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Chapter 1


I was sitting in the cottage that my new family, especially Esme a second mother to me had remodeled for Edward and myself, just thinking oh how my life has turned out since Edward has been in my life. Renesmee is now two years old but she looks like she's six. I am so worried about her and Jacob, they are beginning to be inseparable Jake hardly goes home to check on Billy at least every once in a while he leaves to go check in with Sam. I know Billy worries all the time about Jake. Charlie still comes over but only when the Denali clan isn't here because he doesn’t feel right being around them. Nessie has him wrapped around her little finger though, it’s the cutest. He still doesn't want to know more than what he needs to, which is good for us and his wellbeing. I kind of feel bad for not being able to tell him more thought, he is my father. "Bella, are you okay?" Edward asks. I still haven't been able to keep my shield down for any longer than five minutes, but I am getting better at it. "I'm fine, just thinking about Renesmee and Jacob." I told him. "What has he done now? I'll kill him if he did anything." Edward said
"He hasn't done anything just yet. I was just thinking about how he hardly goes and checks up on Billy. It doesn't seem right that he stays here all the time and Billy is at home all alone." I said as Edward came walking to sit on the couch next to me. "You seem to be worried about something else other than the dog and his dad. Tell me what it is that you are worried about." he said while rubbing my back. I sighed, "I'm just worried about Nessie, and Carlisle said that she was starting to slow down on her growth, but look at her. She looks like she should be going to school now." "Don't worry so much, Love. Everything will be fine, plus I have a surprise for you." said Edward while lifting me up off the couch and heading toward the big house. I look at his face to see if I can read it. I sometimes wish I had Edward's power to see what he was hiding from me, so that I could read his mind. His face is always unreadable. Alice and Jasper are upstairs, I can hear them. Rosaline and Emmett aren't here, they must have gone hunting. Only Carlisle, Esme, Nessie, and Jacob are in the living room. Edward sets me down and I run and snatch Nessie up into a huge hug. She puts her hands on my cheeks, showing me everything that she and Jake had done this morning. "Did you have fun today?" I ask her. "Yes mommy! I bit Jake and we played all morning." I smile at her and then look at Edward. "Now you know that I don't like surprises. So what are you hiding from me?" he smiles at me as Alice and Jasper come down the stairs. "Bella, What are you wearing? Edward, why didn't you give her the outfit I told you to have her put on?" Alice asked Edward. She always hated my jeans and t-shirt outfits that I wear all the time well only if I get to pick my outfit it out and I don't like getting new clothes everyday. "Alice, I can't force her to wear anything and everything. She does have her own mind." Edward told her. I smiled and kissed his cheek and then looked at Alice. Alice just looked back at me and started walking towards me. "Jazz, grab Nessie. Bella come with me. We are going to get you dressed before Edward tells you what's going on." I held Nessie to Jasper as Alice grabs me. I look at Edward and frown. Edward smiles and heads upstairs. "I wonder what he's so happy about." I mumble under my breath as Alice and I headed back to the cottage. They all know that I hate surprises. I hated them when I was human too, seriously Edward was right everything is still the same as I was human and now, that is pretty cool, I don’t think I should ever doubt him again about stuff like that. God I love him.

Chapter 2

After Alice made me change, I got into a blue fancy dress It looked really nice on me it was a perfect fit and all. Alice and I started heading back to the big house. Right before we got to the river, I heard something heading towards us. Why hadn't Alice stopped or said anything? I stopped and turned around. I was ready to fight as I let a growl come from the back of my throat. "Bella, what's wrong?" Alice said after seeing me stop all of a sudden. "I don't know. You don't see anything? I heard something or someone running towards us. Go to the house and get Edward please." I said to her. I soon realize that whatever it was wasn't running like a person or animal. I realized that it was a vehicle. How could I of gotten that wrong? It sounded like someone or something running, it definitely hadn't sounded like a truck. I turned and looked dumbfounded at Alice. "What is so funny Alice?" I scolded at her. She stopped laughing and looked at me seriously, "Don't be mad Bella. Your expression was just too funny. I had to act like nothing was happening. I didn't want Edward and Emmett to take my Porsche, you understand right?" She looked frightened like she was afraid that I was going to attack her and that I was angry with her. When she finished her sentence, Edward and Emmett jumped out of the truck laughing. "Yes Alice. I understand, but you still could have given me a hint or something, we are supposed to be close." "What were you going to do Bella? Attack the truck?" Emmett said as he fell to the ground rolling with laughter. I returned to my attacking position. "No. I'm going to attack you." I said through gritted teeth. Edward and Alice stepped back. "You're on your own Emmett. I told you not to laugh at her." Edward said. Emmett looked at us both in disbelief. I looked at Edward, "Don't think that you are off the hook either, I saw you laughing too mister." He didn't like my threat and that was good. "I'm sorry Bella. I didn't mean to laugh. I promise." Emmett said as I lounged toward him. I stopped a couple of centimeters in front of him. "Gotcha!" I said and ran as fast as I could to the house laughing. Edward and Alice ran after me while Emmett pulled the truck around front. Renesmee was laughing when we entered the house. She ran to me and showed me what she had seen of the incident. "You liked that, huh Sweetie?" I asked her. She nodded as I picked her up. Emmett came in mumbling about what had happened. I laughed, "Don't be so hard on yourself big brother." I turn towards Edward, "So now it's your turn. What's this big surprise?" He looked at Alice with a questioning look. Alice returned the look. Edward looked back at me and gave me a hug. Godish I hate their silent conversations. Alice took Renesmee from my arms as Edward led me out of the front door. We went to the truck. This truck is a 2010 Chevrolet with a 10" lift it had huge tires on it too. I had to jump to get into the truck. Edward looked at me and smiled his dazzling smile, when he got in. "Where are we going? You know I don't like surprises and I hate when you hide things from me." I said. "Don't worry love, It's not far I promise." he said while stroking my cheek. I smiled and then turned to look out my window. We started heading towards town and then we turned on the street leading to Charlie's house. I looked at Edward suspiciously I tried to read his face but like always, it was unreadable. I turned back around just as we pulled into Charlie's driveway and saw him running out of his front door to get into the truck with us. I was seriously confused and not understanding what is going on, and that just makes me feel more frustrated and angry. Like I love Edward, I Love my new family, and I will always love Charlie, but common everyone knows I hate surprises but they still try and try to make me surprised, it made no sense to me at all but they are family. Charlie climbed into the truck and wrapped his seatbelt around himself. Edward was still smiling his dazzling smile at me as I had a confused frustrated face. Edward kissed my cheek, and told me everything will be okay, he promises.

