The Twilight Saga

17 year old Kate learns about a secret world of sorcerers and sorceress'. She finds that the
Cullens really do exist and learns the "real" legend of King Arthur: Merlin was only a boy when he had to start protecting prince Arthur.

But can she go back into the past? Does she have the strength to protect Merlin from the evil powers that are threatening him? And can she keep her heart out of the business?

This is a story where I've mixed the TV-series "Merlin" season 1 and "The Twilight Saga". The story loosely follows the story of the TV-series, since it happens long after "Breaking Dawn".

And before I forget it: Kate speaks British English. Just so you know, or else she wouldn't be able to go back to the time of the legend. ;P

(BTW this story completely ignores season 2 and 3. I got the idea in the shows early days and plotbunnies simply can't be modified once a new season starts! ;P)

Hope you'll like it! :D

Before I forget: If you're a fan of the Tv-series "Merlin" feel free to join my group: BBC Merlin :D


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6 months ago I wouldn't have thought any of this possible. I wouldn't have thought that this could happen to anyone - especially me.

I've always felt insignificant and unimportant. But somehow, it seemed like I wasn't. God does exist after all.

At least I hope so...


Chapter 1.

A Good Day

I woke up to the sound of a guitar playing. Somehow I couldn't locate the sound but then I felt my mp3 lying on my pillow. I lifted my head to look at it.

Of course. My mp3 was on, and Jason Mraz's “I'm Yours” was playing. I took of my headphones and turned my mp3 off.

My head fell down on the pillow again. I didn't want to get up now but I had to. It was the absolute last day of school after my exams and I had to get there in time. I would see the seniors get their diplomas and next year it would be me.

I smiled at the thought and got out of bed. It was quite tough because my bed was about 6 feet above the ground. But I managed to get down, as I did every morning and made myself some breakfast. My mother and my brother had already left for work and school.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Shoot! We were out of milk.

Well life went on and I made myself some boiled eggs. It wasn't the best but it would have to do.

I sat down at the big table in our dining room and looked out the window in front of me. The sun was shining and there were no clouds at all.

It made my day. The sun would rarely shine but now the summer was finally here. And I was soon finished with school. The thought made my smile even wider.

When I finished my breakfast I put my dishes in the dishwasher. I couldn't wash the dishes myself. My skin somehow couldn't take the detergent. And I was too lazy to find my rubber gloves and do the dishes.

A stubborn teenager, I thought while silently giggling at myself. My mother used to call me that whenever I was being lazy.

took a shower, got dressed and cleaned my face. As I looked at myself in the mirror I noticed that my short light-brown hair had grown about 4 inches longer than shoulders length. It was looking like it always had – a side parting and it looked like a mess, since I had not slept with a ponytail that night.

Then my gaze moved towards my eyes. I thought they were the best part of me but also the worst. I loved my eyes because they were blue with a green edge but looked grey from afar. My eyes were gorgeous, beautiful.

But then there was the flaw. Eyes were said to be the doors to the soul. And I didn't want anyone to see my soul...

I stopped at that thought and went back to getting myself ready for my last day at school, as a junior.

As I went into my room I opened my closet but remembered that I had found my clothes yesterday. I normally never really thought about what I wore. But for today I had planned it exactly. I was wearing a turquoise dress decorated with roses, and I was wearing my white heals but then decided it would be better to wear flat shoes.

I tried to wear my wellington boots, but people would probably send me strange looks if I walked around with them on a sunny day. I laughed a little at that. Yes, sometimes I was strange in my way of dressing. It was always colourful but with a twist of rock. I think you could call my style a “Hippie Rock-chick”.

My thoughts suddenly floated back to the shoes and I found the perfect ones; my fake Converse shoes. They were old, beige and there were painted meadows on them. But I liked them. They would probably look strange and not very ladylike but I wanted people to think that I was a little childish. And my way of dressing probably showed it pretty well.

Then I took my purse, checked that everything I needed was in it and went to the front door to lock it.

When I walked over to the bus station I shot a quick glance at our flat. I smiled and thought about writing more of my stories when I got home. The thought made me smile even wider. (And I didn't smile that often. Only when I was with people I knew.)

The bus arrived and my last thought before I got on it, was that this day was one of my happiest days.

But I should have known better...


Good/bad? Should I continue? Is it too complicated?

