The Twilight Saga

PG 13 just to be safe

(all vampires)this story is about the cullens. Bella becomes famous but has the power to change the way she and the cullens look.!! how will the cullens keep their secert from the humans ??

SHOULD I WRITE THIS ??? please comment if i should :D


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haha thank you! i will try to psot more soon!



sorry i havent updayed in ages! Hope you enjoy the next chapter!

loveRhi xx

Chapter 5

As we pulled up to the front of the Vanity Fair building, we saw the small group of fans huddled under a small umbrella in the rain. I know that I make out I hate my fans but I wouldn’t have a career if they weren’t so supportive. I walked over, handed them my umbrella and signed autographs for them all. They were all really sweet actually.  Alice stood behind getting more and more impatient as I talked to the fans.

“Come on Bella! We have to go now sorry girls...”  she said while dragging me away, I had only just managed to give the girl her pen back before being pulled into the building

“That was a bit mean, Alice.” She ignored me and continued to drag me threw the hall ways of the tall, bland building. She was hiding something from me and I know it.

“Alice what is going on? You’re hiding something from me and don’t try and tell your not, I have known you for a very long time. I can tell these things!” I had stopped walking at this point and wouldn’t move despite the amount of pulling on my arm.

“Look, yes I am hiding something from you and it is for your own good. I promise as soon as we get home I will explain everything to you and everybody else. Ok?” she was glaring at me and the thought ‘if looks could kill’ sprung to mind. Alice was not in a mood to be messed with.

“Fine” I grumbled and let her pull me to the interview. What could Alice be hiding from me? She wouldn’t hide something that wasn’t important, which means it bad or something to do with me?  What could she be hiding?!

It was hard to keep my mind on the interview. I was really worried about what Alice has saw, but I just couldn’t work out what could be so disturbing that she wouldn’t tell me! The interview and photo shoot seemed to drag out far longer than usual, partly because I kept daydreaming and then have to be shouted at so I came back to reality. Thankfully we were finished around midnight so I and Alice raced home. Normally I keep within 20 miles of the speed limit but today I was in a hurry. I had to get home as fast as I could. While driving at a stupid speed horrible thoughts about what Alice could have seen raced through my mind. Were we in danger? Would my family be hurt? I shivered at the thought.

Finally we pulled into the massive converted outhouse that was used as a garage. The car had barely stopped before I was out and in the living room only to be met by everybody else all sat waiting for me and Alice, all looking as clueless and I was. Two whole seconds had passed before Alice danced through the door. She walked to stand next to jasper who was leaning against the newel post.

“Bella, sit down, you’re going to need to.” I slowly sat on Edwards lap my eyes always on Alice. Edward slowly wrapped his arms around my waist.

“What is going on Alice?” Edward asked. So everybody else had no idea either. Good. I hated being the last one to know. Alice sighed before speaking.

“Earlier today while I was looking for your outfit, I had a vision. We were all standing in the baseball clearing in a circle around Bella. Bella was trying to create something. It looked like the outline of a human then the vision switch to me standing next to the thing Bella had created. It was a mirror image...of me...” gasps erupted around the room but all I could do was stare at Alice. What does this mean?

“I don’t know what it means but a decision was made and whatever Bella can do we are going to need it” Alice said as if she had heard my thoughts, Edwards arms tightened around me instinctively.

What does this mean? I felt dizzy. It was all becoming too much. I felt like I was slipping but only mentally.

“Bella?” someone questioned then it became too much and I let the darkness take me...


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