The Twilight Saga

Fanfiction of Bella, Alice, and Rosalie as the charmed ones. Edward, Jasper and Emmett are human and they are new in town. Will they all fall in love? what about the girls secret? Will the boys freak? Or will the girls tell them at all?

Bella- Freeze time, blow things up.
Alice- See the future or past, levitate, empathy
Rosalie- Moves things with her mind and orbs (Teleport from one place to another.)

Chapter One – Bella’s Point of view

I was in the kitchen, cooking… as usual when I was suddenly knocked into the wall by some kind of force. I looked up to see the Source of all evil and my sisters, Alice and Rosalie, at his side.
“Join us Bella, evil is so much better then good!” Rosalie exclaimed.
“Yeah, we don’t have to listen to those elders anymore and we can do whatever we want!” Alice said.
“What happened to you girls! You know better then to side with evil!” I told them.
“But evils better, and with us at the Source’s side, we’re unstoppable!” Rosalie said.
“I will never join evil!” I said and then I was hit with a fireball. I was knocked into another wall.
I woke up gasping for air with sweat rolling down my face. I looked at the clock, 6:30 am.
Time to get up for school. I thought to myself as I got up, walked out the door, knocking on both of my sister’s doors yelling, “Time for school sister witches!”
I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I let the hot water relax me and started thinking about the nightmare.
The Source of all evil wants to kill us. He’s the ruler of the underworld and he must be stopped. Us, my sisters and I, are the only ones who can defeat him.
I got out of the shower and noticed an outfit lying on the counter.
“Alice.” I muttered to myself.
I got dressed in the dark blue jeans, black halter top, and high heels, walked downstairs, into the kitchen and started to make breakfast.
“Morning Bella!” Alice greeted as she skipped into the room.
“Chipper this morning Alice?” I asked.
“Well I feel great! I have a feeling that something good will happen today!” She smiled.
“Did you have a premonition?” I asked.
“Alice had a premonition? What is it a demon? Don’t they sleep in?” Rosalie exclaimed while walking into the room.
“I didn’t have a premonition and there is no demon – for once.” Alice replied.
“Yeah, have any of you girls seen mom? She wasn’t in her bed this morning.” I asked.
“No, last I heard, mom was trying to vanquish a Lazarus demon.” Rosalie replied taking a sip of her coffee.
“I hope she’s okay.” Alice said, after she swallowed some of her cereal.
“She’ll be fine.” I told her, looked at the clock and realised it was 8:00am “Time to go.” I said, grabbed the keys and walked out to my green, Volkswagen buggy

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Chapter Three

Third period ended and we had to walk to English. Alice and Rosalie got along quite well with the Cullen boys. A little too well if you ask me. We walked in the classroom and took our seats.
Mrs. Rank started the lesson right away. She shut the door and told us of our assignments. We started and Rosalie asked, “So you boys want to sit with us today at lunch?”
What is she doing? I asked myself.
I lifted my hands up, froze the room and she said, “Are you out of your mind?”
“Possibly but the question is, are you? You know it’s too dangerous to be socializing with mortals. If they ever found out we’d be in total ciaos!” I exclaimed.
“C’mon, nothing bad is going to happen and they won’t find out!” Rose said.
“Oh really? Remember Prue?” I asked reminding myself of our sister who died because of the Source. “The only reason we survived is because Angela healed us.”
Angela is our white lighter. They are like guardian angels for witches. She saved us but when it came to healing Prue, she was already dead.
The Elders undid the actions that lead the people to find out we’re witches but they didn’t have enough power to save her.
“Yeah, but this situation is different. There’s something different about these guys. They won’t find out.” Rose said.
“Girls, I hate to interrupt but we need to unfreeze the room. Bella, just let them sit with us today.” Alice said.
“Fine.” I agreed, and then unfroze the room.
Everyone started moving and Emmett answered, “Sure.”
We all went back to work until the bell rang.
“Well, I thought we had more time then this…” The teacher mused.
“Guess the time just swept by, huh?” I smiled and then we retreated quickly.
“Wow that was weird.” Jasper said, looking at his watch.
“Definitely.” I said looking at my sisters.
We walked to the cafeteria and sat in our usual table in the back of the room. Unusually, Tanya, a bratty girl with strawberry blonde hair, walked up to our table and said, “Well, it looks like you girls have finally found some friends.”
“They at least have better taste then you Tanya.” Alice replied. “I mean, look at that outfit, it’s a travesty!”
Tanya looked annoyed. A girl named Jessica and another named Lauren stood beside her, giving us death glares. Tanya turned to Edward and said, “Hi I’m Tanya, and you are?”
I rolled my eyes as she tried to talk in a sweet voice.
“I’m Edward, these are my brothers, Jasper and Emmett.” Edward said politely. I wonder… does he like the snotty, bratty type? I thought to myself.
“Hi, well we have to go… just tell us when you are ready for the big leagues.” She winked at Edward before walking toward her table.
“Big leagues… ha! That girl only gets dates because her daddy pays for them!” Rosalie mumbled to me and I giggled.
“She was…” Emmett gulped, “…interesting.”
“kind of scary, actually” Jasper said.
“We’re with you there!” I told him.
“Why were those girls so rude to you?” Edward asked me.
“Well, they never liked us… well, that’s sort of a lie. She liked us when we first came here. But, when we refused to hang out with her and her friends she started to hate us.” I explained.
“Why did you refuse to hang out with her, not that it’s any of my business.” He replied.
“Because, we like to keep to ourselves. People around us usually get hurt.” I told him.
“What do you mean people get hurt?” He asked.
“It’s nothing. The point is, Tanya has never liked us because, apparently, guys think we’re hot.” I laughed.
“You girls aren’t just hot.” He told me. “You’re beautiful.” And with that, I blushed.
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Chapter Four

