The Twilight Saga

17 year old Kate learns about a secret world of sorcerers and sorceress'. She finds that the
Cullens really do exist and learns the "real" legend of King Arthur: Merlin was only a boy when he had to start protecting prince Arthur.

But can she go back into the past? Does she have the strength to protect Merlin from the evil powers that are threatening him? And can she keep her heart out of the business?

This is a story where I've mixed the TV-series "Merlin" season 1 and "The Twilight Saga". The story loosely follows the story of the TV-series, since it happens long after "Breaking Dawn".

And before I forget it: Kate speaks British English. Just so you know, or else she wouldn't be able to go back to the time of the legend. ;P

(BTW this story completely ignores season 2 and 3. I got the idea in the shows early days and plotbunnies simply can't be modified once a new season starts! ;P)

Hope you'll like it! :D

Before I forget: If you're a fan of the Tv-series "Merlin" feel free to join my group: BBC Merlin :D


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6 months ago I wouldn't have thought any of this possible. I wouldn't have thought that this could happen to anyone - especially me.

I've always felt insignificant and unimportant. But somehow, it seemed like I wasn't. God does exist after all.

At least I hope so...


Chapter 1.

A Good Day

I woke up to the sound of a guitar playing. Somehow I couldn't locate the sound but then I felt my mp3 lying on my pillow. I lifted my head to look at it.

Of course. My mp3 was on, and Jason Mraz's “I'm Yours” was playing. I took of my headphones and turned my mp3 off.

My head fell down on the pillow again. I didn't want to get up now but I had to. It was the absolute last day of school after my exams and I had to get there in time. I would see the seniors get their diplomas and next year it would be me.

I smiled at the thought and got out of bed. It was quite tough because my bed was about 6 feet above the ground. But I managed to get down, as I did every morning and made myself some breakfast. My mother and my brother had already left for work and school.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Shoot! We were out of milk.

Well life went on and I made myself some boiled eggs. It wasn't the best but it would have to do.

I sat down at the big table in our dining room and looked out the window in front of me. The sun was shining and there were no clouds at all.

It made my day. The sun would rarely shine but now the summer was finally here. And I was soon finished with school. The thought made my smile even wider.

When I finished my breakfast I put my dishes in the dishwasher. I couldn't wash the dishes myself. My skin somehow couldn't take the detergent. And I was too lazy to find my rubber gloves and do the dishes.

A stubborn teenager, I thought while silently giggling at myself. My mother used to call me that whenever I was being lazy.

took a shower, got dressed and cleaned my face. As I looked at myself in the mirror I noticed that my short light-brown hair had grown about 4 inches longer than shoulders length. It was looking like it always had – a side parting and it looked like a mess, since I had not slept with a ponytail that night.

Then my gaze moved towards my eyes. I thought they were the best part of me but also the worst. I loved my eyes because they were blue with a green edge but looked grey from afar. My eyes were gorgeous, beautiful.

But then there was the flaw. Eyes were said to be the doors to the soul. And I didn't want anyone to see my soul...

I stopped at that thought and went back to getting myself ready for my last day at school, as a junior.

As I went into my room I opened my closet but remembered that I had found my clothes yesterday. I normally never really thought about what I wore. But for today I had planned it exactly. I was wearing a turquoise dress decorated with roses, and I was wearing my white heals but then decided it would be better to wear flat shoes.

I tried to wear my wellington boots, but people would probably send me strange looks if I walked around with them on a sunny day. I laughed a little at that. Yes, sometimes I was strange in my way of dressing. It was always colourful but with a twist of rock. I think you could call my style a “Hippie Rock-chick”.

My thoughts suddenly floated back to the shoes and I found the perfect ones; my fake Converse shoes. They were old, beige and there were painted meadows on them. But I liked them. They would probably look strange and not very ladylike but I wanted people to think that I was a little childish. And my way of dressing probably showed it pretty well.

