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Somehow I knew there was going to be trouble. The moment you find happiness, heartache always
falls into your lap a moment later. It’s the vicious cycle of unfair life.
Somehow this life of mine always had moment of joy followed by moments of
suffering. I didn’t want to suffer anymore. I didn’t want Nessie, Ryan, or Mia
to suffer. I wanted whatever it was haunting us to go away.


Edward had stayed behind when everyone else went home. He wanted to figure it out. He was always
analyzing. That was one of the things that I hated about him in the beginning.
Then I thought, someone has to, might as well be him. I stretched my hands
behind my head, resting it in them. Nessie and Leah looked at me. “What?”


“Nothing.” Nessie replied. She held Ryan close to her. She still looked a little uneasy but with
the passing time she became less worried.


“Nessie, we didn’t find anything. Everything is going to be okay.” I tried to reassure her.
She didn’t seem convinced but she nodded. I got up from my seat and picked Mia
up from the playpen. She giggled happily in my arms. I kissed her cheek. “Did
you miss daddy?”


“Of course.” Leah smiled. “They seemed sadder than normal when you left.”


I looked back down into Mia’s green eyes. They sparkled. I just wanted to hold her forever. I
wondered if they really could miss me yet. They were so young. But I guess when
they are used to me being there, the sudden absence might unnerve them.
Whatever the case, it didn’t matter now because I was home. Seth would be here
soon as well. I was surprised he wasn’t here already. He barely left Mia’s
side. He must have stopped by his house to see his mom. That was a good thing.
She was probably missing her kids, with Seth practically living here and Leah
living with Kale.


Nessie yawned.


“Maybe you should go to bed.” I suggested.


She shook her head. “Nope, not a chance. I want to spend time with you and the babies.” She
yawned again. “Besides, I’m not the least bit tired.”

I kissed her forehead. “Uh huh, sure you’re not Ness.”


She grinned. “Don’t start that with me Mr.”


I sat down next to her. Mia cooed softly and patted my hand with her palms. She was the
sweetest looking thing in the world, well besides her mama. I smiled. Ryan
reached over and pulled a strand her short brown hair. She protested with a
shriek. “No Ryan. Don’t pull your sisters hair.” I said trying to sound stern
but it came out more like a muffled laugh. He let go and she went back to
playing with my hand.


“They really are beautiful.” Leah whispered.


I looked over at her. The softness in her eyes said something. Her cold heart had started
melting. Thanks to kale, and maybe the babies. She seemed to care about them a
lot. I couldn’t believe in just six years the wolves and the Cullen’s had
changed from enemies to friends, all because of my love for Nessie, and now our
children. They would have the strangest family ever.



A week later


I looked out the window at Seth, Mia, Ryan, and Leah. They sat in the grass letting the babies
crawl on the soft green blades of spring. Nessie hadn’t felt anything strange
in a week. That was proof enough for me. there couldn’t be anything to worry
about. At least, I hoped not. I treated everyday as if it were a gift. How
could I not? After all everyday you live is one, even vampires can die.




I turned around. “Huh?”


“You okay?”


“Yeah. Why?”


she shrugged her shoulders, her long auburn hair danced around her shoulders. “You just looked
concerned that’s all.”


I rubbed my temple. “Nope, just thinking.”


“Well don’t think too hard, you might hurt yourself.” She teased, a smile creeping on her
porcelain face.


I stood up.“Gee thanks Ness. You sure know how to wound a guy.” I put
my hand over my heart and grimaced as if to say I was deeply wounded.


She laughed. “My sincerest apologies oh mighty one.” She bowed.


I rolled my eyes. “You’re so dramatic you know that?”


“Sure do.” She winked and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “I’m going to the main house
today. Keep an eye on them okay.”


“’k” I said and plopped down on the couch.


