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Old Preface: Takes place immidiately after Breaking Dawn. Jane and Alec were left behind to shadow the Cullens, and Leah imprints. Whats going to happen to them? Can a werewolf be happy with a vampire? Can they live together, or do the pack rules go out the window and will they be killed? Interesting twists and turns coming your way...

New Preface: Can a werewolf be happy with a vampire? Can they live together, or do the pack rules go out the window and will they be killed? Well as most of you who have been reading know, apparently a werewolf and a vampire can be happy together but can the child of a werewolf and a vampire be happy with a werewolf? Pay close attention to Aryn because she is very special and may suprise you...

This is a Fan Fiction me and my friend Shelby created...

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to us. Only the ones we make up. The rest belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Slogan: They thought that their love could conquer anything. That they could leave the past behind. Are they right? Or will there past come back to haunt them?

This story is finished but my co-writer and I are branching out and are going to post an edited version on other fanfiction sites.we will keep you updated on that process. the second book will be posted soon i promise. thank you for reading and if you are a new reader i really do hope you enjoy this.
Forbidden Love: A Twilight Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

After the confrontation in the clearing Aro sent Alec and Jane to watch over the Cullen’s to look for something to condemn them with. They kept their distance but Leah knew that Alec was the one, her soul mate, the one she would spend the rest of her life with. She hid her thoughts from the others but she knew if it came down to a fight she would have to choose the side with the man she loved but didn’t know.
After the tense meeting with the Voluri she went to the Cullen’s with Jacob and waited until everyone was gone before she searched for the one she loved (in human form). Surprisingly she found him and who looked like his twin speaking to each other in the same clearing they were in today….
“What are we still doing here?” Alec asked.
“Aro told us to watch the Cullen’s to see if they do anything wrong because he wants to punish them… somehow.” Jane said to her brother.
“We could be back home now, were wasting time.”
“I don’t think we are. I agree with Aro. The Cullen’s needed to be punished. I don’t know why we didn’t kill them a long time ago.”
“Maybe not, I don’t think we need to punish anyone” I feel like there’s something between that female werewolf and me. I don’t think I could condemn her to anything. I love her.
“Whatever, go if you want but I’m staying.” Jane said as she ran off.
Just then he heard a movement in the woods. Alec smelled the air, there was a strange aroma. He wasn’t sure what to make out of the smell.
Leah took a deep breath then walked out into the clearing. Alec noticed her immediately. They stared at each other for a long while before Leah moved closer.
Alec knew he wanted her there, but what if Jane came looking for him? He loves Leah, he didn’t want anything to happen to her, not because of what he was. But she kept moving closer, very slowly.
When she got close enough to touch him, she stared into his eyes. Alec stared back.
“H-hi.” Alec said nervously.
“Hi.” Leah said while smiling.
“I’m Alec.”
“I’m Leah.”
They stayed there talking for what seemed like days but only a mere 2 hours. When suddenly they both heard a very faint howl. Leah knew immediately what was happening, her small pack was worried when she didn’t come home. Alec caught on quickly.
“You should leave.” she could tell he was only speaking the truth but his heart wanted her to stay with him… forever.
“ I cant, if they knew…” she looked back towards the wood. Where her family was waiting. If they knew she was with a vampire, who she imprinted on, a Volturi vampire, screw the rules they would both be dead.

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A/N: Most of you who have been reading the story know things have changed a little and we are curious to know if you guys have picked up on the things that have changed.

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Forbidden Love: A Twilight Fan Fiction

Chapter 4

Meanwhile back in Forks….
Jane wasn’t worried about her brother till he didn’t return back to the hotel. When she looked out there suite window, his rental car was nowhere to be found.
Where was he? Why didn’t he tell her he was going somewhere? He would never do that they were twins, they told each other everything.
She called his cell phone…
“Hey you’ve reached Alec, I must be out of the castle at the moment. Maybe I’ll call you back later. Jane if this is you don’t worry about me, I can handle myself.”
“Hey its me, where are you? You never take the car unless you were going somewhere far away, or with someone… Alec please call me back, this isn’t funny. I love you…bye”
She gave up if he wanted her to know, he would have told her where he is and when he was coming home.

