The Twilight Saga

set when Alice and Jasper come join the Cullen family - bonding, slip ups, everything that comes with coming into and accepting new vamps into the family. Mrs Sky Cullen and I are writing this together. (1st chap mostly by Mrs Sky Cullen)


Chapter One~

I gripped Jasper’s hand, as I skipped down the driveway to my new home - oops, correction: our new home.
"So, do the Cullen’s know we’re coming?" Jasper asked, as we walked into a beautiful garden, with roses and dandelions and all sorts of pretty plants.
"Nope!" I said cheerfully, as we approached the huge wooden oak door.
Jazz looked concerned for a moment, but shrugged it off, as I knocked politely - not that I really needed to. I knew where the spare key was hidden, and that I would be living here by tonight anyway.
Three people came up to the door to answer. One was a tall, blonde woman, with curious but tight eyes, irritated. From my visions, I guessed this was Rosalie.
There was another, shorter woman, with long caramel hair, and kind, golden eyes. I knew instantly that this was Esme, from the soft way she looked at me.
Lastly, there was Carlisle, a tall blonde man, with caring eyes, and a kind smile on his curious face.
"Hello. Can I help you?" he asked, studying the two of us. He was the only one able to configure his expression. Esme was staring horrified at Jasper’s scarred figure, pity clear on her face, and Rosalie had jumped back in surprise, slightly whiter than normal, and looked as if she had just seen a ghost.
"Hello Carlisle," I said warmly, squeezing Jasper’s hand as he looked away uncomfortably. "I’m Alice, and this is Jasper. And you two-" I said, gesturing towards Esme and Rose- "Must be Rosalie and Esme."
I had to laugh as their gazes all turned to me, shocked that I knew them, when we had never met.
"Uh... Pleasure to meet you," Esme said, shaking her head back and forth, trying to understand what was happening.
"Pleasure to meet you too," Jasper said, bowing his head in respect, and also to hide his grin.
"How can we help you?" Carlisle asked again, a bit freaked out.
"We were wondering if we could move in. I want the room upstairs with the piano and amazing view," I said, grinning. Jasper hadn’t laughed until now, when we both saw the shocked and freaked expressions on each face. It was really funny!
"Excuse me?" Rosalie asked, unsure if she had heard me right. I rolled my eyes, holding back the giggles.
"We want to join your coven," I said, ignoring the annoyed expression that was now painted onto Rosalie’s face.
"You, err... want to join our coven?" Carlisle asked, unsure of what to say. Jasper and I both nodded eagerly.
I didn’t have to be Edward to know Esme wanted us to join, so she could look after us. Just by the way her expression changed from shock to love and understanding was enough for me to know that we were in.

"So, this is the room you wanted?" Carlisle asked, pointing towards a wide, open room, filled with records and books from different years, some older than others. In the corner was a black grand piano, with piles of music scattered on top and underneath. It was perfect.
"Yep," I said, jumping up and down with excitement.
"But that’s Edward’s room! Where will he work on his music?" Esme asked, dismayed.
"You have a garage, don’t you?" I asked, thinking back to when we had seen the outside of the house. Yes, I’m sure I remember seeing a garage.
"Yes..." Carlisle replied uncertainly.
"Then Edward can have that! You only have one car!" I said, looking up innocently at them. They looked at each other for a moment, and then shrugged. I laughed, and they helped us move the useless junk downstairs to the garage.
"Do you want to explain to me how you did that?" Jasper asked with a grin, as he picked up the sofa effortlessly, while I took piles of bad records off the shelves, and placed them in my arms.
"Seduction," I laughed, as we walked at a human pace down the long flight of stairs.
"You mean like you use on me every day?" he asked, and I swear if I could have, I would’ve turned pink. I giggled nervously.
"I guess," I said, thrilled.
We moved things around in silence for a while, both too nervous to say much.
Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie all just looked at us in awe. They were fascinated at the ease we seemed to feel around complete strangers. Especially Carlisle. He would occasionally follow us in our trips up and down the stairs, asking questions like "do you have any powers?" and "How do they work?" He avoided the subject of our pasts though, unsure he wanted to know. Neither of us minded, especially Jazz. He was just glad that they had all accepted him so easily.

