The Twilight Saga

PG 13 just to be safe

(all vampires)this story is about the cullens. Bella becomes famous but has the power to change the way she and the cullens look.!! how will the cullens keep their secert from the humans ??

SHOULD I WRITE THIS ??? please comment if i should :D


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CHAPTER 4(part 1) ...


Being bella’s manger is not easy. Yes, we were all proud of her and what she has become, but it can only last a few years before the humans notice something isn’t right. We are lucky that bells has the power to change the way we all look or none of this would be possible. I think we have 2 more years at the very max. Time to sort out bella’s wardrobe and schedule. I pulled out my person planner, only to drop it on the floor in the same second as i was pulled into my next vision.

~bella was in the middle of a field, surrounded by all the family. She was trying to create something. It look like she was trying to create a human. She was trying ot create me. WOW she is good that is a spitting image of me.~

I was snapped out of my vision by a very worried jasper.

“ALI?BABY? WHAT IS IT? WHATS WRONG?” he shouted i was too surprised to answer.

“b..b..bella..” i managed to stutter out before i was cut off by jazz’s shouts.

“WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? WHAT IS GOING ON ALICE?!?!” he shouted getting really scared.

“s...she has a new... power?” i questioned myself aloud for the benefit of jasper. As i spoke we were joined by Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie. They were all wearing and confused mixed with panick expression on the beautiful faces.

“alice, care to explain your vision to us?” Carlisle asked using his incredibly carming tone.

“ later, i’m not 100% sure that bella won’t freak out when she finds out and she has alot to do today. When she is finished i will explain to everyone as a family. Please don’t speak or think about this, i swear i will explain.” I almost begged

“ok alice, if thats what you wish.” With that everybody left the room including jasper. The only way to hide this from Edward is to think about fashion and bella’s work. That should be easy.


does anybody read this cause if not then i'll stop writing???? :)

I try to read it when I can.

awww thank you <3



New reader... love the story!!!

thank you, i will try and post more soon !!



wow, its been soooo long scince i updated!

i'll try and have something by the end of the week but i have exams and stuff so it may be later...



typing the next part now :D





“Race you guys back” I yelled unessacarily to Emmett and Edward.

“OK” Edward and Emmett screamed at me while sprinting off towards the house.

“Aww come on! No fair” I pouted and ran after them. When I arrived at the house they were already sat on the porch laughing like a pair of girls.

“Oh grow up” I growled as I walked to mine and Edwards’s room, slamming the door for it only to be re-opened by Alice. Really? Does she ever stop?

“ ok so for you interview with vanity fair you can wear this....” I felt her place something on my bed. “They will have clothes for the photo shoot, but before that you have a fan meal so you can wear...” she kept talking for what seemed like hours so I blanked her.

“BELLLLLLAAAAA COME ON GET DRESSED” she screamed while jumping up and down on my bed, surprisingly hard for someone who was so tiny.

“Fine, get off then” I grumbled while trying to get off my bed.

“Ali, which one is which?” I asked while staring at two completely outrageous outfits.

“The dress! Cleaaaarrrrllllyyyy...” she said like it was completely obvious. She pointed at a strapless black dress that finished half way up my thigh! Matched with a hot pink belt for around my waist as well as hot pink heels.

“Alice! I can’t wear this! I am pretending to eat nasty human food with fans! Not going out clubbing!!” I moaned, there is no way I can wear this!

“ Bells I would have thought by now you would have learnt that once I have picked an outfit for you there is absolutely no change of me changing it, is there?”  She said to me as if she was my mum telling me off.

“ Whatever...” I groaned as I grabbed the ridicules outfit and walked in to my unsuited. I jumped into the shower washed my hair and quickly changed.

“ See there is nothing wrong with that outfit. Now sit your hair and makeup needs to be done.” She dragged me to her massive pink bathroom and sat me down. When she was satisfied with my curly hair that had half of it pinned up, and the tiny winy amount of makeup we raced down to my midnight blue Porche 911.

“ Alice, do I really have to do this?” I moaned as we raced down the highway to some expensive restaurant that Alice had booked.

“ Is there really any point asking that?” she said as I parked up in front of the restaurant. Only to be swamped with the press.

“ Do they have lives at all?” I whispered too quickly and quietly for anybody but Alice and I could hear.

“ Apparently not.” She laughed as we walked in to the restaurant. We sat in the far back corner to get away from the paps at the window.

“ I am not staying any longer than nessacary! Understand?” I muttered under my breath as the girl walked in with a massive smile plastered on her face. Oh god, this could be fun ( notice the sarcasm?)

“ Fine” Alice burst into fits of laughter after noticing my facial expression.

“ OHHHHH MMMMMYYYYYY GOOOOSSSSHHHHH I AM REALLY HERE AND I AM REALLY HAVING LUNCH WITH BELLA CULLEN!! AHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH...” it continued like this for a while until me and Alice were able to care her down enough for her take photo’s for the charity and sit down. Throughout the whole time I was there I was wishing I wasn’t. She was just too... whets the word. Erm... DOWN RIGHT FREAKING ANNOYING!! Sums her up pretty well. For two whole hours I sat and wasted some of my endless existence on her!( I think her name was holly but I didn’t take much notice)

“ Never. again.” I growled at Alice as he hopped into the car after battling through the stupid amount of fans and paps. How many pictures could they need of me?

“ Right get in the back and change into these, I’ll drive.” She passed me a midnight blue shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans, a black belt that matched the jeans for my waist and a pair of heels the same shade of blue as the shirt. Finally Alice had picked something I approved of! Took long enough.

As I changed into my new clothes we headed off the Vanity Fair for yet another photo shoot and interview.


not os much fun for her now.

Not sure I really like her attitude to her fans. They make her , they can break her.

Best wishes


later on in the story she realise how important her fans really are :)

Thank you for reading !l!



good update!  can't wait to read how the photo shoot goes and when she gets her new power!  post again soon please.


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