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I kept running until I came back to the Cullen’s house. I leapt back through my open window.

“Back so soon?” Alice said. She had her legs crossed over neatly as she sat at my desk.

I was stumped. For some strange reason I felt like I had just skipped my curfew and was being caught sneaking back into the house.

“Yeah, um…I just feel a little sick” I managed to choke. I wasn’t lying. I did feel sick to my stomach.
She laughed a musical laugh. “Don’t be ridiculous Violet. I know what happened. What’s going on Vi?” she asked standing up from the desk.

I sighed and slumped in one of the arm chairs.

“I don’t know Alice,” I confessed.

“What do you mean?” she asked perching on the arm of the other arm chair. 

“I mean, I can’t do it,” I sighed.

“Can’t do what?”

“Kill” I muttered.

Alice looked at me carefully. “What? I don’t get it? You can’t kill? You can’t or you won’t?”

I paused. “I don’t know. I just don’t want to kill anything, I mean, it’s so wrong, and it’s weird that I’m feeling this way, because I’m a vampire and I’m supposed to be killing things and drinking blood and whatever else things the stories say, I mean, are you sure I’m a vampire?”

I breathed out, taking a respite from my outburst.

Alice laughed.

“Yes, I’m quite sure you’re a vampire,” she replied, “Unless you know some other creature that sucks blood and kills—”

“Ah!” I said blocking my ears. “I don’t even want to hear about killing.”

Alice sighed. “Look Violet, I know you feel this way, and you have the right to. I mean, you have just turned from a human into a vampire, well we all did, and you’re new to all this, but you can’t deny your instincts and your needs. This is you now, who you are.”

I looked at her. “I know.” I breathed out. “I’m just finding it hard to accept that I’m…immortal.”    

She smiled a small smiled. “Don’t worry, Vi. It’ll get easier soon. You won’t have to worry about wrinkles anymore.”

I smiled too, happy that she had lightened the mood a little.

“Bella and Nessie are here,” she said, her eyes darting out to the darkness outside the open window. 

As if by cue, Renesmee leapt through the open window, landing in a crouch on the velvet rug. She stood up and came over to me.

“Hey Vi, what was that all about?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Bella said bounding through the window, “You had us worried.”

“Oh, um, I just didn’t feel…hungry,” I murmured.

Bella and Renesmee exchanged looks.

“Hey Bella, Nessie, I think Edward’s looking for you,” Alice interjected.

“About what?” Bella asked.

“I don’t know,” Alice replied, “I only see the futures, not thoughts,” she laughed.

I was glad she changed the subject as she pushed Renesmee and Bella out of the room. I sighed in relief and resumed into the arm chair.

My throat burned for blood and I wanted to go home. I wanted to go back home to Seth, but I couldn’t. I had to stay here. I had to gain control over myself. I didn’t want to slip up.

I looked out the huge glass windows at the full moon. I couldn’t even go to sleep. I didn’t feel tired at all, just so…so active.

I pushed myself up from the armchair and leapt out the open glass. I landed lightly on the grass below in the moonlight.

I stood for a few seconds, my eyes closed as I soaked up the moon’s rays. I was feeling its light penetrate into my hard marble skin, giving me strength and endurance.

I opened my eyes, feeling newfound vigour, and began running into the trees. My throat began burning as I ran, my hair whipping back against my face.

The moon’s rays lit my way as I dodged the trees.

I was alone, and free. It was nice.

There was something in the air though. I could smell it. I stopped running, and touched the nearest tree. I felt the bark of its trunk.

On some strange basis, it felt familiar. Yes, I knew where I was. I mean, I had just been here a few minutes ago with Renesmee and Bella.

I could smell their scent in the air, it was very faint. But there was something else in the atmosphere, the smell of blood.

My throat burned as I followed the scent through the trees. I crept out from the bushes and saw the dead carcass of the deer that Bella killed, lying in the clearing.

I walked towards it, my throat burning with the smell of its blood. Though the smell wasn’t as fulfilling, it was good enough. It was close.

I bent down, my hands working by themselves as I grabbed the deer by its head and began sucking its neck.

Blood began sliding down my throat, soothing the burning sensation and fulfilling my thirst. It felt good. It was delectable. I couldn’t stop thinking about fresh blood being pumped from a thick red heart—I stopped what I was doing. I realised what I was doing.

I dropped the dead deer, its blood smeared all over my hands. I had gone too far.

Alice was right. I couldn’t deny my instincts and needs. I couldn’t deny blood.

I looked down at the dead deer, feeling complete and utter dread and guilt. I felt dirty; disgusting. I felt like a murderer.

“What have I done,” I whispered.

I fell away from the deer, sitting in a heap. I looked at the blood of the deer on my hands. I wanted more blood. I craved for it.

I stumbled to my feet. No, I had to stop craving for blood. I couldn’t do this. No, it was wrong.

I pushed the thought of blood out of my head, and looked down at the deer. I dropped to my knees, and covered the bite marks on its neck with my hands.

I closed my eyes and wished I could turn back time, wish that I didn’t crave blood but normal human food instead. I wished that I hadn’t drunk the blood of this deer. I wished for it to be alive and well and full of blood.

I closed my eyes and wished hard. I felt my adrenaline and strength flow through my body to my hands.

Suddenly, there was movement underneath my hands. I opened my eyes and saw the deer struggling underneath my grasp.

Its eyes were wide with fear as it stared at me. It began crying out in pain, and I let go of its neck.

The deer stumbled to its feet, and I stared at it in amazement. It was alive. And breathing.

I zeroed in on its neck. No bite marks. I could hear its heart beating thick and loud in my ears. I could smell its blood in the air, fresh new blood. It ran away into the darkness, leaving me speechless.   

One second it was dead, the next, it was alive. How could this be? How could something come back to life?

Then again, how could vampires exist? Werewolves?

I looked down at my hands seeing the blood. I wiped it on my clothes and stood up. I soared through the trees, frantic to get back to the Cullen’s mansion.

I burst through the trees outlining the house and leapt through the first open window I saw.

Edward was the first to meet me. He probably heard my thoughts from a mile away, since I was screaming in panic and confusion.

“It wasn’t that hard to ignore,” he smiled.

All the Cullen’s were gathered in the living room.

“Looks like you gave in to your instincts and needs,” Alice smiled looking down at my blood sodden clothes.

“Yeah, see I told you it’ll come naturally,” Bella interjected.

I looked down at my clothes, and thought of the dead deer that came back to life again.

“You did what?” Edward whispered in surprise.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Okay, can someone fill us in here?” Emmett interrupted.

“Violet…brought back the deer to life,” Edward said once.

“Deer? What deer?” Carlisle asked.

“The deer Bella killed,” I said looking at Bella.

She looked at me in surprise. “You brought back a deer to life?”    

I swallowed. “I don’t know how it happened, I mean I was just running through the forest and its blood attracted me so I stopped and began drinking its blood—I swallowed back the vomit—and then I felt guilty, so I put my hands on its neck, and wished for it to be alive and then, poof! It was alive, and breathing, and had no bite marks.”

The Cullens looked at me, their expressions blank.

Jasper began to smile. “So, it seems we have another being that possesses a power.”

“Of course,” Edward put in, “How else could it be explained?”

“What?” I breathed. I wasn’t catching on. “What are you saying?”

Carlisle cleared his throat. “Violet, you, like some of us, may possess a power too.”

I looked at him in shock. “But what power?” I asked in desperation.

“Possibly,” Edward responded, “The power to heal and bring back to life.”

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