Then I took my purse, checked that everything I needed was in it and went to the front door to lock it.

When I walked over to the bus station I shot a quick glance at our flat. I smiled and thought about writing more of my stories when I got home. The thought made me smile even wider. (And I didn't smile that often. Only when I was with people I knew.)

The bus arrived and my last thought before I got on it, was that this day was one of my happiest days.

But I should have known better...


Good/bad? Should I continue? Is it too complicated?

(Your comments are the treasures that make me write!! :D)

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I really need to know if this fic ic worth sticking to! I'm removing it if no one writes a review...
it's awesome!! im waiting for the Merlin part.......
Thanks for the review Zafreen :D
(And I'm afraid you'll have to wait a couple of chapters for that part :P She has to get to know "her destiny"(<- note this is said with the dragons voice xD) before she can go back ;P)

I will post the next chappie soon now :D
I will :)
(I just need to correct some mistakes in the original Draft ;P I wrote the beginning of the story about a year ago, and my writing back then... well... let's just say I have improved since then xD)
I find a lot of things lately that I wrote forever ago :P (I found a story I started writing when I was 12 and wanted to publish... It was so rushed and ridiculous! xP I might have to re-write it completely, xb)
Even going back and reading some of of the things I wrote recently, I begin to think "Did I really write that?" It's really strange for me to read what I've written as a whole ;P
This sounds really good :) Please Post more!!!!!
Thanks Alexandria! :) I'm glad you like it so far :D
I will post more as soon as I've corrected the original Draft of chapter 2 ;P (It was a bit rushed through back then)
AN: I'm sorry for it taking so long for me to post chapter 2 :S I intended to just go back and correct the draft a little, but those corrections turned into paragraph after paragraph lol! xD (I actually think I added one more page to chapter 2 thanks to me filling it with xtra stuff ;P)
The chapter is perhaps a bit short, but I can promise you that future chapters will be longer (some even longer than you'd think xD)

AN2: Okay before you begin reading this chapter, I will like to make another announcement:

Chapter 2.

As I finally reached my high school I could see my friends standing in the crowd in front of a tour-bus. This was probably the bus that would transport the juniors to the building where the graduation ceremony would take place.

I walked over to where they were standing, when suddenly Lilly came running towards me and gave me a hug.

”Isn't this exciting! Next year we're the ones!” She exclaimed as she pulled back to look at me.

”And hello to you too Lilly,” I said sarcastically. But she knew I was only making fun. Lilly loved to be spontaneous and she knew I loved to make fun of it. She was actually precisely one year older than me but she was much more open. She always knew when fun was fun and when fun wasn't fun anymore - a great treat if you asked me. Maybe it was because she was from Argentina, I didn't know. But she was still one of my best friends and would forever be.

After or little greeting, we walked over to the others. Both Emily and Mariah were there. They were my other friends and both of them were in my class. So was Lilly, by the way.

”Hey Kate! How are you? Isn't this exciting?” Emily asked me. She was a little bit shy but she was very bright and sweet. I couldn't even imagine her being mad, and I had never even seen her sad. It was strange though that Lilly and her got so well along, since they were total opposites. But I guessed it had to do with the same things that made them my friends too.

Mariah was a very good friend too, but she on the other hand was very negative about many things. She was sweet - no doubt about that - but she was much more open than me, Emily and Lilly at the same time. She wasn't stupid either, on the contrary, she was very smart, but when it came to anything that had to do with technology, she was simply clueless. I felt very sorry for her because of that, and often helped with her computer, her calculator or other problems that were the cause of technology.

”Hello Emily! Yeah I can't believe it. And we're next!” I said exited and gave her a quick, tight hug. I was looking forward to the day I would get my diploma. And so were there others.

”Yes we're next. That means one more year,” Mariah said.