Edward and Emmett came home a little after 7 o’clock. As soon as he entered the house, Edward was demanding to know why his room had been moved down into the garage, and then when he heard that Jasper and I, two complete strangers, had moved into his room, he went ballistic.
Well, until Carlisle and Esme reasoned with him.

"They’ve been in here all of two minutes and you give them my room?!" Edward cried as Carlisle drew Esme and Edward into his study.

"Well, Edward dear, we didn’t want to make them feel unwelcome," Esme crooned.

"I’m sure we can work something out. We could clear the spare room, or move my study if you’d prefer that one," Carlisle offered. I danced up to the wall. Jasper looked uncertain about eavesdropping – he needed to bend the rules a bit more.

"Alice, we should stay out of this…"

"Nonsense, Jazz. They’re talking about us, aren’t they? And it’s not as though I’m interrupting." I put my ear to the wall and heard Edward groan in frustration.

"What’s wrong?" Esme asked.

"The evil little pixie is eavesdropping," Edward muttered.

"Edward, you shouldn’t insult them like that. They’re your new family," Carlisle pointed out.

"Excuse me?" Edward asked – through clenched teeth by the sounds. Carlisle laughed weakly.

"Well, they wanted to join the coven…I wasn’t going to say no."

"Carlisle, what you have on your hands is a fairly newborn psychiatric patient and a Southern War veteran! They’re not just going to conform!"

"Neither did you, son."

This seemed to have struck a cord. Jasper shifted uncomfortably at the base of the stairs. I swallowed and pulled away from the wall as the door flung open. Edward sighed loudly and stormed out of the house, ignoring Carlisle and Esme’s cries after him.

"I’m sorry you had to see that," Esme apologised on behalf of all three. "Edward hasn’t been in a very good mood lately." I heard a deep chuckle from upstairs: Emmett, I guessed.

Esme shook her head slightly, looking very embarrassed at the state of her household.

"We might have come at a bad time," Jasper said. "We can leave you be, if you’d prefer: we don’t want to be any inconvenience."

"Oh, no, don’t leave! Edward’s just overreacting, that’s all," Esme assured us. She looked so heartbroken. She was clearly the mother of the family, but there were layers of her story – of the entire family’s story – missing. I was determined to get to know them. I already love my new family…the only family I can remember. I skipped upstairs and spun around in my and Jasper’s new bedroom.

My room, my house, my family; I was bubbly with joy. Jasper came and stood in the doorway, leaning on the doorframe as a smile crept onto his face. It didn’t reach his eyes though.

"What are you worried about?" I asked, putting on one of the good records I had kept up here. "They don’t want to hurt us, do they?"

"No," Jasper replied. "They’re honestly…welcoming." He said it as though it came as a surprise; as if the feeling of being wanted was unknown to him. I wanted to make him really smile.

"Come on, Jazz," I offered, pulling him into the middle of the empty floor. "Dance with me."






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awww i love it keep writting xx :)
awesome, how about.... Welcoming the future....or....A new beginning....or something *shrugs*
ooh or Welcoming the beginning of the future....
Hmm... thanks for the sugestions!
lol, i suck at giving names to stories but im so bored im doing it anyway! lol
Lol that's okay. They're great!
thnx! :)
And really? I might check it out!
awesome thank you for your suggestions :) and awesome we have a prequel!
i like this story man that made me laugh wen edward got mad lol
but keep me updated please!
Chapter 2! about equal parts me and Mrs Sky Cullen enjoy :)

