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Hey guys This is my second FF. Hope you like itt :)

Its about Jared and Kims Imprint.

Centre Of My Universe
Jared and Kim, imprint story.

Chapter 1.
Kim’s, POV.

Beep, Beep, Beep…
Beep, Beep, Beep. I slowly turned and hit the button on my alarm clock. I sat up and looked around my small room, my eyes landed on the calendar that hung by my bed, Today was the 4th of September. Great, back to school today. A new school year. Another year of hell. I hesitantly got out of bed to get showered up.
“What to wear, what to wear” I mumbled out loud, as I got out the shower.
I chose a cute outfit my friend Anna gave to me in the summer.
Once I was dressed I went to grab some toast from downstairs.
“Hey mum” I said as I munched on a piece of toast.
“ Morning Kim honey. Im off to work now, have a good day at school !” she said as she rushed out the door while trying to put her left shoe on.
“ Bye.” I shouted.
I took another slice of toast from the kitchen side and went to sit on the sofa. I flipped threw the channels on my plasma screen, I settled for everybody hates Chris. One of my favourite TV shows’ ever.
Then my phone vibrated. I cheeked the caller ID, it was my best friend Ben.
“ Hey, Ben.”
“Hey Kim, Im outside, c’mon lets go I don’t want to be late on our first day back.” He stressed.
“ Alright, okay Im coming you boffin.” I laughed and hung up.
I raced out side to Ben’s car so my hair didn’t get wet. Before I could close the door Ben speed off.
“ We have 15 Ben, School is only 10 minuets away. Whats the rush?” I Questioned.
“Im so not being late this year, we have Miss. Jones as our Form tutor. That equals a whole lot of scary, especially if your late.”
I just laughed.

We got to school before the bell went curtsy of Bens Crazy driving. We meet up with Anna, Bobby and Lewis, and that completes our group. We took our seats in form and right on bell Miss. Jones took the register.
“ Mr. Ben. Davies.” she called.
“ Hear Miss”
“ Mr. Harvey. Bigger.”
“ Morning Miss. Jones.”
“ Mrs. Kim. Stacy.”
“ Miss.” I nodded.
“Mr. Jared M-” she got cut off.
“ Hear Miss.” He bounded into the Classroom laughing.
“ Excuse me sir but you are late. That means Detention! 20 Minuets after school. You will learn the rules off my Classroom” she pointed at Jared.
“ But Mis-” She cut Him off.
“ Do you want me to make your detention time longer sir. I think not. Now go and sit down next to Miss. Stacy.” she gestured over to empty seat next to me.
“ Yes mam.” He saluted.
He took the seat next to me, and for the first time I saw his face.
He was So Hot! He was Tall with tanned skin, Big Mussels and short Black hair. He was Obviously a Jock of some kind, he had the look and the cocky attitude to go with it. He noticed me staring at him and winked at me. I froze, when I saw his dark brown eyes scanning my face. He chuckled and looked away.
Miss. Jones Ordered us to read a book called Privet Peaceful until form time was over, but I couldn’t concentrate. Not with this amazingly Hot guy sitting next to me. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed him around school before. I mean you couldn’t miss him, he was so Tall. I kept peeking at him all through Form, he never looked back. When the bell went for first Period he pushed his chair back nosily and walked swiftly out of the class. I stared after him.
“ I know totally Hot right.” Anna whispered into my ear.
“ Mm-Hmm” I replied.
Anna took my hand and lead me out of the classroom to biology.

That was the day crushed on Jared Mathews.

Chapter 2.