(Your comments are the treasures that make me write!! :D)

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I can't stop smiling like an idiot every time I read your comments xD
More will hopefully be up later today (+1:00 Greenwich Meantime) (I just need to get home from school, edit the last things in the chapter, and then make the chapter banner full of clues ;D)
wow another brill chapter, i cant believe jason and alice are related, please update soon
Me neither ;P I was just writing the chapter and all of a sudden the sentence was there, and I stopped to just gawk at the screen xD I couldn't believe my own eyes, but that's how it is :P

More will be up in aprox. half an hour :)
AN: Finally Kate gets some answers! xD I hope you like this chapter as much as I do ;P
(BTW I don't own the quote used in the chapter. It belongs to the Tv-show "Merlin" and those who created it.)

Caught In a Fairytale

Chapter 6.
The Legend of Albion

Jason stood in the middle of the circle again, before he started to speak. ”Our story starts in the Middle Ages of the old England. But back then it wasn't called England, or even Britain. They called it Albion,” he held a quick pause, and I found that the name somehow seemed familiar to me. It was like I had heard it before somewhere.

”In this land a boy and a father lived. The boy was named Arthur Pendragon,” Jason continued. That triggered something in my memory too. Where had I heard that story before? And why was it so familiar to me?

Jason seemed pleased with my reaction, because he continued with a crooked smile. ”One day a sorcerer named Merlin came to this land, in hope to find his destiny. And indeed, he found it. In Arthur,” he stopped again, eying my reaction.

I didn't see the room anymore. My heart felt hot, hotter than I had ever felt anything before. Perhaps this was what it felt like just before you were turned into a vampire - just more painful. This feeling however wasn't painful or even uncomfortable. It was like felling your cheeks turn hot, but instead feeling it in your heart. I felt how the bits and pieces fell into their place - like a puzzle coming together by itself, and a story started forming in front of my eyes.

”When is something happening?” I heard Emmett ask from far away.

”Shh! She's remembering,” Jason's voice shushed him.

I saw the story in front of my eyes: A boy – closer to man – Arthur I guessed, stumbled across another man, who I guessed to be Merlin. They obviously didn't seem to like each other, as I saw them argue and then fight. I didn't see their faces though, only their bodies, but the one I thought was Merlin looked too young to be an old man. I knew Merlin was an old man when he first found Arthur. But why did they then fight? Why didn't they like each other? It made no sense at all.

It was then I saw a girl coming into the picture. I couldn't see her face either, but I saw her eyes very clearly: blue, with the tiniest hint of green, and they looked grey from afar. She looked like she was saying something to Merlin, and then the look in her eyes turned hostile as she looked at Arthur, but I didn't get to hear or see anymore. The images before my eyes abruptly broke off.

The first thing I saw when my eyes returned to the Narnia-like room, were 10 pairs of curious eyes starring at me. I blushed at the way they were starring. ”Um... am I supposed to say anything?” I shyly looked to the ground. Their questioning eyes were simply too embarrassing to look at.

”If you need to get assured of something, then yes please speak,” Jason told me, but I didn't dare to look up at him. I was afraid of everyone's curious stares.

”Well...” I started, ”I didn't get to see it all... but what I saw was kind of strange. I saw bodies, not heads. And then I saw a pair of eyes that reminded me of my own.” I still didn't look up at them.

”Please, continue,” Jason said, probably sensing that I wasn't done.

”I know that what I saw was only part of the story, but I know I saw Arthur. He looked very young, at least at the end of his teenage-years. And... he was fighting with another person. I know it was Merlin, but he looked too young,” I frowned, as I finally dared to look up again. ”I know Merlin was supposed to be an old man, but that's what I saw. And the girl interrupted their argument.” I first looked at Bella, who looked excited for some reason I couldn't understand. Then I looked at Edward, who was only starring at Alice. Renesmee was looking at me in amazement, Jasper looked at Alice too, Alice looked deeply concentrated, Emmett and Rosalie looked at each other, Carlisle looked at Jason, Esme looked at me with motherly compassion, and Jason looked at me as if he had just heard some kind of joke.

”What?” I confronted him.

”What you just saw, wasn't even the legend. It was the future in the past,” he shook his head, as if to try and understand what was going on. ”You remember the non-magical legend, and yet you still saw both Merlin and Arthur.” he shook his head again.

”I didn't see them!” I contradicted him. ”I just knew it was them. And what do you mean the non-magical legend?”