“That doesn’t mean watching T.V. all day Jacob.” she called as she headed out the door. I thought
I heard her chuckle as the door clicked behind her.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever.” It was just like her to ruin my fun. I couldn’t be mad though. She
was just so darn cute. I turned the T.V. off and headed outside. I sat on the
steps and watched them play. The twins were getting smarter by the day. They
didn’t speak yet, unlike their mother, but I was kind of happy about that.
Nessie did grow up way to fast. Sure it was a little beneficial for me when she
realized she was in love with me but if I could I would’ve liked her to live a
normal childhood. I would have waited for her Just like Quil and Claire.


“Ryan! Don’t hit your sister that’s not nice.” Leah scolded. Ryan smiled playfully and I smiled
too. This was nice. We were a happy family and my children weren’t going to be
grown up in six years. I would have a little longer with them like this. I
sighed and leaned back on my elbows. The warm breeze was comforting. It felt peaceful.
Almost too peaceful though. Like the calm before the storm. Aw Jake don’t go ruining a good time with
your paranoia. 


I heard the rustling sound of footsteps coming closer. All three of us smiled warmly at the
scent. Charlie was here. When he came into view I got up and picked up Ryan
from the grass. It had been a while since Charlie had visited.

“Hey Charlie! Good to see you.” I smiled.


“Good to see you too Jacob. Let me see that little guy.” He said reaching out to take my son.
“It’s kind of nice to see that things aren’t progressing as quickly with these


I laughed. “I got to be in agreement with you there.”


As I watched him hold Ryan and laugh with the Clearwater’s, It made me glad I had phased in front
of him seven years ago. He was shocked and terrified of me for awhile but he
eventually came around. At the beginning he didn’t want to know too much about
us and the cullen’s and what Bella had become, but with Nessie growing so fast
he wanted to know everything after a few years. Bella had told him the whole
story one night and he was blown away. I was there to witness that one.


He took it like a champ though and now he was one of our biggest supporters and secret keepers.
He kept his eye on things in Forks and never let anyone get too close to any of
us. It was hard to imagine that at one time I had pictured Charlie Swan as my
father-in-law. Never thought he’d be my grandfather-in-law instead, It sounded
way to weird. Actually I didn’t think this family could get any weirder. I looked
at Mia and Seth. Okay maybe it could. 

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“How do you do that?”

I looked at her from the corner of my eyes. “Do what?” I asked.

“Mask yourself. They smell me instantly and can follow my trail…..yet….they can’t seem to find yours.” She eyed me suspiciously.

“It’s what I do. I can hide my trail. I can drift in and out of my prey’s home and life without them being the wiser.” I told her.

She smiled. “Interesting.”

This ally of mine was cruel and somewhat intimidating, but I liked it. she suited my purpose quite nicely.

“What are you thinking Gregory?”

“That the time draws near.”

“I agree. We can’t waste much more time. They are unsuspecting at the moment. They think they are safe and out of harm’s way.” She laughed. “ I can’t wait to prove them wrong.”

The door to the small motel creaked open. We both shot up from the bed and hissed.

“Je veux me joindre à vous frère. » A familiar voice whispered.


“Oui.” She said and stepped out from the shadows into the room. She looked horrible. The once beautiful ivory face of my sister was now ashen and cracked. What had happened to her?

“Celine, what has happened?”

“Nothing that concerns you my dear brother. All that matters now is that I found you. I want to help you. You are all I have left.” She cried and sank to the floor at my feet.

I knelt down and lifted her chin to me. “Celine, I have missed you.”

I saw a soft smile form on her lips. “And I you. I’m sorry I left you, I just didn’t know what to do, I was so confused.”

“It’s going to be okay now. We are about to start our revenge on the wolf that took our lovers away. You will see sister, all will be well. Now, rest awhile. Jane and I will go find something to satisfy your growing hunger.”

Jane nodded. “It’s good to have another comrade. Even if she is weak.”

Celine snarled.

“Be it as it may she is my sister and I will have her help me. she is all the family I have left. Siblings always find one another. It’s just how it is.” I said. I wouldn’t let Jane and Celine fight. It was pointless and of no value to my plan. Jane may be the leader of this operation but I was the one that could go undetected. In the end it would me that would snatch up his whole world. I might even be able to satisfy MY growing hunger. It was a wonderfully addicting taste. Renesmee’s blood. Just thinking of it made me ache.


