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What will Bella do when she finds out that she is very different than she thought? Who is this man talking to her father claiming to be her birth father?




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should i write it or not?
it sounds like it can be a good one please write it.
write it
wow now im intreaged, update me when u get the first chapter up
wow that sounds very good you should write it please do! let me know when you do

Chapter 1


I had just enjoyed a day of watching Emmett totally kick both Jasper and Edward's butts at Guitar Hero. I was laughing all of the way home because Edward looked at me and said "Hope you enjoy this day Love, because this will not happen again. Now I will be going on a quick hunt then I will be in your room before your head hits the pillow." I smile as he kisses me on my forehead. I get out and open the front door to see two vampires sitting very close to Charlie. The male has dishwater blond color hair and he was lean not to lean. He is 6ft 5 but something about him tells me that I some how know him. The woman with him is my height and she has dark auburn hair that is just under her shoulders. I can see that they have contacts in because Alice showed me what she looked like with them. He was smiling when Charlie said "Bella, I know that you know about Cullens being vampires." I shook my head and said "No dad, you are joking because vampires don't exist."

The man says "My name is Peter Whitlock and you Bella are my daughter." I took a step back and said "No my name is Bella Marie Swan. Charlie and Renee are my parents." Peter cut me off by saying "Bella, this is my wife Charlotte. I met your mother about nineteen years ago. We were in Lubbock, Texas, she was eighteen and I was twenty eight. We spent time together on her family farm. I started to fall in love with her for some reason but don't get me wrong I was and am still madly in love with Charlotte. She came to me and said that her family was leaving for Maine and that we wouldn't see each other again. You were created that night but your mother left that morning. I didn't see or hear from here for four months. Then there was a knock at my door and I opened it to see your mother. She had five pregnancy tests that all were positive. I asked her how long and she said four months. Bella, I had heard of male vampires getting human women pregnant. Most women had the half vampire/human babies after three months but you were born after eight." Peter stopped and took a deep breath and Charlotte rubbed his back.

Peter said "Bella, we were at the ranch when she went into labor there was no way I could get her to the hospital in time. After you were born she died of a hemorrhage in her brain. I couldn't save her in time. Her name was Isabella Colton. So I named you after her and my grandmother Marie. Charlotte and I couldn't raise a baby that was a hybrid. Your blood smelled very sweet. So we brought you to Seattle and we met Charlie and Renee Swan. They couldn't have a child of their own so we gave them you under one condition that they kept us in the loop on how you were doing. Are you okay with this?" I looked at Charlie and said "Why didn't you tell me this Charlie and Peter why did you wait eighteen years to come and see me?" I was very mad so instead of yelling at them I just started to pace the room. Charlie said "Bella, I promised them that when you turned eighteen that you would get to meet them and they would tell you the truth. I love you as you were my own." I give him a small hug and wait for Peter.

He said "I wanted you to grow up and have a normal life but I now know that you are hanging around with the Cullens." Peter was cut off by Edward busting through the front door and pulling me behind him. Edward said "Peter, you will stay away from Bella." I got in front of Edward and said "Stop trying to control everything that around me Edward. Peter is my birth father and I want the chance to get to know him. Please calm down and let him finish telling me his story." Edward just had a shocked look on his face. I look back and see that Charlie has passed out and then I looked towards the door. Jasper walks in and he is wet from the storm . He looks really hot. Bella get rid of those thoughts before Jasper feels them. My father Peter says "Jasper, Eddie here thinks that he is going to keep my daughter from me." Jasper about trips on his foot when he says "Peter, you don't have a daughter."

Peter then said "Yes I do Jasper. Bella's is named after her mother. I didn't want anyone that I knew to know about her because of Maria. Think of what she would do to Bella to get me or Charlotte. But Edward Cullen don't think that I will stand by and let you think that you can control my daughter. She will be immortal just like us when she hits twenty three." Edward looked at me and said "I won't condemn Bella to this life. She is better than to spend her whole life with monsters. Bella, I love you but I can't do this." Edward ran out of my house and I fell down crying. I said "Not again. I don't think that I can live through this again."
wow awsomre love it!!
u cant do that to me!!!!!! i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it more soon
awsome love it !!! post soon
This is soooooo awsome! Write more soooooooooon!
i will have more up on saturday


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