A year has passed and Jared hasn’t taken any interest in me.
He is to busy with His best friend Paul and other girls. Hotter, thinner, blonder, fake girls. I sit next to him every day in form and 2 other lessons too. He talks to me occasionally but only to ask the date or an answer to a question.
Today I sit next to him in English, not one of his strong points.
“ Hey, Erm what’s the answer to this one ?” he jabbed his pencil to the number 2 on his page.
“ its verb.” I smiled.
“ Thanks.” he wrote it down.
“ Hey what about this one ?” he asked a couple of seconds later.
“ well on that one you have to write a paragraph on one of Shakespeare’s plays. You have to write what you think he was trying to get us as an audience to feel about a specific character, such as maybe hamlet or Macbeth.” I told him.
“ Uh-huh” he nodded and went back to his work.
That’s all he said to me that lesson.
Jared was in my next class too, Math.
But he never turned up. How strange. I met up with Bobby and Ben after math and we went to the café.
Anna was already their at our usual table.
“ Hey Kim, Guess what ?” she shouted to me from across the room.
“ What ?” I asked when I got to the table, Ben and Bobby went to get some lunch so it was just me and Anna at the table.
“ I saw Jared run past me on my way to math. He Looked awful, all sweaty and hot. He was shivering too.” she informed me.
“ Really.” she nodded. “ Oh I hope he is okay.” I worried a little.
“ Don’t worry, Paul and Sam went after him. He should be fine.” she reassured me.
Just then the boys got back, so me and Anna changed the convo, Bobby and Ben didn’t like Jared too much.


A week went past and still no Jared, or Paul or Sam. It was strange.
Ben picked me up as usual today, but he seemed down, Upset.
“ Are you okay Ben, you seem kind of down.” I said as we got out of the car.
He didn’t answer me.
“ Ben….Ben….BEN!”
“ What, what !” he looked at me and I grimaced. “ Oh sorry kimmy, Im In my own little world today.”
“ What’s up?”
“ Well, okay im gonna come straight out with this. Ki-” I cut him of with an OMG !
“ Is that Jared,” Anna said coming up behind us.
“ I think so.”
“WOW” she mouthed.
Ben walked of with bobby mumbling on the way. I was to
pre-occupied to acknowledge it.
“ But he’s all…” I couldn’t finish my sentence.
“ BIG” Anna whispered.
We only saw the back of him but you could tell it was him, it was impossible at how much he had changed in a week. His skin was more toned, His muscles we humungous, And He was a whole lot taller. I know, how could he be taller ! I mean what was he must be about 6’7, 6’8 now.
The last Thing, He was HOTTER ! Even from the back.
“ Yeap.” I laughed. We trudged trough the rain to Form.
When I got in to form, Ben was slumped in his chair.
“ Sorry Ben, I got a bit side-tracked.” I told him.
“ What-ever Kim.” he murmured.
I was about to say something when Miss. Jones Called my name.
“ Kim. Stacy, go to your seat now!” she shouted.
“ Sorry Miss.”
“ You will be, that’s 20 Minutes after school your lady.”
I went to protest. But she held up her hand.
“ Save the back chat, that’s 40 Minuets.”
What?! I didn’t even do anything. She waved for me to sit down, so I obeyed. I walked down the back of the classroom to my seat and hesitantly looked to the seat next to me. Jared’s Brown eyes bored into mine. I froze in mid stride. His eyes were locked with mine. At that exact moment My Crush on Jared Mathews Grew into Love.
His eyes Mirrored How my heart felt. Full of love and adoration. His eyes released mine and flew over my body. I took the opportunity to look him over too. His face was even more beautiful than I remembered, it was now evened out in places it wasn’t before. He was wearing a Tight Brown short sleeved shirt , making his new and improved muscles make my mouth water. I looked back into his eyes to find him staring at me. He smiled and I absently beamed at him.
“ Miss. Stacy!” Miss jones screamed from behind me.
I turned to look at her surprised. Had she been calling me.
Oh No, how long have I been stood their looking at Jared!
“Yes miss.” I said urgently.
“ If you have quite finished Staring at Mr. Jared then you can get OUT of my CLASSROOM!”I Blushed, Hard.
She pointed to the Door and I Quickly ran out.
“ And your detention time has gone up to 1 Hour!”
Awwwh Crap !
I turned to Look at Jared one last time before Miss Jones Slammed The door in my face.

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im writing a sequel soon:)
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PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE let mhey kno wut the sequal is qoinq 2 b called ii cant wait.!!
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yeahh sorry about that lol.
i was ment to post the sequel last month BUT i broke my laptop :( so im stuck with my mums and i already had some good chapters and i want to use them.. so im gonna get my laptop fixed soon hopefully and then post the first chapter :D
im hoping to do it soon so fingers crossed :P x
ok ill be waiting...
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i know its been long since i posted and that but my laptop still isnt fixed :(


i think its guna be a good few months till i get it back soo i just hope you all wait :) x


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Awwwwww iT a good thing that im patient


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