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Chapter 3

"Hey Bells. How are you doing? Anything new?" Charlie asked me while smiling. "Hey dad, I will be better when I find out what's going on and where we are going. I've been doing well though, how have you been? Does Sue still come over and cook for you?" I asked while climbing in the back of the truck to give him a hug. "Good, I guess and yes she does but it's still not as good as your cooking." he smiled and Edward and him laughed. I climbed back into the front seat of the truck and Edward turned the truck back alive and we started driving again. Edward and Charlie smiled at each other because they knew what was going on, and the fact that I still didn’t. We turned towards Seattle. I was getting a bit nervous. "What's going on? Why are you two smiling?" I knew it couldn't be good if Charlie and Edward were smiling at each other. "I told you not to worry love." Edward said. "You should listen to him Bells. He knows what he's talking about, you are going to love it." Charlie said while squeezing my hand. I gave a human sigh and a frustrating look. All of a sudden there was a loud noise, like metal against metal. I looked around to see what happened. Someone crossed the median and hit us head on. Edward and I got out of the truck but I couldn't see nor find Charlie. I looked at Edward and he looked back at me. If I could still cry I would've because I knew Edward and I would have been fine with any accidents but Charlie won’t be. I began searching for Charlie, Edward finally found him and we both could smell Charlie's blood. It was a very sweet smelling smell. I had to clear my head I could be thinking of how his blood smelt sweet to me, my father was hurt, so snap out of it, I told myself. I held my breath and looked at Edward. He was kneeling over Charlie to see if he was still breathing. I could hear his heart beating still thank god, but now the question is for how long, because his heart was getting weaker at the minute. I fished my phone out of my pocket and dialed Carlisle, I knew he can help he’s a doctor for crying out loud. "Bella, what’s wrong? What happened? Are y'all okay?" His words came out way to fast and I told him everything that had happened in the last 30 seconds. "We are on our way now. Be there in 5 second." I could hear Carlisle's car and Emmett's Jeep pulling onto the road now. "Don't worry Bella, we will be there in a couple of seconds." he said. "Carlisle, don't let Nessie see what's going on this will definitely crush her heart and I can’t see that happen to my baby." I said and then the phone went dead. "They are on their way." I told Edward. He nodded as I knelt down next to my father and kissed his head and told him everything will be okay Carlisle will be here to fix him up, because that is what he does as he is a doctor. There were so many things going through my head and replaying what just happened 20x’s and just praying that Charlie can live through this and be okay. I know it’s a lot of ask for but he is my loving amazing father. I started sobbing silent tears on my father chest, Edward knelt down beside me holding on to my tightly around my waist and whispering in my ear that everything will be okay, no matter what happens, and that he will always be by my side the whole step of the way. I just kept thinking how this could possibly be happening on my birthday, see I kept telling everyone I hated surprises well this one I guess was a big one that I will always remember. Oh please dad stay with us, stay for me, for Nessie, for our family, I Love you…

Chapter 4

Carlisle and the rest of the family showed up, I thought to myself ‘oh my god, maybe my father will have a chance to live through this’. Edward and I had been talking to witnesses, because we knew we would need their word on what just happened. We didn't allow them to see or know that Charlie was there though just incase, so we just kept telling everyone that it was just us two and that we were fully fine. "Edward. Bella, we have to get Charlie to the house. I want you two to stay here until everything gets cleared up. We can't let anyone see Charlie, and after everything is okay, get home ASAP (As Soon As Possible)." Carlisle said. We both nodded in approval. "Jasper and Emmett help me but be very careful. I don't want any sudden movements and you two don't want Bella and Nessie coming after you." They looked at each other and carefully got Charlie into Carlisle's car, they were really careful with my dad, well I guess it’s because they both knew Nessie and I would come after them I smiled at myself for that thought. "We will see you two at the house soon." Alice said quietly while hugging me. I nodded and grabbed Edward. How did this could have happened? I know people say things happen for a reason, so what is the reason for this? For my father, Edward held me as I growled softly into his chest. I was extremely upset but I couldn't really cry which mad it more upsetting to me. I had to let out some emotions, some how. After the police and ambulance showed up, we got to leave finally everything went well between them and us. I still couldn't believe what had happened. We decided to let a tow truck pick up our vehicle. I wanted to run to clear my mind and Edward wanted to be with me just incase I went crazy. "You don't need to run alone my love. I will come with you. You know that everything will be fine with Carlisle working on Charlie right?" Edward said as I turned to run towards Forks. "Okay Edward. I just want to run to clear my mind but I would love your company." I turned my head to look at him while I spoke. We took off together and got home in about three minutes. I ran to find Charlie and Carlisle. I knew that it was worse that what anyone was saying it was. I knew that we had to be careful of what we said around Nessie. "Bella, we need to talk." Carlisle said while looking for some way to talk to me easily. I was nervous, scared, frustrated and just kept thinking I can’t loose him he’s my father, I would be broken without him in my and Nessie’s life.

Chapter 5

I looked at Carlisle with a sad face and followed him into his office as I waited for him to start talking. "Bella, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this but the only way Charlie will be able to live is accident is to change him, into one of us." Carlisle said while looking up at me and coming closer to put a comforting hand on my shoulder, I looked at the floor sobbing, "Are you sure?" "Yes, Bella it's the only way to save him, I’m sorry darling if there any other way I wouldn’t have told you." I looked up at him and I wanted to cry so badly. I jumped up and ran as far as I could, I heard someone running after me and I started growling as I turned and took my defensive stand I was ready to fight, to tear whoever it was apart, without thinking of course it was my love. "Bella, Love? It's just me. I was worried about you so I followed you." Edward said as I stood up straight but didn't stop growling. I was mad really mad, how could Alice has not seen this coming? I ran to Edward and pounced on him wanting his arms tightly around me. He looked scared, "Bella? I'm sorry. Love, please, let me help you." "I'm sorry Edward." I said as I stood up and helped him up as well and he hugged me tightly and kissed my lips trying to comfort me which worked. "I don't know if I can make a decision like that, Edward." I gave a human sigh in his chest. "Let's go back and I will help you in anyway that I can possible. I know you don't want to lose Charlie, Love." He held me and kissed the top of my head. I nodded in agreement. Edward picked me up and I realized we were in Canada. It took us a few minutes to get home. When we went inside everyone was in the living room, except for Carlisle. Nessie was asleep on the couch next to Alice snuggled up against her. Everyone watched us as we went to find Carlisle upstairs. "Carlisle I'm ready, go ahead and change him. Nessie would never forgive me if I let Charlie die and I can't stand to lose him myself." I said while still being held by Edward as He looked at me and nodded. He began to bite Charlie, I wanted to be there to watch but I couldn't it was too painful to. "Edward, I need to go downstairs." I whispered as He looked at me with questioning eyes. "Please." I urged him. We both went downstairs Esme and Alice came and gave me a huge hug. Alice took me from Edward and put me on the other couch, across from the one Nessie was on. "Everything is going to be fine, I've seen it. Charlie will be happy this way." she said and then she was gone. Edward and Emmett sat on either side of me I put my head on Emmett's shoulder and help Edward's hand to try to sooth myself. I started thinking of all the things we could do together right after he changes, maybe this wouldn’t be too bad. He would be able to do a lot more things with Nessie as well, like Haunt and etc. Edward was whispering in my ear telling me some things that Charlie was saying in his head, like he loved us so much, that he is happy about the choice I have made for him, and that he was still planning on taking me to that surprise for my birthday with Edward and him.
I really love my family, right after Edward stopped telling me things that Charlie was saying we could hear him screaming because of the burning he was going through. If my heart was still alive I would be beating a mile a minute.
Chapter 6

Emmett looked at me "I'm sorry little sister, I know that this is hard for you hey It's hard for all of us." "I know Em, I'm not sure how this will turn out, He only wanted to know just what he needed to and now he has no choice if he wants to or not." I said as Edward squeezed my hand. Edward didn't like it when I was upset or sad so I gave him a warm smile. "Bella!" It was Carlisle. I ran up the stairs. "What happened? What's wrong?" I yelled. "Nothing Bella, he's going through his transformation now if you want you can stay in here and wait for him to wake up." Carlisle said while putting a chair next to Charlie for me I nodded in response. I waited and held my dad's hand as I started hearing footsteps coming up the stairs and towards us, it was Edward I had a huge smile on my face when he showed up. "How's he doing?" Edward asked. "I can't tell if he's in pain." I whispered. Charlie's hand flinched when I said this. "Carlisle, he's moving." I yelled. Everybody ran into the room. "Dad? Can you hear me" I asked as his hand flinched again. "He will be waking up in about two minutes." Alice said quietly but I could hear the joy in her voice and see the smile across her face, she was Charlie's favorite Cullen and she knew it. Everyone stood around the room just in case Charlie got out of control. I stepped back just as Charlie's eyes flew open. "Bella? Edward? Where are we? Why was I in so much pain from burning, I felt on fire" Charlie asked as his voice was smooth but had deepness to it, like Emmett’s. "its okay Charlie don't get mad we are back at my house. We were in a wreck and you almost didn't make it" I told him. "Oh." was all Charlie could say because he was in shock. "Why is everyone talking so loudly?" Charlie asked quietly. "No one is talking." Edward said. "Yes they are I can hear them." he said angrily. I looked at everyone and put my finger to my lips, telling them to quit thinking. "Finally, I can hear myself think." Charlie said happier as I looked at Edward. "Can you hear his thoughts?" I asked impatiently. Edward shook his head. "It's like when I try to read your mind, Love, I can’t." Edward said slowly as we all stared at Charlie and watched him got up off the bed. Alice must have snuck in sometime and put some clothes on him. Wow, my dad has two powers. "What did you say Bells? What do you mean I have two 'powers'?" Charlie asked me questioningly. "Charlie? If you don't mind, I would like to explain everything to you." Everyone looked at Alice for a response. I couldn’t believe this. This was like what’s the word, ah yeah magical. My father was alive, with two sets of powers, and now I will get to live forever with my dad in my life. This was absolutely amazing. My dad was starring at me listening to what I just thought to myself. While I had a huge smile across my face and Edward wrapped his arms around my waist to keep me balances on my feet.

