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Ryder Moore glanced out the small circular window of the plane. They were almost in America as he was beginning to see the airport. His upper lip twitched ever so slightly as he was still just a little anxious to be in a foreign place. Living in Britain for seventeen years and then suddenly switching to America was a drastic change. Especially if all the American shows he had seen was how they really acted. Licking his dry lips, he began to remember his seventh birthday.


The day was hot, but the soft breeze that blew in from the West made it seem cooler than the ninety it was. On the swings of Whitechapel Park, Ryder sat with his best friend since birth, Emmaleigh. Emmaleigh’s hair had been straightened for his seventh birthday; it was tied back in one, single cream ribbon that was soft as silk.

The rest of the kids in which were invited to Ryder’s seventh had dispersed onto different sections of the playground after fifteen minutes of playing with water guns had passed. Believe it or not, he was completely content on just sitting on the swing, his best friend and him laughing and conversing. His hair, after hours of arguing with his mum, was a happy mess on his head instead of being slicked back into a rather unattractive fashion.


Emmaleigh wore a soft pink dress that complimented her pale skin tone. Seeing as it was just plain and simple with a ribbon just a bit darker than the dress that it was tied around, Ryder loved it. And so did Emmaleigh. His mum called to the children loudly, but still held that soft tone in her voice. Ryder often found himself wondering how she did it.


Ryder swung once more and when the swing was at its highest, he jumped from it, landing a foot in front of his swing. Grinning at Emmaleigh, he extended his hand out to her. He was just a bit tanner than she was. She took it and gave a smile.


“Thank you, Ryder,” The angel-like British tone rang out as she slid from her swing, letting his hand go now. She made her way over to the table, chewing at the inside of her cheek because she really wasn’t sure how to tell her best friend she was leaving him.


“My pleasure,” He replied as he walked to his mum with her, wrapping around the woman who looked around thirty with the naturally platinum blond hair that fell to her waist. The mother smiled and patted at her son’s hair.


She waited for the children to silence down and then looked at her son. “Among all the good news, I have just learned some bad news,” She admitted and Ryder looked up with curious blue eyes, noting that Emmaleigh stood away from the group.


“What is it, mum?” Ryder asked curiously.


“Dearest Emmaleigh and Melissa,” Melissa was Emmaleigh’s mom. Or, maybe Melissa was her aunt… Ryder couldn’t remember, “They are leaving us,” Ryder’s mum finished and his face fell. Emmaleigh looked down as everyone stood, shocked. Emmaleigh had been a wonderful friend to everyone. Especially Ryder who didn’t even want to bear the thought of not having her around; they were basically brother and sister now. He shook his head and let go of his mother, running to his friend and stopping, his hands on her shoulders.


“Don’t leave,” He begged her, he hadn’t ever begged for anything. But this was something worth his begs, or that’s how he saw it. Tears were welling in his eyes.


Emmaleigh wiped away the few stray tears on her cheek. “I am so sorry, Ryder!” She wailed and just hugged him as tight as she could before he was being torn away from her by Melissa. He was still crying. He was going to miss her dearly.

And missed her is exactly what Ryder did. Ryder shuddered in sadness. The plane had landed and people were getting off of the place. He grabbed his luggage and shimmied into the line as they slid into the airport. He glanced around for a second before he recognized the face of Jonathon from the picture his mum had given him; this man was to drive Ryder around and assist him in America.


He had grown up to be something else. He was a ladies’ man. A person who would kiss and ditch; a hit and run love accident. He wondered if Emmaleigh remembered him. Hopefully she would, it’d be embarrassing to tell her about all the things she wouldn’t remember. He couldn’t imagine that happening, he’d make a fool of himself.


He let out a sigh, thinking of the lack of pictures he had gotten from her. Surely she would’ve done something to let him know she didn’t forget about him, but she hadn’t and he knew all he could do know was hope. His phone rang and he glanced down; touching the green Accept button on his iPhone.


