The Twilight Saga

I drove along the road feeling edgy. It was hard enough passing the, ‘You are now leaving Washington’ sign, and now, I was following a map, a big circle marked around Mexico, another little circle around, El Dorado. I had a long way to go, and planned to pass through Oregon, then California before getting to the border of Mexico.

I didn’t stop driving, only stopping for gas and occasionally I would stop by a forest to go hunting, but that was it.

I had a feeling I would be living in my tinted windowed Jeep for a while. I missed Gabriel and Seth already, but I knew I was doing this for them.  

As much as I wanted to go back, I still knew I had to stay away. I didn’t know whether I would even go home even if I found Victor.  

Victor was the reason for all of this. He was the reason I was running for my family’s safety.

For once in my life, I was glad that I couldn’t sleep anymore, because I could drive all day and hunt and refuel at night.

I had been on the road for two days, and had arrived in California. The sun was just setting and Los Angeles never looked so beautiful.  

The beach looked so nice against the orange sky. I drove up to the infamous Hollywood sign and sat out on the hood of my car. It was twilight.

I was alone as I watched the sun set. I opened my locket from around my neck; I held the photo in my hand and clutched it to my chest.

“This is all for you,” I whispered.  

I closed the locket shut and jumped off the hood of the car. I piled into the drivers’ seat and drove off into the sun set, making the last few miles til Mexico.

I got there when night fell, coming up to the border checkpoint. I stopped, waiting as border security checked the car ahead and pulled out my passport and forms I had prepared earlier.

I was thankful that I had taken a new passport photo when I had become a vampire, because I had changed, especially my eyes.

The car ahead of me was allowed through and I pulled up.

A rather husky man with a thick moustache and a stomach to match approached the car. There were several guards surrounding the checkpoint. The man tapped on the window.

I slipped on some gloves and pulled the sleeves of my shirt down, before winding down my window.  

“Passport,” the man spoke, clearing his throat.

He coughed and spit beside the car as I handed him my papers. His hand brushed mine and I hoped my skin didn’t seep through. Though I was warm to Seth and Gabriel and such, I still wanted to be careful with other humans.

He shuffled through the papers, grunting before gesturing over to the other guards.

“We’ll just have to check your car,” he grunted.

I nodded and got out of the car as the guards searched through my Jeep.

“Are you here on business or leisure?” the man asked.

I thought for a moment. “Leisure. Just a little vacation for a week or two” I replied smiling.

He didn’t smile, just looked at me.

“Are you carrying anything in your car that we should know about?” he asked.

“Just a suitcase,” I replied.

He grunted again and filed through my papers. The other guards said something in Mexican and the man handed me back my forms.

“You’re clear to go,” he mumbled, “Have a nice night.”

“Thank you,” I replied with a small smile.

I climbed back into my car and started the engine. The gates began to rise and my heart slowed down to its normal heartbeat.

I didn’t realise I had been holding my breath that whole time.

I slowly accelerated forward and before I knew it, I was in Mexico. I had finally arrived. I had never been to Mexico before, and I felt like a tourist as I drove around in the night.

Desert bordered both sides of the road, and I peered out through the windows, the moon lighting my way.

I glanced down at the map. I was getting close to El Dorado. Just a few more miles. 

I kept driving through the night, til I finally reached a suburban area. A passed a few sleepy towns, though my main goal was El Dorado. I was close.

Desert stretched out on both sides and I felt alone. I looked at the time. It was almost five o’clock in the morning.

A sudden beep broke my thoughts as the little red light for the gas meter began to flash.

“Shoot” I muttered.

I was out of gas.

The car puttered to a stop and I let it. I turned the car off and sat in it. Something howled in the night and I immediately thought of Seth.

“Damnit!” I hissed as I struck the steering with both my hands.

The airbag popped up and hit me in the face. It didn’t hurt, but the feeling of imprudence hurt more.   

I sighed and got out of the car. I slammed the door shut. I squinted in the darkness seeing a border of lights a few miles away. “El Dorado,” I whispered.

“Plan B” I said as I grabbed my backpack from the car.

I locked the car, but then thought it was stupid since there was no one in a few miles to steal it, but, you can’t be too careful these days.  

I strapped my back pack on and began running. I had to get there before the sun rose, exposing my skin.

I ran as fast as I could, feeling the wind push my hair back wildly, my feet leaving a dust trail. The night was quiet, the desert, well, deserted. I crossed a few hills before the lights became more genuine. Dusk started to rise and I quickened my pace.

I slowed down when I noticed a sign on the road, Welcome to El Dorado.

I looked ahead at the city lights a few yards down. I began running again, feeling the panic rise as light began to break through the clouds.

I was relieved I was here, but also panicky as my skin began to glitter. Crap, I wasn’t going to make it.

I spotted a barn on a hill not far and made for it. I didn’t want to wreck anything, so I tried to get the lock off carefully.

It broke in my grasp.

“Crap,” I muttered.

Oh well, there was no use crying over spilt milk. I pushed the huge door open effortlessly and hurried inside.

