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~Jacob’s POV I was doing my daily routine: make a sandwich, sit on the couch, watch TV, etc. All of this happening while having an idiot (aka Jared) come visit me and torture the living crap out of me. Again… Today’s “special” routine was interrupted by a thundering crash near the front door. I rose to my feet, opened the door, kicked Jared, and found a 13-year-old girl, in the doorway, that looked like she was hit by a car (and not in the good way, either.) Ok, I panicked (a little) here. I threw Jared off the couch in such a hurry, he went through our new 52” plasma. Oh, that poor plasma, I mean girl…
“What the crap are you doing!” Jared was completely ignorant of the girl on the couch. How selfish!
“Shut up and do something smart for a change, like maybe calling Carlisle!” I barked at him. Not literally.
“Fine, fine, whatever. This is just an excuse to not make me a sandwich,” He mumbled, still not seeing the girl on the couch. “Why do we need Carlisle anyway?”
“Just dial the stupid number. Tell them there’s an emergency down at La Push and we need him now!” I was in a rush. This girl seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t place her face.
And then I knew, she looked just like my mother.

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O.M.J. u 2 are geniuses! this rocks!
Yes, indeed WE are. More coming soon as long as there are people who like it.
of course i luv it twin! u and BC are the perfect team!
WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We did, happy?
~Carlisle’s POV
I was being sure to keep my mind on focusing on removing the tumor properly; blood did nothing to throw me off. However, once I got the call, nothing seemed to be in order. It was as if in the time I was gone to answer the call and guide Dr. Snow through the tactic I used for surgery, everything was disorganized and in a jumble.
Once I heard the words “La Push,” I knew something happened with the wolves once again. I could not run, better yet, I should not run, but this was an emergency. I was out of the ER and running to the Blacks’ house in a matter of seconds. I was courteous enough as to knock first, but being gentle was not the easiest task. A doctor must hurry and not stop, but once told of an emergency, we must continue to do our job without being hasty.
“Seth, are you alright?” I was quite sure it was Seth, thinking of his history of injuries.
“It’s not Seth you quack! It’s some chick Jacob found. Right, Jake?” Jared was Jared. He was not hurt, Jake was not hurt, she was a human, or, at least, that is what I thought, at first.
“Who, may I ask, is this?” That’s when her eyes opened and widened at the sight of us. She sat up and said:
“I’m Emma,” she then looked at Jacob and said, “Right, half- bro?”
O.M.J. nice!
~Emma POV
“Um, can you stop staring at me?” As far as I was concerned there were two really tall guys and a semi-cute doctor dude. “Hey, I didn’t think doctors made house calls anymore.”
“Well, I am one to make exceptions. By the way, my name is Carlisle, pleasure to meet you.”
“I’m Emma, and I suppose one of those tall guys that are staring at me like idiots who have never seen a girl before is my half-brother, Jacob.” One of the guys slowly half-raised his hand.
“Are you sure?” the doctor dude asked.
“How positive, exactly?”
“As positive as I know it snows in winter.”
“Good, now, what exactly happened to you?’
“Well, I was going to see my half-brother Jacob, but I think I got hit by a couple of cars on the way. Maybe nine, ten, I stopped counting after a while. At least I made it to the door before passing out.”
“A normal human could not have survived that. I would like to take you to my home for further examination, if that is alright with you.”
“Sure, Doc, whatever you say.”
“I wonder how the vamps will like a werewolf in the house?” the other tall guy asked. I’d ask his name, that is, if I cared.
I found my half-brother, and now I’m going to the vampires house. It’s Fantasy Land, and I’m the main attraction. Throw me some peanuts, why don’t ya?
~Edward’s POV
Carlisle was warning me to be careful, by thoughts, of course. I was in shock of what he was thinking of. Alice already saw what was coming, well, partly anyways. She didn’t see the girl. That meant only one thing: The girl was not vampire nor human. It could only be a werewolf.
The big thing on everyone’s minds was: What is Carlisle doing bringing a werewolf to our household?
Emmett was already thinking that Carlisle was mentally insane. Nothing else from him besides sports and, ugh, Rose. Rose was thinking of killing the werewolf (with a frying pan?) and of Emmett. Jacob was correct of the concept of the blonde joke. Bella was.. I can’t read her mind. Nessie was curious if it was Jake coming. Esme didn’t really care who was coming. As long as we were safe and that Carlisle knew what he was doing, Esme was fine. Jasper was with Alice, trying to stay calm. Alice was just preparing herself to run towards the door to welcome them. This is one crazy family, aside from the fact we’re vampires.
When the girl walked through the door, our presence didn’t phase her. In my own opinion, she smelled very, peculiar. Apparently, everyone else thought so to because they were giving me a mental headache since I cannot have real ones. Everyone stared at the girl in blood.
“Great-Great- Whatever. Emmett!” She cried as she ran through the door. She went and hugged Emmett, getting blood all over him.
Carlisle came through the door a few seconds later, out of breath.
“That young lady is exceptionally quick on her feet. Perhaps she could even beat Edward.”
Emmett finally came to his senses. “Who are you?” She giggled and said very casually, “I’m Emma, nice to see you, Gramps.”
omg that's funny keep posting it's great
~Rosalie’s POV
I am going to kill Emmett. I am going to kill Emmett. I am going to kill Emmett again, and again, and again. I don’t care if he’s my husband he can kiss his eternity good-bye. Get off me Alice. Get off me Jasper. Go make yourselves useful and start a fire. The ripping him to shreds will only take a second.
“Jasper a little help here,” someone who sounded like Alice said, but apparently everything I know about my family is a lie. It might as well be Edward.
“I’m trying honey, but you don’t get it. She’s really mad. I hardly even phase her.”
“Oh this is all my fault!” the problem announced. Yeah, it is your fault. Wait, if I kill her all my problems go away. And, killing a werewolf is a lot easier than killing a vampire… I lunge toward her, teeth out biting air.
“You don’t get it, I’m not a werewolf,” everyone else stops everything, even holding me. I run at her, going in for the kill, but she just pushes me away like I’m nothing. I fly through the back door, never taking my eyes off the target. She holds her wrist up to Edward. “See, I don’t smell. Even Rosalie should be able to smell me, but she can’t.” I can’t smell her. Oh well, back to square one. I am going to kill Emmett. I am going to kill Emmett...
~Jasper’s POV
Trying to calm Rose down when she’s mad is like trying to tame an angry lion. I do what I can, but usually that’s not enough. Right now she’s lunging toward Emmett. Later, I have to ask Edward what she was thinking. We’ll probably get a good laugh about it later. I can just imagine what she’s thinking. Now she’s laughing. When Rose is mad it’s hard to calm her down, making her laugh is easy.
Since Rose isn’t lunging at anyone’s throat right now, we tried to tidy up the mess Rose caused, well everyone else cleaned up. I was in charge of keeping her in line. This meant using my almighty power to keep her from killing anyone while sitting next to her where she is chained to the couch. Basically I’m a babysitter without the paycheck.
“This is so unfair,” Rose was getting whiney… Oops.
“Shut her up. Will ya,” apparently attempted murder was not easy for Emmett to forgive. I for one don’t understand. Alice has tried to kill me hundreds of times and I always forgave her. Maybe I’m just more mature. Must tell Emmett later, with his gambling problem I could win a few bucks. I wonder if Rose has ever tried this before. Knowing her she probably tried to kill him in his sleep.


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