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Ok in this it is Charmed and Twilight mixed. Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are the charmed ones. Bella can freeze and blow things up but she is half whiteliter (like Piper, and Paige) but she is the youngest. Alice can see the future or past by touching things or not and can levitate (like Phoebe) and she is the middle sister. Rosalie can control the 5 elements water, air, fire, earth, and spirit, has telekinesis and astral projects (like Prue) and is the oldest. Oh and Emmett, Jasper, and Edward are still vampires. Leo (yes he is their whiteliter and dad. but only Bella is half witch and half whitleiter) and Piper are Rosalie, Alice and Bell's parents so that makes Charlie and Renee Emmett, Jasper, and Edward's parents. And I am sorry if this is like another story. If it is too much alike a different story please tell me and I will change it.

Chapter 1
I was coming at me. I put my hands up and tried to freeze it. It blew up and glass was shooting everywhere. I ducked. "UGH! Why can't I freeze things anymore?" I asked my sisters. "Bella it's ok. It's a new power and its very powerful and hard to control. You will get it soon." Alice reassured me. I grimaced. I feel so useless. A demon could attack at anytime and I wouldn't be able to freeze him. Rosalie sensed my discomfort. “Bella this has happened to all of us. I couldn’t use water when I got air. Alice couldn’t control her levitation when she started getting her visions.” Rosalie was trying to comfort me. I nodded. It happens to the best.

“Girls that’s enough practice! You have to got to go to bed!” Mom yelled. We just moved here and we have school tomorrow. We all exited the attic. “Wait I have to put the demon alarm up!” I said. I ran back I there and to the book of shadows. Once I touched it a demon shimmered in. I flicked out my hands and he blew up. This is getting easier. Rose and Alice ran in here. They looked down at the spot the demon was and where a black blotch took his place.

We all shared a glance then turned the alarm on. Demons couldn’t enter this house when it was on. But if they got through it an alarm would go off. I changed into my pajamas. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. And not to mention we were going to a particular spot where witches have disappeared. Once I closed my eyes the attack played itself over and over. But soon enough sleep found its way to me.

Puddles of blood were everywhere. I looked into the corner. I saw my sister’s lifeless bodies. The Source and other people in black robes stood next to them. The people in black robes had red eyes and staring hungrily at the blood. I figured out who the people in the robes were. The Volturi. We have had run ins with them from time to time but we never appealed to them. They started walking towards me.

I kept backing off. I flicked my hands out repeatedly and nothing happened. I noticed the Source was nowhere in sight but that was when I backed into him. I felt him lean down. “Now what are you going to do witch?” His voice sent shivers down my spine. I turned around. I felt power surge through my hands. “This.” I said then he blew up. Then my sisters were by my side chanting “The power of three will set us free.” Over and over then someone was shaking me.

“Bella wake up!” Someone yelled in my ear. I jumped up clearly surprised. I looked over and my annoying pixie sister was there. She smiled like a kid on Christmas. That only means two things. Either she is dragging me off to the mall to shop or she picked out my outfit. She pulled something out from behind her back and it was skinny jeans and a black tank top that was probably too tight. She was nice and gave me flats instead of heels she always forced me into.

I grabbed the outfit and pushed he out and dressed. I dressed quickly and put my brown hair up into a neat ponytail. It showed my mark of a charmed one on the back of my neck. It is a birthmark we all received. It was a C with an O hooked on it. Almost everyone that has seen it thought it was a tattoo but it wasn’t.

Once I was down stairs we all ran off to each of our cars. I had a blue Ferrari, Rose had a red BMW, and Alice had a yellow Porsche. “Hey guys wanna race?” Rose asked. As always we nodded and drove off. We each heard mom yell her goodbye. I was half way there when a solver Volvo came up behind me. Who knew someone could afford a car like that in this tiny town. My cell rang playing Bring Me to Life by Evanescence.

‘How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb
Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home

Wake me up
(Wake me up inside)
I can't wake up
(Wake me up inside)
Save me
(Call my name and save me from the dark)

Wake me up
(Bid my blood to run)
I can't wake up
(Before I come undone)
Save me
(Save me from the nothing I've become)

Now that I know what I'm without
You can't just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life

Wake me up
(Wake me up inside)
I can't wake up
(Wake me up inside)
Save me
(Call my name and save me from the dark)

Wake me up
(Bid my blood to run)
I can't wake up
(Before I come undone)
Save me
(Save me from the nothing I've become)’

I picked it up. “What’s up Alice?” I asked. “Rose is in the lead and she wins all the time so do you want to mess with her so we could win?” She asked. My evil pixie sister. “Will it work?” I asked. “Of course! I would never tell you unless it would.” She said it like it was obvious. “Maybe I could try and freeze everyone and thing including Rose but not us?” I asked. Maybe I shouldn’t. I could blow her up. “I don’t know. It didn’t have a good outcome when I saw it.” She was right.

“Oh no. Rose is calling. Lets three way.” She said. I looked over and the Volvo was still there. Just then Rosalie joined the call. “Are you girls planning against me again?” She asked. “Why would you think that?” I asked. We all laughed. We turned and the school was there. Rose pulled into the parking lot first. “I win.” She said.

I rolled my eyes. “Ok since I won you guys have to do my witch work.” We groaned. Witch work was out witch homework that our mom gives us. I hate it. We all laughed. Then we started walking towards the front office. Everyone was staring at us. All three of us were juniors. We had every class together so that was good.

When I started to walk out something ran into me. It was hard like rock but cold like snow. I have experienced this once but it was with the… My thought trailed off as I met golden eyes. “Bella!” Rose and Alice said as they saw me on the ground. “Watch where you’re going!” Rose sneered at the person I ran into. She helped me up. Rosalie was always over protective especially since we ran into those creatures in Italy. They were a lot like these guys…
So should I continue?

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i love it post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if there was a show called Charmed Twilight and it was like my story then that would be a dream come true!!
i so agree!!
ome i lav it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love charmed and twilight both of them mix together is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L=
plz write more
more now
yah that was so good plz write more
that was so good!
never though of witches before!
i'm sure if anyone thought of the idea,
its not as good as yours!
dont ask if you should continue!
just do it! lol
thanks! a hapter will be up sometime today
I LOVE CHARMED!!!!!!!!!! IT'S MY FAVORITE T.V. SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!! This idea is soooo good! I can't wait till you post more!
actaully i am reading Shadow Kiss. my mom finally got me the 1st book then the rest


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