”Just open the book. It may give you more answers than I can give you now,” he simply said, still shaking his head in amazement.

I opened it and saw that it was blank. But not soon after, words started flowing on the page. I could only stare at it in awe. It was all there: the legend about how Arthur got king, how he married Guenevere. But all that was not what caught my eyes. It was the first thing written on a page, saying ”The legend of Merlin”. I couldn't take my eyes off it. The legend of Merlin. They had a legend for the old man? I quickly shook my head before I read the words very slowly:

”No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn.
And so it will be for the young warlock arriving at the gates of Camelot. A boy that will in time father a legend.
And so, in a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy.
His name: Merlin.” *

I could only stare at the page in amazement. Merlin had been a boy when he met Arthur? Then what I saw had to be true! But who had the girl been? Me?


”Merlin was a boy?!” I heard my voice say sceptically. It wasn't comprehensible – all this time I had thought Merlin to be an old bearded guy, and then he turned out to be a young man. Wow. Just... wow...

And absolutely impossible! my thoughts reminded me.

I heard Jason laugh, and immediately looked up from the book. ”Yes. That the rest of the world know him as a bearded old man is quite a funny story. You see, he had to wear a disguise once, and that led to the legend most non-magical people know. But that is first going to happen long after the legend of Arthur has ended.”

”So the story from before – the one with the woman protector – was about Merlin? The Merlin?” I couldn't grasp it. Was I going to protect Merlin? The greatest sorcerer of all times? Couldn't he protect himself? Didn't they grow up kind of early back in the Middle Ages? He had to be able to take care of himself.

”Yes, that was about Merlin. They are planning to attack him while he is still young and unexperienced. That is when he starts to realize that he has to protect Arthur,” Jason looked extremely serious as he said this. ”The evil sources were after the crown of Albion. If they could reign over the land, they would be able to change the future in evil, dangerous ways.”

I could only stare at him. What was he saying? It was all too strange to even grasp. ”But what has all that got to do with me?” I asked. I could understand every other detail in the story, but I couldn't see my own part in it. Where did I fit into the picture?

”Alice already told you. You are going to save this legend, by protecting Merlin. But we have to train you a little in sorcery before you can go. We cannot leave you unprotected and unprepared for that journey.” he looked at me with an unfathomable expression.

What was he telling me?!

”Me? Learning sorcery? I'm not even magical!” That was absurd! Jason knew magic, Alice had known it once, even the great Merlin would know magic. But me? It couldn't be true, they were making fun of me.

Jason just shook his head. ”How was someone non-magical ever going to protect him? Arthur certainly can't, and both Morgana and Guinevere have their own stories to form.”

”But I don't know any magic," I truthfully told him. If I had, I probably wouldn't have had to do the dishes at home, I could have just said a spell. So, I couldn't be magical." I never have known any. I'm no sorceress,” I almost snorted at the word. There was no way I was a witch anyway.

”How do you explain what happened before, when you saw the images before your eyes?” Jason asked me, his one eyebrow raised.

”You could have cast a spell and made me see that. I know you're a magician. But me?” I pointed at myself and shook my head. ”You've got the wrong person.”

Jason just smiled and then asked something that threw me a little off guard, ”Have you ever had the experience, where it rained when you were sad, and the sun shined when you were happy?” He stepped a little closer to me.

I was sure my expression showed my confusion with his question. ”Of course I have. The weather always affects my mood.” Where was he going with this?

He shook his head again. ”No, the weather never affected your mood – you affected the weather. I should know, I've seen your past.”

I abruptly rose from the chair. He could not be suggesting this! ”You've got to be joking! I am not a sorceress! That could have been simple coincidence. I have never done any magic in my life. How do you expect me to time-travel and then protect a boy?”

”Kate, we don't expect that of you. That we can do with a spell. But you need to be prepared to defend yourself against any enemy you'll meet.” Jason tried to calm me. I felt Jasper using his ability too, but I tried to ignore it. I simply couldn't believe this, it was too absurd.

”I know how to defend myself! I know self-defense!” Wind started blowing inside the room, because of some force I couldn't see.

”Kate, we need you learn spells. Self-defense will not help you out of situations where magic is needed.” Jason said, but I didn't see him at all. All I could see was red. The wind then got stronger and books suddenly started flying around, but I still couldn't see anything before my eyes but anger and despair.