“Coming.” I said and shut the door tightly behind me. I looked out into the woods across the road. I could hear a faint howl in the distance. I’m coming for them Jacob Black. I’m coming. Soon.


I was exhausted. Ever since the fight in Rouen I had wanted to train. I needed to know how to fight better. I was practicing with my parents and uncle Emmett. Jake, Seth, and Kale helped out a lot too. I was getting better each day. The only problem was that I was so tired at the end of it all. I wanted to come home and play with the babies but would end up falling asleep.

“Maybe you should cool it for away Ness.”

“Jacob I want to be ready if they come. I want to be able to protect them.” I said looking at the two babies sitting on the floor with Seth.

“I know, but they miss you.” He said. “And I miss you.”

I smiled. “Okay fine. I’ll take a break from training okay.” I picked Ryan up and hugged him to my chest. “I do miss them during the day.”

“yeah I’m surprised they still know who you are.” Jake teased.

“Hah hah hah. Very funny.”

Ryan yawned. “I think it’s time for bed little guy.” Jake smiled.

“I think so too.” A yawn escaped my lips.

“Looks like it’s mama’s bed time too.” He whispered to Seth.

He laughed. “I think you’re right.”

“Shut up you two.” I rolled my eyes and took Ryan to his bed. I wrapped him up in his blanket and shut the opened windows. I checked to make sure he was okay and closed the door. Seth was already lying on the couch with Mia on his chest. she was drifting off too.

“Don’t you think you should put her to bed Seth?” Jake asked.

“Nah she’s fine. If I get uncomfortable I’ll put her in her baby bed.”

He smiled. “Alright. See ya in the morning.”

“Night.” I said as I followed Jake into the bedroom. I jumped into the warm covers. I breathed in the scent around me. I loved it in here. I loved this house, I loved this room, I loved my babies, and I loved my husband. Well my almost husband. I smiled.

“Don’t you want to get your pajama’s on?”

“Nope. I’m good.” I sighed.

“Ok.” I heard him chuckle as I drifted into a long awaited sleep.

A shrill cry echoed throughout the house. I sat up terrified. My heart sank as I realized who it was. Mia. Jacob was on his feet the same moment I was.

“Jake, It’s Mia.” I choked. Of course I really needn’t have said anything. he already knew. We rushed out to the living room. Seth was cradling our screaming child.

“Shh. Mia. It’s okay.” He said trying to sooth her.

Jacob held out his hands. She reached out to him. Seth gave her up to her father.

“Mia, shhh. Now what’s wrong? Shh baby daddy’s here. Daddy’s got you.” She calmed down just a little and looked tearfully at her bedroom door.

I had a really bad feeling about this. She never cried like this and it was almost as if she was trying to tell us something. I felt woozy as it dawned on me. Ryan. It was Ryan.

I ran into the babies room. The drapes were blowing in the wind above his empty bed. Jacob stood behind me, filling up the doorway. I dropped to my knees. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. I was dreaming. This was too horrific to be real. The scar on my wrist began to ache. I scratched at it, tears streaming down my face. Had he done this? Why? How? No! This HAD to be a dream. How else could I not know of his presence? More importantly how hadn’t Jacob or Seth?

Mia’s painful cry erupted again behind me. I turned and looked at Jake. When my eyes met his I knew I wasn’t dreaming. This was real. Our son had been abducted. Jake’s eyes glowed in the moonlight streaming in from the open window. The one I had closed hours before. There was a hot anger glowing in those eyes. I knew mine would soon look the same because I could feel the fire start inside my gut.

“Seth, Take Mia.” Jacob said behind clenched teeth. Seth grabbed her quickly as we watched Jake’s body tremble with rage. He took off like a bullet out the window. I was going to follow him.

“Take her to Carlisle! Tell Dad what happened!” I screamed at Seth as I followed my love out into the night. I ran swiftly chasing after him. I could tell he was about to phase so I jumped high into the air at the same time and landed gracefully onto the back of the wolf.