Chapter 7

Alice and Charlie left the room to go to Edward's old room for more privacy. I heard him yell right after Alice told him everything. Well imagined that if he was still human his face would be changing to purple. I laughed a little to myself from that thought. Edward looked at me like he wanted to know why I was laughing. "I will explain later." I told him. Alice and Charlie finally returned a few minutes later. "I'm getting thirsty. Bells, will you show me the way?" Charlie asked. Edward and I smiled. "Sure dad." We headed down the stairs and out of the back door. "I'm sorry dad. I know that this is hard for you, I didn't want you to find out like this, but we had no choice." I said as we jumped over the river. "It's okay Bells. I like it better this way because now I can always be with you ‘forever’ and have this experience with you as well." he said smiling. We ended up on the Canada border, as I could smell a couple of humans a couple of miles east of us. I was hoping he wouldn't do what I did. "I'm not going to go after the humans. I want to go after that mountain lion I smell about five yards away." Charlie said while sniffing the air. "Let's go then. I want to see how you do for your first time." I told him as he took off. I sat near the trees and watched. He was good, like he had been doing this as long as Carlisle and Edward. I was both shocked and proud. I found a deer I few feet away, as I ran and drained all of it's blood and waited for Charlie. "I'm done Bells. Let's go home please. I mean well, to your house of course." he said looking embarrassed I was glad that he finally knew what had happened to me and now we can experience it together as father daughter. We ran all the way until we were a mile away from the river. "We will have to teach you a few things before you go anywhere though. I'm sure that you can stay in Edward's old bedroom across from Alice's room. You know, incase you have a question or two." I smiled. "I just want to be able to come over anytime and not get turned down because some other vampires are here visiting." he said. We finally reached the house. Renesemee was awake and waiting in Jacob's arms for us. Charlie stiffened the air when he stepped in the back door. "What is that smell?" he asked Edward, we all laughed except Jacob. "You're the one who stinks." Jacob scolded, I heard Charlie growl. "Outside if you two are going to fight. I don't want anything broke in my house again." Esme exclaimed. Charlie went and sat on the couch as Nessie jumped out of Jacob's arms and ran in Charlie’s. "Nessie, small steps first you don't want to scare your grandpa, now do you?" Carlisle told her. Nessie nodded in agreement that she didn’t want to scare him, which was good. Charlie looked so happy and comfortable with Nessie snuggled up against him, because he knows now that we can’t kick him out for any reason, which made me laugh a little just thinking of kicking him out, which I could never do now.

