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I ran straight for them both, Victor’s grip slipping right off me. Anton tried to stop me by trying to grab my shoulders, but instead I reversed it and threw him into the trees. Victor jumped in and I took him down, slamming him onto the road a couple of times.

While throwing Victor down, Montez ran at me, trying to hold me in a bear hug, but I flipped him straight on his back.

Anton came running back from his little trip into the forest and held my right arm, Montez holding my left. I struggled and fought against their grip, but they were both ready for me now.

Victor straightened himself out. “It’s a pity, you know,” he said coming towards me, “Such a pretty face, what a waste.” He kissed my lips again and I bit his lip.

He laughed and turned away from me. I noticed the word El Dorado tattooed across the back of his neck as he walked to the car. He unbuckled Gabriel from his car seat and held him in his arms.

“Say Adios to Mama,” Victor murmured to Gabriel.   

Gabriel cried for me, reaching out his little hands.

I couldn’t reach him, not with Montez and Anton holding me back. I could feel them pull my limbs. I knew they were trying to dismember me. I screamed as I felt my arms retract.

Birds scattered out of the nearby trees and flew in fright into the sky.   

I closed my eyes feeling my limbs being loosened.

“What the—?!”

Growls mixed in with my screaming as seven big wolves raided the road. Montez and Anton were taken down; I noticed it being Paul, Quil, Embry and Jared shredding them to pieces, while Sam and Seth and Leah advanced on Victor.

Victor saw his fellow friends being killed. He looked at the wolves with wide eyes and set Gabriel down on his feet.

He backed away slowly, keeping his hands up in a defensive position.

His eyes locked with mine as he winked at me. He smiled in a cheeky way and ran into the trees.

I saw Seth growl after him and Sam silencing him. The other wolves ran after Victor in the forest, Sam following a little while after. Seth stayed.

I got up quickly and ran towards Gabriel who sat on the road crying.

“It’s okay Gabe, Mama’s here,” I comforted.

I picked him up and rocked him back and forth, keeping him calm. He stopped crying as I kissed his head.

Seth’s arms were around me. “Are you okay?” he asked. He looked wildly concern. “Are you feeling any pain? Did they hurt you? Is Gabriel okay? Is he hurt?”

He began to babble and I put my finger to his lips.   

“We’re both fine,” I sighed in relief, “You came just in time.”

He sighed. “We have to thank god for that.”

He held me close to his chest, just as I held Gabriel to mine. I never felt more scared in my entire life.

I had put Gabriel in danger, had killed him almost, and it was all my doing. When we got home, I put Gabriel to bed. I didn’t want him out of my sight, dragging his cot downstairs in the living room and sitting at the couch, watching over him.

Seth was on the phone, trying to see if the gang had gotten Victor. He didn’t want to risk leaving me alone.

I waited anxiously as I watched over Gabriel. Every few seconds I would look out the windows, scanning the fringe of the forest for that familiar flannel shirt.

My heart thudded when I saw the gang emerging from the tree line. Seth met them at the front door and welcomed them in.

I stood up when they all bundled into the living room. I held my breath.

Sam shook his head. “We didn’t catch him. He was fast. His trail just…disappeared.”

I collapsed back on the couch in a heap. I had hoped that they would find him and take care of him, because now, all I felt was the fear of Victor coming back and doing more damage.

His friends were gone now, who knows what he’ll do in revenge?

I bit my lip in anxiety as they all talked it out. I wasn’t hearing a word of it; I was just too worried about Victor’s revenge. I cursed at myself for being so stubborn. I could have let him down lightly, instead of smashing him on the pavement. 

I guess some people have never heard the word, ‘No’ before.

I couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt as I watched Gabriel sleep. I was a hazard to him, a giant magnet just wanting to attract trouble.

I knew that if I was around Gabriel, he would be harmed in some way, but if I wasn’t around him, he would be fine. I couldn’t bear to think about Victor coming for me, unless, I went for him.

The idea lolled in my mind, of heading to Mexico and tracking down Victor. I paced back and forth beside Gabriel’s bed, biting my lips and wringing my hands.

I couldn’t help but feel edgy.

Victor could come back, and he could kill Gabriel, or Seth. I didn’t want that to happen, not ever. My heart thudded.

I had to get away from here, to keep Gabriel and Seth safe. I had to find Victor and end this.   

That night, the gang did an extra patrol scouring the forest for Victor. Every time I looked at Gabriel I would feel that pang of guilt and that voice inside my head telling me I was a hazard to him. I though back to all the times Seth had gotten hurt, Max, Jimmy, when Seth had stuck up for me in a fight. He was the one to lighten the beatings.

I didn’t want him or Gabriel to face anymore.  

Three days past and there was still no sign of Victor. That still didn’t give me peace.

And I felt a little uneasy around Seth. I had to wait until it was the right time. I had to run. But I couldn’t do it sooner.  

Seth was very protective. He didn’t leave my side, and was constantly on the lookout. Some nights he didn’t even go to sleep.

“Seth, have you forgotten who doesn’t sleep in this relationship?” I joked late one night.

He was standing at the window, peering through the curtains.

He smiled a tired smiled. “I’m just making sure.”

“It’s been a week, Seth. He’s gone,” I murmured, “He won’t come back.”   

I tried to sound as best I could, and it worked.

“Now go to sleep,” I said smiling. I grabbed him and led him to the couch. I pushed him down and covered him with the blanket.

He yawned. “I love you, Violet, you know that?”

I laughed. “Yes, I do know that. Did you know that I do too?” I replied.

He shrugged theatrically. “I had a hunch.”

He closed his eyes and I kissed his lips. A soft snore escaped his lips.

I kissed his forehead and tucked him in warmly, before tip toeing upstairs. I went straight to our room and pulled out my packed suitcase from underneath the bed.

I didn’t know what I was doing, just running away, trying to protect Gabriel and Seth from anymore of my faults. If Victor got to them, I didn’t know what I’d do.

For the second time I tip toed down the hallway to Gabriel’s room. I opened it effortlessly and crept inside. Gabriel was fast asleep, his arm tucked tightly around Woof.

I walked up to his bed and kissed his forehead and his hair. I ran my fingers softly through his hair.

“I love you, Gabriel, forever,” I whispered.

He turned over in his sleep, his lips pursed.

I smiled and tip toed out quietly. I grabbed my suitcase and headed out the front door, tip toeing past Seth who was asleep on the couch.

I opened the front door, feeling the wind shift my hair back. I didn’t know whether this was a good decision or just the biggest mistake in my life.

I grabbed the keys to the car and grabbed a pen and paper. I quickly scribbled out a note and left it on the table in the lobby.

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