I knew she meant it well because she was the most earth-bound of us. I was the dreamer, since I wanted to be an actress or a writer, Emily was the smart, she was almost a straight A student, and Lilly was the funny, because she always found a way - even a clumsy or dorky one - to make us all smile. That was why we belonged together. We were friends for life.

”One whole year! It's almost unbearable to think of, right?” Lilly asked, while looking at each and every one of us with her bright, big eyes.

”Well we might be tired of going to school now but when we start again we'll be fresh and ready to go again," Emily said, and pulled a lock of her black hair behind her ear. "I think next year will be even greater than this year and first year altogether."

I smiled at the true meaning of her words. ”You're right," I then agreed. "I just hope it won't be as hard as this year. I mean my brain has been working 24/7 almost everyday of the year!” I tried to make a joke out of it but we all knew that this year had been very hard on all of us, even Emily.

”Yeah. But it will be worth all the effort you now,” Mariah declared. She crossed her arms, trying to make her point clear, and if anyone hadn't known her properly, they would have thought she was trying to be dominant.

Of course, Em, Lil and I knew better. She was the most mature of us, since she also was the oldest. She was only trying to look out for the rest of us. Our own personal momma bear. I couldn't help but smile at my thoughts.

Just as Lilly was about to say something again our attention was drawn towards one of the teachers. ”Attention all students! Please get on the buses. We will be ready to on approximately 10 minutes,” he said, while holding one of those megaphone devices to his mouth.

”Oh my God! This is so exciting!” I heard Jessica - one of the blondes in our class - cry out. She was one of the most childish and stupid persons I knew. And she hadn't changed one bit since our freshman year. All she cared about could be put into three categories: Gossip, parties and boys.

In fact none of the ”blondies” in my class had changed at all. They were still ignorant, stupid and selfish. It made me wonder how it was even remotely possible to be so shallow and still be able to go to school.

We all got on the buses and the ride itself took about 20 minutes. When we finally arrived at the ceremonial building, I began to get nervous. Miraculously I had been chosen to speak for the juniors about how we were feeling about next year, about our dreams, desires and hopes. I knew Emily would have been a far better choice than me - her being the smartest in our year - so it was absolutely beyond me why I had been chosen to do this. And in class, when we were discussing my speech and what it should contain - not many of the ”blondies” had actually participated. I wasn't surprised about it so I wrote a lot down that would sound good. I used many of the things my class had proposed to me but I had used my own feelings a great deal more. I was sure if I described my personal experience, it would sound far more convincing than if I was simply quoting the thoughts of my class.

I had for example used many references to the legend of King Arthur. The way he and his knights worked together, understood each other and learned from each other. And then the way the magician Merlin always helped Arthur. All that could be transfered into a High School Class. The knights and Arthur were the students trying to learn from Merlin, the teacher. And sometimes Merlin had to challenge the knights and Arthur, like a teacher who makes tests for his class. Or else they would never have been able to reign over Albion.

Or so the legend says.

We were finally inside when Lilly asked me with a caring voice, ”Are you nervous?”

”Of course she's nervous. She's speaking in front of thousands of people!” Mariah interrupted before I could say anything. In that moment I actually didn't appreciate Mariah's bluntness. But I wasn't that nervous, I knew the speech by heart. It was just my fear of doing something wrong on stage that made me nervous.

It was just about the same when I was singing in front of an audience. I was terrified of sounding like I was singing false, or they didn't like my performance or my voice. The fear of speaking in front of an audience was the same feeling.

Lilly, Mariah, Emily and I found our assigned seats and the ceremony began.

First our principal Mr. Murphey started with his traditional speech. He was the most kind principal I had ever met and therefore all of the students respected him. I carefully listened to his speech - even though I had already heard it to times before that. Yet, the words in it never ceased to amaze me.

After his speech some ninth graders who had formed a band, performed a song they had written. And after that there were more musical performances. I was beginning to get rigid in my seat, and Lilly - who was sitting next to me on my right - made more than more goofy comment about the various looks of the ninth graders. It made me relax a little, knowing that she was there, trying to calm me down by being funny.

