The Twilight Saga

Plot: Chris and Wyatt have been sent back from the Future to change the past, in order to restore what should have been in the future. Will they succeed in their task in saving the young witch Bella Swan with the Charmed One's help?

Chapter 1


It was rather silent in the Halliwell Manor, as any week-end that was not interrupted with demons or warlocks.  The Charmed sisters were in the kitchen, Piper was making some breakfast for everyone. Well everyone that was in the house: That was her, her 2 sisters, her husband Leo and their charge Bella. Bella was a young girl aged 15, she lost her parents in a fire house and she was also a young witch coming into her powers. The elders wanted the sisters to protect her. Since Leo and Piper’s sons Wyatt and Chris were on a school trip, the house was rather silent. Wyatt was about 18 now in the Present and Chris was 16. They both knew Bella, from school. So they had nothing against her staying and being protected.

Phoebe was trying to write her advice column when Coop appeared out of thin air with their daughters Prudence and Parker he kissed her head softly. Phoebe smiled at them “Is Bella still asleep?” Coop asked, seeing it was rather silent in the kitchen.

Piper nodded “Yeah, she’s still asleep. Henry is gone as well and since Wyatt, Chris are on a school trip with his and Paige’s kids, its bit quite around the house, more than usual.” She said

Coop nodded “Oh, well breakfast smells nice.” He said as he sat down at the table with the kids smiling.

Prudence and Parker giggled “Well, Aunty Piper has always been a good cook.” They said looking at their dad. Phoebe just giggled smiling softly. Paige laughed softly “They know her better than you do.” She teased Coop.

Coop laughed softly. Piper laughed shaking her head as she put the plates on the table and she was about to serve breakfast, when the air around them all changed. It was like the windows swung open, when they were shut and not letting in any air inside the house, since the sisters had the air conditioning turned on. Chris and Wyatt suddenly appeared in the kitchen, right from the future.

Everyone looked at them confused, Piper was the one to speak first “Wyatt...Chris..what are you both doing here?” she asked “Not that I am not glad to see you, I am. I am just confused.” She said looking at her 2 sons from the future.

Chris and Wyatt looked at their mother “Good question.” Wyatt said “I was trying to calm Chris down just a few moments ago, when we suddenly appeared here.” He told Piper. Piper nodded, she then noticed how pale Chris looked, like he did not sleep for weeks. She frowned and she pulled out a chair for them both to sit on.

“You must be here for a reason.” Coop said “Why else would you be sent here?” he asked.

Just then, they all heard footsteps down the stairs. Bella was awake and she walked into the kitchen pulling her brown hair up into a pony tail, she was still wearing her pj’s.  “To change the past.” Wyatt suggested, just as his younger brother saw a picture pinned to the fridge. He pulled it from the fridge and he breathed out a shaky breath. It was a picture of him and Bella, Bella was kissing his cheek while he was smiling at the camera.

Phoebe looked at Chris “Chris?” she asked and she waved a hand in front of his face slightly, just when Bella walked in.

She stopped dead in her tracks, when she saw Wyatt and Chris from the future. She looked confused and she blinked “ are you back and why do you both look older?” Prudence and Parker giggled slightly under their breath, not because Bella’s question was slightly stupid, but because Bella looked so adorable when she was confused.

Wyatt chuckled softly, knowing Bella was still new to this and he smiled at her “We’re from the future, Bells.” He told her.

Bella slapped her forehead “Right...of course.” She said “Stupid question, Bells.” She said to her self and she noticed Chris looked stiff in his position, like he’d seen a ghost “Chris? Are you okay?” she asked as she was about to step closer to him, but instead he just stepped back from her.

Bella looked confused and slightly hurt, by his gesture. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She just sighed as she sat down beside Leo and she stared into her plate. Piper looked at Chris and Wyatt, she was giving them a look, that demanded she would be told what was going on with Chris.

Wyatt sighed “I’ll explain it later.” He said and he nudged Chris “Snap out of it, brother.” He said to him in the ear as Paige watched Bella worried.

Bella sighed as she pushed her plate away “I am going for a walk.” She said and she went back to her room, upstairs to change into something else. Chris sighed, watching her leave. He looked heartbroken, like he was reliving a painful memory all over again.

Wyatt looked at Chris “Maybe, you should go and speak to her.” He suggested.

“I...I can’t.” Chris said as he gripped onto the chair that was in front of him as he closed his eyes and he sighed. The picture slipped from his hands and landed on the floor.