“We’ve landed, mum,” Ryder chuckled as he walked over his driver, Jon… He hadn’t met but one Jon and he didn’t particularly care for the one he had met but maybe this new Jon he knew would be nothing like the old.


Hope, that was all he could do for now. The boy ran a hand through his dirty blond hair as he thought about the times he had gotten his hopes up to high and they had been smashed. It was four in the morning, nodding lightly.


“Time to get to school,” Jon announced as he ushered Ryder into the car, shutting the door behind him. The blond now watched as the tall, twenty-nine to thirty year old man with black hair slid into the drivers’ seat and began to head down the road of the new city Ryder hadn't even heard of before this.

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Ahh! It's so good Hannah! I can't for you next update! ^___^
It's coming soon, or, soon as I think it's perfect. x3 BUT I AM SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT. <3
I'll admit, I'm making something for the story, or, these people.

LOL, what does that mean?

my writing is taking longer. lol BUT I'M GETTING THERE. i'm trying to work out in my head how i want the school to look. and i think i got it. :D

A/N;;; Chapters will be shorter. :)


Chapter One


Ryder watched as the street signs and buildings were passing in a blur. His mum was blabbing about anything she could to hold onto the conversation.


“Yeah,” He said absently. “Look, we’re at the school. Bye,” He lied smoothly, hanging up on his mother. He’d grown upset when he realized she was just shoving him onto the plane and not coming with him. The nerve; he’d definitely get her back.


Ryder tilted his head. “Starbucks…” He chuckled happily. “Pull in here!” He spoke to the driver quickly. If there was one thing that he could drink every morning no matter what, it would always be something from Starbucks coffee. As the sleek black car rolled to the drive through, he could hear a woman’s voice that was surprisingly perky for such an hour in the morning.


Ryder rolled the window down and shushed Jon with his hand. “I would like a Grande Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino,” Grande was a medium; it was all very confusing to him. He licked his lips from habit and pulled a ten from his pocket. He confirmed the order when the overly perky woman repeated it back to him. Maybe she was really into his accent; hell who knows with her.


Jon rolled his brown eyes at the British boy in the back. It was just one of those mornings where anything that anyone did would annoy him; and Ryder understood that. It was one of those things a guy knows. The car rolled up to the first window, Jon passing the window but stopped just when Ryder’s window matched the one at the Starbucks.


“Hi, your total is six dollars and fifty-eight cents!” The girl giggled, her voice was an annoyingly high whining sound. It hurt his head to be truthful. The girl was pale, no more than a year or two younger than he was, she had bottle blond hair and eyes that almost looked white – then he realized she was wearing contacts that made them look like that and he grinned at her.


“Keep the change,” He winked, slipping the ten dollar bill to her. Ryder hadn’t really meant to be charming, but the thick accent and the wink tipped this girl he didn’t know over the age; it was plastered on her face. Her features turned to a star-struck person as she, in turn, gave him his order. Jon smirked and pulled away.


The brown eyes of Jonathon glanced into the mirror, meeting the blue of Ryder’s. “Ah, we’re here,” Jon broke the awkward silence, parking the car in a spot. Ryder’s eyes immediately glanced out of the window. He licked his lips slightly. The school was very large, somewhat intimidating to him. It had many windows; it had a dark and gloomy twist to it to make it more appealing in a certain way that was floating in the back of his mind.


Why was this school so appetizing yet scary? It was surprising him as he stood there. Finally he nodded and grabbed his back pack as he got out of the car.


“I’ll be back to pick you up at three-fifteen,” Jon said and with that, Ryder was alone, standing in front of the foreign school.


“Well I’ll be damned,” A very familiar voice rang out from behind him.





A/N;; like i said, this is the first chapter, that was just his seventh birthday flashback and stuff. these are the real chapters. :)

Ah. Great Hannah! I can't wait for more!!!! ^___^
You make me feel like so confident on my writing. <3
I love it!!!!!

i love it cant wait to

Sounds interesting post more soon please!


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