The Twilight Saga

Fanfiction of Bella, Alice, and Rosalie as the charmed ones. Edward, Jasper and Emmett are human and they are new in town. Will they all fall in love? what about the girls secret? Will the boys freak? Or will the girls tell them at all?

Bella- Freeze time, blow things up.
Alice- See the future or past, levitate, empathy
Rosalie- Moves things with her mind and orbs (Teleport from one place to another.)

Chapter One – Bella’s Point of view

I was in the kitchen, cooking… as usual when I was suddenly knocked into the wall by some kind of force. I looked up to see the Source of all evil and my sisters, Alice and Rosalie, at his side.
“Join us Bella, evil is so much better then good!” Rosalie exclaimed.
“Yeah, we don’t have to listen to those elders anymore and we can do whatever we want!” Alice said.
“What happened to you girls! You know better then to side with evil!” I told them.
“But evils better, and with us at the Source’s side, we’re unstoppable!” Rosalie said.
“I will never join evil!” I said and then I was hit with a fireball. I was knocked into another wall.
I woke up gasping for air with sweat rolling down my face. I looked at the clock, 6:30 am.
Time to get up for school. I thought to myself as I got up, walked out the door, knocking on both of my sister’s doors yelling, “Time for school sister witches!”
I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I let the hot water relax me and started thinking about the nightmare.
The Source of all evil wants to kill us. He’s the ruler of the underworld and he must be stopped. Us, my sisters and I, are the only ones who can defeat him.
I got out of the shower and noticed an outfit lying on the counter.
“Alice.” I muttered to myself.
I got dressed in the dark blue jeans, black halter top, and high heels, walked downstairs, into the kitchen and started to make breakfast.
“Morning Bella!” Alice greeted as she skipped into the room.
“Chipper this morning Alice?” I asked.
“Well I feel great! I have a feeling that something good will happen today!” She smiled.
“Did you have a premonition?” I asked.
“Alice had a premonition? What is it a demon? Don’t they sleep in?” Rosalie exclaimed while walking into the room.
“I didn’t have a premonition and there is no demon – for once.” Alice replied.
“Yeah, have any of you girls seen mom? She wasn’t in her bed this morning.” I asked.
“No, last I heard, mom was trying to vanquish a Lazarus demon.” Rosalie replied taking a sip of her coffee.
“I hope she’s okay.” Alice said, after she swallowed some of her cereal.
“She’ll be fine.” I told her, looked at the clock and realised it was 8:00am “Time to go.” I said, grabbed the keys and walked out to my green, Volkswagen buggy

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love it write more soon plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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love it keep going
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Chapter Eleven

Bella’s Point of View

After Edward left I walked to my room, still in a daze. I sat on the edge of my bed as mom walked in.
“So… you and Edward seem to be um… very close.” She observed.
“Well, we only just started going out today. But, there’s something about him. Although it goes against everything I believe in, I am willing to go out with him.” I replied.
“I am glad that you have found someone. I think he’s a keeper. He is such a well-mannered young man.” Mom mused.
“Yes, he is. Also, just to warn you, Alice and Rosalie are going out with his two brothers, Jasper and Emmett.”
“Oh… well… looks like I have more boys to meet.” She smiled.
We both laughed and then I remembered about where she went.
“So mom, how was the trip?” I asked.
“Well, let’s just say... the Lazarus demon will not be resurrecting anytime soon.”
“That’s great. So everything went well?”
“Yep. The same as usual… I do a little snooping… a little tracking and then I beat his butt and bury him!”
“Nice to know. Now no more running off without letting us know! I know that you are a powerful witch and you can handle yourself but next time… please tell us when you leave!”
“Alright. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left like that but, the demon was on the run and I had to catch him before he got away.”
The front door opened and closed abruptly and Alice and Rose ran in my room, looked at mom then ran over to hug her. Then they turned to me and started saying, “Congratulations on you and Edward!”

Edward’s point of view

After the amazing kiss with Bella and meeting her mother I drove home. Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice were still in the living room.
“Hey Edward, how did it go?” Jasper asked.
“It went… swimmingly.” I sighed, still in a daze.
“Swimmingly? Since when does he say that? Something must have happened between them.” Emmett observed.
“Edward, what exactly happened?” Alice asked.
“We kissed… she agreed to go out with me… oh and I met your mother. She’s home now.” I replied looking at them.
“congrats bro!” Emmett said hitting me on the back.
“Thanks.” I replied.
“We have to go! We haven’t seen our mother in a couple of weeks so we’ll talk to you later.” Alice and Rosalie said as they kissed Jasper and Emmett goodbye and then rushing out the door.

Bella’s Point of View

“Girls I need to talk to you. Now.” I said as we were now in my room, ‘Celebrating’ mine and Edward’s relationship.
“What is it Bella?” Alice asked.
“I was wondering, what do you think about me telling Edward about us?” I asked.
“Well, I was wondering if I would be able to tell Jazz. So I think it’s a great idea to tell all of our guys about it.” Alice exclaimed.
“Same here. I would love Emmett to know all about me, not just the human part but the magical part also.” Rose added.
“So we agree then to tell the guys about us? The Charmed Ones?” I asked.
“Yes. We’ll do it tomorrow night, we’ll get them alone.” Rose said.
“Agreed.” Alice and I said the same time.
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