Meanwhile back in La Push….
The wolves knew something was wrong. Leah was nowhere to be found and Derek hadn’t reported in yet with his rounds. After the day everyone had they were hoping for a break from the drama for a while. Little did they know the drama has just began.
They went searching for Derek outside of the regular lines. When they started to smell ‘them’.
“Why would one of the Cullen-“ Seth started to say when he was cut off by both Sam and Jake.
“Not one of them.” They said together.
“I smell Lea too, why would she be out here with Derek and another vampire.” Quil said, a little confused.
“Maybe… Maybe they were ambushed”
Jake refused to believe that and he went over to investigate.
That’s when he saw Derek; his dead wolf body limp on the forest floor.
Leah was nowhere in sight and the stench of vampire hung to almost ever surface.
“Wait.” Seth started, “I smelled this same smell in Leah’s room when I went looking for her, I thought that maybe it was just a skunk or something Leah must have been close to him or her because I can pin point any specific smell. “If she was so close to a vampire she must be…. Dead. She wouldn’t just standby and watch a vampire kill one of our brothers. She wouldn’t, it’s not like her.”
“She cant be dead, not my Beta.” Jake broke down; he couldn’t handle this, not after everything that happened to them.
They would plan a double funeral only the wouldn’t be able to say there final goodbyes to Leah’s body.
A horrible ending to a horrible day, how is Sue going to handle the lose of another family member?

Seattle airport

“Leah, hunny we’re here.”
Leah opened her eyes to reveal the Seattle airport. The beginning of a long and happy life waited for them inside that building.
Alec got out of car and came over to open her door.
She grabbed his hand and got out of the car. “Are you okay Alec?”
He seemed puzzled.
“What I mean is I’m still half human, how can you stand how I make you feel? Thirst wise, I mean.”
“I honestly haven’t thought about it. Now that you bring it up… you seem to be different, you don’t stink like the others, your human self is more dominant but there is enough of the werewolf side that I’m not tempted to drink your blood. Plus, I would never want to hurt you.”
She smiled at him that was a lot to take in. He smiled back at her. They walked hand in hand to there next terminal. Leah and Alec bought their tickets then walked to their gate and waited for their flight. They waited for about an hour before there flight came in. Alec and Leah boarded the plane and found their (first class) seats. It didn’t take long until the plane was in the air.
“The sky is so beautiful.” Leah said.
“Just like you.” Alec replied.
Leah smiled and kissed him then returned her attention to the window. She saw a flock of birds fly by the plane.
“I would love to be a bird, there so pretty, so free.”
“But you are free. Free from any stress that your old life may have had on you.”
She smiled at him again. It’s like he knew her so well and they’d just met. Leah rested her head on the seat.
“Are you tired?” Alec asked.
“A little.” Leah replied.
“Your should get some sleep. I’ll wake you when we land.”
She kissed Alec then laid her head back on the seat and gently shut her eyes. Before she knew it she was fast asleep. Leah slept for what felt like days until Alec woke her. She cleared her eyes then looked around. Nope, they were still on the plane.
“Morning sleepyhead.” Alec said to Leah.
“What time is it?” Leah asked.
“1am Eastern Standard Time.”
“How long have we been on the plane for?”
“A couple hours. Come on.” Alec said to Leah while grabbing her suitcase.
“Where exactly are we?” Leah asked.
“Right, I knew that.”
He smiled. They walked through the Detroit airport to the Rental Car Center.
“Hello, how may I help you today?” the worker asked.
“We’d like to rent a car please.” Alec told her.
“Ok, do you know what kind of car you’d like?”
“Yes, a 2009 Green Camaro.”
Alec gave her the money.
“Ok, right this way.”
They followed the worker to where the car was.
It was beautiful.
“Thank you.” Alec said to the worker.
“Your welcome, have a nice day.” She said while walking away.
“Oh my god, this car is beautiful Alec!” Leah said with a big smile on her face.
“You like it?” He asked.
“I love it.” She said while smiling.
He smiled back.
This is pretty good so Far!
And by the way...This is mickey! lol
I posted chapter five on mine if you want to go check it out!
ha ha, i feel bad for seth and jane...theyre pobably freakkin out xD
they should get together lol =P
were goin to put in some things from seth and jane soon. scince our narrator knows everything aboiut everyone we are going to jump around. in the next few chapter we head back to la push and forks (where jane is)
yay! wouldnt the pack just attack jane if they found her? i mean her and alec are twins...wouldnt they smell pretty much the same? plus jake seemed really pissed...
maybe, maybe not your going to have to wait til then.... but the pack think alec and leah are dead and they may not run across jane
why would they think that alec is dead? wouldnt they realize that his scent leads somewhere after the encounter with derek....?
because they would never expect him to be WITH leah. they didnt know it was alec, specifically. its hard to explain but, things will be revealed just be patient its all going to be revealed.
Forbidden Love: A Twilight Fan Fiction

