The Twilight Saga

Fanfiction of Bella, Alice, and Rosalie as the charmed ones. Edward, Jasper and Emmett are human and they are new in town. Will they all fall in love? what about the girls secret? Will the boys freak? Or will the girls tell them at all?

Bella- Freeze time, blow things up.
Alice- See the future or past, levitate, empathy
Rosalie- Moves things with her mind and orbs (Teleport from one place to another.)

Chapter One – Bella’s Point of view

I was in the kitchen, cooking… as usual when I was suddenly knocked into the wall by some kind of force. I looked up to see the Source of all evil and my sisters, Alice and Rosalie, at his side.
“Join us Bella, evil is so much better then good!” Rosalie exclaimed.
“Yeah, we don’t have to listen to those elders anymore and we can do whatever we want!” Alice said.
“What happened to you girls! You know better then to side with evil!” I told them.
“But evils better, and with us at the Source’s side, we’re unstoppable!” Rosalie said.
“I will never join evil!” I said and then I was hit with a fireball. I was knocked into another wall.
I woke up gasping for air with sweat rolling down my face. I looked at the clock, 6:30 am.
Time to get up for school. I thought to myself as I got up, walked out the door, knocking on both of my sister’s doors yelling, “Time for school sister witches!”
I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I let the hot water relax me and started thinking about the nightmare.
The Source of all evil wants to kill us. He’s the ruler of the underworld and he must be stopped. Us, my sisters and I, are the only ones who can defeat him.
I got out of the shower and noticed an outfit lying on the counter.
“Alice.” I muttered to myself.
I got dressed in the dark blue jeans, black halter top, and high heels, walked downstairs, into the kitchen and started to make breakfast.
“Morning Bella!” Alice greeted as she skipped into the room.
“Chipper this morning Alice?” I asked.
“Well I feel great! I have a feeling that something good will happen today!” She smiled.
“Did you have a premonition?” I asked.
“Alice had a premonition? What is it a demon? Don’t they sleep in?” Rosalie exclaimed while walking into the room.
“I didn’t have a premonition and there is no demon – for once.” Alice replied.
“Yeah, have any of you girls seen mom? She wasn’t in her bed this morning.” I asked.
“No, last I heard, mom was trying to vanquish a Lazarus demon.” Rosalie replied taking a sip of her coffee.
“I hope she’s okay.” Alice said, after she swallowed some of her cereal.
“She’ll be fine.” I told her, looked at the clock and realised it was 8:00am “Time to go.” I said, grabbed the keys and walked out to my green, Volkswagen buggy

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Holy Cow, I like this story.
I am a huge fanatic with twilight, and before that i was a fanatic for Charmed. Nice thinking!
Lol write some more soon!!!
I love it!!!!
Keep me update!!!
love it
Chapter Fourteen

I walked into the house and straight into the living room with the cell phone up to my ear.
The phone rang twice before mom picked up.
“Bella? What’s wrong?” She said straight away.
“Um… well just to warn you… don’t go to the house.” I told her.
“Why?” She asked in a serious tone.
“Because demons are crawling all over it. we can’t get in and our powers are not working on them. They are stronger. Although it’s mostly just my freezing power.” I explained.
“Well your freezing power isn’t working because your exploding power is still fairly new so until u master that your powers will be a little on the fritz.”
“Are you kidding me?” I exclaimed and everyone – Alice, Rose, Jasper, Emmett and Edward – all looked at me, “Are you telling me I’m useless against them?”
“Not totally useless but just less powerful. Now I cannot be home until another couple of days. I’m sorry but the demons are everywhere. Please be careful taking care of this. I love you.” Then the phone went dead.
“What’s wrong Bella?” Alice asked coming over to me.
“I’m useless.” I murmured.
“You are not useless. Why would you think that?” Rose asked.
“Because I’m weak because of this new power. I cannot control them.” I answered.
“Wait, so are you telling me we are one witch down?” Emmett asked.
“Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.” I replied.
“Technically not. You still have powers, you can still use your power of three thing.” Alice said.
“Yeah, alright. we now have to decide what we are going to do with the house. It’s crawling with demons and we can’t just walk on in there.” I said.
“I don’t know, maybe we should call” Alice said then exclaimed, “Angela!”
Angela orbed in and the guys looked a little taken back.
“I know about demons. And I know what they are after.” Angela said.
“What are they after?” Jasper asked.
“The nexus.” She answered. the guys looked confused while Alice, Rosalie and I were shocked. This is not good!
“This is not good!” Alice said almost reading my mind.
“What’s ‘the nexus’?” Edward asked.
“It’s like… the most powerful thing in the world and it also lies underneath our house.” Rose exclaimed.
“We moved to that house because our family has owned it for generations. This is why.” I explained.
“What are they going to use it for? Wait, who exactly wants it?” Jasper asked.
“What else? To kill us.” Alice answered and their faces because angry, then sad and then worried.
Edward’s arm that has been wrapped around my waist tightened, “Nothing’s going to happen to you. I will not allow it.” He whispered in my ear.
“This is our destiny, to stop the source.” I told him.
“Who’s the ‘source’?” Emmett asked using his fingers as quotation marks.
“He’s technically the ruler of the underworld. Right now he’s stronger then us. He wants to kill us because killing us throws the balance between good and evil out of whack and there would be no defence for the human kind.” Alice explained.
“Wait, so you four are technically telling us, we’re screwed if you don’t get the demons out of the house and away from the nexus?” Emmett said referring to me, Alice, Rose and Angela.
“Exactly, now girls, with all do respect but, they should not be in this.” Angela advised.
“Who are you to say we shouldn’t be in this?” Emmett asked.
“I’m their guardian angel. Known as a white lighter.” She told Emmett.
“Wait, but rose does that sparkly thing too…” Emmett observed.
“That’s because I’m part whitelighter. I’m only Alice and Bella’s half sister. We once had a sister, Prue. She died because news people caught Prue and Bella’s powers on tape. I never knew them then.” Rose explained.
“Why didn’t the news get out? It should have spread like fireflys.” Jasper asked.
“Because when I died Alice got a demon to turn back time.” I started and Edward interrupted me.
“You died?” He asked.
“Once or twice yeah.” I said then I continued, “Anyways, they rewound time and we did something different. While we replayed a part of the day, well it was the part with Prue and I getting smashed through a wall. Alice wasn’t there to call Angela’s name like before so when they finally got there…” I said sniffling and wiping away tears, “Prue was already dead and I was close to it. Angela can’t heal the dead.” I sobbed and Alice held me along with Edward. She was crying too.
“I’m sorry Bella.” Edward whispered.
“It’s not your fault. It’s his, he’s going to pay for taking her away from us.” I said looking at Alice. “Anyways, we met Rose at Prues funeral. We did not know she was our sister, heck, she didn’t know us. but then we found out about mom’s boyfriend and whitelighter, Sam. Our father was already dead at the time and we were living with our grandmother until Sam died and mom just wanted to get away from this place and go somewhere knew.” I said looking down.
“And here we are!” Rose said.
I had just noticed Angela was gone and she just orbed in again, “Girls! We have to move more quickly! They’re opening up the nexus for one of the source’s henchmen.”
“Alright, I kind of have a plan….” I said.
omg i love it and first wahoo cant wait for more its amazing!! I LOVE ITS AMAZING GREAT AND REALLY REALLY CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it
im on page 11


love it

What is the plan!?!?!?!?! Post more please!
WHAT IS THE PLAN?????!!!!!!
P.s cant wait 4 more
amazing, love it, post more like right now!!
I loved it


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