Chapter 8

I looked at Edward. "Let me know what she is going to show him, before she does it please." I told him, as I could just picture Charlie running out of the house screaming. "Don't worry love, she just wants to show him the first time they met." Edward said to me with a smile just as Nessie put her hands carefully on Charlie's face, he drew a deep breath as I stiffened my body scared of the resolute. When Nessie finished showing Charlie her vision, I let out a breath of air that I apparently was holding. "Wow." Charlie said stunned. "That is her power dad. Alice can see the future, Emmett has strength, and Edward can read minds and Jasper can mess with your mood." I was telling him. "And what is yours Bella?" he asked me. "I am known as a shield. I can use my mind to protect others and myself." I said matter-of-fact. Charlie looked at me. "Edward can't read your mind can he?" Charlie asked me. "No I can't." Edward said sadly. "Well, then how come I can?" Charlie asked looking at Edward. "We really don't know Charlie." It was Carlisle that answered this time. "We think that it may be because you two are father and daughter." Carlisle said trying to explain. I was dumbfounded. How can Edward still not be able to hear my thoughts but Charlie can, Charlie looked at me and shrugged with a smile. "Can you show me more, Nessie?" Charlie asked as Renesmee nodded and put her hands on his face again. All of a sudden he turned his head and glared at Edward. "Is that why I couldn't come and see Bella?" Charlie almost shouted in his booming voice. I stiffened. "Yes, that is why. It was for your own good, we didn't want you to see me like that." I shouted back. Renesmee had shown him what she had seen when she was born, she ran to Alice because she was scared. "Why is grandpa so mad? Is he mad at me?" she asked Alice. "No sweetie. He's not mad at you, he's mad at your mommy and daddy because they lied to him." Alice told her. "Jasper, quit making me feel happy. I'm to upset to feel anything other than Mad." I told him. Jasper just looked at me. "I'm sorry Bella. I can't, I don't want to feel mad too." he told me. All of a sudden Charlie jumped up and took off running. I just stood there and stared after him. Edward came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "I'm sorry love, I will go find him and bring him back so that we three can talk about this." he said before kissing the top of my head and bolting out of the door. "I'm so sorry mommy." Nessie said as she ran to me crying. "It's okay Nessie. I'm glad you showed him, there are things that he needs to know, now is better timing then any other." I told her as I picked her up and gave her a hug. "Alice, what did you see?" I heard Jasper asking panicky. "Edward found Charlie and the Volturi are thinking about paying us a visit in about two or three days." Alice said quietly as we all starred at her. I sat Nessie down and took off running to find Edward and my dad. When I found them, they were in Seattle. I ran straight to Edward. "They’re coming, Edward." was all I could say. Charlie looked at me questioning. "Who is coming? Love, Tell me." Edward said. "The Volturi, the Volturi is coming." I told them both and we took off running to the house.
Chapter 9
When we got to the house we couldn’t see Alice because everyone was crowded around her. "Who is the Volturi?" Charlie asked me. "The Volturi are like the kings of the vampires. They are the ones that make the laws for us." I told him, "Have you met them before?" "Yes dad. A few months after Nessie were born and before I was changed. You remember when I went to Italy that night with Alice, I went to save Edward and when I got to him they wanted to see both of us." I said. "Charlie, they have a strong army but with you and Bella, we can make them go away again. Plus, the dogs are on our side so the Volturi won't really want to mess with us." Alice said as Charlie looked at all of us. "This is a lot to take in especially in one day." Charlie said quietly. "I know Charlie but it just keeps getting better." Emmett said while Charlie nodded, "I hope so." We all started talking about why the Volturi would be coming again. "They can't be coming back because they think they are stronger, can they?" I asked. "They definitely aren't stronger at least they don't have any new comers yet." Alice said. "I bet someone has seen that we have a new member in our coven. They may want to see if they can get Charlie to join them like they did with Bella and Nessie." Rosalie said. "But why" Charlie asked. "Bella, did you smell any vampires while you and Charlie went hunting?" Edward asked me quietly. "No, just our trails" "Edward, I had sensed that someone was watching me when I hunted." Charlie said. "Are you sure? You didn't recognize the scent?" Carlisle asked him. "No, should I have?" Charlie asked worriedly. "No Charlie. If you didn't recognize the scent, it's okay. Emmett and I will go and find it. We will see what we can find." Edward said as I looked at him, I wanted to go too. Whoever it was was going to pay for sneaking and spying on us. "Bells, you stay here with us. Nessie will be up soon." Charlie said. "Don't worry little sister. We will find the scent and as soon as we do, we will come straight back. I promise." Emmett told me. I nodded. "As soon as you find out who it is." I said to them both but Edward kissed me and then gave me his crooked smile that interrupted what was about to say. I melted like I always do. They took off out the back door as I went and sat down next to Charlie. "I'm sorry Bella." Rosalie said. I just looked at her while I was starting to wonder where she had been. Things had seemed to be getting a little better between us. "It's fine, so where have you been?" I asked her a little icier than I meant. She glared at me. "I went for a drive." she said and then looked at the floor. I was still staring at her when Edward and Emmett returned. "Bella, are you okay?" they both asked me at the same time. I hadn't really been paying attention but I soon realized that I was snarling at her as my lip was curled up over my teeth. I stopped and put my head in my hands like Edward had done at the restaurant in Port Angeles. "I'm sorry Rose." "Well, little sister we found out who was spying on you two." Emmett said quietly still looking at me and Rosalie. "Who was it?" Charlie and Carlisle asked at the same time. "Those damn dogs." Edward said. I turned my head and looked at Rosalie again. Edward put his hands on my shoulders. I pushed his hands off and ran to the cottage. I didn't want to believe what I was thinking. Did Rosalie do this? Did she go to the Volturi? Why? I was caught in my thoughts. I heard footsteps getting closer and I could smell the scent. I turned and looked at the door as Edward walked in. "Bella, are you okay? What happened in there? What did Rosalie do to you?" he asked. "What was she thinking in there?" I kept my voice calm. I didn't want him to know what I was just thinking at least not yet. "She was thinking about how the scenery was when she was driving." Edward said. "Okay, I just don't like the fact that she looked and sounded like she was lying to me. I know that she has a problem with me ever since I wanted to join this family and be with you." I explained to him. Edward walked over to me and hugged me. "I don't think that she would go tell the Volturi, love. I can’t see her doing such a thing." he said trying to calm me down as I smiled at him and he kissed me. "I'm sorry Edward. I'm being paranoid I don't know what I was thinking blaming Rosalie." I said while I started sobbing. "I forgive you Bella. Are you ready to go back to the house now?" he asked as I nodded and he kissed me again. We walked in human speed to the house. Rosalie met us outside by the back door. "Can I talk to you Bella?" Rosalie asked me. I looked at Edward and then to her and nodded. "Stay close Edward. I know that she doesn't trust me" Rosalie told him and Edward nodded. Rosalie came up to me and grabbed my hand as she led me to the garage. "Bella, I'm sorry that you think that I went to the Volturi. I really wouldn't do that to you. You are my sister now and you have been since you saved my brother." Rosalie said. "Rose, I'm sorry. I just think that it's weird that you've been gone all day and then you show up knowing what we are talking about." I explain to her and Rosalie looked at me and then smiled. "Bella, I don't know what to say." I looked at her. "Please say that you'll forgive me Rose. What I did was not called for and I am truly sorry." I begged her and she nodded. "I forgive you." she said and then hugged me. We went into the house and everyone looked at us. I walked and stood by Edward. "Are you okay? Love" Edward asked and I nodded at him and then sighed. "I'm just tired of the Volturi coming after us. I wish that there was some way to stop them all together." I said as Esme and Carlisle were in the corner by the window wall holding hands and talking. Alice and Jasper were upstairs talking and Emmett and Rosalie were sitting on the couch holding hands. Emmett looked at me and smiled and then turned the TV on. I looked up at Edward. "What was all that about?" I asked him. Edward just shrugged. "Where are Renesmee, Jake, and Charlie?" I asked while trying to stay calm. "They went to hunt. Charlie wanted to see Nessie hunt so he tagged along." Edward said in a soothing voice. All of a sudden Alice and Jasper came running down the stairs. "Alice, what's wrong?" everyone asked her. "The Volturi are coming today. They decided just a few minutes ago. The only thing that worries me is that it's only Aro and Marcus coming." she explained and I looked at Edward and then ran to find Nessie, Jake and my dad to get them home as fast as I can and keep them all safe. If my heart was alive it would have stopped so fast because of feeling scared, terrified and nervous to get my daughter into my arms and my father safe beside me.

Chapter 10

I found them just out by the Canadian border. "What's wrong Bella?" Jacob asked me. "We need to get Charlie and Nessie home. Aro and Marcus are coming." I explained and Jacob nodded. "Nessie and Charlie, Bella needs us at home!" Jacob yelled. Renesmee and Charlie came running out of the woods. Nessie climbed up on my back and we all headed home. As we walked through the door, everyone was getting ready to head to the clearing. "Alice, how long do we have?" Carlisle asked. "We have about thirty minutes, we need to hurry." Alice said and Edward found some hiking clothes for Charlie as I got Renesmee dressed. "Bells, what's going on? Are we going to fight the Volturi?" Charlie asked me worriedly. "I really don't know Dad all I really know is that it's just Aro and Marcus coming. Marcus acts like he could care less about what's going on. Aro on the other hand wants Alice, Edward, Renesmee, and I to join them and once he meets you, he will want you too." I explained. We all headed to the clearing. When we got there, we started discussing what we were going to do. I already knew that I needed to project my shield around us all, especially Charlie and Renesmee. Alice was of course looking into the future to see how this would turn out. Jasper was using his power to make us all feel confident. Emmett was hyped up about using his strength. All of a sudden Edward and Charlie were in their attacking positions. Charlie was letting a growl come out from the back of his throat. We waited until Aro and Marcus were about fifty feet away. Aro put his hands up as if he were a fugitive surrendering to the cops. "Ah Carlisle dear friend, how are you?" "Aro I am well, what brings you here? What have we done this time?" Carlisle asked him. "Can't we as friends, come and visit you and your family? Ah, I see you have a new member." Aro said while looking at Charlie and I let out a hiss. Edward grabbed my hand to comfort me. "Yes Aro, we have just recently been blessed with a new member. He does excellent for a newborn." Edward said. I looked from Aro to Charlie to Edward and hissed again and everyone looked at me. "He will not be apart of anything that has to do with you, Aro." I whispered to Edward. "Don't worry love. Aro just wants to visit, he has no intension of fighting us today or anytime soon this is." Edward whispered back. "Can I meet the newcomer Carlisle?" Aro asked still staring at Charlie. "That Aro, is up to him. Charlie, would you like to meet Aro." Carlisle asked. Charlie looked at me and then looked at Edward and we both nodded at him. Charlie took a step toward Aro and I grabbed him. "I'm going with you." I explained to him when he looked at me while Edward nodded at us. We met Aro half way. "Bella, nice to see you again, you seem very protective of Charlie." Aro said as I nodded. "I have a reason to be protective of him, Aro. This is my father, my biological father." I explained to Aro, it took him a few minute comprehend this and he look at us. "I see." he said as he held out his hand to Charlie. Charlie looked at me and then grabbed Aro's hand. "Fascinating, it's like meeting you again Bella. Can you hear his mind Edward?" Aro asked. "No Aro, I can not." Edward said as Aro let go of Charlie's hand. "It's nice to meet you Charlie." Aro said as I let a hiss escape. Charlie and I walked back to where we were standing next to our family. "Is there anything else Aro?" Carlisle asked as Aro shook his head. "Not this time friend. I just wanted to see how my friends were doing." Aro explained. "Well then, we have things to attend to." Edward said. "Oh well, we must be getting back before they send the guards." Aro said with that Marcus left and Aro followed as I looked at Charlie. "You did good, dad." I told him and he nodded. We all decided that it was time for everyone to hunt and we went into Canada. Nessie, Jake, and Charlie made a game of it of course and Nessie won again. She caught a ten-point buck while Jake and Charlie each got a doe. I laughed with Renesmee. After everyone was full, we went home. Renesmee fell asleep on the way back home and Charlie took her up to Edward's old room and put her on the bed that Edward had bought when I was still human. Edward and I went to the cottage. I pulled my shield down so that Edward could hear my thoughts because I know he loves hearing anything I am thinking about. "Bella." he said and then he kissed me and I lost my concentration, this always happens when I left him in my head. I kissed him back with so much love and passion It became a long night after all.
Chapter 11