Chapter 2 ~
Is this real? Because it doesn’t feel like it. All I can ever remember is war. Fighting. Death. It has been a part of my life for such a long time now. So, suddenly being put into a loving family, with a psychic vampire who seems completely at ease is not what I’m used to.
I keep expecting Carlisle or Esme or someone to pounce on me when my back is turned, but the emotions radiating off of them are foreign. I know its love and compassion, instead of the anger and fear I was used to, but it almost doesn’t feel right.
And then Alice! I think I’m in love with her, but how can I know when I haven’t experienced the emotion since I was human?
It was all so confusing. Yet, in some ways, I’m relieved that I don’t have to look over my shoulder all the time, and that they have accepted us into their family so easily. When I was in the wars down south, relationships were easily broken, and there was no such word as family. It was just death, fear, blood, and killing.
And that’s another thing I can’t get used to! Animal blood!
It doesn’t taste right. Its okay, I guess, but it’s nothing compared to the thrilling taste of human blood.
I shook my head, clearing my thoughts, as Alice and I danced to one of the few decent records Edward had. Slowly, I twirled her along the empty floor, watching as she smiled up at me.
I was mesmerised by her. She was so beautiful, with her short black hair, sticking out in different directions, and her eyes, already wonderful butterscotch. The grace with which she moved almost made my heart pump again, and the way she looked up at me gave me butterflies in my stomach. The emotions coming off her were making me smile widely.
She was happy, and the emotion that came off with her matched mine. It was love. I was sure of it.
“Hey Jazz,” she said, looking up into my eyes, which were still an ugly dark orange.
“Mmm?” I asked, lost in the music.
“I think I love you,” she admitted, but by the way she looked at me, I knew she saw through me, knowing that I loved her too.
It was such an exhilarating emotion, love. It was like nothing I had ever felt before.
It was like I had died, and gone to heaven, though I doubted that was possible. If I was going anywhere, it was hell.
Maybe though, just maybe, it wouldn’t be hell, if Alice came with me.
I smiled at the thought.
“I think I love you too,” I said, letting myself get lost in her eyes.
I hadn’t realised I had been leaning towards her, until our lips met for the very first time.
At first it was gentle, fleeting, but neither of us could let go. It was like a gyroscope, each of us pushing the other on, only to be pushed back. I didn’t realise how long it lasted until I felt Alice hit the wall. The record jumped, snapping both of us out of it.
“Is everything okay in there?” Esme wondered from outside, prepared to open the door. I looked at Alice, who just stared back. She was thrilled, but at the same time nervous. Excited and joyful but…frightened.
“I’m sorry,” she breathed. “I didn’t meant to surprise you like that.”
“No, it’s my fault…I should have been concentrating,” I said, shaking my head. I forced myself to take a step back.
“Alice? Jasper?” Esme asked, concerned. The door creaked a little further open.
“We’re fine,” I told her as I ran past, flying down the staircase and out the door. I could feel the concern radiating off both of them as they watched me disappear – I hope I didn’t do too much damage to Carlisle and Esme’s back door.

I ran deep into the forest near the Cullens’ house, and climbed up a thick, gnarled willow. I tore a few leaves to shreds, then ran my nails along the bark. The wood curled up and dropped into the puddle below the tree, and I watched them. I stared for a long time into my own murky orange eyes, but all I could see were Alice’s perfect butterscotch eyes. All I could think about was my kiss with Alice. Her eyes, her lips, her sweet breath…it was mesmerising. I jumped down and landed in the puddle, destroying the image of Alice’s eyes. Who was I kidding? She was better than I deserved: how dare I fall in love with such an angel.
But she loves me back. I think. I hope with all my heart that she loves me back. If it’s true, then I will make sure she deserves me. I will make myself kind enough and disciplined enough so that Alice and I deserve each other.

Another strange feeling: purpose.
In the army, we had purposes, of course, but they weren’t personal. It was more like ‘conquer this’ and ‘invade that.’ The pay was poor, and the death rates high. We only worked for our side’s purposes, though nobody agreed with every single one. In Maria’s army, we worked for blood, and for life. I had seen the destruction of hundreds – maybe thousands – of vampires just as skilled as I was, and yet fear was unknown to me. We could not feel fear, because if we were scared, we were killed. We kept attacking, wave after wave, on Maria’s orders simply because there was no other option. Now I had another option, but it seemed stupid for me to take it, because if I did I would miss out on Alice. I had a purpose now: personal and unnegotiable.
Alice loved me.
I loved her.
I would have to work hard to earn her love, and I was willing to do whatever it took. I was determined not to waver from the path to her heart. I would conform to the Cullens’ ideas and their diet – as monotonous as it was – if it meant I would finally earn Alice.

But everyone makes mistakes.


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