Parker picked up the picture that fell onto the floor and she looked at it with her sister Prudence. “Is it about Bella?” she asked, trying to be cautious and she bit her lip, as she saw Chris grimace uncomfortable and shiver.

Phoebe looked at Chris “ need to tell us what is going on. Or we can’t help you.” She told him. Chris just shook his head as he orbed out of the room. Wyatt sighed as he leaned his head against the fridge door.

Piper looked at Leo, who was focused on Wyatt at the moment “Can you tell us?” Coop prompted Wyatt.

Wyatt sighed “It’s a long story. Besides, I think Chris should explain it to you all, when he’s up to it.” He said and he looked at Piper “Is the book still upstairs in the attic?” he asked.

Piper nodded “That’s where it always is.” She told him. Wyatt kissed her cheek nodding, before he jogged upstairs to the attic and he went to look at the Book of Shadows.

Leo sighed as he looked at the ceiling, his mind was on Bella. The way she looked so hurt when Chris stepped away from her, he knew what ever happened, it was not good.

Phoebe looked at them “Do you think, Chris will ever tell us what happened?”

“Let’s hope so.” Paige said “I will go and check on Bella.” she said and she got up from her chair and she went upstairs, just as Bella was coming back down a Demon appeared in front of Bella and shoved her over the railings of the stair case. Bella gasped as she fell down, the railing broke with her and she landed on the floor, unconscious.

The demon then threw a fire ball at Paige. “Fire Ball.” Paige said and the ball appeared in her hand and she threw it at the demon and the demon exploded.  Paige ran over to Bella, who was bleeding from her head slightly “Wyatt...Leo!” she called out.

Leo rushed over from the kitchen with the sisters, Coop and the kids. Wyatt orbed beside Bella and he kneeled down and he held out his hand over Bella’s wounds, his hand started to glow as he was healing her, it was rather slow, so Leo helped him out.

Bella came around while she was being healed and she blinked, as her vision was bit blurry. Wyatt helped her up and he looked at her worried “Are you okay?”

Bella nodded slightly as she held onto him, to regain her balance “I just feel dizzy.” She said and she leaned against the banister that was behind them. She looked at the mess “Umm sorry about the mess.” She said

Piper looked at Bella “Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up. Maybe you should rest and not go for a walk. “

Coop looked at Bella “Piper is right, who ever it was that attacked you, could have send more people after you. You’re safest here.”

Leo looked at Bella and Paige “How did the demon look like?” he asked

Paige looked at Leo “I’ll go check the book, I didn’t take a closer look, the book might jog my memory.” She said and she patted Bella’s shoulder softly. Wyatt helped Bella upstairs and to her room and he helped her sit down.

Bella looked at Wyatt “Thanks.” She said, giving him a sad smile.

Wyatt looked at her and he rubbed her arm softly “Rest...I’ll check on you later.” He said as he left Bella’s room, he noticed the pictures of her with Chris on her wall and desk. He smiled to him self, at the memories he was there to witness in the past. He left Bella’s door open and he went into the attic to help Paige.

Bella laid back against her pillows and she fell asleep. She looked bit shaken up and pale from the attack, so she needed to sleep it off.

Wyatt got to the attic, to see everyone else was there with Paige. “Found anything yet?” he asked as he raised an eyebrow slightly.

Paige nodded “ was a tracker.” She said

Wyatt frowned nodding “So, that means there might be on the way for Bella.” he said.

Paige nodded “Most likely.” She said and she looked at Leo “Go and see if the Elders have any leads on who send the tracker after Bella.” she said. Leo just nodded before he orbed out of the room.

Coop had his arm around Phoebe and Prudence was sitting on the couch with her sister Parker, they all looked worried.

“Do you think, Chris loves Bella?” Prudence asked, out of the blue. All eyes landed on her, Wyatt was the only one who was silent.

Piper noticed Wyatt’s expression and she looked at him “Spill it.” She said and she gave him a warm smile.

Wyatt looked at his mom and he chuckled softly at the way she said spill it. He looked at them “Prue’s hunch is right.” He said “They were together in the future...that’s all I am saying. It’s up to Chris, to tell you the rest. If I told you, he might get mad at me, for even saying it. It’s not my place.” He said as he sighed as Paige closed the book.