Over the next couple of days Edward and I have become great friends. Tanya is getting on my last nerve. She always seems to embarrass me in front of him. He is not a big fan of her, but he’s polite.
Everyone thinks we’re a couple or we’d make a good one but, we’re just friends, nothing more. We cannot be nothing more then friends because I am a witch. I want him to know everything about me, but he might not be able to take that sort of news.
Mom was gone to Florida to visit our grandmother and wouldn’t be back for another two days. That means us Swan girls are on demon duty.
“Bella, you want to hang out tonight?” Edward asked during fifth period Biology.
“Uh…” For some reason I really wanted to hang out with him, but I can’t because of demon duty! But what’s one night? “Sure, what are we going to do?” I asked.
“Well, there’s a new movie that just came out on video, we can watch that at either of our houses. It’s fine with me.” He whispered back.
“Sure, what about my house, my sisters won’t be there tonight so there’s no Emmett and his crazy self.” I said, gave him my address and then headed towards the gym.
I walked over to my sisters in the change room and I said, “Girls, I can’t do D.D tonight.”
“And why not?” Rose asked.
“Because she’s hanging out with Edward tonight.” Alice answered for me.
“C’mon! You’re ditching us, for Edward!” Rose exclaimed.
“Yes, c’mon. it’s not like you’ve never ditched us before.” I replied.
“Fine, but just this once.” Rose warned and then we headed out to the gym.
After class I walked alone out to my car. Alice and Rosalie were too busy flirting with Jasper and Emmett to do anything else.
As I neared my car I noticed Edward leaning on the hood, waiting for me.
“Hello.” I greeted.
“Hey, mind if I hitch a ride with you? Jasper and Emmett are driving to my house with Alice and Rose.” He asked.
“Sure, hop in!” I said as I got in the drivers seat of my car.
“So are you going home or want to come to my house?” Edward asked.
“Can I come to your house? I’ve never seen it and you’re seeing mine tonight.” I asked.
“Sure!” He said, almost excitedly.
“Where’s your house?” I asked as I pulled out of the parking lot.
“Just around the corner from yours actually.” I smiled and I drove onto my street. “Just a couple more houses down, see my Volvo?”
“Yeah, wow. You lived right there and I never noticed before.” I said.
“Takes some getting used to.”
We got out and walked up to the house. It was big, white and had many windows.
He opened the door and I noticed my sisters, Emmett, and Jasper were already here.
“Hey everyone!” Edward greeted as we walked into his living room.
“Hey guys. What’s up?” I asked.
“Oh nothing, deciding whether to do a movie then games or games then a movie.” Alice explained.
“I see the dilemma.” I told them.
“Why don’t we play the games then the movie because I hear that Bella and Edward have their own ‘movie’ to watch tonight.” Emmett teased.
Edward gave Emmett a death glare as we all sat in a circle and Alice yelled, “Truth or Dare!”
Rosalie and I groaned as Emmett brought out a bottle from the recycling bin.
“Bad experiences with truth or dare?” Edward whispered in my ear. I just nodded in return and he chuckled.
“Alright Alice, you start.” Emmett said and Alice spun the bottle for it to land on…
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