“We’ll find him together!” He howled in response. Gregory had done this and we would find him, no matter what.
omg !!!!
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Youre still my favorit writer!!:P LOL
This chapter was great, but poor Ryan i hope he dont get hurt!!
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I was sitting at the desk reading when I heard it.

Man this is bad. This is really bad. Seth’s thoughts shouted into my head. I looked up from my book.

“What’s bad?” I asked out loud.

Bella looked at me. “Edward?”

“Sorry, it was Seth. He’s coming this way. Something is going on.”
I jumped up and sped downstairs. Bella was right on my heels.

“Edward! He’s gone.” Seth cried. Ryan’s gone.

“Ryan.” I was surprised. “What? When?”

Bella drew in a shocked breath. “No.”

Seth handed Mia to her. “He’s been kidnapped! Jake and Ness are out there trying to find him!”

Unbelievable. I knew something was going to happen. I wanted to kill someone. I felt my body tense as I struggled to keep myself under control. I wanted to find him. “Who? Who did this?”

“I don’t know! I gotta go help Jake!” he said and jumped off the porch.

“I’m coming too.” I said as I followed him. “Bella make sure everyone knows what’s going on.”

“I want to go with you.” She said taking a step.

“No! Stay here with Mia. We don’t know if they’ll be after her too.”

“Right.” She nodded and disappeared into the house.

It took me a moment to catch up with Seth. I couldn’t say I was as fast as Jacob or Leah but I could still beat Seth, even in his wolf form. “How did someone get in without you all knowing?” I asked him anger filling in my voice.

No idea. We didn’t hear anything. Mia is the one that knew he was gone….i can’t believe this is happening.

That makes two of us. I thought. “Well is Jacob following the trail?”

Umm. About that….there isn’t a trail. The guy didn’t leave any trace and there wasn’t any smell of him in the room or outside the house.

Impossible. Is that why we couldn’t track him earlier? “Dammit. How does he think he’s going to find them? How is he tracking them down?”

Pure instinct. Jake’s kid has been taken.

“That doesn’t matter. You have to have something to go on!” I growled. I was getting frustrated. I hadn’t picked up anything either. Just Jacob and Nessie’s trail. This was going to be pointless if we couldn’t find the culprit’s trail.

Jake doesn’t.

“And why is that?”

He’s a wolf. And he’s pissed. You should know him better than that Edward. Jake would do anything for someone he loves. Even tracking something that doesn’t leave a trail. He’ll follow his gut and if that doesn’t work he’ll figure something out.

He had a point. I sighed. I felt the wind pick up speed. A storm was brewing. “We better hurry. We can’t put everything on him. he may not be able to handle it if it goes wrong.”

It won’t Edward. He’ll find a way.

“I am sure you‘re right Seth.” I agreed. I did know Jacob. And the Jacob I knew was exactly as Seth had said. He may be hard headed, stubborn, and aggravating, but he was loyal. He loved my daughter and their children. I was counting on that. I had to fall back on some kind of hope. To be able to conceal your scent is something only a vampire could do, and a strong one at that.

I thought about the similarities between Nessie’s abduction and Ryan’s. It had to be the same one that kidnapped Nessie. That was one problem we had finding them. We could only go on Nessie and Jacob’s scents. I couldn’t be there for them. I was going to try to be there now, but this was going to be hard. I knew it was going to be the most difficult thing we had to do but I was going to push my pride aside and believe in Jacob.

We’re getting close.

“Yes, come on. They’ll need our help.” I yelled over the sudden gust of wind.

Hey wait for me!

“Hurry up.”

He followed me deeper into the woods. I could faintly hear Jacob’s angry thoughts.

When I get my hands on you Gregory you are going to wish you had died right along with your filthy master Augustine!!

yes. they were close.
yay, my fave story is back! Missed you Chels!!!
wow i was thinking about u today actually lol wondering what u had been up too :) yep i;m back from being suspended


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