The Twilight Saga

I jolted awake, looking around the living room. Violet was nowhere to be seen. I got up and stretched, feeling my muscles crack.

“Violet?” I called.

No reply.

I shuffled into the kitchen, it was empty. I made my way to the steps when I noticed a note lying on the lobby table. I picked it up and recognised Violet’s handwriting:


I’m gonna hurt you. I’m not taking that risk. I’m sorry. I love you.



I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read the note over and over again.

“No, no, no, no, no” I repeated as I rushed up the steps. “Violet?” I called on the landing, “Violet please answer me!” I called again as I ran along the second story. No reply. I could feel the tears choke my throat as I struggled to speak. “God damnit, Violet!”

I sank to the floor of the wall, the note scrunched in my hand, angry tears escaping my eyes.

“No Violet, come back please,” I whispered into the empty air.

But she was gone. Long gone. And I didn’t know where.

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looooove it :) hate that she left but still love it :D can't wait for another update
i can't believe she left that makes me so mad! lol well i can't wait to read more soon


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