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 Chapter 1- Mysterious Hunter


I ran through the dense forest, frightened for my life. He was no where in sight - none of my family was. The dark haired, dark skinned hunter was catching up to me. I stopped at a cliff too high for me to jump and turned around to face my attacker.


“He’s dead. They all are.” She hissed through her teeth, “There is no one to save your puny little existence now. He was supposed to be mine!” She crouched into her battle position and sauntered forward to kill her prey.




“Alice! Alice!” Rosalie snapped. “Did you hear what I said?”


I was helping her plan her fifth wedding, but I couldn’t respond. All I could think was “She’s coming.”


“Who’s coming?” Rosalie asked absentmindedly, focused on her choice of a wedding dress. I hadn’t realized I was thinking out loud.


By now Jasper had run into the room, sensing my distress from Carlisle’s office.


“Alice, are you okay? What did you see?” he asked, already guessing my apprehension was from one of my visions.


“Jasper, she’s coming…to kill me.” I whispered, unable to speak louder, but I knew he could hear me.


“Who, Alice? Who wants to kill you?” Jasper growled.


“Her…” I put as much venom in my response as I possibly could. I realized, as Jasper bent his head down to look at my face that my vision hadn’t refocused. I looked at him and was calmed a little bit.


“Who are you talking about?” Rosalie asked, now concerned for someone other than herself, but I couldn’t speak. I was too terrified of what my vision showed me to answer her. I only wished that what I had seen will not happen, ever. I would not let this happen. I had to save my love.


A second later, Edward, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee walked into the house from hunting and Edward ran straight up to me. I could tell he knew what was happening and what I saw.


“Why would she want to kill you?” Edward demanded to find the answer.


“Well I’m guessing that you already know, so don’t ask questions you already know the answer to.” I said coldly.


“Will someone tell me who wants to kill Alice before I go crazy!” Jasper yelled frustrated that he had no clue what was going on.


“Jasper, Maria is coming and she wants to kill me.” I said as I tried to stay as calm as I could so I wouldn’t worry Jasper too much.


After three minutes of silence I was starting to get worried. “Jasper, I-” I began, but was interrupted as Jasper pulled me into him. He was squeezing me as tight as he could as if he would never let go, and I didn’t want him to.


“I won’t ever let anyone hurt you, I promise” Jasper said firmly.


”Jasper! We can’t!” I yelled, pulling away from him as I saw what he was planning. “We can’t just attack anyone who threatens us!”


“Sweet, another fight! Who are we fighting this time?” Emmett asked enthusiastically as he walked into the room. “Please, tell me this is not over Bella again.”


“Shut up, Emmett” Edward said. “This is no time for joking around.”


“Carlisle, Esme.” Jasper called to them. Once they got into the room, everyone livened up.


“Carlisle, we need to fight Maria. There’s no other way to deal with her. I won’t let her hurt Alice” Jasper pleaded.


I had to say something. I couldn’t just let them go on thinking only my life was in danger. “She saved me for last so that I would suffer” I said almost to myself, but everyone heard.


“Alice, you can’t possibly know that’s the reason” Edward said trying to comfort me, but his comment didn’t help. “The future can always change. None of us will die.” He glanced over at Bella and Renesmee and his blind hope almost made me optimistic, however I couldn’t let myself think like that. I knew what would happen and I couldn’t think of anyway to change it.



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Rosalie's dress from Chapter 5:

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Nessie' car from chapter 11:


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Chapter 18 – Strange Allies

“What are we going to do, Carlisle? Should we let them rule?” Edward asked.

“I don’t know. I guess we don’t have much of a choice unless we want another fight. We should just wait and see what they do,” Carlisle said.

Before anyone else could talk, the room in front of me disappeared and I was looking at a new scene. I was in a field with a group of vampires. At the front of the group, stood Stefan and Vladimir. They were talking in a language I couldn’t understand. They kept looking around as if they were waiting for someone.

A growl made Stefan look over to his right. I tried seeing what they saw, but when I looked where he was, the vision went blank.

Once I was in the present, I saw that everyone was staring at me. I looked over at Edward, who looked as if he knew more than I did about my vision. I tried to get him to tell me, but he just shook his head. I couldn’t make sense of what I saw. I knew Jacob’s pack and Renesmee weren’t planning anything with the Romanians, so why would my vision go blank?

Edward turned to Carlisle. “Carlisle, they have at least twenty in their coven and Stefan was thinking about ‘Copiii de la luna.’ He thought that if he and Vladimir thought in Romanian I wouldn’t be able to understand what they didn’t want us to know. They have become allies with what’s left of the children of the moon. Why would the Romanians join with the children of the moon if they weren’t going to fight?” Edward asked with disgust.

“What?! That’s impossible! The children of the moon and vampires are enemies. If the Romanians and the children of the moon tried working together, they would end up tearing each other to pieces,” Jasper exclaimed.

“Well let’s hope that they don’t, so when a fight comes we can take them on ourselves. What’s the fun of getting ready for a fight if our enemies kill each other before we get the chance?” Emmett asked excitedly.

“We aren’t planning to fight, Emmett. Besides, the children of the moon are not a joke. They are just as strong as we are,” Carlisle said. “We are not going to fight the Romanians just because they became the new rulers. We just need to keep an eye on things.” Carlisle walked away looking slightly worried and Esme followed him. After a minute or two, everyone except Jasper and I left the room.

“Jasper, I’m worried. We’ve never fought against real werewolves. If the Romanians decide to attack us, we would be out numbered,” I said.

Jasper pulled me into his arms. “I’m worried too, but Carlisle knows what he is doing. Besides, we have all our friends if we need help,” Jasper said back. A wave of calm rushed over me.

“Thank you,” I whispered into Jasper’s ear.

Jasper pulled away and said, “Why don’t we go hunting to get your mind off things? “

“Okay, let’s go.” I was eager to do something that required no thinking. Since the Romanians left, I started thinking about all that had happened. I couldn’t believe that the Volturi were truly gone. It seemed impossible that my family and I defeated our greatest enemy, but now a new enemy was rising. I could feel it.

I pushed away all thoughts and ran out the back door, happy to have peace, finally. Even if it only lasted for just a little while.

****This is the last chapter of Celestial Revenge, but there is a sequel. The sequel is called Lunar Avengement and you can find it here:
I hope you enjoy the sequel!


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