Then the seniors held their speech, and how it beat last year's senior speech was beyond me. It was so beautiful and magical that I actually almost cried. I was glad I didn't, though. I wouldn't have been able to take Lilly's future comments about that and Mariah's sarcasm about it. Even if they meant well with it.

Mr. Murphey entered the stage again to hold his second speech. I could feel my pulse start to rise even as he was only approaching the stage. I was next and I began to feel the pressure of being the one to talk on behalf of all juniors. Gladly I hadn't started to sweat yet, that would have been embarrassing indeed!

He slowly began his speech, and I suddenly found that I couldn't sit still. It was like his speech couldn't go fast enough, I wanted it to be my turn now, and that was a completely new feeling to me. I had never felt like that, it was like somebody had just pushed it into my system with an injection. And that without my consent(And I was absolutely terrified of needles. I could hold a needle in my own hand but I couldn't stab myself with it. And if somebody was standing really close to me with a needle, I would be very close to screaming).

As much as I tried to sit still, I couldn't. It was like Mr. Murphey's speech had been set to slow motion. And because of that I got more and more restless. Even Lilly's comments couldn't calm me down.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, his speech ended and I was called to the stage. The spotlight was immediately on my seat, and I quickly got up from my seat, only to notice the smiles of my friends. I smiled back before following the spotlight to the stage. I was so eager to get up there that I suddenly tripped as I was on the stage walking towards the podium. I normally never tripped, unless I was walking in high heals or the floor was wet. But right now it had seemed like I had tripped over my own feet.

As I fell down I heard the audience begin to laugh. I blushed - and secretly hoped that Lilly wouldn't parody me in the future. I blushed, quickly got up again and walked towards the podium.

Great! You're turning into Bella Swan! That's what you get from reading so much Twilight! I heard a sarcastic voice in my head telling me. I had in fact become more clumsy since reading the book, but I had never tripped over a flat surface before - or over my own feet for that matter. Why was I suddenly beginning to to so now?

As the audience finally stopped laughing and quieted down, I opened my mouth to start my speech, but not a sound came out.

In fact I felt my mind go blank and I couldn't understand it. I had rehearsed this speech a thousand times! I knew it by heart! And know I had suddenly forgotten it? That made no sense at all.

Okay Kate. Take a deep breath and think of something. DON'T panic, A voice in my head told me.

How is that going to help me?! I forgot my speech! I argued.

Just improvise! You're good at it!

Right then I realized that I had been standing quite a while with my mouth open. I shut it and took a deep breath. ”Hello everyone. Er... I am here to talk about..." I tried to search my mind for something. "about what the juniors expect of next year...well we hope it's going to be a good year and could ...” I nervously laughed a little before I continued ”You could compare us to... compare us us to...” Somehow I couldn't remember what it was I had compared us to. Had I even compared us to something?

”Well I...I...” I could hear the crowd was beginning to talk and my stomach began feeling strange. It was like having butterflies inside of me and they were flying extremely fast.

”I...I have to go! Bye!” And then I ran out the back door of the stage.

Good? Bad? What do you think? :)
(She's going to meet the Cullens in the next chapter *cough* xD)

Comments might make Edward's POV of the story come faster xD lol!
*Hides behind a chair in fear* lol! xD I'm so glad you like it so far :)
I will try and get the next chapter out as soon as I can :D (It is the most rushed chapters I have ever written... I might have to re-write it or add even more paragraphs to it... But I'll try to be as quick as possible about it! :D)
*smiles in hope to soften the stern glare* xD
Cool. Post more soon, and BTW, I'm a new reader and I luv it a lot!
Thanks Fierce Fanpire :)
(I will add you as a friend to keep you updated :b)
More will be posted as soon as I've corrected the early draft of chapter 3 ;)
Post More!!!!!! that was really good (=


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