Chapter 5

They hopped into the car and Alec drove off.
“Where are we going?” Leah asked.
“It’s a surprise.” He said.
“Where are we going?” Leah; very persistent.
“Harrison, Michigan.”
“Oh, sounds nice.” She said hesitantly. Leah could never imagine a home without La Push and her fellow wolves, yet she couldn’t imagine a home without Alec in her life, not after what just happened.
They talked most of the time but there were some quiet moments were they didn’t know what to say. You could cut the tension with a knife, as her father always said. The trip from Detroit to Harrison took 2 hours 53 minutes. Leah and Alec pulled up to a big Victorian house.
“Who’s house is this?” Leah asked curiously.
“Ours, of course” Alec replied.
Leah’s eyes widened and she was speechless.
“Leah, you ok?” Alec asked.
“Yeah, it’s just so beautiful. You did this all by yourself?” Alec just noded. “Thank you.”
“Your welcome.”
Alec got out of the car and walked over to the passenger side and opened the door for Leah.
“Thank you.”
“Your welcome.” For some reason Alec held a very puzzled look on his face and when Leah returned his gaze he told her, “You know if this is going to work, you have to stop thanking me for things a man should always do for the woman he loves.”
Leah noticed that he said man and woman not just boy and girl, she gave him the most intense loving look she could muster in her state of shock.
They walked up to the house hand in hand. Alec reached under the door mat and pulled out a key. He gently put the key in the lock and turned it until they heard a clip then pushed open the door. Leah walked curiously into the forier and Alec followed close behind.
“Alec, this is amazing!” the home was larger than any house she has ever been in and the outside held a very old rustic feeling, but on the inside it was very modern. Leah could see herself living here, making a family.
“I know. You think we could be happy here?”
“Very. Maybe we could even raise a family…” She said that last part a little hesitently.
Alec looked at her in somewhat shock.
“Or not…”
“No no no, I wanna raise a family with you.” He said reasheringly.
“You do?”
“Yes, I want to raise a family with you weither it’s 1 child or 9.”
She smiled at him then kissed him. They walked into each room examining it talking about small things they need to fix.
When they stopped in the kitchen Leah noticed all new applienses , she was shocked.
“I asked the previouse owners to put in new kitchen whare, seeing how your still human you gotta eat something, and im sure a girl like you hate eating raw animals.” How did this man know her so well? She was so astounded, Alec saw she was happy and pulled her hand towards the rest of the downstairs.
When they were done looking at the downstairs Leah and Alec went to examine the upstairs. There were 3 bedrooms. They went into the smallest one.
“This could be a guest bedroom.” Leah said.
“I guess but I don’t think many people are going to come over and stay”
Leah shrugged alittle not sure what else the room could be used for. They walked into the second biggest bedroom. Leah and Alec looked at eachother. They both knew what they would use this room for when the time came. Then the walked into the master bedroom. Leah looked around the room trying to take everything in.
“It’s beautiful.” She said.
Alec smiled at her unsure of what to say but Leah knew that his words were in his smile. They walked out of the bedroom to the turret. The turret was at the end of the first hallway. Alec opened the door and stuck his head inside before going in the opened the door. The turret was small but nice.
“You could use this as an office is you want.” Leah said.
“That’s a good idea.” Alec replied while looking around.
“Thank you Alec, you really didn’t have to buy a house as nice as this one.”
“Yes I did, I want us to be happy, when we start a family I want them to be happy. I want to have wonderful memories with you in this new life.”
Leah started to tear up a little. She tried to hide it but failed. Alec gently wiped the tears from her face. He kissed her and held her close as she kept crying tears of happiness. The cold touch helped her in more was than one. When the Cullens would touch her her skin would quiver from the sensation, but Alecs touch were kind, gentle, and… helpful for it her held her into one piece. Without him her life would be nothing. She thought there love would concquer anything, that they would leave the past behind. Nothing could change this moment of pure pleasure for Leah.
we are posting everyday, we may be a little late when school starts. me and shelby love all of you guys, thanks so much for the support
OMG the story keeps getting better
u guys need to remeber that alec was in a black robe at the end of breaking dawn
and that he cant go out in sunlight.

if they do have 'a child or 9' how would the pregnacy go beccause it would be a quater human, a quarter wolf and half vampire

Please keep me updated

Love You Both For Life
Misz Jasper Whitlock Hale

Thank you =]. Yes we remember. If they do have a child or children the pregnancy would be somewhat like Bellas. We love you 2 lol xD
we know everything, we are carrying everything over. if she gets pregnant its gonnoa be a suprise. me and shelby already have alot done (chapter wise), we're thinking of everything. just so you know alec will not go in sunlight and he doesnt wear his robe when hes with leah. they live in an area thats beautiful yet secluded, dont worry and keep checking in I update every morning before work


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