I could hear the animals in the forest around us and could hear the water in the pond behind us. I didn't want to get up from the bed because I love being in the arms of Edward. Last night he managed to break the head board and we broke the entire bed, so the mattress was on the floor. "Bella, can you move?" Edward asked me a little rudeness. I got up and went into the enormous closet. "I'm sorry Love. I didn't mean to be rude." Edward apologized as I just looked at him and continued to get my clothes. I decided to entertain Alice by wearing a gold colored dress with matching high heels. I knew that she would love it. "I forgive you. I just don't understand why you said it the way you did." I told him after I was dressed. "Bella today is a special day while at least it would be if you were still human. I had a surprise for you before Charlie became one of us and I would like to give you that surprise today. I know how you don't surprise’s in general but today I want you to be on your best behavior, please." he explained as it was already September. My birthday to be exact I sighed while I was remembering this. "Okay." I said when Edward got dressed, we went to the house. Renesmee was playing with Jacob and Charlie in the backyard. Everyone else was inside waiting for us. "Good morning Bella." Esme said. "Good morning Esme." I said as Emmett started laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked Emmett as he shook his head still laughing. I looked at Edward and he rolled his eyes. I looked back at Emmett and started growling. "I see that you decided to finally wear the clothes that I bought for you." Alice said trying to distract me. "I decided to entertain you today by wearing it." I told her and it worked. She distracted me and I had made her happy. "When are you two leaving?" Esme asked Edward. "Soon." he answered and I looked at Emmett again and I realized what he had been laughing about. "Em, do you remember the deal we had made a couple of years ago?" I asked as he looked at me. "I'm sorry Bella." he said quietly, remembering the deal and Edward started laughing. I sighed and then looked at him. He stopped laughing and kissed me, I knew Edward would remember. He was the one who put me up to challenging Emmett to an arm wrestling match and I hurt Emmett's pride a lot that day and the many weeks that followed. I laughed a little to myself for thinking that I still have that strength till this day. Some days I want to challenge him again but I don't want to hurt his pride any more than necessary. "Well it's time, love. Are you ready?" Edward asked. I nodded as Renesmee, Jacob, and Charlie walked in. Renesmee jumped into my arms. "I'm going to miss you Momma." she said quietly. "I will miss you too do you still have that necklace I gave you?" I asked and Renesmee nodded. "Wear it while I'm gone. Do you remember what it says?" I asked her again. "More than my own life." she answered as I smiled and gave her a hug and kissed the top of her head. She jumped out of my arms and ran to Carlisle. Charlie gave me a hug. "I'll see you when you two come back." he said into my ear as he let me go and I looked at him. "Aren't you coming with us?" I asked. He shook his head. Edward grabbed my hand. "We're going to be late." Edward told mean and I nodded and let him lead me out of the house. We got into his Volvo and headed to Seattle. "Where are we going?" I asked trying not to sound anxious. He looked at me and brushed his hand against my cheek. "Don't be anxious. We are going east of Isle Esme." he said before he realized that he might have said too much. I looked out the window. I couldn't remember him or anyone saying that there was an island east of Isle Esme but before I knew it, we were at the airport about to board the plane. I held Edward's hand as we took our seats on the plane. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "What are you thinking about love?" he asked while smiling his crooked smile. I melted and forgot what I was thinking. I shrugged my shoulders. Edward frowned and put his head down to look at me through his long, beautiful eye lashes. "Please don't look sad Edward." I begged while lifting his face up to mine. "Why not, you won't tell me what you are thinking and I'm losing my mind because I can’t hear you." he said sounding hurt. "I'm sorry. I was thinking about our honeymoon on Isle Esme." I lied. Edward gave me an uneasy smile. He didn't like it when I had ran to Rosalie after we got back to Seattle from our honeymoon. It was then that he realized that I had wanted to keep my little nudger. I kissed him and looked at him. "I'm sorry Edward." I told him. He smiled my favorite smile. "It's fine love." he told me. We landed in Houston and boarded another plane. I was getting anxious again. I hadn't been to Isle Esme since then and I really missed it a lot. It wasn't a long flight to our next stop. We got into a car and headed to the docks. When we got there, there was a beautiful boat no more like a yacht. It was named after our daughter. "Do you like it so far?" Edward asked while studying my face. I didn't let any emotion show. "I love it. It's beautiful." I exclaimed. We got on the yacht and headed towards Isle Esme. I waited until I could see the island on the horizon. I looked at Edward and smiled. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. "Are we stopping there?" I asked anxiously. Edward looked at me surprised. "Do you want to stop there?" he asked. I shook my head. I didn't want him to hurt again. "Let's go see what's east of Isle Esme." I reassured him. Edward smiled and we went around the island. "How much longer?". I asked not wanting to sound anxious, but it didn't work. "About ten minutes, Love." Edward laughed. He pointed to something in front of us. I looked and wanted to faint. The island was bigger than Isle Esme. Edward laughed harder at my reacton. I waited until he stopped at the dock. Edward picked me up and carried me off the boat. I kissed him until he put me down. "Welcome, love, to Isle Bella." he said sounding formal. I smiled felt my eyes hurt. I knew that if I was still human, I would be crying now.

