magical, they could only erase the non-magical legend you knew about."

”Oh,” That all made perfect sense actually. It definitely explained how he could know of the legend even though it had died. ”But how can you then know of all those things that have happened? Do you see the past? Like Alice sees the future?” It would be intriguing indeed if he did.

Jason just smiled. ”No and yes. I can see these things because that is my strongest ability. I was born with it. I see what will happen if someone changes the past. I do not see the past like that, there has to be some interference from the future or from people in the past who know the future and try to change it. Unfortunately that happens very often. So I know of the legend and what happened since then,” he looked around at us all, before he looked at me again, his dark brown-green eyes searching mine. ”But there are exceptions to my ability. In some cases I can see a persons past, but only if their magic is very powerful and if their destiny is unchangeable. Then their past is set no matter what, and that makes me see it,” he paused before saying something that shocked me. ”And I know every bit of your past.”

My eyes opened in horror. He knew everything about me. I felt how the blood rushed up and made my cheeks feel hotter. This was not very good, especially not in a room full of vampires.

”It's nothing to ashamed of, Kate,” I felt a shiver go through me as he said my name. ”Your past was...troublesome. But it only prepared you for your future task.”

I blushed again, and couldn't say anything. It was embarrassing enough to know that this guy I didn't know, knew my past – he knew every bit of it. Even the more embarrassing parts.

”But if you know my past, then why didn't you find me before?” I blushed even more as I said ”my past”.

”Because the time wasn't right, and I can only know someones past if I have seen them before. It is very limited, just like Alice's visions are very subjective.” Jason looked at me with almost scorching eyes. I had to look at the floor.

All this made me think about the gifts of vampires. Had they had magical abilities before they died?

”Um... I'm just wondering... your gifts...” I bit my lower lip. This was a very stupid question to ask. I should have just kept my mouth shut.

”You can ask us anything Kate. Don't be shy.” I looked up at Bella, who had been the one saying this. Her voice was even more gentile than Esme's had been.

”Um...” God, why did they all have to dazzle me?! ”I...” Wait, Edward would have answered me right? He could read minds. I quickly looked at him, and his eyes were intense, as if they tried to dig into my brain...

He couldn't read my mind!

My hand flew up to my mouth, and my eyes widened. I was just like Bella. Edward couldn't read my mind either. How in the world was that even remotely possible?

”I see you've found out,” Edward tried to smile. ”I can't get into your mind. But if it helps you, I can't read Jason's mind either. Only if he lets me. It has been like that with every sorcerer I have met,” his expression became resigned, and he closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he looked more relaxed. ”I don't know why it's like that with you though. You must do it as a reflex, just like Bella used to – and still does once in a while.” he looked at Bella and smiled, like he was the most happy man on earth.

It made me smile too. ”So have you been a sorcerer before you became a vampire? Or is it like Stephenie explained in the books?” The question suddenly didn't seem so stupid anymore. Edward Cullen was indeed the master of making someone feel comfortable around vampires.

”None of us had anything to do with magic until one year ago. Well, maybe except for Alice. But she didn't know until we met Jason.” Edward continued and then looked from Jason to Alice. I suddenly noticed a little resemblance between them. The black hair, some of their features...

”Wait a minute... Alice and Jason are related?!”

”Jason is my sister Cynthia's grandson,” Alice started explaining. ”My niece, Cynthia's daughter, lived in Biloxi until about 30 years ago. Then she moved to England. That's why Jason speaks perfect British.” her voice was trivial, like she was talking about nothing else but the weather.

”Wow,” I couldn't say anything else. Was that why Alice saw visions? She was born a sorceress. Cool. ”But why were you then locked into that asylum?” What kind of a cruel magical father would do that to their daughter if she was magical too?

Alice laughed a dark laughter. ”I guess they didn't like magic over there. I know that Cynthia had certain ”powers” too, but I guess normal people must have found out about my abilities and then forced my father to lock me up in an asylum,” she shortly looked at Jason again. ”But what do I know of the past?” she joked.

”Well, you will never know as much as I do,” Jason joked too.

I couldn't take my eyes off them both. They were related. Both were magicians – well one of them was still – and they could do the opposite of each others abilities. How cool was that?

”But now I really think you should learn about the legend, or else we would be talking here until the end of the world,” Jason said, while handing me a book. ”This is for you to look in whenever you need answers. But first I will need to tell you a story.”

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