The smell of hay and wood wafted around me. It was dark, the morning light shining through in little shafts. I spotted a few light bulbs on the ceiling but decided not to turn them on. I was an intruder.   

I tip toed around the barn. It was huge. I heard heavy panting, before a few footsteps on the concrete.

I wasn’t alone. I zeroed in on a loud thudding heartbeat. It was a giant heart, pumping blood earnestly. Heavy pants and breathing followed with it.

I made me way over to a cubicle seeing two eyes in the darkness.

It was a horse. A big, black, beautiful horse. It neighed as I approached it. Its heart was loud in my ears.

I stood in front of it, and it came forward. I reached out and it laid its giant head in my hand. I felt its smooth fur, feeling the warmth from its body.

I closed my eyes feeling the connection with the horse. I smiled.

“You’re not afraid of me,” I whispered.

The horse neighed in reply and I laughed.

The breath was suddenly knocked out of me as I was maimed against a wooden pole. The pole broke in half as I landed in a heap on the ground.

I got up, unhurt and peered in the darkness.

Whatever attacked me wasn’t human. I knew it.  

Something moved fast against in the dim light, and I couldn’t make it out. Something suddenly tightened around my throat as I was hammered against the concrete.

The grasp around my throat was tight, an entity pinning me down.

“Who are you?” a male voice whispered. “What are you doing here?”

I looked up, trying to make out his face. The light was too dim.

His grip tightened and I could feel my throat crack.

I fought against his grip and flipped him over my head, knocking him against the wooden shelf. I stood up and ran towards my attacker.

He was ready for me as he threw a few punches. I blocked each one and managed to get my hands on his right arm.

I twisted his arm and threw him through the wall. Wood flew everywhere in pieces as a hole gaped through the wall.

I stood in my spot, watching the dust settle. A figure stood between the clouds of dust. I couldn’t make out his face, but I could tell he was ready to get even.

I was too.

He ran at me and tackled me, making us both fly through the other wall and creating another hole. We both landed in a heap on the dry dirt.

He pinned me down again, holding my hands tightly at my wrists, my palms facing upwards. I stared into his eyes. They were a beautiful jade, speckled with hints of deep blue. His dark hair swept across his forehead and lay in tufts against his ears. His long lashes fluttered as he stared down at me with curiosity.

I stared at him too. His grip loosened on my wrists.

The morning light broke through the clouds as a ray of light hit us both.

We both gasped as we both sparkled in the light.

His brown skin looked like it was covered in glitter. He looked down at himself, and then down at me.

“You’re a vampire,” I whispered.


We both turned to see a little girl, two older boys, an older woman and man running towards us. All their features were similar, with a Mexican touch to it. I could tell this was a family. But, they didn’t glitter in the sun. They were perfectly normal, perfectly human.

The little girl ran to us and pulled Dante off of me.

“Dante, she’s a vampire too!” she whispered as she hid behind him.

“Stay back, Reina,” Dante warned.

She stepped back. 

His two brothers flanked him on each side, his mother and father on the other.

I sat up, getting to my feet. They watched carefully.

“Look, I’m sorry to intrude, I just needed a place to stay before the sun came up,” I quickly babbled.   

“Who are you?” one of the brothers asked aloud ignoring my apology.  

“I’m Violet,” I replied.

“You’re a vampire,” the other brother stated.

I looked down at myself, my skin glittering, stating the obvious.

“Who sent you here?” the older man spoke in a deep voice. I could tell this was the father.  

“No one,” I replied quickly, “Um, I’m just a…traveller.”

I was in new territory. I needed a new identity.

“A traveller?” the father asked, his eyebrow raised.

I nodded. “Yes, um, I’m from…Washington.”

They all exchanged looks.

“You’re a long way from home,” Dante stated.

“Well, actually, I haven’t been home in awhile…” I explained. It was true.  

“Why are you here?” one of the brothers asked.

“Oh well,” I began, “My car kinda broke down a few miles down the road, and since dawn was approaching, I needed somewhere to crash during the day.”

“She’s no harm,” the mother said stepping forward. She came towards me, her hands crept forward and grasped onto mine. Her expression was blank as her hands travelled up my arms towards my face. She felt my cheeks, stroking them gently.

I stared at her in awe. She was blind.

“Please don’t mind my husband, Alvarez,” she whispered, “And my sons, Julius and Cruz.”

It felt as if she and I were sharing a secret the way she whispered to me.

I chuckled when she felt my ears, where it tickled the most and she smiled.

“You’re beautiful,” she whispered.

I grasped her hands in a way of saying I really meant no harm. She took it.

“My name’s Carolina,” she said.

I smiled. The name suited her; it was as intricate and beautiful as she was. Her hair was a beautiful black that glistened in the sun; her eyes hazel brown, though they did not meet eye contact, they still made you feel like she knew your presence.  

“We should go inside. Before someone sees,” Dante spoke from behind her.

I looked past his mother, and stared at him. He looked at me with curiosity, and I could also see a touch of admiration.

His mother took my hand and led me into their home.

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I like and i totally understand about senior year. Mine was crazy


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