Phoebe looked at Wyatt “His reaction from earlier, would say something different.” She said

Wyatt nodded and he sighed “I know. But trust me, I seen the way he is around Bella. Just observe the present day Chris around, Bella when he gets back with my younger self.” He told them “You will see what I mean.”

“I think, I know what you mean already.” Piper said

Paige looked at Piper “You do?” she questioned as she rose an eyebrow at her slightly.

Piper looked at Paige “Did you ever notice, how much Chris, present day Chris always talked about Bella, non stop before he met her?” she asked her.

Paige thinks “Now, that you mention it.” She nodded “Yes.”

Piper nodded “He has feelings for her. Present day or from the future.” She said. “There is one question one. Does Bella know?”

Paige looked at Piper “I don’t know, If she feels the same way about him, she might know it, but is not saying anything, or she is confused about what she feels for him and is not sure if he feels the same way?” she suggested.

Coop looked at them “Maybe we can find out.” He said “Didn’t you say, that Paige once cast a spell to find out what you felt for your ex?” he asked Phoebe.

Phoebe looked at Coop “Well yes...but the spell won’t work, if we don’t have Chris here.” She said “Maybe someone should get him.” She said as she looked around at them all. Paige suggested she would go and find him, so she orbed out of the attic.

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post more soon

I will do :)

Nice story line. Much different from your other stories. Keep up the wonderful work & I can't wait to read more.

Thank you :) and yeah, I know it is slightly different to my other stories. I recently started to watch Charmed again from season 1 till the finish, at the moment I am in the middle of season 6, lol. When Chris appeared, I forgot how cute he was and how much I liked him in the series and I was inspired by the many Chris Video's on youtube and on Charmed to write this story :)

I will post as soon as I can, hopefully the banners will be done soon, Chapter 2 is almost finished as well.

great story.  first time ever somebody included the charmed ones.  that was the best show ever

I am glad you like it :) I know, always been a big fan of that show.

Chapter 2


Paige was trying to find Chris all over and she orbed back into the Attic and she sighed “I have no idea, where Chris could be.” She said she looked defeated; she was out of options of where he could be hiding.

“I was on my way back.” Chris’ voice filled the air as he appeared beside Paige, he didn’t look any better than that morning, when he left in a hurry.

They all sighed in relief “We were worried about you.” They said, looking at him. Concern and worry written all over their faces. Coop gave Paige a secret nod.

“Open Bella’s heart to Chris,
reveal the secret that it holds.
Bring forth the passion of loves fire,
that he may feel her true desire.” Paige recited the spell she used years ago on Cole and Phoebe, just changed it around for Chris and Bella. Pink sparks appeared above Chris’ head and it circled him around before it entered right into his heart.

Chris blinked as he felt weak in the knees; he did not only feel Bella’s love for him and the present day Chris, but the hurt she was going through, because of his actions this morning. He dropped to his knees, breathing shakily and he breathed out her name “Be....ll...a.” he closed his eyes.

Coop looked at Chris “I guess, Bella loves him more than we know.” He said as he looked at Chris and he helped him up to his feet

Chris was rather shaken up from the spell and as it brought back memories in his head. He closed his eyes, he could still hear her voice in his head. ‘I will always love you Chris, no matter what. My heart is yours.’ He blinked back the tears forming in his eyes.

Phoebe looked at him “Chris...we want to help you. But we need to know, what is going on.” She told him as she touched his shoulder softly “But shutting Bella and us, won’t help.” She said as she looked at him.

Chris looked at his aunt and he sighed, he knew she was right. But he was scared of what might happen if he listened to his aunt.

“What happened between you and Bella?” Paige, asked looking at him. She never had seen him so hurt, so broken. It tore at her heart, as he was her nephew, family. And so was Bella.

Wyatt looked at his younger brother in silence and he looked at his aunt and the rest of his family in silence. Chris sighed as he closed his eyes, he opened them again after a while looking at them “Me and Bella were together, for about 4 years. I proposed to her and she accepted, shortly before we were supposed to get married, we got attacked by Demons...and..” he stopped for a while, his voice trembled “Bella my arms.”

Piper looked at him, sadness in her eyes. “I am so sorry.” She said as she went and she hugged her son holding him close “We won’t let that happen, to her. I Promise.” She said.

Phoebe nodded “If you came here, that means you came here to change what was in the future.” She told him.

Chris shakes his head “I can’t...I can’t get close to her...I am scared of losing her again.” He said.