Chapter 12

Edward saw my reaction. "I'm sorry I thought you'd be happy. I guess I could give it to Rosalie or Alice." he said misreading my expression. "Don't even think about giving my island away." I hissed as Edward's eyes lit up. "You like it?" he asked. "Of course I do. I feel like crying." I said and Edward sighed. "I thought this would be difficult. I didn't realize that you wouldn't actually complain about a gift." he said excitedly. I laughed. He picked me up and carried me to the house that was hidden in the forest. I kissed his cheek. "I never imagined that you would buy an island for us." I sighed. He laughed. When he opened the front door I felt like crying again. It was exactly like the house on Isle Esme. Edward smiled and sat me down. "I could tell that you missed the island. When you would put your shield down, it drifted into your thoughts. So I decided to buy you one." he explained as I nodded. "You were right. I did miss it a lot but I knew that you didn't. That's why I never talked about it." I told him. "I'm sorry love. I didn't realize that you wouldn't talk about it because of me" Edward said as he put his head in his hands and sat down. I lifted his head up and pulled his arms around me as I sat in his lap. "I don't want you to feel bad. I didn't talk about it because I didn't want to hurt you." I said to him as I was trying to calm him. Edward smiled. "Let's go for a walk. This begins our second honeymoon Mrs. Cullen." he exclaimed. "Yes Mr. Cullen. Let's go for a walk." I agreed. I grabbed his hand as he led the way. We walked all afternoon and got back to the house at dusk. "I want you to stay here love. I have one more surprise for you." he said as I was looking anxious as we got inside. I laughed and nodded. I sat down on the couch in the living room. It felt like twenty minutes before he came back into the room. "Are you ready for your surprise?" he asked impatiently. "Yes." I smiled. "Okay!" Edward said while starring into the kitchen. All of a sudden Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett ran out of the kitchen. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" everyone exclaimed. I jumped up and ran outside. Emmett followed me. "Are you alright, little sister?" he asked with a concern his voice. "Yes Em. I'm fine. You all just scared me." I explained as Emmett laughed a little and put his arm around my shoulders. "We know that you don't like surprises and you don't like to celebrate your human birthday but we don't celebrate any of ours so it makes us all happy to celebrate yours." Emmett explained and I nodded. "Plus, I do believe that you made a promise to your husband." he smiled. "I know." I growled. He led me back inside. I knew that I had broken my promise to Edward and I had hurt him by doing so. I ran to him and hugged him. He tried to break free of my hold but he knew that I was stronger but he still tried. "I'm sorry Edward." I whispered. I let go of him and he walked away. Alice grabbed me and drugged me to the couch. She handed me one of about a hundred presents. "This one is from Carlisle and Esme." she said. I opened it and smiled. I was also confused. The present was a key. Everyone smile except for Edward, who was in the kitchen. I opened the rest of the presents. Alice got me some more clothes. Jasper got me some more shoes. I knew that Alice had picked them out. Emmett got me some CDs and Rosalie got me a bunch of jewelry. I thanked everyone as they left. After they left, I put everything away. I waited in the room to see if Edward would come in. He finally came in around 3 a.m. I was sitting in the corner at the desk. I didn't look up when he walked in. "I'm sorry that I acted the way I acted." he said quietly and apologetically. "I forgive you. It should be me that's apologizing." I told him and then put my head on the desk. Edward walked over to me and picked me up. I growled in his chest. "Please don't be mad at me." I growled. He rocked me in his arms. "Bella, I forgive you. I'm sorry that I upset you." he said as I looked up at him. "You didn't upset me. I upset myself by hurting you by breaking my promise." I explained and he looked at me and kissed me. He sat me down on the floor and I pushed him on the bed. We both laughed. I went to the closet to change out of my dress. Edward growled impatiently. I growled back at him playfully. I returned from the closet and eyes lit up and I laughed. I pounced on the bed next to Edward. We pushed each other playfully until I acted like he hurt me. It was the wrong thing to do, of course. Edward rolled over and wouldn't talk to or touch me. He closed his eyes as I got off the bed. I wrote hi on a note and walked out to the beach. I stood in the water for a while. I ended up sitting on the edge of a rock. Edward got up and read the note. I knew this because I could hear him. In the note I apologized yet again and told him that when he was ready to go home to let me know. I heard him walk out to the beach. I still didn't look up at him. "Love?" he said just above a whisper. I finally turned towards him and looked. "I'm sorry if I hurt you and I want to make it up to you." he said while smiling his crooked smile. "You didn't hurt me. I was just messing with you." I said and I purposely made my voice crack in the right places. Edward sat next to me. He began to kiss me from my throat to my ear and back again. I sat very still until he picked me up and took me into the house. He sat me down on the bed and then started kissing me again with so much passion.

Chapter 13

I could see the sun shining on the ocean. I didn't want to untangle myself from Edward. I looked around to see if we had ruined anything during the night. From what I could see, we hadn't. Edward kissed the top of my head and I looked up at him and smiled. "Good morning, Mrs. Cullen." he whispered. I sighed. "Good morning." I whispered back. I could see his eyes starting to turn black around the edges of the gold. "You're getting thirsty." I said and he nodded. "You are thirsty too, Love." he said. I looked up at the window and my eyes were black. I giggled and nodded. "I am a little thirsty. What is there to hunt around here?" I asked quietly. "What would you like?" he asked me. I thought about it. "Mountain lions." we both said and both laughed. "Well, there's not any mountain lions around here but there are panthers." he said. I looked at him and jumped up and ran to the closet to get dressed. I picked out a pair of jeans and a blue short-sleeved shirt. I put on a pair of tennis shoes. Edward looked at me. "Wow." he said. "What's wrong?" I asked worriedly. "Nothing, you look amazing." he explained. I looked at him and bared my teeth. He pretended to be scared and I laughed. "Ready?" he asked. I nodded. I could feel the burn in my throat. Edward grabbed me and we took off. We didn't have to leave the island to hunt and I was grateful. We both stopped and I could smell a panther just a few a few yards away. It was up in a tree. I climbed up the nearest tree and went after my prey. Edward watched and I could tell that he was having trouble watching. I pounced on the panther and went straight for its throat. It didn't put up a fight. I sighed and Edward laughed. I glared at him and waited for the scent of another animal that was destined to be my next victim. This time Edward hunted with me. We found two more panthers and this time, they put up a great fight. I finished mine before Edward finished his. I waited patiently. Today we would be leaving my island, so we needed to quench our thirst long enough to get home. After Edward finished his meal, we went home to pack. It didn't take us long to pack and I put the key in my back pocket. I planned on asking Edward about it on the plane. Edward took our bags out to the boat and I sat down on the couch. When he got back, I turned on the TV. Edward sat down next to me and I leaned against his chest. We watched TV for about an hour. "It's time, love." he whispered in my ear and then kissed the top of my head. I nodded and got up. I followed him out the door and locked up the house. We got to the airport and boarded the plane. We took our seats and I pulled the key out of my pocket. "Edward? Do you know why Carlisle and Esme gave me this key?" I asked. He took it and looked at it carefully. "No I don't. No one else knew either." he answered and then gave it back to me. I sighed. Had they given it to me by mistake? I put the key in my pocket. When we got home I looked for Carlisle and Esme to ask about the key. I was too busy looking for them I didn't realize that everyone was gone. I looked at Edward and he smiled. "You know, don't you?" I asked. He nodded. I glared at him and sat down on the couch in the living room. Edward went to the piano and started playing the song that he wrote for me. I began to hum the tune and Edward quit playing. I looked up at him questioningly. Edward smiled and waited for me to get it. "Oh." I said. He wanted me to hum my lullaby. I began to hum and he came and sat down next to me. I looked up at him when I finished. "You have a beautiful voice." he whispered. I smiled. We kissed as everyone walked into the house. I heard Emmett clear his throat and I pulled away from Edward. I looked at everyone. I couldn't see Charlie, Renesmee, and Jacob. "Don't worry Love. They are safe. They stayed behind to finish up." Edward said. "Shut up Edward." Rosalie growled. I jumped up and hissed at her. I began to feel calm as Jasper used his power. I pulled out the key. "Esme? Carlisle? What is this key for?" I asked. Everyone smiled.
Chapter 14

