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~Jacob’s POV I was doing my daily routine: make a sandwich, sit on the couch, watch TV, etc. All of this happening while having an idiot (aka Jared) come visit me and torture the living crap out of me. Again… Today’s “special” routine was interrupted by a thundering crash near the front door. I rose to my feet, opened the door, kicked Jared, and found a 13-year-old girl, in the doorway, that looked like she was hit by a car (and not in the good way, either.) Ok, I panicked (a little) here. I threw Jared off the couch in such a hurry, he went through our new 52” plasma. Oh, that poor plasma, I mean girl…
“What the crap are you doing!” Jared was completely ignorant of the girl on the couch. How selfish!
“Shut up and do something smart for a change, like maybe calling Carlisle!” I barked at him. Not literally.
“Fine, fine, whatever. This is just an excuse to not make me a sandwich,” He mumbled, still not seeing the girl on the couch. “Why do we need Carlisle anyway?”
“Just dial the stupid number. Tell them there’s an emergency down at La Push and we need him now!” I was in a rush. This girl seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t place her face.
And then I knew, she looked just like my mother.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh write more soon im dying to find out
so i have one question are the babies that edward jacob emmet and jasper 1/2 vampire& 1/2 human
or 1/3 vampire 1/3 human and 1/3 wolf?????
you better update soon or i will go to the voltori and fill out the form die and you will be the one with the blood on your hands {metaphorically speaking of coarse} but you will be the one to cause my death!!!


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