A familiar voice filled the air “Maybe all the more reason to get closer to her.” It belonged to the Charmed one’s mother Patty. She appeared in front of them all, not as a ghost, but she looked like she was alive. “The elders sent you and Wyatt here, so you could change the past and turn back the death of Bella in the future.” She said looking at her youngest Grandson. “They want her to have a life with you, that she should have had in the first place. First step, is getting close to her again.” She told him

“Wait...isn’t Bella, Chris’ charge? So wouldn’t that make it forbidden love?” Parker asked looking at her grandma.

Patty looked at Parker shaking her head “Technically she is Paige’s charge, but Chris looks after her as well, as her friend, white lighter and love of her life. Their love was never forbidden, just like it was not forbidden for your parents.”

Leo appeared back again “Patty is right.” he said looking at Chris “The elders filled me in, on what happened to Bella.” he told him, looking at his son. “Bella deserves to know the truth some day, but you can’t shut her out. She deserves better than...especially from you.” He told him.

Piper looked at Leo and she looked at Chris “Maybe, you should go and talk to her.” She told him. She then looked at Leo “What did the elders say about the tracker?”

Leo looked at Piper “Nothing good, they said that the tracker was sent after Bella, by various upper level demons, they just don’t know which one’s.” he told them.

Paige and Phoebe frowned “Well, looks like we will need to go hunting for demons.” They said.

Wyatt looked at them “Maybe, we should also start to train Bella on how to use her powers, in case if demons attack here again.” He suggested. The others nodded, all concluding it was a good idea.

Chris didn’t say anything, as he went to Bella’s room. When he got there, he noticed Bella was awake already. She was putting on her jumper when she saw him standing by the door way and she bit her lip, as she looked at him. The same sad, hurt look in her eyes from this morning was still in her eyes.

He hated to see her upset and hurt over his stupid actions. “Can we talk?” he asked.

“Why? So you can shut me out again?” Bella raised an eyebrow at him as she looked away from him “If you hate me over something I did, or will do. Just tell me now.” She said.

Chris stared at her, in shock she would come to a conclusion like that and he walked over to her, touching her arm softly “I don’t hate you.” He said, looking down at her and into her eyes.

Bella bit her lip as he touched her arm as she looked into his eyes “Could have fooled me.” She said. In the back of her mind, she wondered if he would ever tell her what was with him, this morning.

“I am truly sorry.” Chris said as he leaned his forehead to hers softly, as he usually did. “I was’s hard to explain.” He said looking into her eyes.

Bella closed her eyes as he leaned his forehead against hers, just like the present day Chris always did. She was always comforted by his touch “You just what?” she opened her eyes again, as she spoke, she looked at him worried.

Chris shook his head softly “I will tell you someday, just not know.” He said as he hugged her against his chest tightly, He hid his face in her hair softly. He breathed in her scent, the scent of wild flowers in her hair. He missed it along with many other things including, the way her heart beat was in sync with his. Bella closed her eyes as she leaned against him, holding onto him. She always loved how his strong arms were wrapped around her in a secure way. In a protective way.

They stayed like that, in silence for a while, both in silence. Chris then noticed a demon appeared in the room, few feet away from them. He orbed them both into the attic just as the demon threw a fire ball at them, but it ended up hitting the wall.

Wyatt looked up from the book of Shadows with the others when he noticed Chris orbed in, while hugging Bella. Bella blinked confused “Why are we here?” she asked.

Chris softly put his hand over her mouth to keep her silent “Shh...tracker in the house.” He said, keeping her by his side. Bella blinked and she set her hand on his wrist softly, not pulling his hand away from her mouth, she had no idea why she was holding onto his wrist softly, she just was.

Piper and Paige silently walked over to both sides of the door and made sure they were hidden from view. The others hid behind some furniture and Chris held Bella close against him, as they were hiding behind a cupboard, Bella was pressed up against him, in a slightly odd position, since there was not much room for them both.

The tracker made his way cautiously his way up into the attic. His eyes landed on the book and he smirked, he made his way over to the book and just as he was about to grab it. Phoebe kicked him sending him flying into the wall. Piper than came from her hiding and she froze him.

Paige orbed near him and she trapped him in a crystal cage. The others then came from their hiding, but Bella kept near Chris and Wyatt stood beside them as well, just in case the tracker tried to get out of the cage and do something that he might regret.

Piper unfroze the tracker and she looked at him “Over here.” She said and she smirked at him.

The tracker hissed “What did you do to me, witch?” he hissed and he seen Bella “You!” he said trying to grab her, from the cage but the cage gave him an electric shock. He fell to his knees.