Alice looked at me. "I'm going to jump on your back to cover your eyes. Don't attack or throw me please." she said. I laughed and nodded. I remembered when she did that when I first became a vampire. Edward grabbed my hand as Alice jumped on my back and covered my eyes. They led me out of the back door and across the river. I could tell that we weren't going to the cottage. We didn't turn like we should have to go to the cottage. I could smell the scents of everyone, including one that made me stop. "What's wrong Bella?" Edward asked. "How come no one told me that Tanya was here?" I asked. "Well, that's pat of the surprise." Alice said quietly. I began walking again. After about five hundred more steps, Edward made me stop. "Okay Bella. Now I'm going to uncover your eyes and jump off of you." Alice said. I nodded and I felt anxious. Why would Tanya being here be a surprise? I wondered to myself as Alice jumped off of me and uncovered my eyes. I looked at Edward questioningly. He smiled and pointed at something in front of us. I looked at what he was pointing at and my mouth fell open. I was staring at a mansion. It was almost like the Cullen residence, except that all but two of the outside walls were glass. Emmett began to laugh because of my expression. Edward put his hands on my face and stood in front of me. I blinked and realized that my mouth was still opened. "Are you okay?" he asked and I nodded. I ran to Esme and picked her up in a hug. "Thank you so much Mom." I said excitedly. Esme smiled and looked like she was going to cry. I sat her down. "What's wrong Esme? Did I hurt you?" I asked worriedly. She shook her head. "No Bella. You didn't hurt me. You made me happy. You called me Mom for the first time." she explained. I smiled and hugged her again. Next I ran to Carlisle. Thanks Dad." I told him. He hugged me back and smiled. "You're welcome Bella." he said. I ran to Edward and smiled. "I love it." I told him. I could still hear Emmett laugh but I didn't care. I turned to Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett. "Thank you everyone." I said. They all nodded. "Take that key and go inside Bella." Rosalie said. I pulled the key out of my pocket and grabbed Edward's hand. I pulled him with me as I went up the stairs to the door. Edward smiled as I unlocked the door. I went inside, pulling him with me again. He began laughing as I stopped in the living room. "Hey, Bella" Angela yelled. I smiled. "Angela, Ben, Jessica, Mike!" I exclaimed. They all ran up to me and gave me a hug. Angela began to cry. "What's wrong Ang?" I asked. "I'm happy to see you. Writing and talking to you on the computer is not the same as being here with you." she explained. I sighed. "No one told me that you all were here." I told them. I turned to look at Edward, but he and Mike were across the room talking about cars. "We can't stay long Bella. We have to go get ready for something, but we will be back." Jessica said. I looked at her questioningly. "Don't be so anxious Bella." she said. I laughed. "It's time to go Mike." Ben said. Mike sighed. I walked them to the door and then turned to Edward. "Where are Renesmee, Charlie, Jacob and Tanya?" I asked him. He looked at me uneasily. I growled and he growled back. Jasper ran inside. "Hey now, you two don't need to be fighting." he said while making us feel calm. "Someone had better tell me what's going on!" I exclaimed. Edward sighed as Charlie, Nessie, Jacob, and Tanya came down the stairs. I stared at Charlie and Tanya. They were holding hands. I began to hiss and Nessie ran up to me. "Momma!" she exclaimed. I picked her up. "I missed you Momma." she said. I hugged her. "I missed you too." I said to her. I looked up at Edward. I heard Charlie clear his throat as Jacob and Edward came and stood by me and Nessie. I turned to look at Charlie and Tanya still holding hands. "Hey Bells. I have some good news to share with you." Charlie said. I just glared at him. "Tanya and I are getting married and then I'm moving to Alaska to live with her and her family." he continued. I sighed. "Okay Charlie. I don't know what to say. I give you my blessing." I told him. Tanya smiled. "Thank you Bella." she exclaimed. I nodded. "So when is the wedding?" I asked. "Tonight" Edward answered. I handed Nessie to Jacob. I growled and ran outside. Edward and Charlie followed me. "Bells" Charlie asked. Edward grabbed me and made me stop. "Bella, it's okay. It's what they want." he said as he pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around Edward and put my face in his chest. Edward rubbed my back as Charlie started talking. "Bells, I'm sorry. I wanted to surprise you. I thought that you'd be happy." he said. I turned to look at him. "I'm sorry dad. I didn't mean to act like that." I apologized. "It's okay Bells." he said. I gave him a hug. "Let's go set things up." I said. I went and held Edward's hand as we all began walking back to the house. "Well, Love." Edward began. "Let me guess. Alice." I said interrupting him. We all laughed. "Everything is ready to go. You and I are the only ones that need to get ready." Edward said. I smiled. I already knew what dress I would wear. It was a blue strapless gown. Charlie smiled. "You will look amazing Bella." he said. Edward looked at me. I smiled and he smiled back. "I agree." he said.

Chapter 15

Edward and I got ready for the wedding. Rosalie fixed my hair for me. I was the bride's maid and Edward was the best man. The wedding was in the clearing, where we play baseball. Carlisle walked Tanya down the isle, Emmett was the preacher and Nessie was the flower girl, and Jacob carried the rings. Angela sat next to Alice and Ben and Jessica sat between Rosalie and Mike. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard Charlie and Tanya both say I do and then Emmett said "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride." They kissed and everyone clapped and cheered. I hugged Charlie and Tanya. We all headed to the dance floor. I didn't know how I felt about Charlie moving to Alaska. Edward walked up to me. "May I have this dance, Mrs. Cullen?" he asked as I smiled. "Of course you may, Mr. Cullen." I answered as I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor. We began dancing. "What is Tanya thinking?" I whispered to Edward. He smiled. "She's thinking that she's a very lucky woman." he said. I smiled as we began twirling around. I loved that my clumsiness hadn't stayed with me when I became a vampire. I loved dancing with Edward. I glanced at Charlie and Tanya. Apparently he wasn't clumsy either anymore. I was happy now, I had Edward, my mom had Phil, and Charlie had Tanya. We were all happy. The song ended and Charlie walked up to us. "May I have this dance Bells?" he asked. Edward and I both nodded. Charlie held out his hand and I took it. Edward went and asked Tanya to dance. The song began and it was a slow one. "Thank you Bells. I really do appreciate this." Charlie whispered as we began to dance. "I'm happy as long as you are dad." I told him. When the song ended I gave Charlie a hug. Emmett walked up to us. "Mrs. Cullen?" he asked. I turned and smiled at him. "Yes Em." I answered. "Will you dance with your big brother now? Before Edward comes and steals you away." he asked. "Of course big brother, I didn't mean to make you feel left out at my wedding." I answered. Emmett looked around to find Edward and I laughed. "He's dancing with Nessie." I told him. Emmett nodded and we began dancing again. When we were finished, Alice got on stage. "Mr. and Mrs. Swan your flight is going to leave you here if you two don't hurry." she said. Everyone began to gather up beside the limo. We all began to throw rice as Charlie and Tanya walked to the car. Charlie kissed the top of my head before he got into the car. I waved as they drove away. Angela, Jessica, Ben, and Mike came up to me and gave me a hug. "Congratulations Bella." Angela said. "Thanks Ang." I said. They gave me another hug and then left. Edward and I went to our new house with Jacob and Nessie following. Edward went to the piano and began playing my lullaby as Nessie, Jacob, and I sat down on the couch before Edward was half way through the song, Nessie and Jacob were asleep. Edward finished playing and then we went upstairs to pick out our room.

Chapter 16

It didn't take us long to decide which room would be ours because It is the only room on the third floor the room looks amazing. One side of the room had a huge 56” flat screen TV hanging on the wall. This side of the room was set up like a theater it has a surround sound and everything electronical you can name. It was breath taking. I knew that Emmett had something to do with it, he always does with the upgraded technology. He would be coming over a lot to watch his sports, we all knew that. The other side of the room had a California king size bed that was decorated with a bunch of blue and white pillows. They matched the room, the comforter, and the sheets. In the corner was a massive hot tub as I looked at it I sighed and smiled. This was way too much but I just couldn't say no. Edward went looking through the three doors on the far wall. Two of the doors led to massive closets and one for me and the other for Edward Alice of course she had to put her own touches to it. The third door led to a secret room and this room looked amazing too. Edward found a brand new piano and a place for me to practice my singing. Edward had always enjoyed my voice and he suggested that I take singing up as a hobby. I wasn't sure at first but I soon gave in to Edward and his crooked smile. I went to look at my singing area and found a sheet of paper that was full of notes. I took it to Edward at the piano and he began to play it and I realized what song it was ‘My Lullaby’ as I began to hum I grabbed another sheet of paper and began writing words down on it that were coming from my heart:

'Goodnight, my Angel
Time to close your eyes,
And save these questions
For another day.'