”Kate?” Jason's voice was very careful and insecure. ”Would you please stop blowing my fathers library to pieces?”

”What?” the wind stopped immediately. I noticed that the room now looked like a mess - books lying everywhere on the ground. ”Was that me?” I blushed when I realized my anger had somehow triggered this storm, and they had all witnessed another bad side of me. How would they be able to like me now?

You forget that there isn't a rational explanation for how this happened! I reminded myself, but the voice didn't sound too convinced of this.

”Powerful sorceress' who don't know how to control their powers yet, often tend to disturb the weather or electrical devises when they get angry,” Jason told me. He looked at me with kind eyes, as if he'd seen this before and somehow understood better than I imagined.

I looked at the others, feeling the blood rise to my cheeks again in embarrassment. ”I didn't mean to do that...” I apologized.

”That's fine sweetheart. You couldn't control it,” Esme kindly said. It made me want to give her a hug again, just for being so gentile and sweet.

I then looked at Jason again. His eyes seemed mesmerized by something, and that made me somehow blush. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that Edward raised his one eyebrow, while sharing a strange look with Jasper.

What was going on between them?

”Well... teach me what needs to be taught,” I said without looking anywhere. For some strange reason I couldn't make myself look at Jason.

”I think you should take a break for today, and then we start tomorrow. You've had enough magic for one day I imagine, ” I heard Jason say.

”Can I show her around the house?” an unfamiliar, yet very beautiful soprano voice asked. I turned to look at Renesmee, who looked up at her father, as if to ask for permission.

”Of course,” Edward said and smiled at her. I could see all the love for his daughter in just that one smile. It made me smile too.

”Great!” she rose very gracefully and was at my side in a second. ”Let's go!” her hand grabbed my wrist and she dragged me out of the room. Stephenie hadn't been kidding when she wrote that Renesmee's body temperature was a little hotter than normal. I was almost sweating when she had dragged me out of the room.

”Don't get too obsessed with her Nessie! Just like a certain vampire did with your mother!” I heard Emmett joke, before Renesmee answered back.

”I wouldn't get too obsessed with her either if I were you. Rosalie might not like it,” she laughed and then we were out of the room.
* Quote from BBC's "Merlin" season 1 episode 1-13

Okay, I am not a fan of slash fics but seriously, this sentence makes it sound as if my story will be one xP
”One day a sorcerer named Merlin came to this land, in hope to find his destiny. And indeed, he found it. In Arthur.” (I did so not plan on that when I wrote this chapter! xD)

The next chappie is going to be too long for my liking, but nevertheless it's the longest chapter I have ever written xD (And I think you'll like it out of other reasons too ;P)

So what did you think of the chapter? Were there any confusing parts? Any questions about the chapter?

(I have to say I LOVE writing Emmett's lines now xD And I hope Nessie's not too energetic :S)

Until next chapter! xP
LOVE IT (as always) Minnie!!!!
Thanks :D I really liked how it turned out too :)
(I think you'll like the next chapter even more ;P)
hehe, we will see :P
Hehe oh, I know you will xD
You know that I'll ALWAYS love your stories!! PoSt MoRe SoOn PlEaSe!
Thanks again :)

I will try to post more as soon as my mood improves (it's not at it's highest right now, because of the whole situation with my aunt...)
To my readers,

As I already told you, I won't be able to update for a couple of days because of the episode with my aunt.
Well, as it is now, she's gotten worse. She's in an induced coma because her kidneys failed..
My mom's pretty much out of it (she teared up at dinner tonight) and this whole situation is really taking its toll on her...

I will write more as soon as I get the possibility, but I really don't want to be too far away from my mom right now. (I've never seen her so out of it and it scares me :S Frankly, it's affecting me too, as my mood isn't at its highest right now..)

I hope you will understand and say a silent prayer for my aunt, in hope that she will get better.


(I will get back to my stories when I'm feeling better again, I am NOT abandoning them. This whole thing with my aunt has just taken its toll on me.)

Hi everyone! :)

I'm sorry for being absent once again, and I would explain further if I wasn't in a rush to go to bed and sleep ;P (It's about 2 AM where I am xP)

All I wanted to say was that I might have a chapter up tomorrow or the day after that since I don't want the mods to close down this discussion.


That was all for now, but rest assured, I'm back for good now ;)


See ya! xD



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