Chris tightened his grip around Bella’s waist slightly holding her against his side. Wyatt looked at the tracker “Try anything and you’re dead.” He said looking at him.

“Who sent you?” Phoebe said looking at him. She had a few viles of potion in her hands, so did Paige and Piper.

The tracker smirked “You’re not getting anything out from me.” He growled at them.

Paige threw one vile down by the cage, causing the tracker to hiss and growl in pain. “Once again, who sent you?” she said, looking at him.

Piper looked at him “I suggest you tell us, and we can make it quick and painless, or if you keep refusing, we will make it slow and painful.”

Bella winced at the growls and hisses coming from the tracker, it was rather uncomfortable and since she was still new to this. She found it slightly uncomfortable to watch.

The tracker laughed “You can try and search for who sent me all you want, but you won’t find him in the book.” He said, he then growled when Paige and Phoebe both threw 2 viles at him.

Wyatt looked at him “If he is not in the book, where is he?” he asked at the same time Chris did. Chris looked, like he might try and strike at any moment.

The tracker hissed and he pushed away one of the crystals escaping from the cage, getting hurt slightly, but Piper blew him up before he could attack Bella and Chris.

“So much for a demon free week-end.” Leo sighed with Coop.

Piper looked at them all “We better think of a way to find who the leader or leaders are, without the book and fast.” She said.

Phoebe looked at Piper “How? When the demons probably aren’t around this time?”

Paige looked at Phoebe “True, or non of the witches before us, fought them before, which would mean they are not in the book.” She said and she looked at Chris and Wyatt “Did you ever face the trackers masters in your own time?”

Wyatt thinks for a moment in silence “I did once, but just the back up tracker.” He told them “They are in our book of Shadows, but I am not 100% sure, I would have to go back check that out.”

Bella looked at him “Or maybe, you should bring the book here.” She suggested and she raised an eyebrow slightly, with her suggestion.

Chris looked at Bella “But, we have the book here.” He said tapping the Book of Shadows with his hand.

She sighed softly “I know that. I meant we might need the book from the future, if any more demons and warlocks that are not in our book, might attack? What do we then?” she said looking at Chris.

“We’ll worry about it then.” Chris said. He looked determined about something, which caused Bella to frown at him in confusion.

Piper looked at him “I think, Bella has a good point.” She said

“So do, I.” Wyatt said “We can’t just sit back and wait for more demons that they don’t know about to attack.” He said looking at his younger brother “Bella knows what she is suggesting, let her help.” He said

Chris looked at Bella, then at his older brother Wyatt “No...No way! I am not going to let Bella, fight.” He said, raising his voice. “What if something happens to her?” he said, his voice was trembling.

“Nothing will happen to me.” Bella said shaking her head and she frowned “How else do you want me all to learn, when you won’t even let me help?” she rose her voice slightly in frustration. As her voice rose up, the books went flying off the shelves causing Bella to wince slightly. Her power of Telekinesis caused the books to fly off the book shelves, with her frustration, her powers started to form and come out to the open.

Piper looked at Chris, then at the books on the floor. “Looks like, Bella’s powers are starting to show.”

Phoebe looked at Bella “Just breathe, we don’t want you sending someone flying from the window.” She said patting her back as she went and she picked up the books with Paige and put them back onto the shelves.

“Sorry about that.” Bella said and she walked over and she helped them both.

Wyatt looked at Chris “You should have more faith in her Chris, let her learn, let her help.” He told him “I am going to get the book.” He said as he went to the cupboard and he grabbed some white chalk, he then walked over to the wall and he drew the Triquetra on the wall. Once it was done, he walked over to the Book of Shadows and he flipped through the pages, until he found the spell he was looking for.

“Hear these words, hear the rhyme

Heed the hope within my mind

Send me back to where I’ll find

What I wish in place and time.” As soon as he finished saying the spell, the triquetra opened up, as a portal to the future.

Charmed - blast from the past!

Something mysterious is going on.  Wonder who is after them/her and why?

Yeah :) Something strange and mysterious indeed is going on.

There are many demons and Warlocks after them and the Trackers are just one of them. The reasons will be found out later.

good chapter.  waiting for the next one

I am glad you liked it :) I will start to write chapter 3 later this week.

Getting better! Can't wait to fine this demon master and why he wants Bella so bad. So many questions and so many answers to be given.


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