Edward looked at the paper after I finished writing. He smiled and began playing again as I sang the words but Edward stopped playing immediately and looked at me. "I love it Bella." he said as I was glad that I was no longer human because I would have blushed a scarlet red. Edward picked me up and kissed me passionately as he carried me back into the bedroom. He laid me on the beautiful bed and then put on some music as we were as I heard my phone start ringing. Edward grabbed it before I could. "It's Charlie." he told me before he handed me the phone and I nodded to him. "Hello." I answered. "Bells how are you?" Charlie asked extremely happy. "I'm good. How are you?" I asked a little worried. "I'm good. I just wanted to call you to tell you thank you. You know for letting us have our honeymoon on your island. It's beautiful out here." he explained. "You're welcome dad. I hope that you and Tanya enjoy it as much as we did." I told him and with that he hung up. I sat the phone down and stared at Edward. He smiled my favorite smile as I pulled him to come lay beside me as he lay down and I started kissing him passionately. After a few minutes of kissing, he pulled away. We both sighed because we could hear the footsteps and heart beats of two. We sat up when we heard knocking on the door. "Come in." I said as Jacob opened the door and Nessie bounced in. She jumped up on the bed between Edward and I and we laughed. "Dang guys, this room is huge!" Jacob exclaimed excitedly. Edward looked at Jacob. "You act like you haven't seen it before." I said as Jacob looked at me and frowned. "Alice and Emmett wouldn't let anyone up here." he explained. "Oh." was all I could say. Edward threw Jacob the remote to the TV and pointed to the home theater. Jacob's eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. "Come on Nessie. Let's go watch a movie in your new home theater." he said sounding like a little kid. Nessie laughed and then jumped off the bed, did a front flip, and landed in Jacob's arms perfectly. Edward and I laughed and applauded her. He led me back into the music room. Edward sat down at his big white piano as I grabbed the sheet of paper that I had started writing on while Edward began playing again. I began to sing what I had written too see what else pops up in my head:

'Goodnight, my Angel,
Time to close your eyes
And save these questions
For another day'

and then added:

'I think I know what
You've been asking me
I think you know what
I've been trying to say.
I promised I would
Never leave you
And you should always know
Where ever you may go
No matter where you are
I never will be far away.'

Nessie and Jacob applauded as I hadn't noticed that they had come in. I would have blushed scarlet red again, if I was human this is. "I love it Momma!" "Great job Bells!" they said as I took a bow.

(The song that Bella is singing is called Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel) it is sung be Billy Joel.)
Chapter 17

A few days later, Charlie and Tanya came back from their honeymoon. Nessie was excited as ever. When they walked into the mansion, Nessie ran as fast as she could to jump in Charlie arms. "Grandpa!" she yelled excitedly. Charlie picked her up. "Hey Ness." he said and then kissed her forehead. Charlie looked at Edward and then to me. "Thanks again Edward and Bella it was amazing." he beamed as Edward and I nodded. I was happy to see Charlie before he moved to Alaska. "We would like for you all to come and visit soon." Tanya said to us. "Of course we will Tanya." Edward replied. "We are only here for a little while. I have to make sure that Kate and Garrett haven't destroyed my house like last time." Tanya explained as Nessie put her small hands on Charlie's temples. He smiled. "You are right Ness. She does have a beautiful voice and I didn't know she could sing like that." he said after the vision was over and I sighed. I might be better at accepting gifts but that didn't mean that I like being the center of attention. Edward smiled at me because he wanted me to sing. I sighed and nodded. Edward stood up and cleared his throat. Everyone looked up at him. "I would like to invite you all to come upstairs because Bella would love to sing for you all." he said enthusiastically and everyone smiled as I led the way up to the bright blue room. I opened the door to the music room and I walked through but realized that no one had followed me in. I turned around to find them standing like statues in my room. I laughed before they came out of their trance. "Wow Bells." Charlie managed to say. I begged them to come into the room. It was like they had been cemented to the floor. Nessie pushed on their legs and which finally made them move. Jacob brought in some chairs from the home theater. I felt anxious as I realized that there were enough chairs for all of my family and all the wolves. I sighed and then glared at Jacob. He shrugged and smiled showing his pearly whites. I grabbed my sheet of paper and when I heard and smelled the scents of everyone else coming up the stairs. I heard everyone gasp except for Alice and Emmett of course. I was glad that no one except Edward, Nessie, Charlie, and Jacob knew about my singing. I knew that Alice must have seen me singing but if she had she never said anything unless I agreed. I was puzzled by this thought until someone cleared their throat. I knew it was my big teddy bear looking brother and I smiled. Everyone was already seated and staring at me and Edward. I sat on top of the piano as he began to play my song and I saw Esme smiling because I knew that she loved my lullaby. I took a breath and began to sing the words that went extremely well with my lullaby:

'Goodnight, my Angel,
Time to close your eyes
And save these questions
For another day.
I think I know what
You've been asking me
I think you know what
I've been trying to say
I promised I would
Never leave you
And you should always know
Where ever you may go
No matter where you are
I never will be far away'

'Goodnight, my Angel,
Now it's time to sleep
And still so many things
I want to say
Remember all the songs
You sang for me
When we went sailing
On an Emerald bay?
And like a boat
out on the ocean
I'm rocking you
to sleep
the water's dark
and deep inside
this ancient heart
you’ll always be
a part of me.'

(Music continues to play.)

'Goodnight, my Angel,
Now it's time to dream
And dream how wonderful
Your like will be
Some day your child may cry
And if you sing this lullaby
Then in your heart
There will always be
A part of me.'

(Music only again)

'Some day we'll
All be gone
But lullabies
Go on and on
they never die
that’s how you
And I will be.'

(End of song)

I looked at the crowd of family and friends. Everyone was in shock, including Emmett. I held in a laugh but smiled. Edward was even in shock. He didn't know that I had finished writing the song. All of a sudden everyone applauded and cheered. I felt like I was a talented singer. You know the ones that have platinum records and record in studios. I hopped off of the piano smiling and took a bow. Esme ran to me first. "I loved it Bella! I wish you would continue to do so." she said as I hugged her. "Thank you Mom." I whispered in her ear as Edward came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist while kissing the top of my head. Emmett was still in shock I guess. He was still sitting in his chair his jaw on the floor and wide eyed. I laughed and we walked up to Emmett and I put my hand on his shoulder. "Em, are you okay?" I asked as He looked up at me and began to smile. I sighed in relief. "Bella, that was awesome. How come you never told me that you could sing?" he said in his booming voice. I shrugged my shoulders. "You never asked, big brother. Plus I was clumsy as a human but no one ever thought to ask if I could sing." I explained as I looked at Edward. He was glowing with happiness. It looked like he was about to cry. I hugged him tight. "What's wrong Edward? Are you okay?" I asked while still holding on to him. "I'm fine, Love. You just amaze me every single day. Today you have made me the happiest man, I mean vampire in the world." he said with such pride. I stepped back and smiled. "You also have made me happy today." I said as Edward and Emmett looked at each other with questions in their eyes and I laughed. "What's so funny?" Alice chimed in. I pointed to the guys and she laughed too. "You hate being the center of attention." Emmett said quietly. "Used to" I said. After everyone had congratulated me, they all began to leave. I sighed. Today had been a great day. Jacob took Nessie down to La Push so that she could show Billy. Charlie and Tanya had said their goodbyes and left for Alaska. Edward and I were alone in our third story mansion and I wasn't going to waste it. I was going to make this night a very special one for Edward which is going to take up all night.
Edward grabbed me and carried me to the bed while never breaking off our kiss he started taking my close off while I was doing the same to him.
“I think we broke the new bed” I said as Edward was laughing out loud.
“Yes, I think we did Love. I will buy a new one tomorrow morning.” Edward said as touching every part on my body making me moan.
I rolled him over so I was on top of him and started touching every part of his body twice making him and me moan
“Ooh my god, Bella” Edward moaned which made me moan.
I am guessing he had enough of that because not even in a flash second he was on top of me again grinding me deeply.
This was seriously going to be a very very long night for both of us, I am so happy that I don’t need sleep anymore but Edward and I were breathing every deeply because of the pleasure.

The End.
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