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~Jacob’s POV I was doing my daily routine: make a sandwich, sit on the couch, watch TV, etc. All of this happening while having an idiot (aka Jared) come visit me and torture the living crap out of me. Again… Today’s “special” routine was interrupted by a thundering crash near the front door. I rose to my feet, opened the door, kicked Jared, and found a 13-year-old girl, in the doorway, that looked like she was hit by a car (and not in the good way, either.) Ok, I panicked (a little) here. I threw Jared off the couch in such a hurry, he went through our new 52” plasma. Oh, that poor plasma, I mean girl…
“What the crap are you doing!” Jared was completely ignorant of the girl on the couch. How selfish!
“Shut up and do something smart for a change, like maybe calling Carlisle!” I barked at him. Not literally.
“Fine, fine, whatever. This is just an excuse to not make me a sandwich,” He mumbled, still not seeing the girl on the couch. “Why do we need Carlisle anyway?”
“Just dial the stupid number. Tell them there’s an emergency down at La Push and we need him now!” I was in a rush. This girl seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t place her face.
And then I knew, she looked just like my mother.

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hey! i'm not always mad at jasper!
~Emmett’s POV
“Honey, would you mind telling us what exactly you are?” Esme’s voice is always comforting, even with Rose trying to kill me, Jasper sitting a little too close to my Rosebud, and my Great- Great Granddaughter in the living room.
“Well, it’s kinda hard to explain…”
“That’s fine, dear. Edward you mind explaining to us what Emma is?”
“But of course, Esme.” Edward looked, blank, as he tired to configure the words. But just fell short. Then, he tried explaining to us once more.
“Your ‘present’ is taking up our time, Edward, my dear, my darling, my one and only love, my-” I was cut short of my mock by Esme. Never would I have said anything if I had seen that expression of pure hurt upon her face. Luckily, Edward spoke, but not what we were expecting.
“She’s like Nessie,” Edward said while gazing adoringly at his daughter. “But instead of half-human she’s half-werewolf.”
“And the other half?” We asked in unison.
~Alice’s POV
This was a shock to us all. No wonder I couldn’t see the child.
“Can you do anything special?” Carlisle seemed interested in the girl. She slowly nodded.
“Well…” Emmett impatient as always couldn’t wait. I admit I’m anxious too, since I can’t see her answer.
“I can manipulate people. Their thoughts, their actions… I scare myself sometimes. It doesn’t matter how good of a shield they are. I can make anyone do anything I want them to.” She really did seem scared, but her moment was interrupted by Rose.
“I don’t believe it. This is mental, right. Make Bella do something. Anything.” I could tell she didn’t want to do it, but I think she thought she had to. Why couldn’t I be Edward?
“Fine. Bella, do a handstand. Hold it.” As soon as she said the words, Bella was in a 90 degree vertical. But she wasn’t done yet. “Edward, lock yourself in your room, and don’t come out. Emmett slap Rosalie in the face.” Everyone did as they were told. Now I was scared. She really could make us do anything.
“Make it stop,” Jasper told her. He had left Rose’s side and had a grip on her arm.
“You just had to ask,” she said. As if we knew that. The mind reader was locked in his room. “Undo.” That was all she had to say and everything was back to normal. Edward was out of his room, and Bella was on her feet.
“She can’t stay here,” Rose was always one to judge. “She’ll control us. She’ll make us her slaves.”
“No, I won’t. I learned my lesson a long time ago.”
“Well I believe her. She is our guest until I say otherwise.”Esme has always seen the good in people.
“No, I’m not a guest. I was named in honor of my great-great-grandfather, Emmett. I just want to be part of a family.”
that is real good please more and please add me thanks.
~Nessie’s POV
The only place for Emma to sleep had to be my room. She takes up half of the bed. Plus she talks in her sleep. Nothing interesting, either. Just the same thing over and over. “His blood fills my nightmares. His presence haunts my dreams. Everyone should be careful, because nothing is as it seems.” It’s kinda catchy. I’ll tell mommy tomorrow.
I wake up extra early to tell mommy the rhyme. Everyone else except Emma is awake. I run to mommy and touch her face when she leans down to pick me up. She looks concerned. I don’t know why. It’s just a silly rhyme.
“ Honey did you hear that rhyme from Nessie,” Mommy even sounds worried.
“Uh-huh. Sweetie where did you hear that?”
“Emma was saying it in her sleep,” I rarely talk out-loud, but I thought everyone should hear. Right then, Emma walked in the room.
“Emma, why were you saying ‘His blood fills my nightmares. His presence haunts my dreams. Everyone should be careful, because nothing is as it seems. Whose blood? What does it mean?” After Mommy finished, Emma tried to run. Carlisle was right, she was fast. Much faster than Daddy. But Uncle Emmett had a head start. He had her pinned to the ground before she could get far.
Mommy stood over her, Emmett still on her. “Whose blood?” she asked. She sounded mad.
Daddy answered for Emma, “The blood is that of her half brother. I think she should tell the rest of the story. I also believe her half brother should be here… So should his friends. Bring them here, please.” Daddy seemed to be laughing to himself.
“Pack… come.” Was all she said. But everyone except me froze.
~Esme’s POV
Within seconds the entire pack was here. I hadn’t even made any food for them.
“What are we doing here? The place reeks,” Jared always so considerate. “Oh, she’s here. So how do the vamps like a werewolf in the house?”
“She’s only half werewolf. The other half is vampire,” Carlisle is always so informative.
“So what are we doing here?” Jacob didn’t seem frazzled like the rest of his pack.
“Well apparently my great-great-granddaughter is one of yours half-sister. Besides Leah that is,” it’s just like Emmett to just state the facts. His grammar could be better, though.
“At my house she said it was me. By the way you look good for someone who got hit by ten cars.”
“And a motorcycle.”
“Wait, I’m related to dog boy,” Rosalie seemed to have trouble accepting the fact. “And as everybody forgotten I’m still chained to the couch?”
“Oh, let me get that,” Emma was such a dear. She touched the lock said, “Unlock,” and the chains fell. Even I joined the staring after that little number. “What? Did you want me to make them dissolve, because I can.”
“You never told us you could do that. You only said you could manipulate people,” I said, astonished.
“That reminds me…” she grabbed Jacob’s hand and uttered one word: remember. Then Jacob looked at her with a new light in his eye.
“Emma?” he asked his voice full of hope. She nodded. Then he shocked everyone by saying “Oh crap,” like it was the end of the world.
“What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy to see me?”
“I’m more than happy. It’s just… I-I think I just imprinted again.”
Where are our peanuts?!
omg that was awesome write more
hey! u make jasper seem like a psycho! lol
Emmett as a grandfather! lol!
This is very good! Sorry about my impatientness, and I would give you peanuts if I had any, but I don't so sorry!
We weren't serious, but don't worry (we appreciate it.) Thanks for the "peanuts" and comments!
- J.J. and G


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