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This story is in the middle of eclipse. Bella and Edward are getting married and Victoria is still after Bella, everything from Twilight to the fight in Eclipse is the same as S.M wrote it. It will start in the middle of the big fight between Edward, Victoria, Seth, and Riley.




Fire red hair came my way and I told myself that this was the end, as my eyes closed and I got ready for the pain the red of her hair was gone. She was being ripped, he looked up and I looked into his blood-filled eyes. They were perfect…




Whole Story In Bella’s Point Of View





Chapter One


Victoria. She was here and trying to kill me. She had someone with her as she came up through the trees but now she’s fighting with the man I love; Edward Cullen. Whoever she had with her was fighting Seth, I’m scared. What if one of my people gets hurt? Edward, Seth, Jacob, Alice, the pack, the Cullen’s. It would be my fault if they got hurt, their all fighting for me. They shouldn’t be but they are all because I’m here. If I would have never moved to Forks that day, this would not be happening. Victoria moved, trying to get to me but Edward moved faster. Because of his mind reading he knows what she’s going to do before she does it. I’m up against a rock with nowhere to go, nothing to do. I have to help. Seth just got pushed into a tree. I can’t let this happen! I can’t let them get hurt; it’s not them Victoria is after. “Victoria!” I yelled out, everyone stopped and looked at me. Victoria smiled her evil smile “Yes Bella, is there something you need to say?” she asked. I stood there, not knowing what to do or say, I never thought they would really stop. Edward looked at me, his face telling me he was confused and worried. He was watching both mine and Victoria’s every move. I tried to talk but couldn’t find my voice; I couldn’t get anything to come out. “You can’t do this” I said as my voice came back, the words cracked and it sounded as if I were chocking. “Why of course I can silly, I am aren’t I?” she raised her eyebrows at me and took a step closer, I took a step back into the huge rock that was behind me. “They didn’t do anything, you want me right?” I asked, my voice coming out better than last time and louder. Victoria nodded, Edward looked worried, Seth looked scared, and they other boy look confused. “Then come get me. I’m here Victoria and to tell you the truth, I don’t even care anymore so…Come get me!” I told her, she smiled. “NO!” Edward yelled as fire red hair came my way and I told myself that this was the end. As my eyes closed and I got ready for the pain the red of her hair was gone. She was being ripped apart and about to be burned, he looked up and I looked into his blood-filled eyes. They were perfect, I don’t even know his name but I know he’s perfect. No one moved, Seth and Edward looked with big eyes at the boy and Victoria started putting herself together. The boy kept looking at me as I looked at him, unmoving. In what seemed like no time Victoria was in one piece again and ran away, she was gone. The boys red eyes looked scared; he looked at Edward then back at me. “I’m sorry” he whispered “I never really wanted to, once I saw…You did nothing” I stood still, not able to move. It looked as if no one could move; we all just stood in place. Edward came to my side and rapped his arms around me; Seth followed Edward and sat next to me. The boy looked at us all then put his head down, he looked so upset. What did she do to him? “Hey” I said, the boy looked up. “Thank you and, it’s gonna be ok” I told him. “I have nowhere to go and…” he started but stopped. I looked up at Edward who was already looking at me, I started to worm my way away from him. Once I got away from Edward’s hold I slowly moved towards the boy, “Bella?” Edward asked “Trust Edward” I whispered. I was about two feet from the vampire’s face, “What’s your name?” I asked. He looked at Edward “Riley” he answered without looking from Edward. “I’m Bella” Riley looked back at me, “Nice to meet you” he said, he still looked scared. Edward moved forward, next to me and put his arm around my waist. Seth stood next to Edward, out of nowhere Edward’s head jerked up. Something happened. “What?” I asked, he didn’t answer. He picked me up and put me on Seth’s back “Run Seth, run down to the clearing!” he yelled and Seth took off like a bullet before I could say anything. This was my fist time riding on wolves back and I wasn’t sure what to do, I crabbed two handfuls of fur and lay on my belly with my eyes closed. Seth was fast, I’m not good with fast. As we ran I heard loud howling, it sounded as if someone was in major pain. A wolf, one of the wolves got hurt but who? Before I could really think Seth stopped and I was being lifted, I opened my eyes to see Jasper. “Jasper what happened?” I asked, he didn’t answer and I could tell he was holding his breath. He carried me to Emmett then put me down on the ground, the three of us sat there with Alice and Rosalie. No one is telling me what’s happening and I need to know! “Alice! What happened?” I asked, she looked at me. Her eyes looked pained, like they were pained for me and not really for whoever got hurt. Jacob, it had to have been Jacob. I broke down in tears and cried into my hands, I felt big cold arms around me that were most likely Emmett’s but I didn’t care. My best friend was hurt.










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Please post more soon!!
I love it!!
This story is amazing and I've only read one chapter!!
Can't wait!!
LOVE the first chapter! I can't WAIT for the next!

Hey! I made you a banner! Hope you like!
Thanks sooo much! I love it!!
Loved it! Can't wait to see what happens next! Can't believe Victoria is still alive!

Hay guys, I just wanted to say sorry it took so long to update and thanks for still reading.... Heres chapter two...

Chapter Two

Jacob. Jacob got hurt. It’s my fault. Mine, no one else’s. The loud howling went on, getting lower and lower in volume like it was being turned down. None of the wolves were here but Seth, they were all with Jacob, where ever that is. Edward and Riley are still up where the fight was just happened for all I know and everyone looks scared. They all looked like they knew what was going to happen but were scared anyway. I wish someone would tell me what was going on, no one ever tells me anything because I’m just a human. It sucks being a human! The Cullen’s all gasped, whatever they were scared for is here. Edward and Riley came out from the trees and both stopped next to me. “Go sit over there next to the girl” Edward told Riley. Girl? I looked over and saw that there was another vampire here, red-eyed and thirsty looking. Riley walked towards her and sat next to her, Carlisle and Esme stood behind the two of them. The girl and Riley begin whispering, not that everyone but me couldn’t hear anyway. I soon saw what everyone was scared of, from deep within the trees tall dark people came out. The Volturi. The person in front took their hood off and I saw that it was Jane; she smiled as she looked at me. Edward growled and she looked upset, I guess she tried her power on me again. The rest of the Volturi took their hoods off as well; there was Alec, Felix, Demetri, and someone I didn’t know. “Bella, it looks as if you’re still human” Jane said, Edward growled. “Jenna, tell us” Jane said, the vampire who I guess name was Jenna came towards me. Edward growled and looked as if he were going to attack her. Felix and Demetri grabbed Edward and held him in place as Jenna grabbed me. She held onto my hand the way Aro had when he tried to red my mind so long ago, her face went blank like Alice’s does when she’s having a vision. About thirty seconds went by and she let me go, “Shield, she will be a mental shield and will have the power to shield others as well as herself from anything and anyone that can do anything that has to do with the mind” Jenna said as she backed up, going next to Jane. The guys let go of Edward and also went back by Jane. “A shield? Aro will be very excited about this!” Jane said, “Now, who are these two?” she went on as she looked at Riley and the girl that looked younger than me. “There newborns that stopped fighting, the boy helped us” Alice told her. “You there, your names” Jane ordered. “Uh…Riley and that’s um…Bree” Riley whispered. The next thing I knew he was screaming. I closed my eyes and put my face into Edward’s chest. When the screaming stopped I put my head back up and looked Jane in the eyes. “Bella…What do you want to happen right now?” she asked. Is she really asking this? “I want you to stop being such a jerk and go away” I told her, all the Cullen’s looked at me as if I were crazy. I guess I’m on a roll today, I stopped Victoria and now I’m talking out to Jane. She smiled then asked “And what about the newborns?” I looked up at Edward then back to Jane. “I’m sure that the Cullen’s wouldn’t mind helping them out…
Right?” I said as I looked at Carlisle. “Of course, we could show them everything and teach them” Carlisle said. Jane nodded, “I’ll think about it on the way-” Emmett raised his eyebrows. “-To Aro silly, he wants to see Bella again” Edward, Emmett, And Jasper all looked ready to kill. “No, She’s not leaving” Edward said. Jane rolled her eyes, “You can come, he wants ALL the Cullen’s and…The dog can come to” she said looking at Seth. Everyone looked confused, no one moved. “Are you coming or do I have carry the human with you following?” Alec asked and Edward put me on Seth’s back again, everyone started running after the Volturi. Edward, Emmett, and Jasper stayed right by Riley and Bree as we went flying towards Italy…
Seth ran and I kept my eyes closed, it had seemed like hours went by before he stopped and I got to open my eyes. When I looked we were in the woods, alone. “Uh… Seth?” I asked after he let me down, everyone else was gone. “Bella?” Alec said from behind me, I turned around and saw him holding his hand out for me “The dog needs to phase” he said, I took his hand and he pulled me away. He took me to the same hole in the ground that I went down so long ago when I had to save Edward. Alec held my hand as we walked down all the same long halls I had walked down before and stopped in the same room. Everyone was there, when Edward saw me he looked a mix of happy and really mad, I’m thinking it’s because Alec was holding my hand. We stood in the doorway and waited, Aro came in the room from a door in the back, he smiled as soon as he saw me. “Wow, talk about the cool basement” a boy’s voice said. I turned around and there stood Seth with the same human woman that was here last time, she left and Seth came and stood next to me. Alec went and stood up next to Aro and the rest of the Volturi, “Friends! It’s so nice to see you and…Bella, still human I see” Aro said as he sat in his thrown type thing. No one said anything, Aro put his hand out and Edward stepped forward to let him see everything. Once Edward stepped back Aro looked at me, “A mental shield? Oh this is wonderful! Bella, come here” Slowly I moved towards Aro, he was smiling. I was about I foot from him when he pulled me closer and bit into my neck. “NO!” I heard Edward yell and the fire took over. “Take her back to one of the open rooms, the newborns as well” Aro yelled and I felt myself being lifted, blackness took over my vision while the pain took over my body.
Tell me what you think!
OMG that can't be happening!!
Oh and heres Jenna...

you need to go on like NOW please
awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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